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Mann, Horace, Mass. Phelps, John S., Mo. Stephens, Alex. H., Ga. Mann, Job, Pa. Phænix, J. P., N. Y. Stetson, Charles, Me. Marshall, H., Ky. Pitman, Chas. W., Pa. Stevens, Thaddeus, Pa. Mason, John C., Ky. Potter, E. D., 0. Strong, William, Pa. Matteson, 0. B., N. Y. Powelí, Paulus, Va. Sweetzer, Charles, 0. McClernand, J. A., III. Putnam, Harvey, N. Y. Taylor, John L., 0. McDonald, J. E., Ind. Reed, R. R., Pa. Thomas, Jas. H, Tenn. McDowell, James, Va. Reynolds, G., N. Y. Thompson, James, Pa. McGaughey, E.W., Ind. Richardson, W. A., III. Thompson, J. B., Ky. McKissock, T., N. Y. Risley, Elijah, N. Y. Thompson, Wm., Iowa. McLanahan, J. X., Pa. Robbins, John, Jr., Pa. Thurston, S.F., Oreg.T. McLean, F. E., Ky. Robinson, John L., Ind. Thurman, J. R., N. Y. McMullen, F., Va. Rockwell, Julius, Ms. Toombs, Robert, Ga. McQueen, John, S. C. Root, Jos. M., 0. Tuck, Amos, N. H. Meacham, Joseph, Vt. Rose, Rob't L., N. Y. Underhill, W., N. Y. Meade, Rich. K., Va. Ross, Thomas, Pa. Van Dyke, J., N. J. S Miller, John K., 0. Rumsey, David, Jr.N.Y. Venable, A. W., N. C. Milson, John S. Va. Sackett, Wm. A., N. Y. Vinton, Sam'ı F., 0. Moore, Henry D., Pa. Savage, John H., Tenn. Walden, Hiram, N. Y. Morehead, c. S., Ky. Sawtelle, Cullen, Me. Waldo, L. P., Ct. Morris, Jona. D., ó. Schenck, Rob't C., 0. Wallace, Daniel, s. C. Morton, Jeremiah, Va. Schermerhorn, A. M., Watkins, A G.,' Tenn. Nelson, William, N. Y.

[N. Y. Welborn, M. J., Ga. Nes, Henry, Pa. Schoolcraft, J.L., N. Y., Wentworth, John, Ill. Newell, Wm. A., N. J. Seddon, James A., Va. White, Hugh, N. Y. Ogle, A. J., Pa. Shepperd, A. H., N.C. Whittlesey, W. A., 0. Olds, Edson B., 0. Sibley, C. S., Min. Ter. Wildrick, Isaac, N. J. Orr, J. L., S.C. Silvester, P. H., N. Y. Williams, C. H., Tenn. Otis, John, Me. Spaulding, E. G., N. Y. Wilmot, David, Pa. Outlaw, David, N. C. Sprague, W., Mich. Wilson, James, N. H. Owen, Allen T., Ga. Stanly, Edward, N. C. Winthrop, R. C., Ms. Parker, Richard, Va. Stanton, F. P., Tenn. Woodward. J. A., S.C. Peaslee, Chas. H., N.H. Stanton, Rich. H., Ky. / Young, Thos. R., III. Peck, Lucius B., Vt.

XXXII. Aggregate Value of Breadstuffs and Provisions exported each

Year, from 1821 to 1848, inclusive.
[From the Report of the Secretary of the Treasury, Dec. 11, 1848.)

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Government for the Year ending the 2d Wednesday in June, 1850.

Salary. John W. Dana, of Fryeburg,

Governor (term expires on the second Wednesday in May, 1850,)

$ 1,500 Ezra B. French, of Nobleboro', Secretary of State,

900 Moses M’Donald,

900 of Limerick, Treasurer, Alfred Redington, of Augusta,


700 William G. Crosby, of Belfast, Sec. of Board of Education, 1,000 Samuel Cony,

of Oldtown,
Land Agent,

1,000 Benjamin Carr, of Palermo, Warden of State Prison, 700 James Bates,

of Augusta, Sup’t of Insane Hospital, 800 Nicholas Emery,

of Portland, Alpheus Lyon, of Waterville, William Tripp, of Franklin, President of the Senate, $ 4 per day. Daniel T. Pike, of Augusta,

Secretary of the Senate.

4 "
Samuel Belcher, of Farmington, Speaker of the House,
Edmund W. Flagg, of East Corinth, Clerk of the House,
Simeon Strout,

of Limington, Randall Skillin,

of Cape Elizabeth, Manasseh H. Smith,

of Warren, Thomas Nickerson, of Linnæus,

Councillors. Stillman Howard,

of Leeds, Benjamin Wiggin,

of Bangor, Samuel S. Heagan,

of Prospect,

}Bank Commissioners.

Ether Shepley,
John S. Tenney,
Samuel Wells,
Joseph Howard,
Henry Tallman,
John Shepley,

Supreme Judicial Court.
of Portland, Chief Justice,
of Norridgewock, Justice,
of Portland,
of Portland,
of Bath,

of Saco,


$ 1,800

1,800 1,800 1,800 1,000 1,000

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$ 700

$ 620

District Courts.

Salary. Joseph G. Cole, of Paris, Western District, Judge,

$ 1,200 Richard D. Rice, of Augusta, Middle

1,200 Joshua W. Hathaway, of Bangor, Eastern

1,200 Municipal and Police Courts. Luther Fitch, of Portland, Judge, Jacob Smith, of Bath,

Fees. Spencer A. Pratt, of Bangor,

500 Probate Courts. Sal.

Sal Counties.


Registers. Residences.

ary. York, Wm. C. Allen, Alfred, $400 Wm. Hammond, Eliot, Cumherland, Josiah Peirce, Gorham, 500 F. Bradford, Portland, 905 Lincoln, Arnold Blaney, Bristol, 350 Arnold Blaney, Bristol,

500 Hancock, Parker Tuck, Penobscot, 300 J. D. Richards, Ellsworth,

300 Washington, J. C. Talbot, E. Machias, 300 Albert G. Lane, Machias,

400 Kennebec, Daniel Williams, Augusta, 300 Francis Davis, Augusta,

550 Oxford, Lyman Rawson, Rumford, 200 W. H. Kimball, Paris,

350 Somerset, Charles Greene, Athens,

150 Thos. C. Jones, Norr'wock, 300 Penobscot, Sylvanus G. Rawson, Bangor, 275 John Williams, Bangor, 550 Waldo,

Joseph Miller, Lincolnville, 200 Charles Palmer, Belfast, 300 Franklin, Moses Sherburne, Phillips, 200 Sewall Cram, N. Sharon,

150 Piscataquis, Ephraim Packard, Blanchard, 135 Eben S. Greely, Dover,

125 Aroostook, S. G. Tuck, Haynesville, 160 Theodore Cary. Houlton,

160 FINANCES. [Extracted from the Report of the State Treasurer.] Amount of receipts from May 1, 1848, to April 30, 1849,

$ 275,890.57 Balance of cash in the Treasury, May 1, 1848,


402,363.82 Amount of expenditures from May 1, 1848, to April 30, 1849,

323,330.56 Balance of cash in the Treasury, April 30, 1849,


402,363.82 Principal Items of Expenditure. Agricultural societies,

$ 2,563.42 Pay of the Legislature, $ 39,691.00 County taxes,

24,701.01 Expenses of the Executive, 6,984.31 Furniture and repairs,

1.000.00 Salaries,

25,365.78 Contingent fund of Treasurer, 1,000.00 Clerks,

State Prison,

2,302.00 Roll of accounts,

Public debt paid,

29,200.00 Printing, binding, and stationery, 3,500.00

Interest on public debt,

68,875.00 Costs in criminal prosecutions, 14,920.86 Temporary loan,

27,450.00 Officers of the State Prison,

4,500.00 Insane Hospital,


Chief Sources of Income. Deaf, dumb, and blind, 4,000.00 Direct taxes,

$ 122,840.25 School fund, No. 15, 23,634.32 Land-office,

86,796.17 Teachers' Institutes, . 2,600.00 Permanent school fund,

2,629.52 Board of Education, 480.00 School fund, No. 16,

25,909.02 Penobscot Indians' fund, 4,045.11 County taxes,

19,095.96 Indian annuities, 1,500.00 Interest on U. S. loan,

9,000.00 Agricultural products to Indians, 580.75 Interest,

2,614.07 State roads, 1,500.00 Bank dividends,

500.00 Militia pensions, 1,909.50 Duties on commissions,

2,115.00 Maine Reports,


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The resources of the State are estimated at

$944,705.16 Among which are enumerated, besides cash on hand and proceeds of annual taxes, U. S. six per cent. stock due in 1856, interest semiannually,

150,000.00 100 shares in Augusta Bank,

10,000.00 Also claims against United States for raising volunteers,

6,548.49 Whole amount of public debt,

$ 979,000.00 Interest on this debt, about

65,000.00 Temporary loan,






Government for the Year ending on the 1st Wednesday of June, 1850.

Salary. SAMUEL DINSMOOR, of Keene, Governor,

$1,000 Thomas P. Treadwell, of Concord, Secretary of State,

800 William C. Prescott, of Concord, Deputy Sec. of State,

Fees. John Atwood, of Concord, Treasurer,

600 John Sullivan,

of Exeter,

1,200 John Wadleigh, of Meredith, Adjutant-General,

400 Richard S. Rust, of Northfield, School Commissioner,

600 William P. Weeks, of Canaan, Pres. of the Senate, $ 2.50 per day. Samuel H. Ayer, of Hillsborough, Speaker of the House, $2.50 per day. Francis R. Chase,

of Conway,
Clerk of the Senate,

Fees. Thomas J. Whipple, of Meredith, Clerk of the House,

Fees. Butterfield & Hill, of Concord, State Printers. John Clark,

of Portsmouth, Commissary-General.

Executive Council.

Counties. 1st District, { Rockingherrimanck , partJoseph Clough, of Canterbury.

Strafford, Belknap, and Dana Woodman, of N. Hampton. 2d

Carroll, 3d

Hillsborough manck part John L. Hadley, of Weare. 4th

Cheshire and Sullivan, Alvah Smith, of Lempster. 5th Grafton and Coos, Isaac Ross, of Hanover.

JUDICIARY. The Superior Court of Judicature consists of a chief justice and four associate justices, who hold one term annually in each of the ten counties of the State, for the hearing and determining of questions of law and petitions for divorce. This court is also vested with chancery powers.

The judges of the Superior Court of Judicature are, ex officio, judges of the Court of Common Pleas. This court, before whom all actions for the recovery of debts and the enforcement of contracts, and all jury trials, are brought, consists of one of the justices of the Superior Court, and of two

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county judges, who are generally appointed from among the yeomanry, whose principal duty it is to attend to the ordinary business of the county, its roads, expenses, &c. Terms are held semiannually in each of the counties. At the last session of the Legislature, the Circuit Court was abolished, and the judges were made justices of the Superior Court.

Superior Court.

Appointed. Salary. John J. Gilchrist, of Charlestown, Chief Justice, 1848 $1,400 Andrew S. Woods, of Bath, Associate Justice, 1840 1,200 Leonard Wilcox, of Orford,

1848 1,200 Ira A. Eastman, of Gilmanton,


$ 1,200 Samuel D. Bell, of Manchester,

1849 1,200

Judges of the Court of Common Pleas.






Bradbury Bartlett,

James Pickering, Strafford,

George L. Whitehouse,

| Hiram R. Roberts, Belknap,

Thomas Cogswell,
Henry Y. Simpson,

Thomas Rust,

Thomas P. Drake,

Benjamin Wadleigh,
Jacob A. Potter,

Jacob Whittemore,

Jesse Carr,

Horace Chapin, Cheshire,

Nathan G. Babbitt,

Ambrose Cossit, Sullivan,

Eleazer Jackson,

David C. Churchill, Grafton,

Nathaniel S. Berry,

Joshua Marshall, Coos,

Robert Ingalls,

New Hampton,

$3 per day during attendance at court, and

10 cents per mile for travel.

Courts of Probate.


Judges. Rockingham, Ira St. Clair, Strafford, Chas. W. Woodman, Belknap,

Warren Lovell, Carroll, Jonathan T. Chase, Merrimack, Horace Chase, Hillsborough, Luke Woodbury, Cheshire, Larkin Baker, Sullivan, John L. Putnam, Grafton, Eleazer Martin, Coos, Benjamin Hunkin,


Salary. $ 3334 James H. Shapley,

$ 462 .167 John H. White,

233 142 Jeremiah Elkins,

183 142 Obed Hall,

183 245 Calvin Ainsworth, 345 334 Lemuel N. Pattee, 464 225 Geo. F. Stark weather, 300 175 Ralph Metcalf,

225 275 Samuel Swasey,

330 100 George A. Cossit, 125

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