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GRAMINAÆ~(Grasses). Lrachypodium sylvaticum; Brigopyrum seculum ; Bromus erectus; Bromus

macrostachya; Bromus maximus; Bromus rigidus; Bromus steritilis; Bromus maderitensis; Cornucopeacea cucullatum ; Corynephorus canescens; Lolium perenne ; Stipa pennata ; Arrhenatherum bulbosum; Agrostis pinchella; Ægilopis cylindrica; Ægilopis ovalis; Ægilopis squarrosus; Ægilopis ventricosa; Poa alpina molineve; Paspalum elegans; Trichotaena rosea ; Triticum imbricatum; Triticum ciliantum; Avena birstula; Avena Sativa; Agrostis vulgaris; Argrostis spica venti; Panicum italicum; Panicum Colanum; Pavicum crus-galli; Panicum elegans; Panicum eriogonum; Stipa juncea; Festuca rubra; Festuca elatior; Festuca Poa; Elymus europotus; Elymus caput-medusa ; Elymus tenera; Danthonia nervosa ; Polypogou littoralis; Phalaris cærulescens; Phalaris minor; Phalaris brachystachys; Phalaris canariensis; Pipta multiflorum; Poa Kitailuli; Holcus mollis; Hardium malritemum; Kæleria valesiaca ; Milium multiflorum; Solium perenne multiflorium; Laqurus ovatus; Phalaris paradoxa; Dactylis glomerata; Koeleria glauca ; Koeleria phelöides; Festuca Halleri ; Festuca Bromoides; Festuca geniculata; Festuca diraricata; Festuca heterophylla ; Festuca viride; Festuca glaucesens;

Festuca ovina amethystina; Festuca cynosuroides. From Dr. R. C. KEDZIE, Donations to Chemical Department: Specular Ore from Iron Mountain ; Specular Ore from Pilot Knob; 3 speci

mens Limenite ; 1 specimen Spathic Iron Ore; 2 specimens Red Haematite; 2 specimens No. 1 Pig Iron ; Sand for glass house ; Carbonate of Zinc;

Sulphide of Zinc; Silicate of Zinc; Burate of Zinc.-All from Missouri.
From E. W. HERENDUM, Genera, N. Y.:
One Chicago Crab Apple; 1 Marengo No. 1 Crab Apple; 1 Lady Elgiu Crab

From J. B. STEERE. Equador, South America :

Seeds of Wild Potato; seeds of strawberry.
From B. HATHAWAY, of Little Prairie Ronde :
Half peck Campbell's Late Rose Potatoes ; sample of Potatoes; 1 sample of

new Cherry; 1 dozen Strawberries, Kentucky; 1 dozen Strawberries, Michigan; 1 dozen Strawberries; 1 Gooseberry, Houghton; 1 Red Grape Currant; 2 dozen Raspberries, Mammoth Cluster; 1 dozen Raspberries, Philadelphia; 10 dozen Raspberries, Kirtland ; 6 dozen Raspberries, Clark; 3 dozen Raspherries, Hybrid ; ; dozen Raspberries, A. W. Hybrid ; 3 dozen Raspberries, Hamilton; 6 dozen Raspberries; 1 dozen Raspberries; 4 dozen Raspberries, Canada; 4 dozen Raspberries, Yellow Cane; 5 dozen Raspberries, Miami; 4 dozen Raspberries, Ellisdale; 12 duzen Raspberries, Seneca; 6 dozen. Raspberries, Doolittle; 2 dozen Raspberries, Naomi; 6 dozen Blackberries, Wilson's Early; 4 dozen Blackberries, Triumpb; %

Roses, Queen of Prairie; 2 Roses, Purpurea. From Prof. G. T. FAIRCHILD:

6 Early Shaw Potatoes. From Mrs. SANFORD HOWARD, Lansing:

Oil Painting by Page, of Steer Young America.
From Essex INSTITUTE, by exchange :
The following specimens of Coral: Gorgoma Flabella, Pterogorgia Arceps,

Manicina Areolata, Plerana Crassa, Parites Furcata, Fideastruca Radius,
Muricea Muricata.

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Specimens numbered 1,003 to 1,078, inclusive. From P. H. FELKEP, collected for the College : Seven specimens Selenite, twelve specimens Sassafras Mudgii, one specimen

Sassafras (?) six specimens Sassafras (?) numbered 1,093 to 1,098, inclusive; specimens of Calcite Crystals, Iron Pyrites, Sigillaria, Coal, Argenite of Silver, Silver Ore, Silver, Coral Fossil, Annuonite, Gold, Iron, and Lead; Iron Ore with worm burrows; Silver Ore numbered 1,110 and 1,111; Silver Ore, numbered 1,113, 1,114, and 1,115; Fossil Bracheopod Shells; four specimens Fossil Pish ; three specimens Fossil Fish ? seven specimens Fossil Fish Fins; two specimens Fossil Fish Vertebræ ; Specimens of Fossil Fish; seven specimens Fossil Fish Remains; specimen of Mossosauria; eleven specimens head of

; specimen of Fossil Bone; two specimens Coprolites; three specimens Fossil Bracheopods; specimens of remains

of Fossil Fish; Spine of Shark; No. 1,129 ? From B. A. NEVINS, student:

Indian Hatchet. From Prof. BEAL:

Specimen of Recent Conglomerate, from Cayuga Lake, New York. From J. W. PORTER, student:

Specimen of Crystalized Maple Sugar. From J. B. STEERE, of Equador, S. A.:

Twelve packets Seeds of Grasses and Ornamental Plants. From H. A. ATKINS, of Locke, Ingham county: Five specimens of Pentamerous Oblongus, in Limestone, from a boulder

found in Locke, Ingham county; one specimen of Talcose Schist, from

Locke, Ingham county. From Dr. M. MILES : One Stone Hatchet, from College grounds, found in hard-pan, one foot below

the bottom of the sewer west of the College Hall; two specimens of Cop-
per Ore, from Lake Superior region; three specimens of Silver Ore, from

Lake Superior region.
From GOODENOUGH Horse SHOE Co., of New York:
Horse Shoes




For the Year beginning Dec. 1st, 1872, and ending Noo. soth, 1873.

$15,000 00

11,038 48

6,796 00

3,000 00

To cash at sundry times from State Treasurer on account of cur.

rent expenses.
cash at sundry times from State Treasurer op account of Agri-

cultural College interest fund. cash at sundry times from State Treasurer on account of ia.

debtedness, 1872... cash at sundry times from State Treasurer on account of new

greenbouse.. cash at sundry times from State Treasurer on acconnt of im

provement of buildings and grounds.. cash from State Treasurer on account of library and chemi

cal apparatus....
cash from J. D. Smith, interest on sale of swamp land..

Jones & Porter, insurance refunded..
Farm Departmeut receipts...
Horticultural Department receipls..
Students, on account of board, room rent, etc.,--

[blocks in formation]

By caslı paid at sundry times to E. Longyear, Treasurer.

balance on hand,

[blocks in formation]

Note.-The balance on hand inclodes warrants amonoting to $1,619 47, and checks to the amount of 813 84, which were charged to the Farm and Horticultural depariinents, and returned by them as receipts to bal. roce their accounts for tbe year. The Treasurer's books being closed, the Secretary transfers the abovo Amount, together with $1 77, currency on hand, as cach to :he account of 1874.

For the Year beginning Dec. 1st, 1872, and ending Nov. 30, 1873.

Expenses of State Board of Agriculture...
Baluries of officers..
Ofices of President and Secretary of College, including exchanges, postage,

advertising, repairs, and current expenses..

8228 18 15,319 88

856 57

$2,260 89

1,773 88 12,661 16

956 17

Farm Department-Warrants as in account of Superintendent of Farm.
Horticultural Department-Including tools, seeds, labor, etc....
Boarding Hall-Including new furniture, repairs, and current expenses.
Farm House-Including provisions, Turniture, and current expenses.,
Chemical Laboratory-Repairing steam apparatus, chemicals, and current

Library Books and periodicals.
Museum-Specimens, new cases, and current expenses.
Apiary-Current expenses..
New Buildings-Plans, $50 ; new privy, $9..
New Greenbouse-On account of construction...
Improvement of Buildings and Grounds—(See report of Sup’t of Farm).
Indebtedness of 1872-Sularies of officers.

$3.235 99
Boarding Hall..

2,646 49 Farm House.

339 32 Horticultural Department.

191 28 Farm Department....

2,718 33 Offices of President and Secretary.

827 24 Expenses of Board...

313 70 College General Account-Insurance, wood, repairs, and current expenses....

572 33

51 25 113 57

4 06

59 00 3,000 00 2,033 20

$9,672 35

1,477 96

$50,535 39


E. LONGYEAR, Treasurer, in account with the State Board of Agriculture. 1872.

Dec. 1.–To balance from old account..
Nov. 29.-To cash or Secretary and State Treasurer at sundry times..

$1,051 11

48,092 09

[blocks in formation]


E. LONGYEAR, Treasurer. I certify that the above is a true copy of the report of the Treasurer of the State Bourd of Agriculture, and that ibe original report is on file in my office.


Secretary S. B. of A.


BER 1, 1873.

$17,320 00


Farm, 676 acres @ $70.
Buildings-College Hall. $15.000; Chemical Labratory, $12,000. $27,000 00

New Boarding Hall, $45,000; Old Boarding Hall,

60,000 00
Farm house, $3,500; four brick cottages, $12,000.- 15,500 00
Herdsman's bouse, $600; old green house, $400.. 1,000 00
Barn at dwelling house, $300; cattle barn and sbed,

3,500 00
Sheep barn, $2,500 : borse barn, $3,000; niggery, $2,000 79,500 00
Brick workshop, $600 : garden barn, $600

1,200 00 Blacksmith shop, tool bouse, feeding house, etc..

400 00 Windmill and water supply...

500 00 New greenhouse (partly constructed).

3,000 00 Farm Department-Cattle, $9,050 ; sheep, $728 ; swipe, $344 50 $10,122 50 Farm borses

750 00 Farm macbinery, tools, etc., office furniture. 2,752 70 Produce, fred, elc...

4,181 45

119,600 00

17,806 65

Horticultural Department-Produce, $392 98; tools, etc., $561 ;

$1,316 87
1,592 00

team, $280 90; furniture, $81 99.

Greenliouse plants..
Chemical Laboratory-Chemicals and apparatus..
Library--Books and periodicals...
Museum–Herbarium, deposits, specimens, etc..
Boarding Hall-Furniture, provisions, etc...
Farm House-Furniture, provisions, etc....
Furniture and fixtures in College Hall....
Mathematical instruments..
Apiary-Bees, hives, etc..

2,908 92
4,006 25
6,000 00
4,000 00
3,110 24
576 72
975 10
185 00
71 on

$206,559 78

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