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This Gazette also notifies that the King of Asturius, and the District of Las Monhas given perinission to Thomas Fellowes, tanas do Santander y de Burgos, in the Esq. a Post Captain in the Royal Navy, Dominions of the King of the Spains, to accep and wear the Cross of the to reside at Coranna, Royal and Distinguished Order of Charles The Lord Chancellor has appointed the Third of Spain, which his Catholic Thomas Ingle, of Market Harborough, Majesty Perdinand the Seventh has been Leicester, Gent, and Giles Miller, of pieased to confer on him for his distin- Gondhurst, Kent, Gent. to be Masters guished intrepidity in command of the Extraordinary in the High Court of ChanEnglish gun-boats in numerous actions cery. with the enemy's flotilla and batteries during the ever-memorable defence of


This Gazette notified, that the Lord

Chamberlain of his Majesty's Household TUESDAY, FEB. 26.

has appointed Dr. George Roddam Naval This Gazette notities that the King has Physician to his Majesty ; and that the been pleased to present John Honywood Lord Chancellor has appointed James Randolph, Clerk, Master of Arts, to the Moore, of Shrewsbury, Gent. to be a rectory of Fobbing, in the connty of Essex, Master Extraordinary in the High Court and diocese of London, void by the resig- of Chancery. nation of the Rev. George Burrard.

Member returned to serre in Parliament.

Borough of Dungarron. — The Hon. SATURDAY, MARCH 2.

George Lamb, of Whitehall, WestminThis Gazette notities, that his Majesty ster, in the room of Augustus William has been pleased to appoint Richard Bart- James Clifford, Esq. who has accepted lett, Esq. to be his Majesty's Consul for the Chiltern Hundreds. the Kingdom of Galicia, the Principality

MONTHLY MEMORANDA. KENT COMMEMORATION. COM. the Artist is bound to have the Statne MITTEE.

completed in two years from it's date TI E fall-sized Model of the intended in November last; though the Committee Moni mental Statue of His late R.H.

have every hope of terminating their the Luae of Kent being finally com- labours much within that period. The pleted ; on Wednesday, March i3th, a site of erection, and the design for the Deputation of the Committee had the Pedestal, &c. are, we understand, not honour of receiving the Duchess of Kent yet finally determined upon. on a visit to the Sculptor's to inspect A very extraordinary phenomena was it's progress. Her Royal Highness, who cansed in the river Thames by the gale of was accompanied by the Princess Feo- Wednesday morning, March 7th. As it dor, the Baroness Spadbt, and Captain blew from the S.W. and with extreme Conroy, was received with every mark violence, the entrance of the tide was in of respect by the Honorary Secretary terrupted for several hours. Abont one and Gentlemen attending; and was o'clock was the time of flood, by the table, pleased to express her very high gra- but at ten in the morning the tide was still tification at the interesting nature of her ebbing with great rapidity at London Royal Highness's visit, as well as ber Bridge. In consequence of this, the water entire approval of the very correct like in the river sapk so low as to render'it Dess, and spirited execution of the Modelfordable in several places. Many persons

• The Statue, which is seven feet four were seen walking across, and as the bed incbes bigh represents bis late R.H. of the river was exposed in large tracts, attired in his Ducal robes, over a Field valnable articles which had lain there for Marshal's uniform, resting his right arm a long period were picked up. This was upon a colamn, upon which is depicted, the case as far out as Gravesend. The in basso relievo, the eye of Providence water has not been known so low for many beaming it's rays of glory over the ini- years by several teet. Ships were seen tial letter of the late 'Duke's name, aground in all parts of the river below LonEdward; beneath which are his armo- don Bridge. About twelve o'clock the tide rial bearings and supporters. His Royal began to return, and with a rapidity Highness's left hand grasps a roll of proportioned to the check it had expe. papers, and the toute ensemble of the rienced, the wind having acted as a temfigure, both as a most excellent resem- porary dam to it's progress Such was blance, and as a work of art, does much the force of the current, that barges and honour to the talents of the Sculptor, small craft in numbers were driven against Mrs. Gabagan. The casting in bronze earh other, and sunk, or otherwise mich will now proceed with the least possible inured. The time of ligh water did not delaj ; audiy the terms of his contract, take place till after thu i 2 o'clock.

AGRICULTURÁL REPORT FOR FEBRUARY. those of superior quality of the last year's

The growing Wheats stock well on the prodnce, being nearly exhausted, prime good lands of the principal Corn Districts, samples of both are sought for a an adwhere a considerable breadth appears al- vance. The Flock masters on the Downs ready clean hoed; on the poorer kinds a of Sussex and Wiltshire have hitherto great deterioration is too evident, as the had a good fall of Lambs; but on lowlamentable consequence of exhausted ca. lands a considerable loss of ewes has been pital. In all parts large tracts of cold sustained, by the flush of grass feed. Store suil are thas thrown out of enltivation, and Sheep are worth rather niore money. daily becoming waste, from a discontinu- Smithfield has had a full supply of Beasts, ance of the necessary course of tillage. but, being chiefly of the interior kind, Beans and Peas are generally got in well, prime Beef may be stated somewhat md those early sown plant kindly. Some higher. The Mutton trade is nearly sta-' Barley on tilth land is sown in Norfolk and tionary, at the last month's price. But litSuffolk ; but the large quantity of Turnip tle business is doing at present in Lean and Coleseed still remaining to be fed off Stock : à few droves of Highland Scots will retard the general sowing. The young are come on Epping Forest, for which Clovers have held a fine plant, from the high prices are required. The spring fairs mildness of the winter. The Fen coun- have commenced briskly; prices for Horses tries are much relieved by the fall of the of figure, for harness as well as the field, waters, so as to promise a getting-in of and good cart colts are bonght up at: their Oats in due season; but their Rape an advance. The Wool markets, for all and Mustard crops intended for seed, are fleeces, fully sustain last month's prices. mostly destroyed. The old Wheats, and

BIRTHS. FEB. 20. In Rutland-square, Dublin, MARCH 11. In Upper Brook-street, the the Hon. Lady Levinge, of a daugh. lady of Sir Charles Sullivan, Bart, of a ter.


MARRIAGES. FEB. 26. By special licence, at the Devonshire's, at Chiswick, by his Grace Earl of Albemarle's house, in St. James's. the Archbishop of York, the Hon. G. A. sqnare, by the Bishop of Norwich, Mr. Ellis, M.P. only son of Viscount Clifden, Coke, of Norfolk, to Lady Anu Keppel, to the Hon. Georgiana Howard, second second danghter of his Lordship.

danghter of Viscount Morpeth. MARCH 1. Mr. W. B. Bell, to Mary

A. R. Drummond, Esq. son of A. B. Anne, second danghter of Robert Ed- Drummond, Esq. of Cadland, Hampshire, monds, of New Cross, Esq.

to the Right Hon. Lady Elizabeth Man7. By special license, at the Duke of ners, daughter of the Duke of Rutland.

DEATHS. SEPT. 6. At Goruckpore, in the East MARCH 1. In the 50th year of her age, Indies, Jane Grant, wife of Robert M. Sarah, wife of William Blair, Esq. sure Bird, Esq. judge and magistrate of that geon, of Great Russell-street, Bloomsplace.

bury. Feb. I. At Florence, the Right Hon. Of a decline, Mary-Jane, . only Lord Howe Browne, secund son of the daughter of John Price, of NorthumberMost Noble the Marqnis of Sligo.

land-street, Strand. 11. Arthur W. Devis, Esq. R.A. aged -. At Kennington, Mr. William Bon60.

ner, late chemical-accountant at Apothe19. At Badminton, Lord Henry Somer- caries' Hall, aged 68, and 45 years a set, third son of the Duke of Beaufort. faithful servant to the Company.

21. In Stratton-street, Piccadilly, Tho- At Worlington, in the county of mas Coutts, Esq. banker, aged 87, father Suffolk, Rice James, Esq. in the 19th of the Countess of Guilford, Lady Bur year of his age. dett, and the Marchioness of Bute.

4. In Dartmonth-street, Westminster, 27. Athis seat, Shaw-place, near New- Rear-admiral Abraham Guyott, aged bury, Berks, aged 53, Sir Joseph An- 75. drews, Bart one of the deputy-lieute

Io Pall-mall, in her 60th year, the nants of the county of Berks.

lady of Sir Scrope B. Morland, Bart.

5. At Crowsleg Park, Oxfordshire, in 8. At Hammerton Rectory, aged 59, the 6th year of his age, John Atkyns the Rev. R. Pyne. Wright, Esq. Chairman of the Quarter 16. At Brighton, at an advanced age, Sessions for the County of Oxford, and T. Elam, Esq. late of Leicester-square, Recorder of the Corporation of Henley- one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace npon-Thames.

for the County of Middlesex. - At Richmond Hill, Surrey, Jane In Portland-place, the relict of Sir Theresa Delafosse, relict of the Rev. Wm. Duokin, formerly one of his MajesRobert Mark Delafosse, LL.B. in the ty's Judges in the Supreme Court of CalG5th year of ber age.

cutta. 10. At bis seat at Canwick, aged 41, 18. Mrs. Ann Davis, relict of the late Coningsby Waldo Sibthorp, Esq. Lieute- Samuel Davis, Esq.of Hart-street, Bloomsvant-Colonel of the South Lincoln Militia, bury, in the 85th year of her age. and M.P. for the City of Lincoln.

20. Aged 81, Joseph Welch, Esq. one --. At Merchant Tailor's School, aged of the oldest Members of the Corporation 75, the Rev. T. Cherry, B.D. Vicar of of the City of London, and many years Sellinge, Kent.

Deputy of the Ward of Candlewick.



Extracted from the London Gazette. N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street, unless

otherwise expressed. The Country and London Attornies' Names are between Brackets.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. JOSELIN, JOS. Smith's-bu. Southwark, rope-ma- NEWSTEAD, THOS. and Co. Hull, soap-manufac. nufacturer.


BANKRUPTS. AVISON, JOS. Kildwick, Yorshire, butter-factor, BUTLER, PAUL, late of Little Boltou, manufactur*

April 16. (Alcnck, Skipton ; and Stocker and er, April 6 and 27. White Bear, Manchester. ( Sew Roswell co. Carey-st.] Murch 5.

(Adlington and Co. Bedford-row; and Morris, ANDRADE, ALEX. and Co. Lancaster, bankers, Manchester.) Murch 10. April 6, King's Arms. Lancaster. (Wilson and BREWER, SAM. Alderton, Suffolk, corn-merchant, ('n lancaster; and Ravenhill and Co. Princes. April 3, 4, and 30, Great White Horse, Ipswich. F1. Pank.) Feb 23.

[Hine, Temple; and Pulham, Woodbridge.] ALVIN, KÍCH. PRICE, Elm st Gray's Inn-lane, March 19. ale brewer. AprilFielder and Co. Duke sl.

CHILD, JOHN, Aldermanbury, hosier, April 6. Feb. 23

[Hindman, Basinghall-st.) Feb. 23. ANSELL, JOHN FILKINS, Oxford, farmer, April CLOUGH, ROR. Sharpless, Lancaster, calico-prin

9, King's Head, Northleach. (Wilkins and Co. ters, April 6, Bridge Inn, Bolton. [Boardman Gloucester; and Rassell and Co. Lapt st. Bo- and Co. Bulton; and Adlington and Co. Bedford. rough.) Feb. 26.

row.) Feb. 83. ARMSTKONG, JOHN, Reading, linen-draper, CAKEK, SIMON, Rattlesden, Suffolk, grocer, April April 13. (Jones, March 2.

6, Angel, Bury St. Edmunds. (Kansom, stow. ATKINSON, THOS. Manchester, shop-keeper, market; and' Dixson and Sons, Gray's-inn.]

April 13, star, Manchester. (Temperley, Man Feb. 23.
Chester ; and Adlington and Co. Bedford-row ] COSSAKT, JOHN, and Co. Clement's-lane, Lom.

baril-st. wine-Inerchants, April 6. (Richardson ATKINS, JOSIAS, Hamstall-Ridware, Stafford, mil. and Co. New.jon.) Feb. 83.

ler, April 20, Wolseley Arms, Wolseley Bridge, CONGDON, THOS. Torquay, Devon, merchant, Stafford. (Rodall, Clement's Inn; and Robin- April 9, Public Rooms, East Teignmouth. [Tozer,

son. Hill-kidware, near Lichfield. \ March 9. Teignmouth; and Williams, Red Lion-square.] BOUCHEK, THOS. Cheltenham, cabinet-maker, Feb. 26.

April 6. (Patten, Hatton-garden.) Fer. 23. COTTON, WM. Castle Dunnington, Leicester, BLYTA, GEO and Co. Birmingham and Liverpool, baker, April 13, Blackmoor's Head, Nottingham.

merchants, April 6, Royal Hotel, Birmingham. (Fosbrooke, Longhborough; and Fuller and Co. (Lee and Co. Birmingham; and Alexander; Carlton Chambers, Regent-st.) March 2. Carer-st. Lincoln's Ion.) Feb. 23.

COLLEY, BERNARV). Posenball, Salop. farmer, BUKTON, GEO. Knortingley, York, vessel.builder, April 13, Tontine, Madeley. (Bigg. Southampton

April 9, Green-Dragon, Pontetract. (Wood, Poni bu.; and Pritchard, jun. Broseley.) tefract; and Fisher and Co. Thavies.inn.) Feb. March 12. 95.

COPLEY, BENJ, and Co. Doncaster, iron-founders, BYRNE, PHILIP HENRY, Backlersbury, Man. April 83. Guildhall, Doncaster. (Pearson, Don

chester-wareliousemao, April 2 and 20. (Freeman caster; and Battye, Chancery-la.) March 12. and Co. Calema 3-sl.) March 9.

CHITTENDEN, EDW. Ashford, Kent, ironmonger, BUTTON, WM. late of Bicester, Oxfordshire, inn.

April 27, Royal Hotel, Birmingham. (Swain and keeper, April 8 and 97. (Umney, Clement's-ion.] Co. Frederick' Old Jewry; and Webb, BirMarch 16.

mingham.) March 16. BRETT, WM. Stone, Staffordshire, grocer. April COPLAND, WM. late of Holt. Norfolk, miller,

3. 4, and 97. Trentham Inn, Trentham. [Wheeler, April 1, 2, Angel, Norwiclı; April so, Castle-st. Holborn; and Griffin, Lobridge, Staf. New Ion, Holt. [Withers, jun. Holt, and Brid fordshire Potteries.] March 16.

ger, Angel

co. Throgmorton-st.) March 19. BISHOP, EDWIN, Cheltenham, tailor, April 27, DORE, FRED. Berkeley.-9. auctioneer, April 9.

Oid Swan, Cheltenhamn. (King and Son, Castle (Richardson and Co. New-inn.) Feb. 26. street, Holborn; and Packwood, Cheltenham.] DALMAINE, GEO, embroiderer, Apri* March 16,

27. [Loftus, Furnival's Inn.] March 16. Eur, Mag. Vol. 81. March 1822.



DAY, HENRY, and Co. late of Tottenham-court- KENYON, THOS. Tate of Prestwich, Lancashire,

road, linen.drapers, April 27. (Hewitt, Token- flour-dealer, April 6 and 30, Spread Eagle, Hangi hrnese-yard. Lollibary:) Marck 16.

ing Ditch, Manchester. [Adlington and i'o. Bed. DÄKKE, SAM. WALLWYN, Red Lion-sq-picture- ford.row; and Chew. Manchester.) Marcha.

dealer, April 30. (Minchin, Verulam-bu. Gray's LARBALESTIER, JAS. Throgo.ston. 109) March 19.

st. wine-merchant. April 9. [Taylor, Jewin-st. DAVIDSON, WM. Philpot-la, merchant, April 30. Aldersgate st.) Feb 26.

Corfu, son and Co. Angel-co. Throgmorion-street.] LEDDEN, WM. Liverpool, merchant, April 9, March 9.

George, Liverpool. (siai ham and Co. Liverpool; EIKLE, WM. Charch-st. Rotherhithe, victualler, and Slade and Co. Jolin st. Bedford-row.) Feb. 26.

Artil 6. (Saward, Paradise.sow, Rotherhithe.) LORD, JACOB JOHN, Plymouth Dock, spirit-sele Feb. 93.

ler, April 1. 9, and 13, Weakley's Hotel, Plymouth ERLY, WM. Winchester, grocer, April 13. White Docki (Kirk, Plymouth Dock; and Dark and

Hart, Winchester. [Woodhain, Winchester; Cn. Red Lion-sg.1 March 9, and Allen, Cliford's.inn.] Niarck e.

LEWIS, PETER ROYNON, Bath-place, New-road, EDWARDS, GEO. HAY. Craveo st. St. Martin in fringe-manufacturer, April 20. (Wigley, Essexo

the fields, wine-mercliant, April 97. (Williams st. Strand.) March 9. and (o. Now..57. Lincoln's Inr.) March 16. LEA, PHILLIP HEN. Grenado-pl. Kent-ro. grocer, FIELD, STEPHEN, Richmond, Surrey, wine-mer- April 20. [Taylor, Purniral's inn ) March 9.

chant, April (Gatis, Cuteaion-st ] Fil. 26. LEPPINGWELL, KNEVIT, Croydon, linen-draper, FALLES, JOHN, Upwell, Norfolki, farmer, April April 2 and 27. (Willis and Co. Warnford.court,

19 (Farlow, Holborn co, Gray's.inn.) March 2. Throg morton-st.) March 16. FINCH, THOS. Chiswich, common carrier, April LIGHTFOOT, JOAN, late of Eccleston. Lancashire, 13. [Hubert, Clement's Inn.) March 2.

miller, April 16, 17, Fleece, st. Helen's; April 27, FROGGATT, JOHN. jun. Burslem, Staffordshire, York Hotel, Liverpool; (Clarke and Co. Than

druggist, April 16, Roe Buck, Newcastle-under- cery la; and Barnes, St. Helen's.) March 16. Lytne. (Presion, Burslem; and Williams and MORTON, THOS. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer, Co. Old-biu. lincoln's-inn.] Alarch 5.

April 6, Ram, Nottingham. (Pearnhead, Nute GRIFFITH, HEN. Swansea, linen-draper, April tingham: and Hurd and Co. Temple.) Feh. es.

23, Mackworth Arms, Swansea. (Price, Lin- MAYDEW, THOS. Cobridge, Stafford, blue-inanu

coln's Inn; and Collins, Swansca.) March 12. facturer, April 13, Roe Buck, Newcastle unserGLOVER, ELIZABETH, late of Hardshaw, within Lyme. [l'arker, Hanley; and Thomas, Barnard's

Windle, Lancashire, shopkeeper, April 16, 17, Inn.) March 2.
Fleece, St. Helen's; April 27, York Hotel, Liver. MANN, GEO, and JOHN, Chapel-st. Edgeware-ro.
pool. (Clarke and Co. Chancery-la.; and Barnes, bricklayers, April 13. [Robinson and Co, Charter
St. Helen's.) March 16.

House-q.1 March 2. HARDY, MAT. and Co. Manchester, warehouse- MOUNSHER, JAS. Finshury-sq. mere men, April 6, Bridgewater Arms, Manchester,

chant April 19. [Atcheson, Great Winchester[Higson, Manchester; and Ellis, st.) March 2 Feb. 23.

MILLER, NICH. Minchinhampton, Gloucester, HARBIN, THOS. HENRY, Maidenhead, Devon, banker, April 16, Flecce, Radborough. (Stone,

April 6, Seven Stars, St. Thomas Apostle, Devon. Tetbury; and Dax and Co. Guilford streer.] [Turner, Exeter; and Collect and Co. Chancery- March 5. fa] Feb. 23.

MAULLIN, THOS. Dudley, Worcester, nail-iron. HEDLEY, JAS. and Co. Sunderland, ship owners, monger, April 23, Royal Hotel, Birmingham.

April 9, Browne's 'Hotel, Lyme Regis, Dorset. Colleti and Co. Chancery-la. ; and Robinson (Fisher, Lyme Regis; and Beverley, Dudley.) March 12. Temple.). Feb. 26.

MOORSOM, WN. Scarborough, banker, April 1, ?, HARGRAVES, JOAN, Liverpool, miller, April 9, and 23, Talbot, Sca:borough. (Benson, Scarbn.

George, Liverpool. [Leicester, Liverpool, and rough; and Kearsey and Co. Bishopsgate Within.] Taulon, Lansdowne-pisce, Brunswick-sq.]' Feb. March 19.

MADDOCK, RICH. and Co. timberHOYLE, TIM. and Co. Irwell Spring. Lancaster, merchants, April 9 and 97. (Sweet and Co. Ba. • calico-printers, April 9, Star, Manchester. (Shaw singhall-st. March 16. and Co. John st. Bedford row. Feb. 20.

MAY, WM. Newgate-st, victualler, April 27. [Clare HORNBLOWER, WM. Stafford, iron-master, and Co. Frederick' Old Jewry.) March 16.

April &, 3, and is, Wheatsheaf, Bewdley. (Graze- MILTHORP, JOHN,'Poole, Yorkshire, maltier, broak, Stourbridge; and Jenkins and Co. New. April 27, Court House, Leeds. [Granger, Leeds.) inn.] Alurck 2.

March 16. HERBERT, EDW. TANNER, Ferter-la. oilman, MILLER, CHAS. Abchurch-la. mercliant, April

April 13. (Brougliton, Tokenhouse-ya.] March 9. and 3.1. (Sweet and Co. Basinghall-st.) March 19. HEM BREY, MARGARET, Lambeid.road, vic. OTLEY, GEO. New Bond st. tailor, April 2 and 3:,

tualler, April 16. (Chester, Melina-place.) (Smith and Co Gray's Inn-pl.] March 19, March 5.

PEARSON, JOHN, Manchester, joiner, April 6, HERBERT, PHILIP, of the ship Thalia, mer. Albion, Manchester. (Law and Co. Manchester;

chant, April 83. (Osbaldeston and Co. London. and Adlington and Co. Bedford-row.] Feb. 23. st. Feuchurch-st.) March 12.

POTTER, BENJ. Manchester, cotton-spinner, April HOKT, JONATHAN, late of Great St. Helens, coal. 20, Bridgewater Arms, Manchester. [Edge, Mania

mercbant, April 2 and 97. [Steel, Queen street, chester; and Milne and Co. Temple.) March 9. Cheajıside ) March 16.

PARSONS, JOHN, Swaffham, Norfolk, linen-d-a. HANDFORD, W31. Tavistock, Devonshire, linen- per, April 20, Norfolk Hotel, Norwich. (King,

draper, April 16 and 30. (Bourdillon and Co. Serjeant's Inn, Fleet-st.; and Millard, Norwich.) Bread st. Marek 19.

March g. HERBERT, KOB. and Co. St. Mary axe, wine. POOLE, RICH. Leeds, grocer, April 23, Sessions

merchants, April 30. (Hodgson and Co. Št. Mil. House, Wakefield. [Neale, inner Temple-lane ; dred' March 19.

and Granger. Leeds.) March 19. JOSEPH, ÁBRAHAM, Magdalen-row, Prescott. PETITPIERRE, FRANCIS, and Co. South-strert,

st. Goodman's-fields, merchant, April 6. (Wile Finsbury.sq. merchants, April 27. (Hutchison, liams and Co. Gray's inn.) Feb. 29.

Crown-cn. Threadneedle-st.) March 16. JUDD, Geo, Farringdon, Berks, cordwainer, April PITTS, THOS. and Co. Beverley. Yorkshire, woollen.

27. (A'Beckett, Broad-st. Golden-sq.) March 16. drapers, April 09, Tyger, Beverley. [Ireson, KNIGHT, JAS. Halifax, merchant, April 23, White Heverley;

and Eyre and Co. Gray's inn.) March Swan, Halifax. (Beckett, Earl-st.' Blackfriars ; 16. and scatcherd, Halifax.) March 12.

PARKER, THOS. Camerton, Somersetshire, meal. KETCHER, NATH. Bradwell, Essex, shopkeeper, man, April 27, White Lion, Bath. [Turner, Batlı;

April 93. (Bunn, Brook-st. Holborn.] March ig. KEENE, WN. CADOGAN, Mary-le-banne-la. far.

and Price, New.sq. Lincoln's Inn.) March 16.

RUSSELL, JAS. Rochester, wine inerchant, April cier, April 16 and 30. (Hamilton and Co. Ber. 6. . (Rippon, Great Blackfriars'-road.) Soho.) March 19,

Feb. 93. KIRKLAND, Joseph, and Co. Coventry, riband- RAWE, WM. Padstow, Cornwall, mercer, April

manufacturers, April 2 and 27. (Webster and Commercial Inn, Padstow. (Brown, Padstow; Son, Queen-st, Cheapside.] March 1o.

and Thompson and Co. Gray's Inn-sq.] Feb. 26.

RIDE, THOS. Ashton Reynes, Wilts, tallow.

chandler, April 13. Fleece, Kedborough. (Stone, Tetbury; and Dex and Co, Guilford-street.}

2. ROSS, JOHN, Charlton-st. Somerset, baker, April

13. (Gray, Kingsland-ro.) March 9. REED, Wm. Little Queen st. Holborn, oilman,

April 13. (Shuter, Millbank-st. Westminster.)

March 2.
RICKARDS, JON. Dursley, Gloucestershire, clo-

thier, April 18, Old Bell, Dursley.. [Vizard and
Co. Inursley; and Vizard and Co. Lincoln's-inn-
fields.) March 5.
berland, butcher, April 23, Blue Bell, Carlisle.
(Lowdon and Co. Clement's lon; and Hudson
and Co. Carlisle.) March 19.
ROSE, JOHN, Ibstock. Leicestershire, grocer and

haker, April 3, 4, and 97. White Hart, Ashby-de.
la Zouch (Long and Co. Gray's Inu; and

Dewes, ) March 16.
ROSE, MAT. Packington, Leicestershire. farmer,

April 3, 4, and 27. White Hart, Ashby de- la-Zouch,

(Long and Co. Gray's Inn; and Dewes, Aslaby de la Zouch.) March 16. SMITH, JOHN, North-st. Westminster, tailor,

April 6. (Tilson and Co. Coleman-sl.) Feb. 23.
SCARTH, WM. and JAS. Morley, York, merchants,
April 6, Court House, Leeds. (Smith and Co.
Leeds; and Wilson, Greville-st. Hatton-garden.)

Feb 23.
SWIFT, JOHN and THOS. Huddersfield, mer.

chapis, April 6, George, Huddersfield. (Battye,

Huddersfield; and Baitye,] Feb. 23. STEVENS,WM. Northumberland-st. Strand, baker,

April 9. [Tatham, Craven-street, Surand.] Feb.

28. SOWBRBY, PETER, sen. and jun. Liverpool,

merchants, April 9, Star and Garter, Liverpool.
(Arison, Liverpool; and Wbeeler, Castle-street,

Holborn. Feb. 26.
SALTER, THOS. Geist, Norfolk, farmer, April ,

Norfolk Hotel, Norwich. (Cooper, East Deres
ham, Norfolk ; and Barber and Co. Fetter-lane.]

Feh. 26.
SQUIRE, LOVELL EARITH, Huntingdon, tanner,

April 9. Crown, St. Ives. (Pay, St. Ives; and
long and Co. Feb. 26.
STEEL, JOHN EMSCOTT, Warwickshire, timber.

merchant, April 16, Swan, High-st. Birmingham. (Sparrier and Co. Birmingham ; and Norton and (n. Gray's-inn. ) March 5. STEVENS, DAN. GUTTRIDGE, Harlow, Essex,

linen draper..(Evans, Hatton.garsien.) Marchg. SAVAGE, JOHN, Broadway, Worcester,,

April 5, and 2, White Hart, Broadway. (Tayler
and Co. Gray's lon; and Griffiths, Chipping
Camden.1 March 9.
SHEUWIN, WM. THOS. Paternoster-row, book.

seller, April 30. (Tilson and Co. Coleman street.)

March 9.
SCANDRETT, WM. St. Clement, Worcester,

glover, April 20, Hop Market, Worcester. (Col.

lett and Co. March 9. SJMKINS, ISAAC, Bedford-sq. April 27.

(Hunt, Surrey si.] March 16. SCOTT, WM. jun. Norwich, cotofectioner, April 17,

12, and 30. Kampant Horse, St. Stephen's, Nora
wich. (Keith, Norwich; and Tilbury and Com

Falcon-st.) March 16.
TUCKER, JOAN HODGES, Jermyn st. chemist,

April 6. (Wright, Fencharch st.) Feb. 13.
TRAER, WM. Exeter, factor, April 6, Globe,

Exeter. (Terrell, Exeter; and 'Shaw, Ely-pl.

Holborn.) Feb. 23.
TAYLOR. WM. Great Yarmouth, enrgeon, April 6,

Crown and Anchor, Great Yarmouth. (Palmer.
Great Yarmouth ; and Swain and Co. Old Jewry.]'

Feb. 99.

Cumberland, innkeepers, April 9, Bush, Carlisle.
(Fairbairn, Carlisle; and 'Leadbitter, Bucklers-
bury.) Feb. 86.
THOMPSON, JOHN, South Shields, ship owner,

April 16, George. Newcastle upon Tyne. [Bain-
bridge and Co, South Shields; and Bell and Co

How Church yard.] March 5.
TURTON, WM. Westbronowich, Stafford, iron.
master, April 23, Jernmgham Arms, Shiffnal,
Salop (Sinith and Co. Wolverhampion; and

Whitaker, Broad-cn. Long-acre.) Merck 12.
THOMAS, NICH, SAUNDERS, Hanbury, Worcesu

tershire, farmer, April 5, 6, and 30, Unicorn, Worcester, [Williams and Co. Lincoln's lon; and Curuler, Droitwich.) March 19. TICKELL, THOS. West Bromwich, iron-master,

April 9, 10, and so, Royal Hotel, Birmingham. (Norton and Co. Gray's Inn-sq.; and Spurrier

and Co. Birmingham.) March 19. VERTUE, SAM. Great Yarmouth, merchant, April

6, 8, and 23 Black Lion, Great Yarmouth. (Sayers and Co. Great Yarmouth; and Swain and

Co. Frederick' Old Jewry.] March 12. VAILL, WM. iun. Prockworth, Gloucestershire,

cor-dealer, April 1, 2, and 30, Red Lion, Glouces1er.. (Dix, $ymond's inni and Tipton, Glouces, ter. 1 March WOOD, JOS. Rugeley, Stafford, miller, April 9,

Talbot Arms, Rugeley. (smith, Rugeley; and

Low and Co. Temple.) Feb. 26. WOODBURN, JOHN, Birmingham, merchand,

April 18, Royal Hotel, Birmingham. (Whatley and Son, Birmingham; and Maples and Co.

Frederick’s-pl. Old Jewry.) March 9. WOOLCOCK, JOHN, Truro, Cornwall, draper,

April 20. (Gates, Calea ion-sl.) March 9. WEEKS, JOHN, Exeter, currier, April 09. [Male

lock, Field-co. Gray's lan.] March 12.

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ANDERSON, J. West Smithfield, March 16.

Gale, J. Paternoster-row, March 16.
Adlington, J. Tottenham, March 23.

Gardiner, G, St. John' Feb. 26. Archer, A. G. Chapel-st. March 5.

Garton, s. Wood-st. March 16. Allport, E. Birmingham, April 9.

Gilbert, R. T. Stockbridge, April 1. Biggar, W. Manchester, March 18.

Hewitt, B. and Co. Nantwich, Cheshire, March 1A. Hoys, B. Token house-yard, March 16.

Hurndall, J. Bristol, March 30.
Buiton, W. and Co. Paternoster-row, March 5. Hurndall, J. and Co. Bristol, March 9s.
Barclay, J. Old Broad-st. March 23.

Hulse, R. Hinckley, March 21.
Malme, J. Gomersal, April !!.

Hailstone, W. Mildenball, Suffolk, April 20. Brickwirod, J. S, Stoke Newington, April 6.

Haywood, G. Birmingham, March 30. Hisin, J. Paternoster Tow, March 9.

Irving, 13 jun. Carlisle, March 20. Erume, J. H. and Co. Bury-st. March so.

Jenks, W. Aldermanbury, March 16. Clay, 1. Worksop. Nottingham, March 25.

Jackson, K. Cannon-ef. March 30. Crates, C. New Bond-st. March 16.

Jerome, S. Birmingham, April 9. Children, G. Tonbridge, March 30.

Meatyard, T. Fontinell Mayna, Dorset, March 21. Cape, W. London-bridge, March 30.

Moody, c. Hitchen, March 29. Davis, J. Mitcheldean, Gloucester, March 19.

Mellish, T. Kent-road, March 23. Douglas, T. London, March 16.

Maberley, J. Welbeck-st. March 30. De Quiros, J. M.Size.Ja. Feb. 26.

Neville, R. Colchester, March 2. Jawson, R. Norwich, April 4.

Nowill, A. and Co. March 30. Dudman, R. and C. Jerusalem Cofiee-house, March Phillips, A. and Co Saliers' April 2. 30.

Ridoui, J. P. Bridport, March 16. Emanu, G. Aberdare, April 4.

Richardby, J. Dui ham, March 25. Tlowtrs. J.G. March 16.

Smallpage, J. Leeds, April 1. Friday, k. jun. Isleworthy, March 16.

Studd, J. L. Kirby-st. March 30. Fearnlov, Portsmouth, March 19.

Whitehouse, J. Oxford, April 9. Granlad, C. and Co. Horshao, March 15.

Yales, S. Wood-st. March 23.

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