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I did not go on deck till we were nearing New York harbor. Just before entering I saw an Italian ship from Naples in quarantine. As we slowly drew toward the dock, I searched among the many hundred faces for Josephine, my cousin, who was to meet me, but did not discover her till just as the boat was abreast of the dock. Then we saw each other and waved. On landing and greeting her, we went direct to claim my baggage and put myself in the customs officer's hands. When my time came, I declared everything. They were kind to me, but it is not a pleasant experience to go through, and I told them should I ever make the trip again I would not purchase one penny's worth. I think they charged for everything, not even allowing me the one hundred dollars' worth. At least, it seemed so to me from the price of duty asked. It being a larger amount of money than I had with me, I had to wait till to-morrow when I could arrange to get it.

It was noon when I landed, and between four and five o'clock when I left the customs.

I went home with Josephine and remained over night, having dinner with Jack and herself, and oh, how good it tasted. I rested and slept well that night. Monday, October 24. We started early in order to reach the banks as soon as they opened. I went to the first one given in my directions, and they sent me to another. The same thing occurred here, sending me from there to another bank. My letter of credit called for a large sum, while I only needed a few hundred to see me through. I was not asked at any of the banks the amount I wanted, and it did not occur to me to tell them. On reaching this bank, I grew desperate. I was so warm and tired from the long walk, that I determined I would get my money here. A young man stepped up to wait on me, and I handed him my letter, which he looked at and then back to me.

That was enough, as I thought I was to be again refused, and I said: “Do not dare refuse me. I am just worn out in going from bank to bank.” He smiled and said:

“I won't. What amount do you wish ?”

I told him, and he immediately arranged for, counted and handed it to me.

We then went down to the customs officers, where I paid my duty and arranged for my baggage to be sent to the Grand Central Station. Josephine and I went from here to meet Jack and we had a late luncheon together. Afterward we attended to purchasing my tickets and checking my baggage. From here we returned home. I had been feeling badly all day and was glad to rest quietly.

Tuesday, October 25. I bade Jack and Josephine good-by and left for the station and my train. I had a comfortable ride, arriving home in the early morning, Wednesday, October 26. My trip has been a wonder

ful five months of sightseeing. I have visited so many countries and places, seeing everything of note in the short space of time allotted, making the entire trip on schedule time. There is much of interest and many countries it would be a delight to me to visit, but I never again expect to cross the old ocean or make an extended trip on it, as we are not good friends, and I am afraid of him. I have had a most delightful time and enjoyed every minute of it, but am thankful to be safely landed on solid earth and back once more in my own United States.

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