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Connecticut. State of Connecticut.-For placing six buoys in the western, and Mystic river.

six in the eastern entrance of Mystic river, from Fisher's island sound, in the State of Connecticut, according to the survey and estimate of

F. H. Gregory, reported to the Board of Navy Commissioners on the Ram island seventh day of August last, four hundred and thirty-five dollars; and for and Turner's

buoys on the rock in the channel east of Ram island, and upon Tur

ner's reef, according to said survey and report, one hundred dollars. Lynde point. For the erection of a light-house on Lynde point, at the mouth of

Connecticut river, in addition to the sum of five thousand dollars

already appropriated, two thousand five hundred dollars. Fairweather To compleie a sea-wall, to preserve the light-house and other buildisland.

ings on Fairweather island, near Blackrock harbor, pursuant to the

report of Captain Gregory, one thousand five hundred dollars. Milford harbor. For the erection of buoys on such of the rocks in the harbor of MilShoal ledge.

ford as may be designated by the Superintendent of Light-houses for Pond reef. that district, three hundred dollars; for one buoy on a ledge called the Cornfield point Shoal, west of Black point, and one buoy on Pond reef in the bay of rock, and Oys- Niantick, one hundred and sixty dollars ; for buoys on Cornfield point ter Pond point rock, Adams rock, and Oyster Pond point rock, near Plum island, in

Long Island sound, two hundred and forty dollars. New York. State of New York.--For completing a beacon on Romer's shoals, Romer's

in addition to the appropriation heretofore made, ten thousand dollars; to be expended under the direction of a competent engineer, to be

selected by the Secretary of the Treasury. Esopus mea

To complete a light-house on Esopus meadows, on the western dows.

shore of the Hudson river, three thousand dollars, in addition to the

sum heretofore appropriated. Cedar island. To complete a light-house on Cedar island, Sag Harbor, two thousand

five hundred dollars, in addition to the sum heretofore appropriated. Fisher's

For the erection of a light-house on the northern islet in Fisher's sound.

sound, near the northwest end of Fisher’s island, three thousand dollars.

For the payment of the balance remaining due for the expenses of Gedney's

procuring and locating buoys in the new channel in the port of New New Jersey. York, lately discovered and called Gedney's channel, eight hundred South Amboy. and seventy dollars and thirty-six cents. Great Beds. Billop's Point

New Jersey.-For erecting a small beacon-light at South Amboy, and

putting down the following buoys, to wit: One on the tail of the Great Middle

Beds; one off Billop's Point shoal, southwest part of Staten island; one Old Orchard on the Middle Ground, near Prince's bay; one on the Old Orchard shoal ;

one off the point of the Great Kill shoals, one thousand and fifty dollars. shoals.

For the erection of a beacon-light at the Corner Stake so called,

between Elizabethtown point, and Shorter's island; also another small Shorter's is

light or lantern on Shorter's island; also for buoys, &c. at the following land. Bergen point. places: A spar buoy at Bergen point; a spar buoy at the Mill Rocks,

in Newark bay; a spar buoy on the first oyster bed or point of the bar The first oys- between the Hackensack and Passaic channels, one and a half mile Corner Stake. below the crossing place; a spar buoy at the Corner Stake, so called ; The crossing place.

a spar buoy at the crossing place, on the north side; a spar buoy at the elbow; all pursuant to the report of Captains Kearney, Sloat, and

Perry, thirty-four hundred dollars. Delaware. State of Delaware.--For rebuilding a floating-light on Five Fathom Five Fathom

Bank, at the entrance of the Delaware Bay, the sum of fifteen thou

sand dollars. Maryland. State of Maryland.—For placing four buoys at or near Pool's Island Pool's island.

channel, the sum of one thousand two hundred dollars. Virginia. State of Virginia.–For placing spar-buoys in James river, between James river.

Day's point and Richmond city, on such ledges and shoals as may be

selected, two thousand dollars. Potomac. For building a light-boat to take place of the one in the narrows of

the Potomac, eight thousand dollars.




shoal. Great Kill

Corner Stake.

Mill rocks.

ter bed.

The elbow.


For placing three or more buoys at the entrance of Onancock creek, Onancock creek. in the county of Accomac, three hundred dollars.

State of North Carolina.—For marking, staking out, and placing North Carolina. buoys or other such monuments as are most suitable to designate the

Crowatan sound.

Pasquotank, channels in Crowatan sound, and at the outlets of Pasquotank, Little Little, and 'Perand Perquimans rivers, one thousand dollars.

quimans rivers. For the construction of a new light-boat in lieu of that now stationed

Wade's point. off Wade's point, eight thousand dollars.

For a light-house on Pea island or Boddy's island as the Secretary Pea island or of the Treasury shall deem to be most for the public interest, five Boddy’s island. thousand dollars.

For three buoys or such marks, designating Chickama-comico chan- Chickama-conel in Hyde county, as shall be found most suitable for that purpose,

mico channel. one hundred and fifty dollars. For placing buoys at the mouth of Shallote river. Shallote river, five hundred dollars. State of Ohio.-For securing or rebuilding on a better site, the Ohio.

Turtle island. light-house on Turtle island, at the entrance of Maumee bay, in Lake Erie, six thousand seven hundred dollars.

For completing a beacon-light near the entrance of Sandusky bay, Sandusky bay. three thousand dollars, in addition to the sum heretofore appropriated for that purpose.

For the construction of a light-house on the northwest end of Bass Bass island. island, commonly called Put-in-bay, in Lake Erie, instead of one on Cunningham's island, three thousand dollars.

For placing buoys on a shoal or sunken island, near the western Sister island. Sister island, and to the southward thereof, in Lake Erie, five hundred and fifty dollars.

State of Georgia.-For constructing a floating-light, to be stationed Georgia. in Tybee channel, ten thousand dollars, in lieu of an appropriation of Tybee channel. that sum heretofore made for a similar light on Martin's Industry shoal.

For placing three buoys at the entrance of St. Andrew's inlet, five St. Andrew's hundred and forty dollars.

For placing beacons or buoys at the entrance of Brunswick harbor, Brunswick the sum of one thousand dollars.

State of Alabama.-For the construction of a light-house on Dauphin island, eight thousand dollars.

Dauphin isl. State of Louisiana.For marking the entrance and the channel of Louisiana. Atchafalaya bay, one thousand five hundred dollars.


bay. For rebuilding the light-house at the southwest pass of the Missis

Mississippi r. sippi river, twenty thousand dollars.

For completing a light-house at or near the southwest pass on the Vermilion bay. Vermilion bay, eight thousand dollars, in addition to the sum heretofore appropriated.

State of Michigan.-For rebuilding a light-house on Bois Blanc Michigan. island, if a suitable site for the same can be found on said island, five thousand dollars.

For erecting a light-house at New Buffalo, on Lake Michigan, five New Buffalo. thousand dollars.

For erecting a light-house on South Manitou island, Lake Michigan, South Manitou five thousand dollars.

For erecting a light-house on the ledge or reef near Wagooshance, Ledge near in the Straits of Michillimackinac, twenty-five thousand dollars.

Wagooshance. For erecting a light-house at Presque isle, Lake Huron, five thou- Presque isle. sand dollars.

For erecting a light-house on Point aux Barques, Sagana bay, Lake Huron, five thousand dollars.

Barques. Territory of Wisconsin.-For the construction of a light-house on Territory of

Wisconsin. Grassy island, at the head of Green bay, near the mouth of Fox river, Grassy island. four thousand dollars. Territory of Florida.--For placing buoys at the mouth of St. Territory of

Florida. John's, in addition to the appropriation heretofore made for the purpose, eight hundred and fifty dollars.




Bois Blanc isl.


Point aux

St. John's,

Cary's Fort For erecting a light-house on Cary's Fort reef, forty thousand dollars reef.

in addition to the appropriation already made for that purpose. Great Cum And so much of the appropriation heretofore made and unexpended berland island.

for a light-house on Amelia island, be, and hereby is, appropriated, for the removal of the light-house situated on the southern end of Great

Cumberland island to the said site on Amelia island. Two sets of

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treadioptric or lenti- sury be, and he hereby is, directed to cause two sets of dioptric or cular apparatus lenticular apparatus, one of the first, the other of the second class, and the reflector ap

also one set, if he deems it expedient, of the reflector apparatus, all of paratus to be the most improved kinds, to be imported, and to cause the said several imported, and

sets to be set up, and their merits, as compared with the apparatus in their meriis tested.

use, to be tested by full and satisfactory experiments; and the sum of fifteen thousand dollars, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, is hereby appropriated for that purpose; and the Secretary of the Treasury is also further authorized to ascertain, by

suitable and proper experiments, the merits of the apparatus lately inE. Blunt's ap. vented by Mr. E. Blunt, of New York; and if, in his judgment, it has paratus, &c.

merits which justify the adoption of it, he is hereby authorized to contract with Mr. Blunt, to light any light-house on the coast with it; and the sum of one thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for the above

purposes. And the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby further authorA. Morse's fog ized to ascertain the merits of the patent fog-bell of Andrew Morse bell.

junior, and if he deems it expedient to establish one on the coast, the sum of twenty-five hundred dollars is hereby appropriated for that pur

pose, out of any money not otherwise appropriated. Measures to Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That in order that Congress may be taken by the be furnished with more exact information in regard to light-houses, the President in order that Con

light-house system, the President is hereby authorized to divide the gress may be Lake and Atlantic coasts into such districts as he may deem expedient; furnished with

and he shall appoint a naval officer or officers, if the public service will more exact information in re

allow of it, to survey and examine each district, with reference to all the gard to light- objects aforesaid; and it shall be their further duty to inspect all the houses, &c.

light-houses, light-boats, buoys, beacons, &c. and to report upon their present condition and usefulness; also to inquire and report whether the present public emergencies require any, and if any, what, further additional works and improvements of the above description, and of what kind; and, also, further, to report whether, in their judgment, the public interest requires any modification of the system of erecting, superintending, and managing the light-houses, light-boats, &c.; and

if so, in what particulars; and each board shall report separately on all Sec. Treas, to

these matters; which reports shall be laid before Congress. instruct officers Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treato examine and

sury be, and hereby is, directed to instruct such officers to examine determine whether it be expe

and determine whether it be expedient to construct light-houses, or dient to con beacon-lights, and other works hereinafter described, at the following struct the fol.

places, viz: lowing works. Maine.

In the State of Maine.—A light-liouse on the Western point, so Western point. called, at the entrance of York harbor. Heron's neck. A light-house at Heron's neck, on Green's island, in the town of

Vinalhaven. Saddle-back ledge.

A sea-wall to protect a light-house heretofore authorized to be erected, on Saddle-back ledge, in Penobscot bay, and the expediency of erecting said light-house provided such wall be necessary to its

security. Little river

A light-house on the island at the entrance of Little-river harbor, in harbor.

the town of Cutler. Sail rock, A light-house on “Sail rock” off West Quoddy head, and the re

moval to said site of the fog-bell now located on West Quoddy head.


A monument on Fiddler's ledge, near the mouth of Penobscot bay. Fiddler's A light on the Southern island at the mouth of Tennant's harbor, at ledge.

Southern islSt. George.

and. Buoys at the following places, to wit: On Jacknife ledge; on Jacknife ledge,

White's ledge, White's ledge; off Lee's island ; all near the mouth of Kennebec river.

Lee's island. In the State of Massachusetts.A bridge to connect Plum island Massachusetts with the mainland near Newburyport.

Plum island. A light-house or beacon on or near a point called the Point of Rocks, Point of at the mouth of Wesport harbor.

Rocks. A light-boat between Succonessett point and a shoal called the Horseshoe, in the northern channel of Vineyard sound.


Sound. In the State of Connecticut. For a light-boat of increased size on Connecticut. Bartlett's reef, and a light-boat in lieu of the one stationed at said island. Bartlett's reef. In the State of New York.-A light-house on Teller's point, in the New York.

Teller's point. Hudson river. A light-house on the pier at the mouth of Genesee

Genesee river. river. A light-house on Bartlett's point, at the mouth of the bay formed Bartlett's by the entrance of French creek into the river St. Lawrence. A light- point. house on the west end of Fisher's island, at a place called Race point.

Race point. A light-house on the Hudson river, at a point about one mile south of Hudson river. the village of Athens. A light-house on the northwest point of Gardi

Gardiner's isl.

and. ner's island, Suffolk county.

Execution A light-house or light-boat on Execution rock, Long Island sound.

In the State of Ohio.A beacon-light on a point near Delaware Ohio. flats, so called, in the Maumee bay.


flats. A beacon-light on the lower end of Big island, near the foot of the

Big island. rapids of the Maumee river.

In the State of North Carolina.—A light-boat with one or more N. Carolina. lights, on the shoals below, or in the vicinity of, Tar river.

Tar river. A light-boat of increased size at Brant island, in lieu of the one now Brant island. stationed at said island. A light-boat to be stationed off Bluff point in Albemarle sound.

Bluff point. In the State of South Carolina.A light-boat on Port Royal bar; S. Carolina.

Port Royal two buoys in Port Royal sound; a light-house on the south point of

bar. Port Royal Otter island, in St. Helena sound; a beacon-light on Marsh island, at sound. Otter the head of said sound; and such beacons and buoys as may be neces- island. Marsh

island, &c. sary in the North and South Edisto sounds. For erecting buoys on St. Helena bar, one thousand dollars. In the State of Alabama.—A light-house on Cedar point, and buoys


Cedar point. between Cedar point and Lake Borgne.

In the State of Kentucky.A light-house at the port of Louisville. Kentucky.

In the State of Illinois.-A light-house at the mouth of Little Calu- Illinois. met river.

In the State of Michigan.—A beacon-light on a point near the town Michigan. of Mackinac.

A light-house at the mouth of the river Maskegon, Lake Michigan.
A light-house at the mouth of St. Mary's river, on Lake Huron.
A light-house at Stony Point, on Lake Erie.
A light-house at the mouth of Clinton river, on Lake St. Clair.

Clinton river.
A light-house at the mouth of North Black river, Lake Michigan.
A light-house at the mouth of South Black river, Lake Michigan,

In the Territory of Wisconsin.—A light-house at the mouth of Sauk Wisconsin. river, in Lake Michigan.

A light-house at Southport, on Lake Michigan.
A light-house at the mouth of Kewaumee river, on Lake Michigan.

In the Territory of Florida.Two light-houses on the two Totugas Florida. islands, as substitutes for the present light-house on Bush key.

Tortugas isl. A light-house at Cape St. Blas, near the entrance to the Saint Joseph bay.

Cape St. Blas. A light-house on Egmont key, Tampa bay.

Egmont Key. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That in all cases where appro

All places for priations are made in this act for the erection of new light-houses, or which approprio new light-boats to be established at places not before authorized by law, ations are made, all such places shall first be carefully examined, and the most suitable &c. shall be examined, &c. site selected; and the persons making the surveys for proposed works

in the last preceding section of this act, shall report to the Secretary of the Treasury upon which of said sites, if any, the safety of navigation and the public interests require the work proposed for it, and also, a plan and estimate in detail of the expense of each work so required, including the necessary buildings to be connected therewith. And it shall be the duty of said Secretary to communicate the reports thus

made to Congress within the first week of the session thereof in DecemSec. Treas. to ber next. And the expense of said surveys is hereby authorized to be pay the expense paid by the Secretary of the Treasury out of any money in the Treaof surveys, &c.

sury not otherwise appropriated, the same having been first adjusted and allowed by the Secretary of the Treasury.

Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the TreaLight-houses to be discontin. sury be, and hereby is, authorized to discontinue at his discretion, the ued, &c. old light-houses at Oswego, Dunkirk and Cleveland, and cause the sites

belonging to the United States of the old light-houses at Cleveland, on Lake Erie, and at Buffalo, in the State of New York, to be sold for such prices, respectively, as he shall deem the same to be worth, and

the proceeds of such sales to be paid into the Treasury. Appropriation Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the sum of two thousand for two addi. dollars be, and hereby is, appropriated to enable the Secretary of the tional clerks.

Treasury to employ two additional clerks in the Fifth Auditor's office. Appropriation

Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the sum of fifteen hundred for examination dollars be and is hereby appropriated, to enable the Secretary of the tween the Mis: Navy to cause such a special examination of the coast between the sissippi and Sa. mouths of the Mississippi and Sabine rivers, and the intermediate harbine rivers. bors, bays, and bayous as may be necessary to fix suitable locations for

light-houses and other improvements, which may give a more safe and ready access to the said harbors, bays, bayous, and rivers.

APPROVED, July 7, 1838. STATUTE II. July 7, 1838. Chap. CLXXXI.-An Act to establish a new judicial district in the Territory of

Florida. (a) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the New judicial United States of America in Congress assembled, That all the terridistrict

tory included within the present boundaries of the counties of Franklin, Washington, and Jackson, in the Territory of Florida, shall constitute a new judicial district, to be called the Appalachicola district, the judge of which shall reside at the town of Appalachicola, or at the town of

St. Joseph's, in said district. Judge, &c. to Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That a judge, marshal, and disbe appointed. trict attorney shall be appointed in said district, having the same jurisJurisdiction,

diction, powers, duties, and liabilities, in all respects, as are now pospowers, &c.

sessed by the judges of the superior courts, respectively, in the Territory of Florida, and the said marshal is hereby required to give the same bonds that other marshals are required to give under the laws of the United States and the Territory of Florida, to be approved of and re

corded as now directed by law. Time of hold- Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said courts shall be ing courts. holden at the times and places now established by law in said district, Process alrea- until changed by the Legislative Council of said Territory; and all prody issued.

cess, executed by and returnable to said courts as a part of the district of West Florida, as heretofore organized, shall be as effectual in law as if the said district had not been changed; and it shall be the duty of

(a) See notes of the acts relating to Florida, vol. 3, 654.

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