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Statement showing the probable revenue from the Wabash and Erie Canal, from 1846 to 1855, inclusive, as estimated 8th December, 1845.

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Note. — The cost of constructing the Canal to Lafayette, as near as can be ascertained, was $2,404,000. * Extraordinary repairs must be made this year. f About this time some structures will require rebuilding.

Statement showing the value of tarables, the number of polls, the annual yield of a three mill tar up to 1850, inclusive, and thereafter three and a half mills, and a poll tar of seventy-five cents; also, the net revenue to be derived from these sources, after deducting twenty per cent. for cost of collection and delinquencies, for each year from 1846 to 1855, inclusive. The taxables are supposed to increase on an average of $6,000,000 and the polls 6000 per annum.

Jr. Expenses of Years. | Taxables. No. Ao: of".&on, 3 ... on Tollow. 1846, $126,000,000 || 130,000 $97,500 $95,100 $378,000 $380,400 1847, 132,000,000 || 136,000 102,000 99,600 396,000 398,400 1848, 138,000,000 142,000 || 106,500 || 104,100 414,000 416,400 1849, 144,000,000 || 148,000 111,000 108,600 432,000 434,400 1850, 150,000,000 | 154,000 115,500 113,100 450,000 452,400 1851, 156,000,000 | 160,000 | 120,000 || 117,600 546,000 532,800 1852, 162,000,000 | 166,000 | 124,500 122,100 567,000 553,200 1853, 168,000,000 172,000 | 129,000 | 126,600 588,000 573,600 1854, 174,000,000 || 178,000 || 133,500 131,100 609,000 594,000 1855, 180,000,000 184,000 138,000 135,600 6:30 000 614,400 XXVII. ILLINOIS. GOVERNMENT. Malary,

AUGUSTU's C, FRENCH, Governor, (term ends 1st Monday in Decem

ber, 1850.) $2,000 J. B. Wells, Lieutenant Governor, $4 a day during the session, and $3

for every 20 miles of travel. Thompson Campbell, of Galena, Secretary, (including clerk hire,) Hs)()

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Milton Carpenter, of Hamilton Co., Treasurer, (do.) $S00
George R. Weber, Public Printer.
The Governor is, er officio, Fund Commissioner.

David Leavitt, of New York, and W. H. Swift, of Massachusetts, are Canal Trustees on the part of the bond holders, and Jacob Fry, of Lockport, on the part of the State.

Each member of the legislature receives $3 a day during the session, and $3 for every 20 miles of travel. The Lieutenant Governor is Speaker of the Senate.

Supreme Court.

William Wilson, of Carmi, Chief Justice, $1,500
Samuel D. Lockwood, of Jacksonville, Associate Justice, 1,500
Thomas C. Browne, of Galena, do. 1,500
Richard M. Young, of Chicago, do. 1,500
Samuel H. Treat, of Springfield, do. - 1,500
Walter B. Scates, of Mount Vernon, do. 1,000
John D. Caton, of Ottowa, do. 1,000
Gustavus P. Keorner, of Belleville, do. 1,000
Norman H. Purple, of Quincy, do. 1,000
James A. McDougal, of Chicago, Attorney General, 500
Charles Gillman, of Quincy, Reporter.
Ebenezer Peck, of Chicago, Clerk, Fees.
Hugh T. Dickey, of Chicago, Judge of the Cook Co. Court, S00
Patrick Balliugall, Attorney for Joe Daveiss Co. Fecs and 200

The judges are elected by the legislature, and hold their offices during good behavior. Five constitute a quorum. The judges all perform circuit duties, the State being divided into circuits corresponding with the number of Judges. There is a State's Attorney for each circuit, who is elected by the legislature biennially. Salary, $250 and fees.

The only other courts now in the State are those held by probate justices and justices of the peace. The former have jurisdiction in actions of debt or assumpsit by or against administrators, &c., where the amount in controversy does not exceed $1,000, and the general powers of probate courts. The latter have jurisdiction in actions of debt or assumpsit, not exceeding in amount $100; and exclusive jurisdiction in cases of assaults and battery. In trespass on personal property and trover, where the damages claimed do not exceed $20, justices of the peace also have jurisdiction. In all suits for debts, where the damages claimed exceed $20, the Circuit Courts have jurisdiction, and they are Superior Courts of general jurisdiction.

The Governor and Justices of the Supreme Court constitute a Council of Revision, which acts upon all laws, approving or disapproving them. A bill, if disapproved, is returned to the house in which it originated; and if afterwards passed by a majority of all the members elected in both houses, it becomes a law in spite of the disapproval.


Adams, Alexander,” Bond, Boone, Brown, Bureau, Calhoun, f

De Kalb,
De Witt,
I)u Page,
Joe Daviess,

La Salle,”


1840 Counties.

16,023 Macon,” 3,000 Macoupin, 5,211 McLean, 1,719 McDonough, 4,171 McHenry, 3,150 Madison, 1,650 Marion, 1,17S Marshall, 2,974 Marquette, 1,5S2 Mason, 1,712 Massac, 7,651 Menard, k 3.2S3 Mercer, 2,82S Montgomery, 9,857 Monroe, 11,955 Moultrie 4;Morgan.” Ogle, 1,744 Peoria, 3,382 Perry, 3,615 Platt, 8,307 Pike, 3,073 Pope, 1,736 Pulaski, 6,223 Putnam, 3.737 Randolph, 13.592 Richland, 11,05S Rock Island, 10,993 Sangamon,” Scott, 4.275 Schuyler, 10,025 Shelby,” 1,30s Stark, St. Clair, 1,261 Stephenson, 1,749 Tazewell,” 3,595 Union, 1,415 Vermillion, 5,620 Wabash, 4,572 Warren,* 6,494 Washington, 8,743 Wayne, 6,194. White, Whiteside,t 7,175 Will, 2,905 Williamson, 10,013 Winnebago, 7,061 Woodford, 1,921 750 Total, 2,363

* Portions of these counties have been cut off.

t In these four counties the census for the year has not been received. XXVIII. MISSOURI.

Term ends. Salary.

John C. Edwards, Governor, Nov. 1848, $2,000
James Young, Lieutenant-Governor, do.
Falkland H. Martin, of Jefferson, Secretary of State,

and Superintendent of Common Schools, Nov. 1849, 1,300
James H. McDearman, of City of Jefferson, Aud. Qf Accounts, 1849, 1,600
Peter G. Glover, do. Treasurer, 1847, 1,350
Benjamin F. Stringfellow, do. Attorney General, 1849, 750
George W. Huston, do. Reg’r of Lands, 1849, 1,250
Gustavus A. Parsons, do. Adjutant General. 100
George W. Miller, do. Quartermaster General, 100
Frederick Conway, of St. Louis, Surveyor General, 1,500
E. Walsh, do. President of State Bank.
Henry Shurlds, do. Cashier do. 2,000

The Lieutenant-Governor is, ex officio, President of the Senate, and receives $4 50 a day while presiding over the Senate; and the pay of the Speaker of the House of Representatives is the same. The Senators are chosen every fourth year, and the Representatives every second year. Their pay is $3 a day. The legislature meets at the City of Jefferson biennially, on the 4th Monday in November.


Supreme Court.

o Salary. William B. Napton, of the City of Jefferson, Presiding Judge, $1,100 Priestly H. McBride, do. Associate Judge, 1,100 William Scott, do. do. 1,100

The Supreme Court is held at the City of Jefferson. This Court exercises appellate jurisdiction from the Circuit Court, and has original jurisdiction in cases of habeas corpus, mandamus, &c.

Circuit Courts.

Judges. Salary. Attorneys. Salary. James W. Morrow, 1st Circuit, $1,000 B. F. Stringfellow, $750 and fees. John D. Leland, 2d do. 1,000 James Gordon, 250 do. Ezra Hunt, 3d do. 1,000 Alfred W. Lamb, 250 do.

Addison Reese, 4th do. 1,000 James C. Abernathy, 250 do.

Judges. Salary. Attorneys. Salary. John F. Ryland, 5th Circuit, $1,000 Robert Smart, $250 and fees. A. A. King, 6th do. 1,000 George W. Dunn, 250 do. F. P. Wright, 7th do. 1,000 Thomas Ruffin, 250 do. John M. Krum, Sth do. 1,000 Nathaniel Holmes, 250 do. John H. Stone, 9th do. 1,000 - John S. Brickey, 250 do. John D. Cook, 10th do. 1,000 Albert Jackson, 250 do. James A. Clark, 11th do. 1,000 W. Halliburton, 250 do. Sol. H. Leonard, 12th do. 1,000 Isaac N. Jones, 250 do. Charles S. Yancey, 13th do. 1,000 John T. Coffee, 250 do. Charles H. Allen, 14th do. 1,000 P. O. Minor, 250 do.

A Circuit Court for each county is held twice in each year. The jurisdiction of the Circuit Court extends to all matters of tort and contracts over 90 dollars, where the demand is liquidated, and over 50 dollars, where the agreement is parol. It has exclusive criminal jurisdiction, and superintending control over the County Courts and Justices of the Peace, subject to the correction of the Supreme Court. The Circuit Court is held in each county. The Judges of the Supreme and Circuit Courts are nominated by the Govermor, and confirmed by the Senate; and they hold their office during good behavior, though not beyond 65 years of age.

Courts of St. Louis.

- Salary. Montgomery Blair, Judge of Common Pleas, $200 and fees. A. W. Manning, Judge of Criminal Court, $1,000

Court of Common Pleas for the City of Hannibal. Thomas Van Swearingen, Judge, $200 and fees.

These are local tribunals, established for exercising jurisdiction only in the county. An appeal lies to the Supreme Court. The Judge is appointed by the concurrent vote of the two Houses of the General Assembly; and he holds his office during good behavior.

County Courts.

The jurisdiction of the County Courts is limited to matters of probate and local county affairs, as roads, &c. A County Court sits in each county, and is composed of three justices, who are elected by the people, and hold their offices for four years. An appeal lies to the Circuit Court.

Amount of State Debt, $6S1,997 40. Interest on Debt, $73,100. 26%

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