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SEC. 2. That it shall be the duty of the register and the receiver of any local land office in whose district any mineral land may be situated to ascertain from time

to time whether any timber is being cut or used upon Taking, &. for aknean thor: any such lands, except for the purposes authorized by ized purposes. this act, within their respective land districts; and, if so,

they shall immediately notify the Commissioner of the General Land Office of that fact; and all necessary expenses incurred in making such proper examinations shall be paid and allowed such register and receiver in making up their next quarterly accounts.

SEC. 3. Any person or persons who shall violate the

provisions of this act, or any rules and regulations in Penalty.

pursuance thereof made by the Secretary of the Interior, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction, shall be fined in any sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, and to which may be added imprisonment for any term not exceeding six months.

Ibid. CHAP. 168. Be it enacted by the Senate and

House of Representatives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That the words “the legislative
assemblies of the several Territories shall not grant
private charters or especial privileges” in section eighteen
hundred and eighty-nine of the Revised Statutes of the
United States shall not be construed as prohibiting the
legislative assemblies of the several Territories of the
United States from creating towns, cities, or other muni-

cipal corporations, and providing for the government of Municipal cor- the same, and conferring upon them the corporate powers

and privileges, necessary to their local administration, by Sec. 1889, R. either general or special acts; and that all general and S., page 133,

special acts of such legislative assemblies heretofore passed creating and providing for the government of towns, cities, or other municipal corporations, and conferring such rights, powers and privileges upon the same, as were necessary to their local administration, be, and the same are hereby, ratified and confirmed and declared

porations in Territories.

8 June, 1878.


to be valid, any law to the contrary notwithstanding, subject, however, to amendment or repeal hereafter by such territorial assemblies. But nothing herein shall Private rights. have the effect to create any private right, except that of holding and executing municipal offices or to divest any such right, or to make valid or invalid any contract or obligation heretofore made by or on behalf of any such town, city, or other municipal corporation, or to authorize any such corporation to incur hereafter any debt or debts. obligation other than such as shall be necessary to the administration of its internal affairs.







Conncils and


IBID. CHAP. 329.

EXTRACT. * * * That from and after the adjournment of the next houses of represession of the the several territorial legislatures the Territories,

19 June, 1878. council of each of the Territories of the United States shall not exceed twelve members, and the house of rep

Number. resentatives of each shall not exceed twenty-four members, and the members of each branch of the said several legislatures shall receive a compensation of four dollars Compensation. per day each during the sessions provided by law, and shall receive such mileage as the law provides; and the president of the council and the speaker of the house of representatives shall each receive six dollars per day for the same time. And the several legislatures at their next sessions are directed to divide their respective Territories into as many council and representative districts

Districts. as they desire, which districts shall be as nearly equal as practicable, taking into consideration population, except “Indians not taxed :" Provided, The number of council

Proviso. districts shall not exceed twelve, and the representative districts shall not exceed twenty-four in any one of said Territories, and all parts of sections eighteen hundred and forty-seven, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, and nineteen hundred and twenty-two of the Revised Statutes of the United States in conflict with the provisions herein are repealed.

That the subordinate officers of each branch of said

Officers of leg. islatures.


territorial legislatures shall consist of one chief clerk, who shall receive a compensation of six dollars per day; one enrolling and engrossing clerk, at five dollars per day; sergeant-at-arms and doorkeeper, at five dollars per day; one messenger and watchman, at four dollars per day each; and one chaplain, at one dollar and fifty cents per day. Said sums shall be paid only during the sessions of said legislatures; and no greater number of officers or charges per diem shall be paid or allowed by the United States to any Territory. And section eighteen hundred and sixty-one of the Revised Statutes is hereby repealed, and this substituted in lieu thereof: Provided, That for the performance of all official duties imposed by the territorial legislatures, and not provided for in the organic act, the secretaries of the Territories respectively shall be allowed such fees as may be fixed by the territorial legislatures. And in no case shall the expenditure for public printing in any of the Territories exceed the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars for any one year.

Secretary's fees.



IBID. CHAP. 362. Be it enacted by the Senate and

House of Representatives of the United States of America Utah & North- in Congress assembled, That the right of way through Com Railway the public lands of the United States and other privileges Company. 20 June, 1878 heretofore granted by law to the Utah Northern Rail

road Company are hereby modified and regranted so as

to enable the Utah and Northern Railway Company and Right of way its assigns to build their road by the way of Marsh

Valley, Portneuf River and Snake River Valley, instead of by the way of Soda Springs and Snake River Valley as originally granted.

SEC. 2. And said Company is hereby made a railway To be a corpo- corporation in the Territories of Utah, Idaho, and MonIdaho, and Montana, under the same conditions and limitations and with

the same rights and privileges that it now has and enjoys under it sarticles of incorporation. Provided, That said corporation shall at all times hereafter be subject to


all the laws and regulations in relation to railroads of the United States or of any territory or state through which it may pass.

And suits against said corporation Suits. may be instituted in the courts of said Territories or either of them having jurisdiction by the laws of such Territory. SEC. 3. Congress may at any time add to, alter, ,

Amendments. amend or repeal this act.




AN ACT authorizing assessors to appoint a deputy.
Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory

of Montana :

Section 1. That the several assessors and ex-officio assessors of the several counties may, by and with the

consent and approval of the board of county commisMay appoint one deputy.

sioners, appoint one deputy, who shall be sworn and give a bond the same as the principal himself, and such deputy may do and perform, under the direction of said county commissioners, any and all official acts and duties that the assessor is now required by law to do and perform.

Approved February 20, 1879.


AN ACT to establish and regulate the fees of assessors.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory

of Montana :

Fees of assessors fixed.

Section 1. That the assessors of each county shall be entitled to receive from their respective counties, as fees, a percentage of the assessed valuation returned by them (subject to all reductions made by the board of equal

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