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That I could now give thee, O Lord, all that Praise,

Glory and Honour, with which the Angels and blessed Spirits glorify thee in Heaven ! But because I am unable to do this, accept at least this my Desire and good Will. Deliver me, O God, from every thing that is contrary to thy Will, and be pleased so to dispose of my Soul as may be for thy Glory and Honour. I surrender myself into thy Hands, and entirely resolve to submit to that State of Life thou shalt please to appoint me; and if it be more for thy Honour that I suffer, I chearfully accept it; not my Will but thine be done. Let nothing be now my Comfort but thou, Lord Jesu, and nothing afflict me but my Sins, and whatever else is displeasing to thy Divine Majesty. O Jesus, Life Eternal, by whom I live, and without whom I die, grant that I may now be united to thee, and in the Embraces of thy holy Love and Divine Will, I may reft for ever.

When shall I see thee, O fweet Saviour, when shall I appear before thy Face, when shall I see thee in the

I Land of the Living! Till then, I sigh and bewail my Banishment, desiring to be dissolved, and to be with Christ.

If these Ejaculations are not sufficient until the Post-
Gommunion begins, you may enlarge them, by reading more
or less of these following Places in Scripture, viz.
For Grace to love God's Laws, Pfal. 19. 119.
For a holy Life, Psal. 85.
For Salvation and eternal Yoys, Pfal. 16. 24.
· For Assurance of God's Care and Protection, Psal. 37.
For the Comfort of God's Holy Spirit, Pfal.

For the Grace of Humility, Plal. 131.
For Devotion in Religion, Psal. 27.
Thanksgiving for God's Mercies, Pfal. 103. 136. 138.
For Pardon of Sins, Pfal. 85. 106. 116.
For Redemption by Christ, Plal. 98. 118.


An Ad of Thankfulness and Resolution before the Port-Communion begins. RAISE the Lord, O my Soul, and all that is within me

, bless bis Holy Name. For now I find the Mercy, the


Peace, the Comfort and the Grace which flow from this Fountain of Spiritual Communion with Chrift: Let all the World know what he hath done for my Soul ; he hath re. fcued me, and many of these my poor Brethren, from the nethermost Hell: Wherefore, I will love thee, O Holy Jefus, more than I can express, and live and die in that most holy Religion which thou haft revealed to me,

Olet me never pollute that Body, or defile that Soul which the Saviour of ihe World delights to dwell in. Olet no Oaths or Ly. ing, Backbitings and Slanderings, prophane those Lips, no Obscenity or Intemperance pollute that Mouth, through which thefe Holy Symbols have so lately passed : For which fresh Instance of thy Mercy and Goodness, I will praise thy Holy Name, beseeching thee to keep me in this Temper and 'Resolution of Mind, until Death is swallowed up in Vittory, for thy Son Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

A Prayer against evil and perplexing Tboughts,
O not far from me, O Lord, my God, make baste to belo

me, for corrupt Imaginations are perpetually rising in my Breast, and innumerable Fears and Sorrows close me on every Side. Be pleased, O gracious Lord, in this Perplexity, to refreih my Soul with fome speedy Comfort. Scatter and disperse all these dark and sinful thoughts which haunt my Soul, by shedding abroad the Light of thy Grace into my Heart; for in the Extremity of this my Grief, this is my only Hope and Comfort, that I can take Sanctuary in thy Goodness, repose my Confidence, and cast all my Care and Burden on thee, who never failest them that call upon thee ; give me Patience under these Adversities, and a happy issue out of all these Afictions, both of Body and Mind. Tyrn thee unto me, and have Mercy upon me, for I am defolare and in Misery : The Sorrows of my Heart are enlarged, o bring thou me out of all any Troubles : Look upon my Adverfily and Misery, and forgive me all my Sins : O keep my Soul and deliver me, let me not be confounded, for I have put my Trust in tbee, through Jesus Christ cur Lord. Amen. See' Pfal. 6. 102. 34. 42. 43


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Upon Christmas-Day, and Seven Days after, you may add shefe to your

orber Devotions.

nels, which cook Compaflion upon Mankind in his greatest Misery, and hait provided so admirable a Remedy, by sending thine only begotten Son to recover our corrupt and degenerace Nature ; and, by the Purity of his Doctrine, and the Example of his Life, and the Sacrifice of his Death, to purchase eternal Happiness for us. Grant, O Lord, that

, through the Alistance of thy Grace and Heavenly Benediction, I may daily comply with those great Things which thou hast done and designed for my Salvacion. Polfefs my Soul with Purity and Piety, and all other Christian Graces and Virtues, that, living soberly, rightiously and godly, in this present World, I may hereafter dweil with thee, o Fa-, tter of all Mercies, and God of all Comforts, in those Manfions of Bliss and Glory, which thou halt prepared for them that love sbee. Amen. Sce Psalmss. 19. 89. 44.

Eatter-Day, and Seven Days after. Leffed Jesus, who haft triumphed over the Powers of

who, by thy glorious Resurrection, haft made known the Power of thy Divinity, and proved thyself the true Milas, keep me stedfast in this Faith; and grant that all the Actions of my Life may testify the Reality and Sincerity of my Belief by a suitable Conversation, that I may rile from the Death of Sin unto the Life of Righteousness, th t as I am buried with thee by Baptism, I may henceforward mortify

1 all my corrupt Lufts and Affections, and daily proceed in all Virtue and Godliness of Living, that, ceparring this Life in thy Faith and Fear, I may have my perfect Consummation and Bliss, both in Body and Soul, in thy eternal and everlasting Kingdom, through the same thy Son our Saviour Jesus Christ. Ainen. See Psalms 2. 57. 111.

Whitfunday, and Seven Days after.


Cbrift haft promised the Alistance of thy Holy Spirit tu all that ask it of thee, I be fe: ch the always to direct my



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Ways and Actions, the Thoughts and Intentions of my Heart, by the Light of thy Holy Spirit. Let him be unto me a Spirit of Sanctification to purify my corrupt Nature ; a Spirit of Counsel in all my Difficulties; of Direction in all my Doubts, Fears and Scruples; of Courage in all my Dangers ; of Constancy and Consolation to me under all my Persecutions and Sufferings, especially in Time of Sickness, and at the Hour of Death; that being governed and guided by his divine Influence and Direction, I may pass thro' all the Changes and Chances of this mortal Life, till he bring mne to everlasting Life, there to reign with thee, O blessed Jesu, World without End. Amen. Sec Pfal. 34. 25. 43. 41.

LORY be to thee, O God the Father, for creating

me after thine own Image, capable of loving thee, and enjoying thee eternally; for recovering me from a State of Sin and Misery, when I had lost and undone myself. Glory be to thee, O God the Son, for undertaking the wonderful Work of Man's Redemption, for rescuing me from the Slavery of Sin, and the Dominion of Satan; for the accomplishing this miraculous Work of our Salvation, thou didst descend from Heaven, and didst put on the Form of a Servant, live a miserable Life and die a painful and accursed Death.—Glory be to thee, O God the Holy Ghost, for those miraculous Gifts and Graces thou didit bestow upon the Apostles, and for those ordinary Gifts, whereby sincere Christians in all Ages are enabled to work out their Salvation; for thy preventing and restraining Grace ; for the fubduing our Understandings and Affections to the Obedience of Faith and Godliness; for inspiring us with good Thoughts, and kindling good Desires in our Souls ; for assisting us in all the Methods of procuring eternal Happiness. Blesing and Honour, Thanksgiving and Praise more than I can express and conceive, be unto thee, O Father, Son and Holy Ghost, for ever and ever. Amen. See Psal. 2. 47. 72.110.



After the Blessing, vix. The Peace of God, &c.
RANT, O Lord, that we and all thy faithful Servants,

who have this Day been made Partakers of the Holy Sacrament, may obtain Remission of our Sins, and be confirmed in Piety towards God, and in Charity towards our Neighbour : and, may be delivered from the Power and Temptations of Satan; and being filled with iby Spirit, may become worthy Members of Christ's. Holy Church, and at last inherit eternal Life, through the same our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


A Thanksgiving after the Sacrament, to be said at home.
HOU, O my God, haft comforted my Soul, thou

haft strengthened and refreshed me with thy Blessings, and rejoiced my Heart with the Tokens of thy Love. How transporting are thy Comforts; and how ravishing the Effects of thy Goodness towards them that fear thee? Thou haft treated a vile Sinner at thy own Table, and fed me with the Bread that came down from Heaven. In what am I better than those to whom thou dost not grant this Favour? It is not for my Merits, but because thou wilt be glorified in doing Good to the most unworthy, thou hast this Day made me a happy Example of this thy free Grace and Bounty. Grant me this Favour also, O my God, that through the whole Course of my Life I may give thee Praise and Glory; that the due Sense of thy mercies may make me unfeignedly thankful; and that my Thankfulness may appear in a Care to walk before thee in Holiness, Sobriety and Righteousness, all the Days of my

A Prayer in Private, after the receiving of the Holy Communion.
How plentiful is thy Goodness, which thou hast laid up for

them that fear thee, which thou hast prepared for them that put their Trust in thy Mercy; even before the Sons of Men. I praise and magnify thy great and glorious Name, O Lord, for all those manifold Mercies and Comforts which thou host bestowed upon me, ever since I was born. O Lord God, thou

O baft been my Trust from my Youth, by thee bave I been bolded up from the IV omb; my Praise sall continually be of thee; but

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