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Private Acts.






The Titles of the Local and PRIVATE Acts (including

the Public Acts of a Local Character) passed during the Session 7 EDWARD 7.-A.D. 1907.


Aberdeen Corporation Electricity. C. CXXXV.

Order Confirmation. c. cxi. Aberdeen Harbour Order Confirmation.

c. clxix Alexandra (Newport and South Wales) Docks and Railway

(Additional Capital &c.) c. clxxii. Alton Military Hospital. C. XC. Annfield Plain and District Gas.

C. CV. Apothecaries. c. xxii. Armagh Urban District Council. c. cxlviii. Ashton-under-Lyne Stalybridge and Dukinfield (District) Waterworks.

c. xcii.



c. xli.

Baines Name.
Barry Railway. c. clxxiii.
Basingstoke Gas. c. vi.
Birkenhead Corporation Water. c. cxxxi.
Birmingham Corporation. c. xviii.

Board of Education Scheme (Hulme Trust Estates Educa-

tional) Confirmation.
Borax Consolidated Limited.
Boston Spa Gas. c. xxxvii.
Brecon and Merthyr Railway. c. xxviii.
Brighouse Corporation. c. lxix.

C. CX.

c. xiii.

Private Acts.

Bristol Corporation. c. xxiv.
Broadstairs and St. Peter's Urban District Water.

c. cxxvi.
Brockenhurst Gas. C. xxxvi.
Bude Gas. c. lxxxv.
Burnham (Somerset) Pier.

c. lxvi.
Burnley Corporation. c. xxv.
Byrne's Divorce.
Caledonian Railway Order Confirmation.

c. clxvi. Canal Tolls and Charges (New Junction Canal) Order Con

firmation. c. 1. Central London Railway. c. lxxxiii. City of London (Union of Parishes). Clyde Navigation Order Confirmation. Collooney Ballina and Belmullet Railways and Piers.

. c. cxxiv. Colne Valley Water. c. cxlv.

Coventry Corporation. c. ci.
Devonport Corporation. c. lxxix.
Dumbarton Burgh Order Confirmation.

and County Tramways Order Confirmation.

c. cxlix. Dundee Corporation Order Confirmation.

c. cxl.

c. lxi.

c. cl.

c. lxii.

Education Board Provisional Orders Confirmation :(London No. 1). c. cxii.

No. 2). c. lx. (Surrey &c.) c. lix. Electric Lighting Orders Confirmation :(No. 1). c. liv.

(No. 4). c. lvi. (No. 2).

(No. 5). c. lvii. (No. 3). C. cxiv.

) Electric Supply Corporation Limited.

c. lv.

c. xci.

Falmouth Gas. c. vii.
FitzGerald's Divorce.
Folkestone Sandgate and Hythe Tramways. c. xiv.
Galwey's Divorce.
Gas Companies (Removal of Sulphur Restrictions). C. v.
Gas and Water Orders Confirmation (No. 1). c. lxiii.

(No. 2). c. cxiii.

Private Acts.


General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation.

c. xliv.
Glasgow Corporation. c. cxlvi.
Grays and Tilbury Gas.
Great Central Railway. c. lxxviii.
Great Northern and City Railway. c. lxxvi.
Great Yarmouth Port and Haven.

c. xlii. Waterworks and Lowestoft Water and Gas. c. lxxxiv.

c. lxxi.

Harrison's Patent. c. xxxviii.
Heywood and Middleton Water Board.
Hull and Barnsley Railway. c. lxvii.
Humber Conservancy. c. xcvii.

Inverness Royal Academy Order Confirmation.

c. clxviii.

Kendal Corporation. c. lxxxii.
Kensington Borough Council (Superannuation). C. xciv.
Keswick Urban District Council (Water). c. xxvii.
Killery's Divorce.
Kilmarnock Corporation Water Order Confirmation.

c. clxvii. King Edward's Hospital Fund for London. King's Norton and Northfield Urban District Council.

c. lxxxvi. Kingston-upon-Hull Corporation. c. cvi. Kingswood Whitfield Tabernacle Scheme Confirmation.

c. cxxi.

c. Lxx.

c. lviii.

Ladybank Sewerage Drainage and Water Order Confirma

tion. Lanarkshire County Council Order Confirmation. c. clxx. Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. C. cxxv. Land Drainage Provisional Orders Confirmation :-(No. 1). c. li. 1

(No. 2). c. lii. Leeds Corporation. c. lxxxi. Leeds Particular or Calvinistic Baptist Chapel in South

Parade Scheme Confirmation.
Leith Burgh Order Confirmation. c. cxxxiv.
Llandrindod Wells Gas. c. cxxxvii.



Private Acts.

c. cli. c. clii.

c. clx.
c. clxi.

c. clvi.

Local Government Board's Provisional Orders Confirmation:(No. 1).

(No. 9). c. clix. (No. 2).

(No. 10).
(No. 3). c. cliii.

(No. 11).
(No. 4).
c. cliv.

(No. 12). c. clxii.
(No. 5).
c. cly.

(No. 13).

c. clxiii. (No. 6).

(No. 14).

c. clxiv.
(No. 7).
c. clvii.

(No. 15).

c. clxv. (No. 8). c. clviii. Local Government Board (Ireland) Provisional Orders Confirmation :(No. 1). c. cviii. .

(No. 3). C. cix.
(No. 2).
London County Council (General Powers). c. clxxv.

(Money). C. cxxxviii.
(Tramways and Improvements,

c. cxliv. London Government Scheme (Southwark Borough Market)

Confirmation. c. xlvi.
London United Tramways. c. lxxii.

London and North Western Railway. c. lxxxvii.

-(Superannuation Fund).

c. liii.

c. xi.

Longton Congregational Chapel in Caroline Street Scheme

Confirmation. c. cxxii.

c. iv.

Maidstone Gas.

c. xxiii. Manchester Corporation Tramways. c. cii. Manchester Ship Canal (Bridgewater Canal). c. xv.

(Various Powers). C. XXX. Medway Lower Navigation. Merthyr Tydfil Stipendiary Justice. c. cxxviii. Metropolitan Police Provisional Order Confirmation.

c. xlviii. Metropolitan Railway (Pension Fund). c. xxxiii. Metropolitan Water Board (Charges). c. clxxi.

(Various Powers). c. clxxiv. Middlesbrough Corporation (Transporter Bridge). C. xx. Middlesbrough Stockton-on-Tees and Thornaby Tramways.

c. xcvi. Midland Railway. C. cxxx.

Private Acts.

Mitcham and Wimbledon Gas.

c. xvii. Murphy Grimshaw's Divorce (Validation).

National Trust.

C. cxxxvi.
Neath Pontardawe and Brynaman Railway. c. cxxxix.
Newquay and District Water. c. xix.
North British Railway. c. ciii.
North East London Railway. C. X.
North Metropolitan Electric Power Supply. c. xcviii.
North Staffordshire Railway. c. cxlvii.

c. xlv.

Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Limited.
Oregon Mortgage Company Limited Order Confirmation.

c. xlix.

Oxford and District Tramways. C. cxlii.

Paisley Corporation Order Confirmation. c. cxxxiii.

. Pasley Children Legitimisation. Penrith Urban District Council. c. lxxxviii. Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation: (No. 1). c. cxviii.

(No. 3). C. cxv. (No. 2). C. cxix.

(No. 4). C. cxvi. Plymouth and North Devon Direct Railway (Abandon

ment). c. xii.
Pontypridd Urban District Council. c. lxxiii.
Port Talbot Railway and Docks.
Portishead District Water.

C. cxxiii. Portobello and Musselburgh Tramways (Levenhall Extension) Order Confirmation.

(Port Seton Deviation) Order Confirmation. c. i. Post Office (Sites). c. cxxxii. Provisional Order (Marriages) Confirmation. c. xlvii.

c. xix.

c. lxiv.

Rawtenstall Corporation. c. lxxvii.
Renfrewshire Upper District (Eastwood and Mearns) Water.

c. cxliii.
Richmond (Surrey) Electricity Supply. C. xcix.
Royal Bank of Scotland.
Royal Insurance Company's. c. ii.

c. xxi.

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