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them is to trifle with your best interests; to conquer , whosoever will, let him come and take the waters them is to achieve your own ruin. Rightly under- of life freely. There is hope to all who come; none stood, they point you to peace and felicity; ihey are are without hope but those who wilfully stay away, the flutterings of the winged spirit that would fain and, by staying away, exclude themselves. soar to its nalive heaven—the yearnings of the or- Yet again permit me to address you in the words phaned soul after its Father and its God. Here, of caution. There is a wide distinction bei ween in all the eye sees, in all the ear hears, in all the certain convictions reaching the understanding, hand touches, in all the imagination devises, it finds and obtaining full possession of the heart. Yea, nothing adapted to itself-nothing worthy of its there is an essential difference between arriving at final dependance. Earth is all too narrow, time is the formation of any resolutions, and carrying all too short, the world is all too gross, for its ex- them out into instant, persevering action. If all panding and spiritual capacities. Its pasture, its who have formed purposes of abandoning sin and alliances, its inheritance are in heaven.

seeking in religion forgiveness and felicity, were Cease, then, from the world, and all the world saved, few indeed would be the number of those contains—from the seductions of pleasure-from who would finally suffer for their crimes. But, the blandishments of wealth-from the glory of alas ! in most cases, these resolutions have never fame and power. They are emptier than vanity, found expression in the conduct; they have been feeter than the wind; the shadow of a shade, the extorted by terror, or framed to appease an alarmed image of a dream; fair to the sight, tempting to the conscience. In defiance of them, the tenor of the lip; rottenness to the grasp, and bitter as gall in the life has remained unchanged; the present time has remembrance. The love of them is in exact oppo- been, day after day, given to vanity; the future, sition to the love of God, to the soul's present joy while future, promised to better things. These betand future salvation. O arise, then, to the pursuit ter things, which were not distinctly realized, which of a portion adapted to your rational, commensu- the heart did not sincerely love, were postponedrate with your eternal, existence! Let your earth- and postponed--and postponed--till, the hour of inbound thoughts and affections ascend to objects quest and retribution arriving, it was impossible to worthy of them; let them return to God who gave delay, or to trifle, or to hope any longer; and those and inspires them—to God, the rest of the weary, resolutions which the will had never adopted, the the exclusive centre of the soul! There, in his heart never cherished, stood among the highest aglight, the spirit shall see light, in his purity be made gravations of guilt unpardoned and unpardonable. pure, in his glory be restored to its original nobility In any ordinary circumstance, you would judge and grandeur. There, in the uncreated, infinite, it a mark of pitiable and criininal weakness for an and everduring excellence of Deity, it will find a individual needlessly to transfer duties it is importportion which can never be explored--a fountain ant to do at once, to a distant period. And, surely, of perennial delight, which flows but the more you will not allow yourself to be deceived into the freely for the largest demands made on its living adoption of this dangerous procrastinating princifulness!

ple in a concern of the utmost moment to you ? In your aspirations to this blessedness (if happily What infatuation and insincerity it implies! Is it excited,) let no sense of your demesit enfeeble or too soon to be wise—too soon to be forgiven-100 check your desires. The enemy with whom you soon to be happy? If you act on a principle which have to contend, when he can no longer detain you has been fatal to myriads, but for a day, an hour, is in captivity by the lulling opiates of carnal security, it not just to conclude it will be fatal to you? This will seek to hold you by the oppressive chains of is a dispensation as strict in judgment as it is rich despondency. But be not ignorant of his devices. in mercy! The ordination of Heaven is," that Admit, at once, all that he would urge against you; those who see," and act not agreeably to their peryour folly and your sin; your departure from the ceptions, " shall be made blind.” “Now is the acliving God; your idolatrous and perverse attach- cepted time, now is the day of salvation.” It is all ment to forbidden objects. Fall under the testimony present-it is all passing! The Scriptures bave of Scripture, on the error of your ways and the not a promise, the ministry has not a commission, desert of your conduct. Allow that you are mise- for any future time--no, not for the next day, the rable, because you have been wicked; and that next hour! Norv, nmo is the accepted time-The your wickedness might justly involve you in deep- only time in which you can be assured of favor and est punishment. But, admit all this, not as an ar- forgiveness! O consider this very u:gency of the gument against turning to the God you have for- divine grace, as the noblest proof of its condescensaken, admit it as a reason why you should apply sion! consider the frailty of your existence as the to him with greater earnestness of purpose. The most pressing motive to respect it! You will not more alarming the disease, the more needful the resolve to give yourself up to religion to-morrow, physician; the more formidable your offence, the when you may die to-day! more important is strenuous intercession for an act May die to-day! O, I beseech you, lay to your of divine forgiveness.

heart a deep sense of your mortality! And seSay not, "There is no hope!" it is the whisper riously, frequently inquire, in answer to all the il

a proud and unbelieving spirit. There is hope! lusions of the world and the plausibilities of conabundant hope in God! in the compassion of his science, how you can sustain your last conflict heart, in the power of his arm, in the promises of without the presence of religion! To the bed of his gospel, in the vicarious atonement of his Son, death you must surely and shortly come! At this in the effectual influences of his Holy Spirit. Re- moment, time is shorter with you, the grave nearer turn, then, to God, from whom you have revolted, to you than ever. Then, when the body is oppresshumbly confessing your sins, trusting in the accept- ed with languor and tormented with suffering; ed merits of the Great Mediator, and looking for when the cold sweat stands on your forehead; when that assistance which you need, and he has gra- the shadows of death spread themselves over your ciously promised. Awake from the lethargy of in- countenance; when the earth trembles, and shakes, difference! arise from the depression of fear! You and recedes beneath you; when the spirit shudders live under the richest dispensation of mercy. Every at the presence of an opening, unknown eternity; thing invites you to God. The kingdom of heaven when the dying wandering eye asks an assistance suffereth violence, and the violent (those who are from weeping friends which they cannot afford; sincerely intent on the object) take it by force. The then, what will you do without the supports, the Spirit says, Come; and the church says, Come; and I consolations of religion! The pleasures you ma

have loved, the honors you may have gained, the nister to your deliverance ! More and greater property you may have amassed, the scciety you are they that are for you, than all that are against may have cultivated, what will they avail in such you. The Almighty Saviour is on your side in this an hour? They ail belong to a corporeal and conflict ! Take hold of his strength--plead his temporal state of existence; in leaving the world mercy-rely on his promise-look to him--flee to you must leave them; and, as far as they are con- him. He will cast out none--the weakest, the cerned, you will find yourself naked and alone at most unworthy--who come unto him. Blessed-the footstool of your Creator !

supremely, eternally, infinitely blessed-are they As it is appointed for all men once to die, so all who put their trust in him. "Nothing can harm must euter into judgment. You must stand at the them--nothing impoverish them! To them, athicjudgment seat of Christ-you must render an ac- tion loses its sting, and eternity its terrors. In the count of the deeds done in the body, of the thoughts ruins of the universe they lose nothing-suffer nocherished in the heart. Solemn, supreme, and final thing! Then life is to begin-their good things to scrutiny! Nothing can be concealed, nothing pal- come. Honors that never fade--riches that are liated, nothing altered. The trumpei sounds—the never exhausted-pleasures that never cloy--are Judge is coming--your eye watches for his appear- theirs. Heaven is their inheritance--eternity their ing! The sun is smitten with darkness, the moon time—and God-the great, the good, the blessed turned into blood, the stars fall from their courses, the light of our light, the joy of our joy, the soul you see them not! The thunders of Omnipotence of our existence—is their portion and their glory! are rolling and raging from pole to pole, from world This incomprehensible being-opulent in his own to world; the earth is dissolved, the heavens pass perfections, happy in his own excellence-invites away with a mighty noise-you hear it not! Mil- you to himself! His arms of paternal love are eslions of your fellow-creatures are ascending from panded to receive! The world by its vanity-time the ruins of perishable creation, anıl are pressing by its flight-he grave by its solemnities, urge you thick around you to the general judgment--you to obey this invitation. Yes, even the grave, on heed them not, know them not Your fixed, your such a subject, has a voice awful as itse! to warn aching spirit is still searching for the first glimpses and exhort you. The life we have traced, the of the Judge's appearance! He comes! The tri- death we have together lamented, the tomb we have bunal is sei-the books are opened-you are sum- together surrounded, do they not speak most powmoned to his bar! O how will you look on the face erfully in the ear of Reason and Conscience? Amid of a despised, neglected, injured Saviour! of a just, the silence, and the darkness, and the mysteries of indignant, powerful Judge!

mortality, is there not a spirit-voice that says-LIFE, Judgment is followed by eternity. It is this gives EARTH, TIME, are NOTHING! ETERNITY, Heaven, God it all its terrors. It is this clothes the felicities of are EVERY THING! heaven with imperishable glory; it is this which gives to punishment a deathless sting. O eternity,

APPENDIX. eternity! A period without beginning, without pause, without succession, without end! duration without time, being without limit! Your noblest

LETTER I. birthright; but, if sinfully abused, your deepest curse! O think of the worm thai dieth not-of

MY BELOVED AND HONORED PARENTS-Permit your fire that cannot be quenched! Think of a soul Martha to indulge the feelings of her heart towards lost-lost for ever! Living only to suffer; invi- you in writing a few lines. Shall I tell you how gorated, to be increasingly alive to suffering! En- often I think of you? No-I cannot do it! Shall larged in its capacities to contain only a fuller cup I tell you how much I wish you here? Language of wo; immorialized to be immortally wretched! fails. Shall I describe the impression your kindNothing to love-nothing to pursue--nothing to di- ness from childhood to the present hour' has made vert the attention from unmixed, unahated misery on my heart? This, too, is impossible! I must be Wretched in itself--wretched in its society-wretch content to say, that your happiness is dearer to me ed in the thought of heaven's felicity--wretched, than my own; and ihat the mind of your Martha above all, in the thought of the blessings wilfully is only peaceful and serene as she believes yours to cast away, the wrath wilfully plucked down on it be so. self-wrath already realized, and always to come!

I have the happiness to inform you, that my health And are you an expectant of these things? Is seems gradually returning; and this, my dear

pathe Judge at the door? Is an immortality of bliss rents, does not give me so much pleasure as the or wo most surely yours? And can you for a mo- thought that you will be gratified to hear it. ment be careless to the infinite alternative? Can

A fond mother often says-a parent only can you neglect now what will shortly engross you for know the feelings of a parent; let me add-a ever? O, by the certainty of death; by the coming daughter only can iknow the feelings of a daughter. of the day of judgment; by the riches of immor- I have but two complaints to make; one is, that tality; by the ruinous punishment of the wicked; I am at such a distance from my family, and the by all that is dearest to you; by all that is most other, that I am deprived of the ministry of my bedreadful; by all that is present; by all that is to loved pastor. Pray for me, my dearest parents, come; I entreat, I beseech you—what shall I say? that I may exemplify all I have heard him inculin the name of the book by which you are to be cate; and may you abundantly realize all those judged, I command you, not for an instant, to ne. holy delights he so earnestly commends to us! glect your great salvation! Awake, arise, call

Yours, with unvarying love and gratitude, upon God! Pray-watch-wrestle-agonize! All

MARTHA. you can domall you can suffer-all you can sacrifice, is unutterably trifling, when salvation is your

LETTER II. object, and immortality your prize. The day of mercy is not yet passed-the time of life is not yet spent-the door of hope is not yet shut! Struggle MY DEAR FRIEND-May I not, ought I not, to say, to enter in! It is for your life! and that lite eter-"Bless the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name nal! Hell from beneath--heaven from above, are together!" O for a heart to praise him! How fremoved for you! Lost demons would decoy you quently the pleasures as well as the sorrows of life into their own destruction; blessed spirits would mi. I unfit us for this boly exercise ! Strange that the



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streams of comfort should render us unmindful of remembrance the repeated assurances we have, the fountain !

that Jehovah never forgets his people! Bui are you How much I shall be gratified by seeing you. ready to fear that he does not remember you in When we meet, may we evidently be as fast pre- mercy, because you so often forget him? If this is paring for eternity as we are advancing towards it! the case, I can sympathize with you; for when !

look within, I am often ready to exclaun, Can God

indeed dwell here? Yet, let us not be discouraged. LETTER III.

Jesus has said, he will cast out none; and he has

promised his Spirit to all who ask it. How often, MY DEAR FRIEND-My journey was attended with when oppressed with sin and borne down by afflic. pleasure, pain, and profit.

tion, are we led to say--I loathe it, I loathe it! I The pleasure and pain I regarded but little, know- i would not live always! It is difficult, very diffi. ing they would soon terminate; but I was anxious cult, to preserve a waiting posture, neither anxious to seize the opportunity afforded me for improve- for life por death. When we are summoned to the ment, because I knew it would never return. This bar of Jehovah, may our language be, "I have is just as I wish to do in the journey of life. waited for thy salvation, O Lord !" It is at once

On Sabbath morning, I entered that sacred place the language of divine patience and heavenly hope. where we have often mingled our praises and our prayers. I looked round; you were not there. My dear mother was confined. Many of my friends

LETTER VI. had the emblems of mortality about them; upon the countenances of others sat languor and disease.

MY DEAR FRIEND-I cannot exactly enter into My spirit sunk; and I felt afresh the need of inward consolation. The preacher ascended the pul- trifling thing to be in a small degree responsible for

your present feelings; but I imagine them. It is no pit, and chose these words for his text: “Because an iminortal spirit; to be wholly so must then be a I live, ye shall live also." I listened while he showed ihe similarity of the Christian's life to the most serious charge. While reflections of this nalife of Christ. My spirit was refreshed, and i ture solemnize your mind, it is needful to watch could not help exclaiming, O that all were ac

against despondency. Our apprehensions should

never sink us below a reliance on Him who has quainted with this source of consolation, wretched said, “ Trust in me at all times.” as they must be without it!

Let us arise and tell Him all our wants; let us The preacher proceeded to show that life produc- ask of Him great things worthy of a God' to beed by exertion; and that in proportion as this life

stow; advanced in the Christian, his exertions would

and let us ask in faith ; remembering, that be general, uniform, energetic, and pleasurable. we have an advocate with the Father, even Jesus. Such I wished my own exertions might be—such I by our actual exertions, it is gratifying to recollect

When we consider how little we can accomplish devoutly wished might be yours; for I know not that we may benefit the whole worid by our prayers. that I could ask for you any thing more desirable. O if such is the spirit of our exertions, what good May our exertions and our prayers be constantly may we not do! With such a disposition, every day will afford some opportunities of being useful. Centrusted to you. Your influence is no longer small.

I hope you will be enabled to improve every talent Let us determine, my dear, in the strength

of Jesus, It is a talent you can, and will employ. How often to engage in nothing without aiming at the divine has my conscience reproached me for neglecting it! glory

May you learn from my regrets! and if possible,

let no one come beneath your roof without deriving LETTER IV.

some advantage from your example, your counsel,

your sympathy, or your prayers. Be not deceived, MY DEAR FRIEND—You are in debt to me I know as I have frequently been, by thinking you have noi not how many ietters; but I am so much indebted to prudence or skill sufficient for the occasion. Wa you in another sense, that I cannot help seizing cannot qualify us; and much of our fancied hu

are not called to any duty for which divine wisdom every opportunity of acknowledging my obligations. You have heard, perhaps, that I have been mility may be traced to our indifference. suffering from a fresh disorder. Pray for me, that it may be sanctified, and that in patience I may pos

LETTER VII. sess my soul. If it is impossible to enjoy peace and serenity of mind in the hour of sickness, without the supports of religion, how can death be en- Soon, my dear Ann, you will become a parent. dured in their absence? Or should conscience, by Then you will be able more fully to appreciate that a long course of sin, be stupified and rendered in- pathetic declaration, “Like as a father pitieth his different to the solemnities of that awful hour, how children, so the Lord pitieth them that tear him.” much will the anguish of the spirit be increased, at When you know a mother's feelings, it will appear the moment of its separation from the body! These impossible for you, for a moment, to forget your considerations ought to stir our zeal for the welfare dear infant. Remember, then, my love, for your of others, and lead us to seize on every prudent op- consolation, it is really impossible that your Almighty portunity of impressing the minds of all around us parent should fail in his kindness towards you. with the infinite importance of attending to their I hope your soul is in perfect peace, being stayed eternal concerns.

on God. How soon will events that now engage us so completely, cease to interest !

Shortly, very LETTER V.

shortly, the only great concern will be, whether we are ready for the appearing of the Lord, and what

we have done for his glory. May we live now as MY DEAR FRIEND— Though I am very busy, I we shall desire to have lived then! hope to have an opportunity of sending to you to

F often occupies my thoughts! I ardently morrow. I therefore lay aside my work, in order wish its prosperity: Let every thought of your to assure you that you are not forgotten by me. minister, my dear, be turned into prayer. Ah! we Does this assurance gratify you ? Ő let us call to little know all they have to combat with. If we








are dead or lifeless, the effect is trifling; but if they I heard Mr. K—this evening with much pleaare so, all feel it-all discover it; and if this dis- sure. Every sentence be uttered was weighty. covery invariably urged us to wrestle with God on Good man! his race is almost run, and very soon berali of his servants, what a change might we he will be gathered to his fathers. The young mifrequently witness in our families and our churches. nister, who is all zeal in the service of his Master, Send me word on what evening the poor people as- and the aged veteran, who has borne the heat and seinble for their lecture. I like to meet them in burden of the day, excite peculiar emotions; for one spiril.

we pray much, for the other our souls are melled

into gratitude. There were some excellent petitious LETTER VIII.

offered up for you, in which I most heartily united. How could we live at a distance from those who

were dear to us as life itself, if we are not permitted MY DEAREST L-: To-day my prospect has to indulge our affection for them at the throne of been bounded by the opposite houses; my walk has Mercy ? been the length of the room in which I sit; and yet, Pray, my dearest brother, that my life may be a perhaps, I have enjoyed the works of nature in im- useful one. I would fain be like a gentle stream, aginary rambles, as much as those who have actu- that glides quietly through the vale, refie bing and ally taken them. How great are the pleasures of fertilizing wherever it goes ? imagination! How kind is our Creator in allowing us so many sources of delight! Exquisite, indeed,

LETTER X. was my pleasure while strolling down the shady Janes of Frampton, listening to the music of the birds, or the gentle rippling of the water, surveying

A HAPPY, a prosperous year to you, my beloved the yellow grain, and the busy laborers gathering friend, in every sense, but especially in a spiritual it in their bosoms.

one! How long it is since I heard from you! The It has been justly observed, that solitude and si- occupations of life press on us, and steal away our lence, properly enjoyed, exalt the mind above its time; so that, at the close of each successive week, natural tone, fire the imagination, and prepare it for we are ready to exclaim, Can it be Saturday? How the most sublime and exalted conceptions. Retire perpetually, too, are we constrained to lament, that ment gives birth to new and undefined emotions; the things of time and earth have engrossed 100 but when every thing else is favorable to his hap- large a portion of our attention! If we are conpiness, without the smiles of his Heavenly Father scious of misimproving the past, let ns seek to be the Christian's enjoyments are scarcely worth the doubly diligent in future. A new year is coinpame. It is the combination of spiritual and intel- menced:

what new plans of doing good can we lectual delights, that can transport and satisfy his form? What is most likely to increase our zeal in longing spirit! Let us endeavor, my dear friend, the pursuit of those which exist already ? Are there to conneci every thing with God.

not some individuals over whom we possess a deIf we are contented to pass through the present gree of influence, which has not been sufficiently state as pilgrims, we shall meet with much to refresh exerted? Are there not many for whom we have and gratify us; but if we attempt to rest in the not done all we might do? Ó how little do Chriswilderness,

we shall soon feel a thorn in our pillow. tians go out of their way for the good of souls! How You did not say whether you went to the Sunday- little do they evince the Spirit of Him who came to school, or whether you were able to drop a few seek and to save that which was lost! Blessed Jetracts in your journey. If beautiful scenery ele- susmake us, and make all thy people, increasingly vates and expands the heart, may our increasing

like thyself! * sensibility discover itself in our fervent love to Jesus, and in our simple-hearted efforts to promote

LETTER XI. the interests of our fellow-creatures!

It is Wednesday night, my beloved brother: LETTER IX.

consequently I am a little out of spirits, because I cannot fly to the chapel. I hope, however, to cheer

myself by a few moments converse with you. AND does my dearest brother love me? Cheer- First, permit me to relurn my sincere thanks for ing assurance! There is nothing of which I am your very kind loan of Stewart, especially as you more confident, yet nothing I delight more to be may have sacrificed some pleasure in foregoing his told. O, it is pleasing to dwell on the love of a bro- deligótful society. But while to offer thanks nay ther! What, then, should we feel in dwelling on be most gratifying to myself, I am aware that, to a the love of a Saviour!

hearı like yours, it will be a higher gratification to I am now seated in your study, and you can know that the perusal has afforded me no small hardly tell the pleasure this simple circumstance pleasure. Among other benefits I hope to derive occasions. Since you did not tell me what book I from it, is a more profound veneration for the should read next, I have ventured to begin Allison Author of my intellectual faculties. I wish to culon Taste. I love knowledge for its own sake; but tivate my rational powers, that I may form more I wish also to acquire information, that I may be enlarged views of the Divine Being, and that I inay worthy to be called your sister.

have another talent to dedicate to his service. o, The sun shines delightfully this morning; I hope my dear brother, what an exalted motive does reyou and dear E. are able to enjoy its beams. When ligion supply to every pursuit ! you said she was poorly, I was wishing to be with her, to pay her any little attentions she might re

LETTER XII. quire. Were I to indulge my feelings, how I should amplify in my wishes for you; but I forbear, well knowing the expression of our attachment must be Now, then, my dear Maria, for a little chat. I restrained and regulated in order to be valuable. suppose you are often affectionately saying, “! When clothed in action, however, it never ceases should like to know how Martha is going on." to be agreeable; and in this way will I ever seek to Well, my dear, I will endeavor to tell you; and for discover the affection of my spirit.

once will write a great deal about myself.” Lal




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rend to my physician's advice, and walk twice a with diligent exertion. I need not inform you, my day. This morning I crept slowly down a lane, dear brother, thàt we cannot arrive at excellence of which commands on one side a very fine prospect. any description by sudden starts: it is only by paEvery now and then my book was shut, and I gazed tient, assiduous, and constant efforts. We shall around me like one enamored. Then I looked doubtless meet with many obstacles in the path of within, and said

duty, and many temptations to draw us aside; still, The stillness of this honr expels

however, let us remember, as a constant incentive All tumult from my breast.

to our endeavors, thal the eye of God is on us. Yes, my dear, I felt invigorated by the pure air, arising from ill health and want of time, I have

When depressed by innumerable difficulties, and tranquillized by the delightful scenery. Then been

encouraged to persevere afresh, by reflecting I leaned on a bridge, contemplating the present, the that my efforts for self-cultivation were not for time past, and the future. I thought of the Hand that but for eternity. O, my brother, never let us be conhad led me all my life long, and hoped I should tented with merely passing through life without donever

be unwilling to submit to its guidance, whe- ing any harm ; but let us rather be ambitious of rether the path it shall select for me be rough or smooth. I then sauntered home, but not without sisting all evil- of doing much good! Thus shall feeling grateful to my dear parents for all their we manifest, that we are no common enemies of sin

and Satan, nor common friends to the present and kindness.

eternal interests of our fellow-creatures. So much for the passing day: now for something

I enclose “Taylor on Self-cultivation." I trust more substantial. To-morrow is the Sabbath. O, my dear, how fast is time rolling away! It is a you pray for me, that I may be a blessing in this common observation, but how little does it affect us! comforted by the hope, that perhaps God will render

place. Great, indeed, are my privations; but I am Let it not only solemnize our minds, but comfort me the instrument of promoting his glory. Write inem. The faster time flows, the sooner we hope

as soon and as much as you can. to be released from sin, and admitted to the pre

Your ever affectionate sence of our Lord. Is the time short ? then let us

MARTHA. do what we do with all diligence; not waiting, as I am apt to do, for great occasions of usefulness, but seizing with avidity all the lesser ones that offer;

LETTER XIV. remembering that, as by repeated touches of the

TO MRS. Bpencil, the artist completes the piece which remains to be admired for ages, so by a multiplicity of ex- I THINK, my dear friends, of your kindness by day ertions, in themselves apparently trivial, we may and dream of it by night. May the Father of Mer. hope finally to promote, in no small degree, the cies recompense all your affection. Poor Mrs. good of our fellow-sinners and the glory of our M- is fast declining. O how much we suffer Lord.

from the transitory nature of terrestrial good. At You say, my dear, I tell you but little about my five-and-twenty we look around for the friends who Sabbaths. Shall I explain the reason. I do not cheered us at sixteen; but-where are they? Where like the language of complaint, and therefore I am are they? Not lost, my Ann; they are only gone silent. Indeed I have cause to be very jealous of before us to their heavenly home. O to view every myself, lest I should sink into carelessness and in- thing in the light of faith, and not in those gloomy difference of spirit. I well remember —'s say shades which unbelief throws over the actions oi ing, “One of the causes of declension in religion the Divine Providence! is, our attendance on a ministry by which we are not benefited.” But let me noi forget to remind

LETTER XV. you cf the kindness of God. He has said, "the soul of the righteous shall not famish;" and I have never gone looking to him but I have received a

Now, my dear Ann, you must imagine me in a portion.

snug cottage, far away from the bustle of the town,

and removed. even from the little noise of the vil LETTER XIII.

lage street. In fact, the quietude which reigns here would often lead me to suppose myself really at

F-, did I not look in vain for the countenances MY DEAR BROTHER :-You are kind enough to so- which greeted me in that peaceful spot. ncit a frequent correspondence; and I comply with Here my companions are a good-natured widow, this request the more cheerfully, because it affords and my faithful attendant Maria. Their kindness me an opportunity of expressing those sisterly feel is a remembrance of yours. I visit but little; and ings, which, at the present eventful period of your the principal guests I entertain are some fine rosy life, cannot fail to pervade my heart.

children. They often beguile my solitary moments; I feel that you are about to enter on the stage of and when I can indulge a hope of doing good to life for yourself. I feel that your character is about them, I can think of home without a sigh. O the to be stamped: and I am anxious, anxious with all word'home! how many ideas does it recall to mind! the tenderness of a sister, for that character to be how many tender regrets does it occasion! and, in stamped by respectability and eminent piety. We defiance of all our efforts to look on the bright side, have a brother,

how many sighs escape us! Well, we will think

of our eternal home; we will meditate on its eestaLet us not disgrace him by neglecting to improve tic pleasures on their nature and durability, till any opportunity either for our intellectual or spirit our spirits learn even to rejoice in tribulation, since nal advantage. We have parents who watch our we are assured that our light afflictions prepare us conduct with inexpressible solicitude. O that their for a weight of glory. last days may be cheered and comforted, by seeing O, my dear friends, what heights of piety have their children steadily pursuing their footsteps! been attained by some of those who are now in the

I am well aware that your heart joins with mine presence of their Lord, even in circumstances less in fervently wishing that you may be the ornament favorable to religion than ours !-and what forbids und honor of your family;

but how is this desirable our reaching the same eminence? Let us 7-a7 end to be brought about ? By uniting

fervent prayer more fervently for each other.



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