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helped swell our exports to a total of $4,300,000,000 in 1924." 3 So, too, the Department of the Interior promotes the practical arts and the development of natural resources.

If the citizen were as watchful to avail himself of these manifold federal services as he is in defending in the matter of the regulatory class of laws, he would shift his position from that of mere defense to that of constructive aggression to his advantage.

Here then lies, perhaps, a too little explored field of usefulness for the lawyer—to study the federal services with reference to his various clients' interests and to point the way to their application.

After the reader has determined upon the key word descriptive of the particular federal matter upon which he seeks guidance, he should consult the index, which will refer him to the chapter and section describing the organization that has cognizance of that particular business. Associated sections in the same chapter set forth the general mission of the bureau or establishment, the history of the development of the authority, kindred activities, publications, and rules for admission of attorneys to practice.

It scarcely is necessary to remind the reader that all the details of so great an organization as the United States government cannot be set forth in one volume. If fuller information is required, the author will endeavor to furnish it upon application within reasonable bounds. His library is at the disposal of attorneys visiting Washington.

The author takes pleasure in acknowledging his debt to the Institute for Government Research for information courteously made available in its "Service Monographs,” especially in the matter of historical development, and to the officers of the many activities described for their generous and efficient assistance in revealing the details of their organizations and, in many cases, in verifying or correcting manuscript. To such acknowledgment it may not be amiss to record a high regard for the personnel of the executive departments and independent establishments of the Federal Government, in the conviction that no other government is better served in ability, industry, and integrity.


3 Address of Director Lord, of the Bureau of the Budget at the Government's Business Organization Meeting, January 26, 1925.





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