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No joys he knows but those which spring from strife,
Unknown to him the charms of social life.
Rage, Malice, Envy, all his thoughts controul,
And every dreadful passion burns his soul....
Should Culture meliorate his darksome home,
And cheer those wilds where he is wont to roam;
Beneath the hatchet should his forests fall
And the mild tabor warble thro' his hall,
Should fields of tillage yield their rich increase,
And thro' his wastes walk forth the arts of peace;
His sullen soul would feel a génial glow, 381
Joy would break in upon the night of woe;
Knowledge would spread her mild, reviving ray,
And on his wigwam rise the dawn of day....
....Genius awaken in this new-born land,
Hold o'er these climes thy sceptre of command;
Here wave thy banners, sound thy trump of Fame,
And give to Glory the Columbian name;
Drive darkness far before thy golden ray
And let us live beneath thy noon of day.... 390
'Some native bard O kindle with thy fire!
And bid him pour the torrent of thy lyre,
Unfold thy visions to his searching mind,
Thy' wreaths of laurel round his temples bind!




Education necessary to give Genius its full power

and usefulne88.....Beattie's Edwin described..... Milton.....Johnson..... Sir William Jones..... Subjects of Genius.... Satire.... Genius, though daring, excels also in subjects of the most soft and pleasing kind.... Virgil's Eclogues....Petrarch.... Gray.... Cowper.... The force of Fiction....Rousseau..... Richardson.....Fielding..., Genlis....Burney.... Radcliffe....Female Genius.... The varied direction of Genius.



THO’in the dreary depths of Gothic gloom, Genius will burst the fetters of her tomb; Yet Education should direct her way, And nerve, with firmer grasp, her powerful sway. To shun instruction from the ancient page, Despise the records of the classic age, Would be the folly of a truant-mind To counsel deaf, to its true interest blind. He that neglects the culture of the soil Whose richness would reward his utmost toil, 10 Deserves more censure than the rugged swain Who wastes no labour on the barren plain.

...The mind on knowledge and on science bent,
Would sooner learn from others, than invent.
But few can hope unaided to explore
Where human footstep never was before.
Science still wears the blooming face of youth,
And darkness yet conceals some useful truth:
We should not spurn our Father's toil and aid
But build where sages their foundation laid. 20
Round the old oak the springing ivy twines,
Nor shuns support the wild luxuriant vines.
Wisdom a venerable form appears
Moving along beneath a load of years.
The comet's glare enlightens not the world,
Which flies thro' Heaven, in wild confusion hurl'd;
But 'tis the Sun that holds his stedfast sphere,
And crowns the seasons of the rolling year.
The marble buried, in its native mines,
Conceals the beauty of its clouds and lines ; so
The sculptor's polish can each feature give,
And even make the rugged marble live!
Thus Genius, in the night of darkness born,
May wird, unnotic'd, her resounding horn,

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