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SECT. near the throne of God, and says, Whoever will, let him come, le: xxviii. him take, let him freely take of this living water ; yea, and no:

content with speaking this language by his Spirit only, he calls 19 on his bride, to lift up her melodious voice, to publish this kind

invitation ; he calls on every one that hears it, to echo it back, as if the excess of his goodness overcame him, as if it were neces. sary to his own happiness, that men should accept of their oun salvation.

With what sacred observance should these books be guarded, which contain a message of such infinite importance ! Of what 18 dreadful curses are they worthy, who presume to add to what is

already perfect, or to take away from that which is in every part Divine. I trust none of us shall ever presumptuously attempt to

do it: and may we be preserved from those mistaken interpreta19 tions, in consequence of which, we should teach the world, as by

his authority, any thing which he has not dictated, or deny any thing which carries along with it the stamp of such an authority. “ Have pity, O Lord, upon our weakness ; impute not prejudices which thou knowest we do not allow ; and give us a greater penetration of mind, to understand the true sense of thy word; a simplicity of heart, to receive it ; an integrity, so far as the duty of our places requires, to declare it ; and a zeal to incul. cate and defend it."

And while we are thus employed, or employed in any other services which Providence has assigned us, in our respective stations and circumstances of life ; whatever labours may exercise us, whatever difficulties may surround us, whatever sortows

may depress us, let us with pleasure hear' our Lord proclaiming, 20 Behold, I come quickly ; I come to put a period to the labour and

suffering of my servants ; I come, and my reward of grace is with me, to recompense with royal bounty, every work of faith, and labour of love ; I come to receive my faithful persevering people to myself, to dwell for ever in that blissful world, where the sacred volume, which contains the important discoveries of my will, shall be no more necessary ; but knowledge, and holiness, and joy, shall be poured in upon their souls in a more immediate, in a nobler and more effectual manner. Amen, even so, come Lord Jesus. Hasten the blessed hour to us, and to all thy churches, as far as it may consist with thy wise and holy couacils. And, in the mean time, may thy grace be with us, to keep alive the remembrance of thy love, and the expectation of thy coming in our hearts, and to animate us to a temper and conduct, which may suit the blessings we have already received, and the nobler felicity after which thou hast taught us to aspire. Amen and ameno





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