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pp. 48.

Facts in Mesmerism ; or, Animal Magnetism, with Reasons for a Dispassionate Inquiry into it. By the Rev. Chauncy Hare Townshend, A. M. late of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, with an Appendix. By Robert H. Collyer, Member of the Massachusetts Medical Faculty, &c. &c. Boston: Charles C. Little & James Brown. 12mo. pp. 539.

Facts and Important Information, froin Distinguished Physicians and Other Sources. Boston: George Gregory & D. S. King. 16mo.

The Science of Government, founded on Natural Law. By Clinton Roosevelt. New York: Dean & Trevett. 18mo. Mr. Webster and bis Revilers. 12mo. pp. 15.

MUSIC. The Gentleman's Glee Book ; Consisting of a Selection of Glees for Men's Voices. By the most Admired German Composers. By Lowell Mason. Boston: J. H. Wilkins & R. B. Carter. Philadelphia: Henry Perkins. pp. 98.

NEW PERIODICALS. The Young People's Book; or, Magazine of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge. Edited by John Frost, A. M., Professor of Belles Lettres in the High School of Philadelphia. 8vo. Published Monthly. $ 2 per annum. Philadelphia : Morton McMichael.

The Christian Family Magazine; or, Parents and Children's Journal. Edited by Rev. D. Newell, Assisted by an Association of Clergymen. Published once in two months. $1 per annum. New York: M. W. Dodd. Boston: Saxton & Pierce. 8vo.

The Patriarch; or, Family Library Magazine. Designed to Define and Enforce the Doctrines of Nature and Revelation, which designate the Family, — I. As the great Social Organization. II. As a Primary School of Education. III. As a Religious Institution. Edited by Rev. R. W. Bailey. New York: George A. Peters. Published once in two Months. $1 per annum. 8vo.

Laborer's Advocate, Devoted to the Investigation of First Principles. By John White. Columbus, Ohio.

The Catholic Expositor, and Literary Magazine. Edited by the Very Reverend Felix Varela, and Reverend C. C. Pise. Monthly New York.

The American Magazine, and Repository of Useful Literature. Published in Albany, New York, and Boston. Edited by an Association of Gentlemen. 8vo. Monthly. Boston: Otis, Broaders, & Co. $ 1.50 per annum.

The Musical Cabinet. G. J. Webb and T. B. Hayward, Editors. Boston : Bradbury & Soden. Fol. pp. 16. Monthly. $ 4 per an

NOVELS, TALES, AND ROMANCES. The Deerslayer; or, The First War Path. A Tale. By the Author of "The Mohicans,” “The Pathfinder,” “The Pioneers,” and “ The Prairie.” 2 vols. 12mo. pp. 267 and 282. Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard.


Helen Fleetwood. By Charlotte Elizabeth. New York: John S. Taylor & Co. 12mo. pp. 390.

Falsehood and Truth. By Charlotte Elizabeth. New York: M. W. Dodd. 18mo. pp. 209.

Julian; or, Scenes in Judea. By the Author of Letters from Palmyra and Rome. 2 vols. 12mo. pp. 347 and 344. New York: C. S. Fraucis.

ORATIONS AND ADDRESSES. Address delivered before the Philomathian Society of Mount St. Mary's College, near Emmittsburgh, Maryland, at the Annual Commencement, June 30th, 1841. By Williain E. A. Aikin, M. D., Professor of Chemistry in the University of Maryland. Baltimore: John Murphy. 8vo. pp. 35.

old English Literature. A Valedictory Oration, pronounced at the Departure of the Senior Class, from the Society of Brothers in Unity, Yale College, July 6th, 1841. By Williain Erigena Robinson. New Haven : Hitchcock & Stapford. 8vo. pp. 40.

An Address delivered before the Mercantile Library Company of Philadelphia, May 11th, 1841. By William E. Channing. Philadelphia. 8vo. pp. 45.

Eulogy on William Ladd, late President of the American Peace Society. By George C. Beckwith. Published by Request of the Society. Boston: Whipple & Dainrell. 8vo. pp. 23.

An Oration Delivered at Charlestown, Massachusetts, on the 17th of June, 1841, in Commemoration of the Battle of Bunker Hill. By George E. Ellis. Boston: William Crosby & Co. 8vo. PP

72. Eulogy Pronounced before the Citizens of Windsor, Vt., on WilJiam Henry Harrison, late President of the United States, at the National Fast, May 14th, 1841. By John Richards. Windsor: N. C. Goddard. 12mo. pp. 20.

Eulogy on the Life and Character of William Henry Harrison, ninth President of the United States. Delivered in Wesley Chapel, Cincinnati, on Fast Day, 14th May, 1841. By Edward D. Mansfield. Cincinnati: U. P. James. 8vo. pp. 23.

Av Oration delivered on the Fifth of July, 1841, before the Forcibles, Guards, Light Guards, Hussars, Light Artillery, and Citizens of the City of Natchez. By Thomas Fletcher. Natchez: Mississippi Free Trader Office. 8vo. pp. 16.

Address delivered at Jefferson College, St. James's Parish, La., June 30th, 1841, on assuining the Functions of President of that Institution. By Alexander H. Everett. Published by Request of the Directors. New Orleans: J. C. de St. Romes. 8vo. pp. 36.

Speech of R. Wickliffe, Jr., (of Kentucky,) delivered in the National Convention of the Whig Young Men of the United States, assembled at Baltimore, May 4th and 5th, 1840. Observer and Reporter Print, Lexington, Ky. 8vo. pp. 23.

The True Uses of American Revolutionary History. An Oration delivered before the Authorities of the City of Boston, on Monday, the Fifth of July, 1841, heing the Day set apart for the Celebration of the Sixty-Fifth Anniversary of American Independence. By George Ticknor Curtis. Published by Request of the City Council. Boston: John H. Eastburn, City Printer. 8vo. pp. 33.

Address delivered at the Consecration of the Springfield Cemetery, September 5th, 1841. By William B. 0. Peabody. Springfield : Wood & Rupp. 8vo. pp. 16.

THEOLOGY AND SERMONS. Charity a Prominent Duty of the Christian Ministry. A Discourse delivered in St. Thomas' Church, Dover, N. H., January 27th, 1841, at the Institution of Rev. William Horton, as Rector of said Church. By Charles Burroughs, D. D. Portsmouth, N. H. : J. W. Foster. 8vo. pp. 35.

Death of the President of the United States. A Sermon delivered at Providence, R. I, by Rev. Frederick A. Farley. Boston: William Crosby & Co. 12mo. pp. 12.

Address delivered on the Day of the National Fast, May 14th, 1841, at a United Meeting of the Religious Societies in Andover. By B. B. Edwards, Professor in the Theological Seminary. Andover: William Pierce. 8vo. pp. 30.

A Discourse on the Transient and Permanent in Christianity; Preached at the Ordination of Mr. Charles C. Shackford, in the Hawes Place Church, in Boston, May 19th, 1841. By Theodore Parker, Minister of the Second Church in Roxbury. Boston: Printed for the Author. 8vo. pp. 48.

The Works of William E. Channing, D. D. First Complete American Edition, with an Introduction. 5 vols. 12mo. Boston: James Munroe & Co. pp. 387, 411, 398, 407, and 440.

A Sermon on the Promised Advent of the Spirit. By Rufus Anderson, D. D. Boston: Crocker & Brewster. 8vo. pp. 20.

History of Congregationalism, from about A. D. 250 to 1616. By George Punchard, Author of " A View of Congregationalism.” Salemn : John P. Jewett. 12mo. pp. 388.

The Four Gospels; with a Commentary. By A. A. Livermore. Vol. I. Matthew. Boston: James Munroe & Co. 12mo. pp. 315.

The Comprehensive Church; or, Christian Unity and Ecclesiastical Union. By the Rev. Thomas Vail, A. M. Hartford: H. Huntington, Jr. 12mo. pp. 301.

A Sermon, preached before the First Congregational Society in Burlington, Vt. By their Minister, George G. Ingersoll ; and Published at their request. Burlington : Chauncey Goodrich. 8vo. pp. 32.

Christian Union; a Discourse delivered before the Unitarian Society at Trenton, in the House for Worship at the “Public Square," January 10th, 1841. By Edgar Buckingham. Utica: John P. Bush. 8vo. pp. 19.

The Antiquities of the Christian Church, Translated and Compiled from the Works of Augusti, with numerous additions from Rheinwald, Siegel, and others. By Rev. Lyman Coleman. Andover: Gould, Newman, & Saxton. 8vo. pp. 557.

The Origin of Evil; An Essay, addressed to the American Clergy, of all Denominations, with a view to the Improvement of Morals, Politics, and Religion. By a Layman. Boston: J. N. Bang. 8vo.

Practical Sermons; Designed for Vacant Congregations and Families. By Albert Barnes. Philadelphia: Henry Perkins. 12mo. pp. 356. VOL. LIII. NO. 113.


pp. 31.

The Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution, and Course of Nature. By Joseph Butler, LL. D., late Lord Bishop of Durhamn, with an Introductory Essay, by Albert Barnes. New York: Dayton & Saxton. 12mo. pp. 318.

The Fruit of the Spirit; or, The Christian Graces. By a Lady. Boston: A. Tompkins. 18mo. pp. pp. 151.

Religion in its Relation to the Present Life. In a Series of Lectures, delivered before the Young Men's Association of Ulica By A. B. Johnson, and published at their request. New York: Harper & Brothers. 18mo. pp. 180.

Universalism as it is; or, Text Book of Modern Universalism in America. By Rev. Edwin F. Hatfield. New York: J. A. Hoisington. 12mo. pp. 341.

The Prelatical Doctrine of Apostolical Succession Examined, and the Protestant Ministry defended against the Assumptions of Popery and High Churchism, in a Series of Lectures. By Thomas Smyth, Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, Charleston, S. C. Bro. pp. 568. Boston: Crocker & Brewster.

A Comment on the VI. Chapter of Hebrews. By Rev. Cyrus Haynes, A. B., residing at Lone Grove, M'Donough County, Illinois

. Published at the request of the Sangamon Synod. Jacksonville: Printed by C. & R. Goudy. 8vo. pp. 44.

The Philosophy of Religion differs from its Theology, and is the Cause of much Controversy. A Sermon preached at the Opening of the Charleston Union Presbytery, in Orangeburg, S. C., April 13th, 1841. By Rev. Elipha White, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, John's Island. Charleston, S. C. Printed by B. B. Hussey, 48 Broad Street. 8vo. pp. 28.

Man's Frailty, and God's Immutability. A Discourse preached in Taunton, on Friday, May 14th, 1841, the Day of National Fast, in Commemoration of the Death of William Henry Harrison, late President of the United States. By Andrew Bigelow, Pastor of the First Congregational Society in Taunton. Taunton: Israel Amsbury, Jr. 12mo. pp. 28.

A Serinon on the Occasion of the Death of General William Henry Harrison, late President of the United States, delivered in the Chapel of Randolph-Macon College, April 18th, 1841. By Rev. David's. Doggett. Published by request of the Students. Richmond : Printed at the Office of the Christian Advocate. 8vo. pp. 24.

Some of the Duties which one Christian Denomination owes to another. A Sermon delivered in the South Congregational Church in Lowell, Sunday, August 1st, 1841. By Henry R. Miles, Pastor of said Church. Lowell: Oliver March. 8vo. pp. 14.

Religion and the State; or, Christianity the Safeguard of Civil Liberty: an Oration delivered before the Members of St. Paul's College, and St. Ann's Hall, at St. Paul's College, College Point, N. Y., on the Fifth Day of July, A. D. 1841. By John Frederick Schroeder, D. D., Rector of St. Ann's Hall, Flushing, Long Island, New York. Flushing. 8vo. pp. 40.





North-American Revi e w.

- on



seamens' condition in the, ib.

on Admirals, 383 — remarks on
Admirals, on creating, 96, 383. promotion, ib. — apprentices in it,
selecting, from Captains, 99 — in

ib. note. See Naty:
foreign squadrons, 100.

American Navy-Yards, condition of
Agriculture, importance of, 147 — on the, 367.
the perfection of, 148 — prejudices American Vessels, British search of,
respecting, ib. too little done for, 433.
by science, 149 —- importance of Ammonia, in vegetation, 157, 158,
knowledge and science in, 150 – 163.
rotation of crops in, 161.

Anacreon, tomb of decorated, 407.
Alexandria, British occupation of, in Anglo-Saxons, Turner's History of
1814, 238.

the, noticed, 249.
Altars at Copan, 505.

Antiquities, American. See Central
Amaranth, on graves, 406.

American Antiquities. See Central Appleton, Nathan, Remarks by, on

Currency and Banking, noticed,
American Institute of Instruction, 262.

Lectures before the, in 1840, no- Apprentices in the Navy, 383, note.
ticed, 232— remarks on the Insti- Arabic language should be studied

by tourists to the Holy Land, 179.
American Navy, attention of Con- Architecture, styles of, for America,

gress to a Home Squadron, 360 – 260.
on steam-power in the, 361 - on Argyle, Fort, 457.
the expense of it, 365 — defects Aristophanes, Felton's edition of the
in the, 370 — its discipline, ib. “ Clouds" of, noticed, 526.
appeals to Congress by junior offi. Aristotle, categories of, 7.
cers in the, ib. on the decisions Armstrong, John, Notices of the
of courts-martial in the, ib. — tardy War of 1812 by, reviewed, 211 –
promotion in the, 374 — too many his qualifications for it, 213.
midshipmen, 375 — on the useful letters sent to General Hull, 216
occupation of officers, 378 - on on the affair at the River Raisin,
increasing the complement of, on 217 — his feelings towards Gene-
board ships, ib. - A Bureau of ral Harrison, 218 - at the North-
Hydrography, 379 - enlistment western frontier in person, 222-
and treatme
of seamen, 380 —

conduct of, as to the irruption upon
on confirming petty officers in Baltimore and Washington, 235.
their rates, 382 - on improving Atwater, Caleb, A History of the

tute, ib.


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