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Jenkin, the master; and aftcrwards beating a cónsi lerable way upon the fas, su that it was impnssible to get her off. the evidence likewise imputed this disaster to the negliger.ce of the Master, behaving fun beyond the preper distance before he hauled in for St. Helens, and not having anchored the ship at the time when the men at the leads deslared there was a material difference in the soundings; but ihuse mien differed in their reports. The evidence respecting Captain Paulkner and his Officers was highly creditable ia themselves, and to the discipline of the ship in which they served. The room was cleared for an hour, when the Court adjudged the said Alichael enkin, iu considera. tion of his having been deceived in the soundings, qo'y to be dismissed from his Majesty's service and the said Captain Tsúlknor, and his Officers to be bonourably acquitted.

Nov. 20. His Majesty's ships sailed with convoys for the following places : Queen Charlotte, dmiral Iord Keith, tác, dlediteerinean ;stans Färeil, and go'1.Jsephone, Captain Grant, the West Indiese San Fiorenzo, Sir Harry Neale, Oporto ; and Arethusa, Captain Wooler Lisbent. sinnen sosiada

"I lie whole number of the ships corrained in the three flcets, was upwards of 30., and afforded a niost magmficent spectacle of the present flourishing state of our trade and contieret. The Alert Cutter, Licutenant Jnues,

a sloop laden with coals Fetan her on shore about four riles west of Treeport, after a chace of thee hours ; the Lieutenant sent a boat manned and armed, commanded by the boatswain, who carried out ber anchor to heave her off, amidst a beavy fire ef musketry trom the shore, and two field pieces brought down from the Clif,


ile Aleit approached so near as to drive at the French from the beach, and Ithus:eftce the capture of the sloop.

Arrived the Ant schooner, Lieutenant Alr, from a cruise. On Sunday, aff Privhton, he felt in with a French privatoor of 14 guns, in the act of boarding two colliers. He rescued the colliers, and chaced the privatces into Cherburgh.

'The Pelter gun brig, Lieutenant John Walsh (second) Commander, from the Texel, having been ashore on ihe Dutch coast, was sent on Wedne day into this harbour for refitting, having lost her anchors, cables, and false

o cared from themes

She has brought I ieutenant Hill, of the Welcb Fusileers. He was one of the otwenty-five persons, and the only officer saved out of 529 that were on board

the Voolk, a Dutch frigate wrecked in the night of the soth instant, on the * island of Ameland. Among the above passengers were three companies of the said regiment. Lieutenant Hogart, who had got safe on a piece of the wreck, died instantly in a state of deliriunt, caused by excess of joy, after exclaining, " Thank God, my Lads, we aje once again safe on shore."

Arr. ved the Fury, Captain Curry, from the Downs-He was one of the first ships in the late upout on to Holland, and sailed from thence the 17th Sustant,

Arrived La Fononc, Captain Reynolds, from the Downs, and Venus, Cap. tain Graves, from Halifax.

His Majesty's ship Aurora, Captain Caulfield, lately returned from the Mediterrancari, is conic into the harboup to retit?

L'Hironlell privatėst, taken by the Eurydiçe, Captain Talbpt; is arrived at

The Dragon, Captain Canyphell, and Magnificene Captam Eowater, are ordused to fit and victual for the Mediterranea, iu zailed the sophia, Captain Burdett, va cruise.

2. Arrived this day His Majesty's chips ! rinçe, Superb, Pompee, and Agztrennon, from the Channel tact, weder the command of Reus Adairai !! Charles Cucton, Aiso, the Argus - surance, and Apullo Higures from its cial Ward.

His fort.



OCTOBER NOVEMBER Earl St. Vincent, for the first time since his return from the Mediterra. Lord Clenawley, for the first time since the death of his brother the løte Earl Howe, and conting to the title as Baron Clenawlcy:

Vice Admiral Sir William Parket, on arriving from the Mediterrancan, and Captaia Mitford, of the Navy, on promotion, by his father, Sir John Mitford.

Captains l'igby and Young, of the Ethalion and Alcmene frigates, engaged in taking the Ěi Thetis and Šanca Brigida Spanish prizes.

Nov. 6. Captain Drummond, lately returned from the Mediterranean, by Lord Keith Captain Wooley, of his Majesty's ship Arethusa, on his return from Halifax, having conveyed over his Royal Highness the Duke of Kent.-Captain Sir H. Pophan, on his return from Holland. This Officer wore at his breast a brilliant diamond star, under an Imperial Crown, representing the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, with which he was knighted by the Emperor of Russia.

13. Adnliral Barrington, on his promotion of General of Marines.- Captain MLouall

, of the Ganges man of war.–Captain Sir H. Popham took leave of his Majesty on setting off for the Court of Petersburgh, where he is to ad as Inspector of the Russian forces.


OCTOBER NOVEMBER. Captain Drummond, of the Bull-dog bomb-vessel, who has just returned from the Mediterranean, is appointed a Post Captain.

Lieutenant Francis Mason, of the Alecto, is appointed First of the Beaver sloop, of 18 guns, Captain Christopher Basset Jones.

1 he lords of the Admiralty have appointed Captain James Hanson, who sailed round the world with Vancouver, to the command of the Erazen sloop of wir, "now fitting at Portsmouth,

Edward Jekyll Canes, Esq. first licutenant of his Majesty's ship Tigre, with Fir Sydocy mith, is promoted to the rank of Master and i ommander

Lieutenant Osmar, late of the impregnable, is appointed ço his Majesty's ship. I ondon, of 98 guns.

The Rey. Davis is appointed Chaplain of his Majesty's ship Puissant, Captain Syme.

Licutenant S. Halliday is appointed, by the Lords of the Admiralty, to the command of the Lady i harlotte hired schooner, of 12 guns,


OCTOBER NOVEMBER. The oth of July, in Naples Bay, on board the Fondroyant, William Comp. ton, Esq. 11.D. (hancellor of Ely, the next collateral male relation of the Earl of Northampton, to the eldest daughter of the late Knipe Gobbet, Esq. Lieutenant Colonel of the West Norfolk Militia. The Lady was given away by the Right Hon. Lord Nelson.

Nov. 5. At Beddington, Rear Admiral Chechagoff of the Russian Navy, to Miss Proby, youngest daughter of the late Commissioner Proby, Sonne particulars of the life of the late Comnissioner Proby are given in the present volume.

At St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth, by the Rev. J: Gandy, A. M. Captain Dashwood of the Sylph, of 18 guns, to the Hon. Miss De Courcy, daughter of 1.ord Kinsale of the kingdom of Ireland, and nice to the gallant Hon. Captain De Couscy of the Canada, of 74 guns, who so eminently distioguished frineself in the viagnanime, of 4+ guns, in the battle with Bompard's French squadron off the Rosses, on the coast of Ireland, and the British Alect under kear Admiral vir j. B. Warren, Bart, and in many other gallant adions this



OCTOBER-NOVEMBER og 10. At Chichester, after a long illness, Henry Chads, Esq. Captain it the Royal Navy, and regulating Officer of the Sea Fencibles ar that coast.

On Sunday last was found in a small pond of water, in a field belonging 26

Mr. Lucas, near Stoke, the body of Lieutenant Hickiman, of the Navy. 8. * Gregg, Esq. one of the Coroners for the County, held an Inquest on the body, to and a verdict of Lunacy was returned.

16. At Tireçoon, near Haverfordwest, Mrs. Joltanna Vaughan, sister to the - late Admiral Vaughan. * 25. At his lodgings in Sackville-street, Lieut. H. Humphries, of the Royal

Navy, one of the Officers who circumnavigated the globe with the late Captain • Vancouver, in his Majesty's ship Discovery

"At Ham, Lady Lindsay, relia of the late Vice Admiral Sir John Lindsay, Knight of the bath. ,

The sad ult, in Spa Fields, aged 34, Lieutenant Richard Caley, of the Royal Navy.

Captain Lancelot Skynner, of the Lutine frigate, 32 guns; lost in the North Seas.. (Vide page' 441). · Made Post in 1795. Commanded La Pique, g2 guns, in the West Indies, beginning of 1796–afrerwards commanded the Ganges, 74 guns. Weot out in the same year to the West Indies, in the Beaulieu.

Lieutenant Charles Aufrcre, chisd son of Anthony Aufrere, Esq. of Hoveden Hall, in Norfolk. He was lost in the Latine frigate.

Mr. Walter Montgomery, of Edinburgh, Surgeon of the Lutine, and one of the sufferers in that ship. .

Mr. Robert Mardon, aged 10 years, Midshipman, a second son of Thomas Marion, Esq. storekeepet at the island of Minorca. "

At his house, Nottingham-place, London, the 7th inst. Thomas Lennox • Frederick, Esq. He was made Post: Captain in 1979, and a Rear-Admiral in

797, and cominanded the Princess Royal in the memorable victory gained by Lord St. Vincent, on the 14th of February, in the sanie year. ?

By letters received from Halifax, we are sorry to stue the death of Captain Allen, Commander of the Termagant. He was a very zcalous officer, and was some time First Lieutenant in the Royal William, under Adiniral Sir P. Parker, from which he was promoted to a Captain. ** Drowned, in the Lutine Frigate, on the coast of Holland, Lieutenant Kindeer, soa of Captain Kinmeer, of the Royal Navy--he was a young gentleman of great promise in his profession. His father first learnt eke melancholy tidings of the premature death of an only boloved son, by seeing i in a newspaper accidentally. The shock can be coneeiyed, but not described.

Saturday, 230 November 1799, at his house in Henrietta-street, Bach, Mark Robinson, Esq. senior Rear-Admiral on the list of the Royal Navy, and 2 a gentleinan of the most distinguished merit in his profcasion. . He was born on * S. Mark's Day, 1722, 0. S. and at the age of fourteen entered into the service

or his country. The exertions and consequent distinctions of this gallant veterin mcrit a bricf detail. He was actively engaged in most of the codubin tndit the coinmand of Sir Peter Warren, and Lord Hawke, As Commander of the Falcon, his conduct and bravery werc éminent and conspicuous at the Ichudion of Guadaloupe, where his ship sunk, under him. He was afterwards appointed to the command of the Towey on the coast of America, where he had the satisfaction of preserving Charlestown from the effects of an alarming confiagration ; a service, for which the merchants of South Carolina espressed their gratitude by a public vote of thanks, dated January 14, 1771, and a very large piece of plate, bearing a suitable inscription. Under Tord Keppel he commanded the Worcester ;. whence he was transferred to the Shrewsbury, in which ship he led the British feet five times into action. Inche last of these engagements of the Capes of Virginia, he was disabled by a severe wound in the lep, and the loss of a leg.



All my delight on deedes of armes is sett,

To hunt out perilles and adventures hard,
By Sea, by Land, whereso they may be mett,
Onely for Honour and for high regard,
Without respect of richesse or reward:
For such intent, into these partes I came,
Withouten Compasse, or withouten Card.



HE Fame of Captain Alms must ever live in the page of

Naval History; the steady valour, which so ably opposed the experience, and terrible fíre, of a superior enemy, has united its animating influence, with those instances of patriot courage, which gradually have tended to establish the Supreniacy of the British Navy.

Mr. James Alms, the youngest son of John *, and Mary Alms, was born on the 15th of July, 0. S. (1728) at Gosport; a town which has enjoyed the honour of sending into the Navy, some of the first characters in the Service. Mr. Alms's father was of Bedfordshire, and served in the Royal Navy, during the reigns of King William, and Queen Anne : in Queen Anne's war t, he commanded a Spanish

* This biographical Memoir is principally taken from the MSS. of the late Edward Ives, Esq. of Titchfield, Hants,fauthor of an History of the East Indies, Trivels over Land by the Way of Bassora, &c. This gentleman was long an intimate friend, and fellow sufferer with Captain Alms.

+ Abstract of the ROYAL Navy, as it stood at the death of the Queen :

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prize galleon, that had been commissioned, and of which he was appointed Captain.

The elder brother of Mr. James Alms was bred a seaman; and for a number of years was master of the commissioners yacht at Portsmouth. James, though the youngest, seems to have been destined by Providence to be the foster-father of his parents' numerous 'family, to which were added the children of his brother John; who at his death left two daughters, and a son ", named James, now a Post Captain in the Navy.

The education of Mr. James Alms, the subject of the present memoir, was principally conducted by his elder brother ; between whom there was a great disparity of years. Intro. duced by the latter into The Service, Mr. James Alms continued for some time under his brother's immediate care : but the uniformity of such a station, not being adapted to his enterprising spirit ; and perhaps impelled by

“ Such wind, as scatters young men thro' the world

To seek their fortunes farther than at home,
Where small experience grows"-

the unpatronised sailor boldly launched his bark, upon the wide Ocean of Life, as Spenser so beautifully describes it, in the lines already cited

“ Withouten Compasse, or withouten Card." Leaving his brother, in rather an abrupt manner, he embarked in (1741) on board a Merchant Vessel, and sailed for Minorca. On his arrival there, he happened to meet with a friend of his brother Benjamin, who earnestly bcsought him to seek his fortune in the King's Service ; and gave him such good and prudential advice, as laid the foundation of his future independence.

• The second son of Nir. John Alıns, Benjamin, who was a Licutcoane in the Navy, died some years previous to his father.

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