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A catalogue of direct, that as soon as may be after iny decease, a the books, and an inventory to

catalogue of all my books shall be taken, and an inbe made of the ventory made of all my plate, linen, china, pictures, china, pictures

, prints, furniture, and household goods at prints

, furniture, house, such inventory to be made by two or more One to be de- persons used and accustomed to business of this kind, livered to testa- one of them to be named by my eldest son, and the tor s eldest son E-, one to the other or others by the said Sir G. C., R. M., J. D., J. youngest son, and another to

C. J., and J. F., or any two or more of them, and the trusteese three copies at least of the said catalogue and inven

tory respectively, shall be made and signed by th persons taking the same respectively, one copy of which said catalogue and inventory respectively shall be delivered to my eldest son, one to my youngest son, and one to the said Sir G. C., R. M., J. D., J. C. J. and J. F., or one of them; such last-mentioned copy of the said catalogue and inventory to be kept and

preserved, with the books, papers, and receipts, reNo articles to, lating to the trust estate as aforesaid: and I direct that such inventory no articles whatever be removed from my said house and catalogue

until such catalogue and inventory shall be taken and shall be made. To his wife all signed. I bequeath to my dear wife all the furniture the furniture in in the house at -; I give and bequeath all the house at

my horses, and other cattle, and other my live stock, All his horses, cattle, and farm. and all my farming and gardening implements and ing stock, to his utensils, and also all ines, liquors, stores, and prosolutely: same as visions, in or about my house at

aforesaid, to his wines and to my said eldest son, absolutely; I give to my liquors in house.

daughter L. the whole of the furniture belonging to "To other chil

and coirmonly used in her apartments in dren the Turniture in their house, ard to my younger son all my books, plate, respective

china, pictures, linen, household goods and furniture, apartments.

in the chambers he now resides in or may reside in, or occupy at the time of my decease, and also[various specific bequests

eldest son ab

A Will disposing only of personal Property.

This is the last will and testament of me, J.S. of T. in the county of

Esquire:First, I will and direct, that in case I shall die within the distance of 10 miles from S. in the said county of

my body may be interred in the parish church there (where my late wife A. S. lies buried) in a decent but very plain manner, at the discretion of my executors hereinafter named (who, in case of any occurrence taking place to prevent my being buried at the place above mentioned, may direct my interment at such other place as they shall judge most proper) the expences attending which interment, and also all my just debts, and the expences of proving this will, and also the legacies hereinafter by me given, I do direct my executors to pay and discharge as soon as conveniently may be after my decease. I do hereby constitute and appoint A. B. of C. D. of

and E. F. of to be the executors of this my will; and, in the first place, I give and bequeath to them the said Bequeaths a cerA. B, C. D., and Ę. F., as such my executors, the tain quantity of capital stock or sum of 80001. five per cent. annui- lic funds to his ties, or so much of such other stock standing in my name at the time of my decease as will be sufficient to produce the annual sum of 4001. and in case I shall not at the time of my decease have sufficient stock standing in my name to produce that sum annually, then I give and bequeath to my said executors so much money as will be sufficient to purchase so much stock in one other of the parliamentary funds of Great Britain (according to the then current price thereof) as will produce such annual sum, (which stock I do hereby direct my executors to purchase accordingly) upon trust, that they my said execu


The stock to be tors do and shall cause the said stock to be transferred transferred into their own into their own names, jointly with the trustees or names, together trustee under the settlement or contract made on with the names of the trustees in my marriage with my present wife J. S.; and do and the settlement

shall or articles made

pay the interest or dividends arising from such on the testator's stock to my said wife (when and as the same shall To pay the di- from time to time arise and be received) during het vidends to his life, for her own use and benefit; and from and after wife for her life, the decease of my said wife J. S. my will is and I do death the prin. hereby direct, that the stock hereinbefore by me and become part given or directed to be purchased for her benefit of, the testator's shall sink into and become part of my residuary residuary estate. estate, and shall

go and he applied according to the dispositions hereinafter by me made of the same. That the said Provided and I do hereby expressly declare my will provision for his wife shall be in to be, that the provision made by this my will for lieu ofberđower. my said wife J. S. is by me intended to be, and to

be accepted by her, in lieu and in full satisfaction and recompence of all such benefit or provision, as I have by such marriage settlement or contract provided or made, or covenanted, agreed, or contracted

to provide, or make for her, either by way of annuity Testator then or otherwise howsoever; also I give and bequeath to gives A. B., C. D.; and E. F. the sum of 50001. of lawful his crustecs.

money of Great Britain, upon trust, that they my said executors, or the survivors or survivor of them, or the executors or administrators of such survivor,

do and shall, with all convenient speed, place out To invest the and invest the same sum and every part thereof in same in the

their or his own names or name in the public stocks funds, in their Dames, or on or funds of Great Britain, or on real or government

securities in England, at interést, and do and shall stand and be possessed of and interested in such last-mentioned stocks, funds, or securities, upon the several trusts, and to and for the several ends, intents, and purposes, and with, under and subject to the several powers and provisoes hereinafter expressed and declared of and concerning the same, that is to say, upon trust, that they my said executors and

real securities.

the children of

trustees, or the trustees or trustee for the time heing, do and shall transfer, assign, and pay the said last- To transfer and mentioned stocks, funds, and securities unto all and assign the same

last-mentioned every the child and children of my daughter Mary stocks, &c. to Elizabeth L. (wife of J. L. C. of B. in the county of

testator's daughn -) by her present husband, (other than and ter M. E. L. except an eldest or only son or an eldest daughters pointment of the entitled for the time being to the estate at B. afore- said M. E. L. said, which is entailed on the eldest child of their marriage) at such age, day, or time, if there be but one, and if more than one, then at such respective ages, days, or times, and in such parts, shares, and proportions, and subject to such conditions, restrictions, and limitations over (such limitations over to be for the benefit of some or one of the said cbildren) as my said daughter M. E. L. at any time or times during her life, by any deed or deeds, writing or writings, with or without power of revocation, to be sealed and delivered in the presence of and attested by two or more credible witnesses, or by her last will and testament in writing, or any writing in the nature of or purporting to be her last will and testament, or any codicil or codicils thereto, to be signed and published in the presence of and attested by two or more credible witnesses, (whether she shall be covert or sole, and notwithstanding any coverture she may be under) direct or appoint; and And in defacile in default of such direction or appointment, then of appointment, upon trust, that they my said executors and trustees, dren equally, of the survivors or survivor of them, or the executors

with survivo!

ship. or administrators of such survivor, do and shall transfer the said stocks, funds, or securities to such child, if there shall be but one, and the same shall be a daughter, on her attainment to the age of 21 years, or day of marriage, provided the same is entered into with the consent of my said daughter M. E. L., or if a son, upon his attainment to the age of 21 years; and if there shall be more such children than one, then my will is that the same stocks, funds, and securities, in default of

That any apo

part shall stand good; but in

such direction or appointment as aforesaid, be equally divided between or among them, share and share alike; the share or shares of such of them as shall be a daughter or daughters to be transferred to her or them respectively, on her or their attaining her or their age or respective ages of 21 years, or on the day or respective days of her or their marriage, which shall first happen, (provided such marriage shall be had with the consent * of my said daughter M. E. L.); and the share or shares of such of them as shall be a son or sons to become vested in him or them respectively, on his or their attaining

his or their age or respective ages of 21 years. Propointment of

vided nevertheless, and I do hereby declare, thai

the appointment to be made by my said daughter a partial M. E. L. of any such portion or portions as aforesaid, appointment, those who are the pursuant to the power hereinbefore given to her, objects of it shall shall not be invalidated or prejudiced by any omisnot come in with the rest, until sion or default of her appointment of the residue of so much of the such portions, under or by virtue of any such direcunappointed re- tion or appointment made pursuant to the same make their power, but that any such child or children who shall shares equal. be benefited by any such partial appointment shall

have or be entitled to no further or other share of or in the unappointed residue of the said stocks, funds, and securities, until every other child shall have received so much of such unappointed residue as will make his or her share or portion equal if not otherwise so, to that of the child so taking under such direction or appointment as aforesaid. Provided and I do hereby declare, that if any such child or children, being a son or sons, shall depart this life before he or they shall attain his age or their respective ages of 21 years (without leaving lawsul issue of his or their body or bodies) or being a daughter or daughters, shall depart this life before she or they shall attain her age or their respective ages of 21 years, or be married, then and in default of any such direc

sidue as will

* See Note in page 527.

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