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KAUKALIN, pv. Brown co. Wis. on Foxr. KING AND QUEEN C. H. pv. cap. of King and KAYADEROSSERAS Mts. N.Y. w of L. George. Queen co. Va. 53 ENE of Richmond.

Also a cr. which flows into Saratoga Lake. KINGFIELD, pt. Franklin co. Me. 60 xXW of A. KEARSARGE, Mt. Merrimack co, N. Å. KING GEORGE C. H. pv. cap. of King George KEATING, tp. M'Kean co. Pa.on Alleghany r. co. Va. 82 NNE of Richmond. KEARSLY, pt. Genesee co. Mich. (w of D. KINGSBOROUGH, pv. Fulton co.N.Y.50 NW Al. KEELERSVILLE, pv. Van Buren co. Mich. 175 Kixg's BRIDGE, pv. New York co. N.Y. 13 KEENE, pt. Cheshire co. N. Hon Ashuelot r. of City Hall. Keene, pi. Essex co. N.Y. on Au Sable r. KINGSBURY, pt. Piscataquis co. Me. Keene, pv. Jessamine co. Ky. 33 se of F. Kingsbury, pt. Wn. co. N.Y.on Hudson r. Keene, pt. Coshocton co. 0. 100 NE of Cs. KINGSESSING, pt. Philadelphia co. Pa. 7 sw of KEESVILLE, pv. Clinton and Essex cos. N.Y. Philadelphia. on Au Sable,

sw of J. King's FERRY, pv. Cayuga co. N. Y. 173 « AI. KELLERTOWN, pv. Wilkinson co. Miss. 118 KINGSPORT, pv. Sullivan co. Tenn. 270 E of Ne. KELLOGGSVILLE, pv. Cayuga co. N.Y. Kingston, pi. Rockingham co. N. H.33 sse Cd. KELLY, 1p. Union co. Pa. o N of New Berlin. Kingston, pt. Plymouth co. Mass. on a br. of KEMPSVILLE, pv. Princess Anne co. Va. U16 SE of Richmond.

(se of Rh. Kingston, pv. R. 1. 32 s of Providence. KENANSVILLE, pv. cap. of Duplin co. N. C.90 Kingston, pv. cap. of Ulster co. N.Y. near KENDALL, pt. Orleans co. N.Y.on L. Ontario. Hudson river. Kendall, pv. Van Buren co. Mich. 167 w of D. Kingston, pv. Middlesex co. N. J. 14 nt of Th. KENDALLVILLE, pv. Noble co. Ind. 160 nne Is. Kingston, pi. Luzerne co. Pa. on the SasqueKENNEBUNK, Me. See GAZETTEER.

hanna r. KENNEBUNK Port, pt. York co. Me. on Ken- Kingston, pv. Somerset co. Md. 118 SE of An. nebunk river.

(of Al. Kingston, pv. cap. of Lenoir co. N. C. og KENNEDYSVILLE, pv. Steuben co. N.Y. 220 w Neuse river. KENNET, ip. Chester co. Pa. 28 sw of Phila. Kingston, pv. Adams co. Miss. 120 sw of J. KENNET SQUARx, pv. Chester co. Pa. in Ken- Kingston, pv. cap. of Autauga co. Ala. on Asnet township.

(Jef. City:

tauga creek. KENNONSVILLE, pv. Lewis co. Mo. 128 x of Kingston, pv.cap. of Roane co. Tenn. 143EN. KENSINGTON, pt. Rockingham co. N. H. 41 SE Kingston, pv. Ross co. O. 55 s of Cs. of Concord.

(Ha. Kingston, pv. De Kalb co. III. 218 xxx of Su. Kensington, pv. Hartford co. Conn. 13 ssw of KINGSTREE, pv. Williamsburg dist. S. C. eo Kensington, Pa. See GAZETTEER.

Blaok r. Kensington, pv. Oakland co. Mich. 35 w of D. KINGSVILLE, pt. Ashtabula co. O. 212 NE of Cs. Kent, pt. Liichfield co. Conn. 50 w of Hd. King WILLIAM C. H.pv. cap. of King Williams Kent, pt. Putnam co. N.Y. 100 s of Al.

co. Va. 38 NE of Richmond. Kent, pt. Kent co. Mich. 168 www of D. (r. KINGWOOD, pt. Hanterdon co. X.J. 29 xw Th. KENTON, pv. cap. of Harding co. O. on Scioto Kingwood, pv. cap. of Preston co, Va. 24 x* KENTONTOWN, pv. Harrison co. Ky. 53 NE F. of Richmond. KENTUCKYVILLE, py. Susquehanna co. Pa Kixgman, pl. Trumbull co. 0. 193 nk of Cs. KEOKUCK, pv. Lee co. Iowa, on Mississippi r. Kinzua, pv. Warren co. Pa. 220 ww of H. KERNSVILLE, pv. Northampton co. Pa. 105 ENE Kio-WAY INDIANS, a tribe dwelling in the sw of Harrisburg:

(Madison. part of the Indian Territory. KEWAUNEE, pv. Milwaukie co. Wis. 72 x of KIRBY, tp. Caledonia co. Vi. 36 NE of Mir. KEYPORT, pv. Monmouth co. N. J. 46 e of Tn. KIRKERSVILLE, pv. Licking co. O. 22 E of C KEYSBURG, py. Logan co. Ky. 194 sw of F. KIRKLAND, pt. Penobscot co. Me. S4 NE of A. Keysburg, pv. Pike co. III. 77 w of Sd. Kirkland, pt. Oneida co. N.Y. 100 WNW of Al. KEYSVILLE, pv. Charlotte co. Va. 93 sw of R. KIRKVILLE, pv. Onondaga co. N.Y. 130 w Al. KEYTESVILLE, pv. cap. of Chariton co. Mo.90 Kirksville, pv. Builer co. Ala. 140 ssx of T. NW of Jefferson City.

KIRKWOOD, tp. Belmont co. O. KEY West. See GAZETTEER.

KIRTLAND, pt. Lake co. 0. 167 NE of Cs. KIAMISHI I. Indian Territory, flows into Red KisuwAUKIE, pv. Winnebago co. m. 197 Sd. river, 6 m. below Fort Towson.

KISKIMIN'ETAS, pt. Armstrong co. Pa. on the KIDRON, pv. Coweta co. Ga. 96 w of M. Conemaugh or Kiskiminetas river. Kidron, Indian Territory. See Dwight. KITTANING, borough, cap. of Armstrong co. KICK-A-POO' INDIANs, a tribe dwelling in the Pa, on the Alleghany river.

E part of the Indian Territory, N of Kanzus KITTATINNY, a name sometimes given to the river.

Blue Mountains, where they cross the DeaKILKENNY, pt. Coos co. N. H. 106 N of Cd. ware at the Water Gap. KILLBUCK, pt. Holmes co. O. on Killbuck cr. KITTERY, Pt. York co. Me. on Piscataqua r. KILLINGLY, pt. Windham co. Conn. 47 E of Hd. KLAMET. See TLAMATH. KILLINGWORTH, pt. Middlesex co. Conn. ou KNIGHTSTOWN, pv. Henry cn. Ind. 33 8 of ls. Long Island Sound.

(cataquis r. KNOTTSVILLE, pv. Monongalia co. Va. 200 W KILMARNOCK, pt. Piscataquis co. Me. on Pis of Richmond. Kilmarnock, pv. Lancaster co. Va. on Chesa Knottsville, pv. Daviess co. Ky. 150 wsw F. peake Bay

(2,924 11. KNOWLESVILLE, pv. Orleans co. N. Y. on the KILLINGTON PEAK, Green Mts. Vt. Height Erie canal. KIMBERTOX, pv. Chester co. Pa. 75 E of H. KNOWLTON, pt. Warreu co. N. J. 66 x of Ta KIMBOLTON, pv. Guernsey co. 0.88 x of Cs. Knox, pi. Waldo co. Me. 35 x6 of A. KINDERTOOK, pt. Columbia co. N.Y. 20 s of Al. Knox, pł. Albany co. N.Y. 21 w of Al. Kinderhook cr. N.Y. flows into the Hudson Knox, ip. Holmes co. O. in Columbia county.

Knox, ip. Jefferson co. O. Kinderhook, pv. Pike co. III. 84 w or Sd.

(of Ar KNOXVILLE, pv. Frederick co. Md. 50 wyw

Knoxville, pv. cap. of Crawford co. Ga. 55 Texas, reaching from Corpus Christi Bay

sw of Milledgeville. Tou Holston r. nearly to the mouth of the Rio Grande. Knoxville, city, and cap. of Knox co. Tenn. Entire length about 120 m.; greatest breadth Kuoxville, pv. Jefferson co. 0. 140 E of Cs. perhaps 15 m. Kuoxville, pv. Knox co. Ind. 138 sw of Is. LAKE, Ip. Logan co. O. Knoxville, pv. cap. of Knox co. III. 100 wnw Lake, pi. Sturk co. O. 131 ne of Cs. of Springfield.

Lake, ip. Wayne co. O. on Mohiccanr. Knoxville, pv. Ray co. Mo. 156 www Jer.City Lake C. H. Ind. See CROWX Poixt. KOOTANAi or KOOTANYE (koo-la-ll') Indians, LAKE LANDING, pv. cap. of Hyde co. N. C.

a tribe in the E part of Oregon, dwelling on on Mattimuskeet Lake. the banks of M'Gillivray's river.

LAKE PLEASANT, pv. cap. of Hamilton co. KORTWRIGHT, pl. Delaware co. N.Y. on De N.Y. on Lake Pleasant. la ware river.

LAKE PROVIDENCE, pv. cap. of Carroll par KosCIĽSKO, pv. cap. of Allala co. Miss. on La, on the Mississippi river.

In ot' Is Yockonockony r. (co. Pa. 100 ENE OH. LAKETON, pv. Wabash co, Ind. on Eel r. 101 KREIDERSVILLE, kri'ders-vil, pv. Northampton LAKEVILLE, v. Queen's co. N.Y. 20E N.York. KULER, tp. Van Buren co. Mich.

Lakeville, pv. Oakland co. Mich. 43 NW of D. KUTZTOWN, borough, Berks co. Pa. 69 E of H. LA-MAR', pi. Clintou co. Pa.

Lamar, a co. in the x part of Texas, borderLA BACA. See LA VACCA.

ing on Red river. It is mostly woodland : LACKAWANNA r. Pa. enters the Susquehanna soil, especially in the x and middle portions, at Pittstown.

very rich. Capital, Paris. Lackawanna, pl. Luzerne co. Pa. [cos. Pa. Lamar, a v. of Refugio co. Texas, on Aran. LICKAWANNOC Mts. in Luzerne and Wayne sas Bay, opposite to Aransas, 160 m. s of LAKAWANNOCK, tp. Mercer co. Pa. 6 sw of Austin.

(nw of Tu. Mercer.

(in Pike co. LAMBERTSVILLE, pv. Hunterdon co. N.J. 15 LACKAWAXEN r. Pa flows into the Delaware Lanibertsville, pv. Monroe co. Mich.70 sw D. Lackawaxen, pt. Pike co. Pa, on Delaware 1. LA MINE r. Mo. Aows into the Missouri. LACON, py, cap. of Marshall co. II. on I. r. LA MOILLE r. Vt. flows into Lake Champlain. LACONIA, pv. Harrison co. Ind. 147. of Is. LA Mort, i. Vt. in Lake Champlain. (river. LADIESBURG, pv. Frederick co. Md. 80 nw of LAMPETER, Ip. Lancaster co. Pa. on Conestoga Annapolis

LAMPETER SQUARE, pv. Lancaster co. Pa. 43 LAFARGEVILLE, py. Jef. co. N.Y. 182 NW Al.

SE of Harrisburg (into the Piscalaqua r. LA FAYETTE, pv. Onondaga co. N.Y. 130 w LAMPREY r. N. H. flows through Great Bay of Albany.

[kill r. LANCASTER, pv. cap. of Coos co. N. H. near La Fayette, pv. Sussex co. N. J. on Paulins. Connecticut river. La Fayette, pv. Montg. co. Va. 188 w of R. Lancaster, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 36 w of B. La Fayette, pv. cap. of Walker co. Ga. on Lancaster, pt. Erie co. N.Y. on Cayuga cr.

Chaitonga river, 200 xw of Milledgeville. Lancaster, Pa See GAZETTEER. ($3 e of R. La Fayette, pv. cap. of Chambers co. Ala. Lancaster C. H.pv. cap. of Lancaster co. Va. 160 E of Tuscaloosa.

Lancaster C. H. pv. cap. of Lancaster dist. La Fayette, city and cap. of Jefferson par. LA. S. C. 72 NXE of Columbia. 2 w of New Orleans.

(Ark. | Lancaster, pv. Smith co. Tenn. 60 SE of Ne. la Fayette C. H. pv. cap. of La Fayetie co. Lancaster, pv. cap. of Garrard co. Ky.57 s F. La Fayette, pv. Christian co. Ky. 220 sw F. Lancaster, pv. cap. of Fairfield co. 0. 30 SE La Fayelle, pv. Madison co. 0. 22 w of Cs. of Columnbus. la Fayette, ip. Medina co. O.

Lancaster, pv. Jefferson co. Ind. 74 sse of Is. La Fayette, ip. Van Buren co. Mich.

Lancaster, pv. Morgan co. III. 24 sw of sd. La Fayette, pv. cap. of Tippecanoe co. Ind. Lancaster, pv. cap. of Grant co. Wis. 96 waw on the Wabash river.

of Madison. LAFOURCHE r. la. See GAZETTEER.

LANDAFF, pt. Grafton co. N. H. 81 xw of Cd. LA GRANGE, pt. Penobscot co. Me. 97 NYE A. LANDGROVE, pt. Benningtonco.Vt. 98 s of Mir. La Grange, tp. Dutchess co. N.Y.

LANDISBURG, pv. Perry co. Pa. 30 w of H. La Grange, pv. Randolph co. N. C. 92 w Rh. LANDRE, ST. v. La. See OPELOUSAS. (of B. La Grange, pv. cap. of' Troup co. Ga. 120 W LANESBOROUGII, pt. Berkshire co. Mass. 135 w of Milledgeville.

Lanesborough, pv. Anson co.N.C. 155 sw Rh. la Grange, pv. Franklin co. Ala. 136 n of T. LANESVILLE, pv. Randolpli co. N. C. 60 w Rh. La Grange, pv. Fayette co. Tenn. 181 sw Ne. Lanesville, pv. Harrison co. Ind. 135 s of Is. La Grange, pv. cap. of Oldham co. Ky. on LANGDON, pi. Sullivan co. N. H. 59 w of Cd. the Ohio river.

LANGUILLE, pt. St. Francis co. Ark.
la Grange, pt. Lorain co. O. 110 NNE of Cs. LANIER, pv. cap. of Macon co. Ga. on Flintr.
La Grange, pt. Cass co. Mich. on Putnam'scr. LANSFORD, pv. Chester dist. S.C. on Cataw-
La Grange, pv. Henry co. III. 131 x of Sd. ba river.
La Grange, pv. Lewis co. Mo. on the Miss. T. LANSING, ip. Tompkins co. N.Y.on Salmon cr.
La Grange, cap. of Fayette co. Texas, on LANSIXGBURG, pv. Rensselaer co.N.Y.on the
the leri bank of the Colorado, 65 m. se of Hudson river, 10 NNE of Albany.
Austin. Pop. 350.

LANSINGVILLE, pv. Tompkins co. N.Y.
Lagro, pt. Wabash co. Ind. 91 N of Is. LAPEER, pv. cap. of Lapeer co. Mich. 60 x D.
LAGUNA, lah-gon'na, a sea-porl of Mexico, i LAPLAND, pv. Buncombe co. N. C. 275 w Rh.

on Carmen 1. 350 m, s by E of Vera Cruz. LA PORTE, pv. cap. of La Porte co. Ind. 145
Mahogany and log wood are exported to n of Indianapolis.
the United States.

LAPUTA, pv. Shelby co. Ky. 10 w of F,
LAGUNA DEL MADRE, lah-goo'nă del mad'. LA REDO, lah-rä'do, a v. of San Patricio co.

ray, an extensive lagoon on the coast of Texas, on the E side of the Rio del Norte,

at the crossing of the San Antonio and Lebanon, tp. Wayne co. Pa.

Saltillo road. Pop. 500, nearly all Mexicans. Lebanon, pv. cap. of Russell co. Va 35
LARKINSVILLE, pv. Jackson co. Ala. 176 NE T. Lebanon, pv. Abbeville dist. S. C.
LARNER, tp. Preble co. 0.

Lelanon, pv. Cobbco. Ga.on Chattahoocheer.
LA SALLE, pl. Monroe co. Mich. 42 ssw of D., Lebanon, pv. cap. of De Kalb co. Ala 112
La Salle, pv. La Salle co. III. 133 xXE of Sd. of Tuscaloosa

(Litue Rock LATIMORE, Ip. Adams co. Pa. 15 NE of Get- Lebanon, pv. cap. of Searcy co. Ark. So tysburg

Lebanon, pv. cap. of Wilson co. Tenn. Ss LAUGHERY, tp. Dearborn co. Ind.

of Nashville. laughery, pv. Ripley co. Ind. 70 se of Is. Lebanon, pv. cap. of Marion co. Ky. 60 SF. LAUGHLINTOwx, pv. Westmoreland co. Pa. Lebanon, ip. Meigs co. O. on Ohio r. LAUREL, pv. Sussex co. Del. 52 s of Dover. Lebanon, pv. cap. of Warren co. O. 85 Laurel, pv. Franklin co. Ind. 57 ESE of Is. of Columbus, LAUREL Mts. extend from Pa. across Va. to I Lebanon, pv. cap. of Boune co. Ind. 25 w Is

Ky. w of the maig Alleghany range. Lebanon, pv. St. Clair co. Ill. 70 s of Su. Laurens, pt. Otsego co. N. Y. 15 sw of Coo. Lebanon, pv. Boone co. Mo. 46 x or Jef. Criy. perstown

(NW of Ca. LE BEUF, ip. Erie co. Pa. Laurens C. H. pv.cap. of Laurens disi. S.C.70 LEVYARD, pi. New London cò. Conn. 47 st Hd. LAUSANNE, pt. Northampton co. Pa, on Le- Ledyard, pt. Cayuga co. N.Y. 170 w of Al. high river.

LEE, pl. Penobscoi co. Me. 125 xx of A. LA Vacca or LA BACA, lah vackă (see Intro- Lee, pl. Strafford co. N. H 38 B of Cd.

duction XXVII. 4), Bay, Texas, an arm Lee, pi. Berkshire co. Mass on Houstonie r of Matagorda Bay.

Lee, pt. Oneida co. N.Y. 114 WNW of Al.
LA VACCA r. flows into the above.

Lee, pt. Athens co. 0.81 ss of Cs.
LAWRENCE, ip. St. Lawrence co. N.Y. 25' Lee, ip. Calhoun co. Mich.
NE of Canton.

LEECHVILLE, pv. Beaufort dist. S. C. 165 s Ca. Lawrence, ip. Mercer co. N. J. 6 NE of Tn. LEEDS, pt. Kennebec co. Me. 21 w of A. Lawrence, tp. Clearfield co. Pa.

Leeds, pv. Greene co. N.Y. 38 sw of Al. Lawrence, tp. Tioga co, Pa. on Tioga r. LEEDS Point, PP. Ailantic co. N. J. 86 ssg 'TA. Lawrence, ip. Stark co. O. on the Ohio canal. LEEDSVILLE, pv. Monmouth co. N. J. 49 E TO. Lawrence, tp. Tuscarawas co. 0. (rietta. Leedsville, pv. Randolph co. Va. 213 sw R. Lawreuce, pi. Washington co. O. 9 NE 01 Ma. LEESBURG, pv. Cumberland co. N. J. on MasLawrence, tp. Van Buren co. Mich.

rice river. Lawrence, ip. Marion co. Ind.

Leesburg, pv. cap. of Loudon co. Va. 150 x
LAWRENCEBURG, pv. Armstrong co. Pa, on of Richmond, near the Potomac.
Alleghany river.

(12 s of F. Leesburg, pv. Cherokee co. Ala. 140 NE Of T. Lawrenceburg, pv. cap. of Anderson co. Ky. Leesbury, pv. Washington co. Tenn. Lawrenceburg, pv. cap, of Lawrence co. Leesburg, pv. Harris in co. Ky. 27 xe of F. Tenn. 75 ssw of Nashville,

leesburg, pv. Highland co. 0. 61 SW of Cs. Lawrenceburg, pv. cap. of Dearborn co. Ind. Leesburg, pv. Kosciusko co. Ind. 130 x of Is. on Ohio river.

(230 xxw of Al. Leesburg, pv. Winnebago co. III. 900 s or Sd. LAWRENCEVILLE, pv. St. Lawrence co. N.Y. LEESVILLE, pv. Schoharie co. N.Y; Lawrenceville, pv: Mercer co. N.J.6 N Tn. Leesville, pv. Campbell co. Va, on Siguntonr. Lawrenceville, borough, Alleghany co. Pa. Leesville, pv. Robeson co. N. C. 100 ssw Rh. on Alleghany river.

Leesville, pv. Lexington dist. S. C.: w of Ca. Lawrenceville, pv. Tioga co. Pa. on Tioga r. | Leesville, pv. Choctaw co. Miss. 125 xx* J. Lawrenceville, pv.cap. of Brunswick co. Va. Leesville, pv. Hart co. Ky. 100 sw of F. 73 ssw of Richmond.

Leesville, py. Carroll co. 0. 115 ENE of Cs.
Lawrenceville, pv. cap. of Montgomery co. Leesville, pv. Lawrence co. Ind. 78 s of Is.

N. C. on Yadkin river. (84 nw of M. LEESVILLE Cross Roads, pv. Richland co. U
Lawrenceville, pv. cap. of Gwinnett co. Ga. 74 x of Columbus.
Lawrenceville, pv. cap. of Monroe co. Ark. 75 LEETOWN, pv. Jefferson co. Va. 177 x of R.
E of Little Rock.

(on Embarrass r. LEE VALLEY, pv. Hawkins co. Tenn. 256 x Xe. Lawrenceville, pv. cap. of Lawrence co. III. LEIGH, tp. Northampton co. Pa. on Lebighr. LAWTONVILLE, pv. Beaufort disl. S. C. 120 s LENGHTON, pv. Northampton co. Pa. 35 wsW of Columbia.

(of Al.

of Easton.
LAWYERSVILLE, pv. Schoharie co. N.Y. 44 W LEHMAN, pl. Luzerne co. Pa. 120 NSE OP H.
LEACOCK, pt. Lancaster co. Pa. 44 Esk of H. Leliman, ip. Pike ro. Pa.
LEAKESVILLE, pv. Rockingham co. N. C. on LEICESTER, pt. Addison co. Vt. 73 ssw of Mir.
Dan river.

Leicester, pt. Worcester co. Mass. 18 w of B.
Leakesville, pv. Newton co. Ga. 49 Nw of M. Leicester, ip. Livingston co. N.Y. on Gene-
Leakesville, pv. cap. of Greene cu. Miss. on see river.
Chickasa wla river.

LEIPERSVILLE, pv. Dela ware co. Pa.
LEASBURG, pv. Caswell co. N. C. 64 xw Rh. LEIPSIC, pv. Kent co. Del. (nt of An.
LEAVEYWORTH, pv. Crawiord co. Ind. on the LEITERSBURG, pv. Washington co. Md. 107
Obio river

LEMINGTON, pl. Essex co. VI. on Conn. r.
LEBANON, pt. York co. Me. on Salmon Falls r. LEMON, ip. Butler co. (.
Lebanon, pt. Grafton co. N. H. 4 . Hanover. ! LEMPSTER, pt. Sullivan co. N. H. 40 w Cd.
Lebanon, pi. New London co. Conn. 30 ESE LENOIR, pv. cap. Caldwell co. N.C. on Yad-
of Hartford.

kin river.

{w of B
Lebanon, pl. Madison co. N.Y. on Chenango LENOX, pv. cap. of Berkshire co. Mass. 130
Lebanon, pt. Hunterdon co. N. J. 40 n of Tn. Lenox, pi. Madison co. N.Y. 120 wsw of Al
Lebanon, borough, cap. of Lebanon co. Pa. Lenox, pt. Susquehanna co. Pa.
21 E of Harrisburg

Lenox, pt. Ashtabula co. O. 15 s of Ashtabula

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LEOGANE, la n-gan', a sea-port on the n coast | Lexington C. H. Lexington dist. S. C. 12 w of Ilayti, 25 m. w of Pori-au-Prince. [of B. of Colombia

[x of M. LEOMINSTER, pl. Worcester co. Max. 44 www Lexington, pv. cap. of Oglethorpe co. Ga. 70 Leox, pt. Caliaraugus co, N.Y.

Lexington, pv. Lauderdale co. Ala. 158 x T. Lenn (Sp. pron, lay-one'), a handsome 1. of Lexington, pv. cap. of Holmes co. Miss. 62 Mexico, 35 m. wxw of Guanaxuate),

of Jackson.

(on Beech r. LEOXARDS, Sr. pv. Calvert co. Md. 56 s or An. Lexington, pv.cap. of Henderson co. Tenn. LEONARDSTOWN, pv. cap. of St. Mary's co. Lexington, Ky. See GAZETTEER. Md. 87 s of An.

(Unadilla r. Lexington, pv. Richland co. 0. 56 NNE of Cs. LEONARDSVILLE, pv. Madison co. N. Y. on Lexington, ip. Stark co. O. LEONI, pl. Jackson co. Mich. 70 w at D. Lexington, ip. St. Clair co. Mich. LEONIDAS, Ip. St. Joseph co. Mich. (town. Lexington, pv. cap. of Scoli co. Ind. 90 s Is. LE RAY, 1p. Jefferson co. N.Y.8 NE of Water. Lexington, pv. M'Lean co. Ili. 90 NE of Sd. LE RAYSVILLE, pv. Jefferson co. N.9. 160 NW Lexington, pv. cap. of La Fayette co. Mo. of Albany

about a miles of Missouri river.
Le Raysville, pv. Bradford co. Pa. 150 x of I1. Leyden, pl. Franklin co. Mass. 100 wnw of B.
Le Roy, pl. Genesee co. N.Y. on Allen's er. Leyden, pt. Lewis co. N.Y. 120 nw of Al.
Le Roy, v. Otsego co. N.Y.

LIBERTY, pl. Waldo co. Me. 20 E of A.
Le Roy, pl. Bradford co. Pa. 140 N of II. Liberty, v. Steuben co. N.Y.
Le Roy, ip. Lake co. 0. 4 NE of Chardon. Liberty, pt. Sullivan co. N.Y.
Le Roy, ip. Calhoun co. Mich.

Liberty, ip. Adams co. Pa.
Le Roy, ip. Ingham co. Mich.

Liberty, ip. Columbia co. Pa. LESLIE, pi. Ing ham co. Mich. 89 w of D. Liberty, ip. M'Kean co. Pa. LETART, tp. Meigs co. O. on Ohio r.

Liberty, ip. Susquehanna co. Pa. LETART's Falls, pv. Meigs co. O. on Ohio r. Liberty, pt. Tioga co. Pa. 120 n of H. LETCHER, pv. cap. or Leichier co. Ky. 147 se F. Liberiy, pv. cap. of Bedford co. Va. 140 w R. LETTER A, tp. Aroostook co. Me.

Liberty, pv. Hall co. Ga. 130 NNW of M. Letter A, tp. Oxford co. Me.

Liberty, pv. cap. of Amite co. Miss. on an LETTER B, pt. Oxford co. Me. on Umbagog L. affluent of Amite river. LETTERKENNY, tp. Franklin co. Pa. 7 sw of Liberty, pl. Pope co. Ark. 93 nw Little Rock. Chambersburg

Liberty, pv. De Kalb co. Tenn. 50 E of Ne. LETIMBERVILLE, pv. Marion co. 0.56 N of Cs. Liberiy, pv. cap. of Casey co. Ky. on Green r. LEVANXA, pv. Cayuga co. N.Y. on Cayuga L. Liberty, ip. Adams co. O. LEVANT, pi. Penobscot co. Me. 80 NNE Of A. Liberty, ip. Clinton co. O. LEVERETT, pt. Franklin co. Mass. 83 w of B. Liberty, tp. Fairfield co. 0. Lewis, pl. Essex co. N.Y. 130 ~ of Al. Liberty, ip. Highland co. O. Lewis, tp. Lycoming co. Pa.

Liberty, pv. Montg. co. 0. 7 w of Dayton. lewis, pv. Sussex co. Del. 45 s of Dover. Liberty, pt. Jackson co. Mich. 80 w of D. Lewis, pl. Brown co. O. 120 sw of Cs. [Del. Liberiy, ip. Henry co. Ind. LEWIS AND REHOBOTH, hundred, Sussex co. Liberty, pv. cap. of Union co. Ind. 72 E of Is. LEWISBERRY, pv. York co. Pa. 17 $ of H. Liberty, pv. Adams co. III. 90 w of Sd. LEWISBOROUGH, pt. Westchester co. N.Y. on Liberty, pv. cap. of Clay co. Mo. 160 www of Croton river.

[quehanna r. Liberty, ip. Marion co. Mo. (Jef. City. LEWISBURG, borough, Union co. Pa. on Sus- Liberty, a co. in the se part of Texas, interLewisburg, pv. cap. of Greenbrier co. Va, 214 sected by Trinity r., and bordering on Galw of Richmond.

(the Arkansas r. veston Bay. The soil in the southern part Lewisburg, pv. cap. of Conway co. Ark. on is generally light and sandy ; but it imLewisburg, pv. cap. of Marshall co. Term. 54 proves as we advance towards the north : & Of Nashville.

(Greenr. near the Trinity it is very fertile, but liable Lewisburg, pv. Mecklenburg co. Ky on to inundation, Lewisburg, pv. Preble co. 0. 07 w of Ćs. Liberiy, a v. of Texas, cap. of the above co., Lewisburg, pv. Cass co. Ind. on Wabaslı r. on the E or left bank of the Trinity r., 60 m. LEWISPORT, py. Harrison co. Va, 20 yw R. N of Galveston. Pop. 200. [of An. LEWISTOX, N.Y. See GAZETTEER.

LIBERTY 'Towx, pv. Frederick co. Md. 70 W LEWISTOWX, pt. Lincoln co. Me. 31 sw Of A. LIBERTYVILLE, Pv. Ulster co. N.Y. 78% of Al. Lewistown, brougb, cap. of Millin co. Pa. Libertyville, pv. Sussex co. N. J. 90 x of Tn. on Juniata river.

LICKING r. Ky flows into the Ohio at NewLewistowni, Va. See LUXENBURG C. II. pori, opposite Cincinnati. Lewistów:1, pv. Lgan cm. 0. on Miami Licking r. o. one of the principal branches lewistun. pv. cap. of f'ulion co. III. 55 xw of the Muskingum river. of Springfield.

Licking, ip. Licking co. O. LEWISVILLE, pv. Indiana cn. Pa. 170 wxw I. LICKING CR. 1p. Bedford co. Pa. (of Ca. Lewisville, pv. Brunswick co. Va. 42 s of R. LICKVILLE, pv. Greenville dist. S. C. 106 NW Lewisville, pv. Chester dist. S. C. Olx of Ca. LIGOS!ER, pi. Wesimureland co. Pa. Lewisville, pv. cap. of la Fayette co. Ark. LILESVILLE, pv. Anson co. N. C. 140 sw Rh 160 sw of Lintle Rock.

LIMA, pt. Livingston co. X.Y. 213 w of Al. Lewisville, pv. Monroe co: O.

Lima, pv. Delaware co. Pa. 88 ESE of H. Lewisville, pv. Henry co. Ind. 42 E of Is. Lim'ı, pv. cap. of Allen co. O. on Ottawa r. LEXINGTOX, pt. Somerset co. Me. C2 x or A. 100 NW of Columnbns. Lexington, Mass. See GAZETTEER. (kill. Lima, pi. Washtenaw co. Mich. 50 w of D. Lexington, pl. Greene co. NY. 28 w of Cais. Lima, pv. Adams co. III. 122 w of Su. Lexington, Va. See GAZETTEER.

Lima, pv. cap. of La Grange co. Ind. on PiLexington, pv. cap. of Davidsonco.N.C. ncar gron river. Abboil's creek.

LIMANVILLE, pv. Stark co. O. 144 NE of Cs.

LIMERICK, Pt. York co. Me. 76 sw Of A. LITTLE FORT, pv. cap. of Lake co. IIL on L.
Limerick, pv. Jefferson co. N.Y. on Perch r. Michigan.
Linierick, pt. Montg. co. Pa. on Schuylkill r. LITTLE MAHAKOT, tp. Northumberland co. PR.
LIME Rock, pv. Providence co. R. I. 10 s or LITTLE PLYMOUTH, pv. King and Queen co.

(of H.

Va. 60 E of Richmond.
LIMESTONE, pv. Armstrong co. Pa. 154 WNW LITTLE T. Ga. flows into the Savannah.
Limestone, ip. Clinton co. Pa. (Danville. | Little r. Ky. flows into the Cumberland.
Limestone, ip. Columbia co. Pa. 10 xw of | Little r. Ind. flows into the Wabash.
Limestone, tp. Lycoming co. Pa.

LITTLE Rock, city, and cap. of Pulaski co. Limestone, tp. Warren co, Pa.

Ark. on the Arkansas.

Los Cs. LINARES, le-nah'res, a small t. of Mexico, on LITTLE SANDUSKY, Py. Crawford co. 0. 56

the r. Tigre, 50 or 60 mn. below Monterey. LITTLESTOWN, pv. Adams co. Pa. 42 gw of H. LIMINGTON, pt. York co. Me. on Saco r. LITTLETON, pt. Grafton co. N. H. on Conn. r. LINCOLN, pt. Penobscot co. Mc. on Penob- Littleton, pi. Middlesex co. Mass. 26 wxw B. scot river.

Littleton, pv. Halifax co. N. C. 78 NE of Rh. Lincoln, pt. Grafton co. N. H. 62 n of Cd. LITTLE VALLEY, pt. Cartaraugus co. N.Y. on Lincoln, pt. Addison co. Vt. 55 gw of Mir. Alleghany river. Lincoln, pt. Middlesex co. Mass. 16 w of B. LITTLEVILLE, v. Livingston co. N.Y. Lincoln, pv. Yazoo co. Miss. on Yazoo r. LIVERMORE, pt. Oxford co. Me. 30 w of A. Lincoln, pt. Delaware co. O. 44 x of Cs. LIVERPOOL, pv. Onondaga co. N.Y. on OnonLincoln, pv. Macoupin co. III. 60s of Sd. daga Lake LINCOLNTox, pv. cap. of Lincoln co. N. C.on Liverpool, boro' and tp. Perry co. Pa. 30 x H. Liule Catawba r.

[of M. Liverpool, pt. Medina co. O. on Rocky r. Lincolnton, pv. cap. of Lincoln co. Ga. 98 NE Liverpool, pv. Lake co. Ind. 160 xxw of Is. LINCOLNVILLE, pt. Waldo co. Me. 10 s Belfust. Liverpool, v. of Brazoria co. Texas, 35 w of LINDEN, pv. cap. of Marengo co. Ala. 80 s T. Galveston. LINDLEY, tp. Sieuben co. N.Y. 25 se of Bath. Liverpool, a sea-port t. of Nova Scotia, 75 m. LINDSAYVILLE, pv. Oswego co. N. Y. 174 sw of Halifax, on a little bay which forms WNW of Albany.

an excellent harbour. LINE LEXINGTON, pv. Bucks co. Pa. 93 E of H. | LIVINGSTON, pt. Columbia co. N.Y.37 sof Al. LINGLESTOWN, pv. Dauphin co. Pa. 8 NNE H. Livingston, pi. Essex co. N. J. 9 w Newark. LINKLAEN, pt. Chenango cn. N.Y. 122 w Al. Livingston, pv. cap. of Sumter co. Ala. 68 LINNEUS, pt. Aroostook co. Me. 8 sw Houlton. sw of Tuscaloosa, Linneus, pv. cap. of Linn co. Mo. 136 nw of Livingston, pv. Madison co. Miss. 22 x of J. Jefferson City:

Livingston, pv. Madison co. Ark. LINNVILLE, pv. Licking co. 0. 35 E of Cs. Livingston, pv. Overton co. Tenn. 96 E of Ne. Linuville, pv. Jefferson co. Mo. 112 E Jef. City. Livingston, pv. Livingston co. Mich. 46 www LINTON, tp. Coshocton co. O.

of Detroit. LIONVILLE, py. Chester co. Pa. 70 E of H. Livingston, pv. Clarke co. III. 19 Ess of Sd. Lisbon, pt. Lincoln co. Me. 33 ssw of A. LIVINGSTONVILLE, pv. Schoharie co. N.Y. 43 Lisbon, pt. Grafton co. N. H. 90 xxw of Cd. w of Albany.

[neseo. Lisbon, pt. New London co. Conn. 7 N of Livonia, pt. Livingston co. N.Y. 8 E of GeNorwich

(Canton Livonia, pt. Wayne co. Mich. 16 sw of Lisbon, pt. St. Lawrence co. N.Y. 10 w of Livonia, pv. Washington co. Ind. 104 s of Is. Lisbon, pv. Anne Arundel co. Md.56 xw An. LOCKBOURNE, pv. Franklin co. 0.11 s of Cs. Lisbon, pv. Bedford co. Va. 150 w of R. Locke, pt. Cayuga co. N.Y. 20 s of Auburn. Lisbon, v. cap. of Calcasieu par. La. on Cal. Lock Haven, pv. cap. of Clinton co. Pa, on casieu river.

the Susquehanna river. Lisbon, pv. La Salle co. III. 154 NNE of Sd. LOCKPORT, N.Y. See GAZETTEER. Lisbon, tp. Milwaukie co. Wis.

Lockport, pv. Erie co. Pa 260 NW of H. LISBURN, pv. Cumberland co. Pa. 9 sw of H. Lockpori, pv. Wilson co. Tenn. on CumberLisburn, pv. Sampson co. N. C.

land river. LISLE, pt. Broome co. N.Y.on Toughniogar. Lockport, pv. Williams co. O. 170 yw of Cs. Lisle, pv. Gasconade co. Mo. 10 se of Jeffer- Lockport, pv. Carroll co. Ind. on the Wason City.

bash river. LITCHFIELD, pt. Kennebec co. Me. 11 ssw A. Lockport, pv. Will co. III. 170 XE of Si. Litchfield, tp. Hillsboro' co. N. H. 30 s of Cd. | Lock's VILLAGE, pv. Franklin co. Mass. 80 Litchfield, Conn. See GAZETTEER.

w of Boston. Litchfield, pt. Herkimer co. N.Y.83 www Al. LOCKWOOD, pv. Sussex co. N. J. 62 x of Tn. Litchfield, pt. Bradford co. Pa. (of F. Lodi, v. Catiaraugus co. N.Y. Litchfield, pv. cap. of Grayson co. Ky. 109 sw Lodi, pi. Seneca co. N.Y. on Seneca Lake. Litchfield, pt. Medina co. 0. 113 E of Cs. Lodi, tp. Bergen co. N. J. 5 sw Hackensek Litchfield, pt. Hillsdale co. Mich.

Lodi, pv. Abbeville dist. S. C. 74 w of Ca. Lituorolis, pv. Fairfield co. O. 17 sk of Cs. Lodi, pv. Jackson co. Tenn. 100 ENE of Ne. Liriz, lit'its, pv. Lancaster co. Pa. 45 ESE H. Lodi, pv. Medina co. 0. 114 Ne of Cs. LITTLE BEAVER, tp. Beaver co. Pa.

Lodi, pt. Washienaw co. Mich. 43 w of D. LITTLE BRITAIX, tp. Lancaster co. Pa. 20 SE LOGAN, tp. Clinton co. Pa. of Lancaster.

(of Providence. Logan 'C. H. pv. cap. of Logan co. Va, on LITTLE COMPTON, pt. Newport co. R. I. 38 SSE Guyandotte r. 350 w of Richmond. (berg. LITTLE CR. hundred, Kent co. Del. Little Cr. hundred, Sussex co. Del.

Logan, pv. Carter co. Ky. 15 & of CailertsLITTLE Falls, pv. Herkimer co. N.Y. on the Logan, pi. Dearborn co. Ind. 87 SE of Is.

Logan, pv.cap. of Hocking co. 0.47 se of C Erie canal. Little Falls, pv. Passaic co. N.J. on Passaic r. 1

LOGANSPORT, pv. cap. of Cass co. Ind. on the

Wabash river.

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