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&c. intended to be trans

or, &c. for cer

riving from any foreign port or place, baving on board distilled spirits, wines, spiriis, wipes, or leas, olher than sea stores, intended to be trans. ported from one port in the United States 10 anoi her port in the

ported from said United States, wheider in the same, or in differeni, districts, port to port, previous to the departure of such ship or vessel froin the port at

&c. to apply

to the survey• which slie shall first arrive, 10 apply to the surveyor, or officer acting as inspector of the revenue for the pori, for a certificale tificate, &c. of the quanviy and parriculars of such spiriis, wines, or reas, as sliall have been certified, or reported, to him to have been in). ported in such ship or vessel, and of the quantity and particulars of such spiriis, wines, or leas, its shall appear to bave been landed out of such ship at such port ; which cerificate ihe surveyor The surveyor or inspector of the revenue shall forili with granı; and the mas. to grant certific ter, or person having the charge or command of such ship or

cale, which the

master is to vessel, shall, within twenty-four hours afier her arrival at the deliver at the pore to which she shall be bound, deliver the said certificate to port to which the surveyor or person acting as inspector of the revenue, of such he is bound, last mentioned port; and if such ship or vessel shall proceed 500 dolls. spifrom one port to another within the United States, with the rits, &c. forwhole or any part of the spiriis, wines, or teas, brought in her as feited, for proaforesaid, without having first obtained such certificate, or if, out certificate, within twenty-four hours afier ber arrival at such other pori, the &c. said certificate shall not be delivered to the surveyor or inspecfor, as asoresaid, the master, or person having the charge or com. mand of the said ship or vessel, shall, in either case, forfeit the sum of five hundred dollars, and the spirits, wines, or teas, on board her, shall be forfeited and may be seized. And the form of the said certificate shall be as follows: District of Office of inspection for the port of -- I certify, that the wiibin is a form of intrue copy of the report made to me of disiilled spirits, wines, and spector's cer. leas, imported in the [inseri the name and denoinination of the lificate for spi.

rils, wines, vesselj built in there insert where built in the United States, or and teas, to wbal foreign nation belonging) burihen [here insert the ton- transported nage of the vessel] whereof (here insert the name of the master) from port to from [here insert the foreign port from which the vessel lasi port. sailed] bound 10 [here inseri the port or poris to which destined in the United States.] That no part of the said spiriis, wines, or teas, hath been unladen or landed at this port (or, as the case may require,) that there have been landed ai this pori, in pursuance of permits for ibal purpose, the following quantities, lo wit : (here insert the marks, number, description of packages, casks, chesis, kinds, and quantities, of all spirits, wines, and teas, landed at ihe port of inspection, agreeably to the form prescribed for the report) and no other or greater quantities than are above expressed : (or,) that all the said spirits, wines, and leas, have been duly landed in this district, except the following, the duties whereof are to be paid, or secured to be paid, in the district of [insert the district of destination, and enumerate the marks, numbers, description of casks, chests, or other packages, kinds, and quantities, of all spirits, wines, and teas, which remain on board.) Wiiness my hand, the day and year aforesaid.

A B, inspector of the revenue for the port of - And Surveyors, &c. each and every surveyor, or officer acting as inspector of the re

to certify deli. veries of spic

ter the mas

rits, &c, in

venue, for any port at which a ship or vessel may arrive with a each case, &c. certificate as aforesaid, shall certify, in manner aforesaid, all de

liveries of spirits, wines, or teas, made at their respective ports, which certificale shall be annexed to the certificate granted at

the port of original inportation. Entry of

§ 36. That the owner or owners, consignee or consignees, of goods, &c. to any goods, wares, or merchandise, on board of any such ship or be made with: vessel, or, in case of his, her, or their, absence or sickness, his, in 15 days af.

her, or their, known agent or factor, in his, her, or their, names, ter's report,

within fifteen days after the report of the master, or person bav&c.

ing the charge or command of such ship or vessel, to the collector of the district for which such goods, wares, or merchandise, shall be destined, shall make entry thereof, in writing, with the said collector, and shall, in such entry, specify the vessel and waster's names in which, and the pori or place from whence, such goods, wares, or merchandise, were imported, the particular marks, numbers, denomination, and prime cost, including charges of each particular package or parcel whereof the entry shall consist, or, if in bulk, ihe quantity, quality, and prime cost, including charges thereof, particularly specifying the species of

money in which the invoices thereof are made out; and shall, The original also, produce to the said collector and naval officer (if any) the invoice to be original invoice or invoices of the said goods, wares, or merchanproduced,

dise, or other documents received in lieu thereof, or concerning signed, &c.

the same, in the same state in which they were received, with the bill or bills of loading for the same; which invoices shall be signed by the persons in the offices of the collector and naval officer, who shall have compared and examined the same; and the said entry or entries shall, as the nature of the case will ad.

mit or require, be agreeable to the form following, 10 wit : Entry Form of entry. of merchandise imported by [insert the name of the importer or

consignee) in the [insert the name and denomination of the vessel, and master's name from [insert the place froin which arriv. ed] [insert date of entry.]

Numbers, inclusive.

Quantity, per invoice, of articles

not subject to specific duties. Value of articles subject to spe

cific duties.

valorem. Value subject to 10 per cent. ad Packages and contents.

valorem Value subject to 125 per cent. ad

valorem. Value subject to 15 per cent. ad

valorem. Value subject to 20 per cent. ad

valorem. Value subject to 40 per cent. ad

Amount of free goods.

Charges not subject to duty.

Total amount per invoice.


; port of

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Provided, That the form before mentioned shall and may be va. The form of
ried, and adapted to any alterations which may be made in the the entry to
rates of duties upon goods, wares, and merchandise, hereafter to the rates of
be imported into the United States. And the entry or entries duties, &c.
to be made by any importer, consignee, or agent, as aforesaid, Entries to be
shall be verified by the oath or witirmation of the person making oath, &c.
the same; the form of which oath or affirmaiion shall, as the case
may require, be as follows, 10 wit : District of -

1, [here insert the name of the person making the entry] Form of the
do solemnly, sincerely, and truly, swear (or affirm) that the entry oath in case
now subscribed with my name, and delivered by me to the collector of entries, &c.
of [insert the name of the district] contains a just and true ac-
count of all the goods, wares, and merchandise, imported for sale,
or intended to be landed, in this district, for me or on my account,
or on account of any house of trade or partnership in which I am
concerned, in this district, or which actually came consigned to me,
or to any house of trade or partnership in which I am concerred,
or [if the entry be made by an ageni] imported by, or consigned lo
[insert the name of the person or firm for whom entry is made]
and intended for sale, or to be landed in this district, in the [insert
the name and denomination of the vessel] whercof [insert the
name of the master) is master, from [insert the name of the port
froin which the vessel arrived] that the said entry contains a just
and true account in [insert the denomination of money in which
the invoices and entry are made] of the cost thereof, including all
charges ; that the invoice or invoices, and bill or bills of loading,
now produced by me, are the true, genuine, and only invoices, and
bills of loading, by me received, of the said goods, wares, and mer-
chandise, imported or consigned as aforesaid, and the only invoices
by which I have been charged, or for which I am to account ; and
that the said invoices and bills of loading are in the actual slate in
which they were received by me, and that I do not know of any
other invoices or account of the said goods, wares, or merchandise,
different from what is or are here produced: I do further swear
(or affirın) that if I hereafter discover any other, or grealer, quanti-
ty of goods, wares, or merchandise, than is contained in the entry
aforesaid, or shall receive any invoice of the whole, or any part,
thereof, other in quantity, quality, and price, than has been now
exhibited, I will, immediately, and without delay, report the same
to the collector of this district : I also swear (or affirm) that nothing
has been concealed or suppressed in the entry aforesaid, whereby to
avoid the just payment of the duties imposed by the laws of the
United States, and that all mallers are justly and truly expressed
therein, according to my best knowledge and belief. So help me
God. Sworn (or affirmed) this — day of before A B,
colleclor. Provided, That whenever any eniry shall be made when entry is
with the collector of any district, of merchandise imported into made by an
the United States, subject to duty, by any agent, facior, or per-agent, &c. he
bon, other than the person to whom they belong, or lo whom with condition
they are ultimately consigned, it shall be ihe duty of the collec- to produce an
tor to take a bond, with surety, from such agent, factor, or per- account of the
son, (other than ihe bond or for securing the duties, in the penal šed, by the
eum of one thousand dollars) with condition that ihe bona fide


bond to be

agent, &c.

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owner or consignee of such goods, wares, or merchandise, shall, on or before the first day of payment siipulated in the bond or bonds for securing the duties, deliver, or cause to be delivered, 10 the said collector, a full and correct account of ihe said goods, wares, and merchandise, imported by him, or for bim, on his own account, or cousigned to his care, in the sanie manner and form as required by this section, in respect to an entry previous 1o the landing of any merchandise ; which account shall be ve. rified, as in the case of an entry, by a like oath or affirmation, 10 be taken and subscribed before any judge of the United States, or the judge of any court of record of a state, or before a colleclor of the customs of the same, or some other, district; and in case of the payment of the duties, at the time of entry, by any factor or ageni, on the goods, wares, or merchandise, entered by him, the condition of the bond aforesaid shall be to produce the account of the proper owner, or consignee, verified in manner

as before directed, within ninely days from the date of such Form of the bond. And the form of the said bond shall be as followe, lo wit :

Know all men by these presents, That we [here insert the names given by the

of the principal surely or sureries] are held and firmly bound
unto the United States of America, in the sum of one thousand
dollars, for the payment of wbich, well and truly to be made, we
bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators, jointly
and severally, by these presents. Witness our bands and seals,
day of

one ihousand seven hundred and ninety
Whereas the above bounded has this day duly en-
Tered at the customhouse of —, and (paid, or secured io be
paid, as the case may be) the duties on sundry goods, wares, and
inerchandise, imported in the [insert the denoinination and name
of the vessel] whereof [insert name) is master, from [insert port
or place where from] as particularly enumerated in the entry
Thereof, made and subscribed by the said — in behalf of (in-
sert the name or names of the person or persons, actual owners,
or consignees] bearing equal date herewith. The condition of
this obligation, therefore, is such, that if the said bounden
shall, on or before the

deliver, or cause to be delivered, to the collector of the customs for the district of insert name of the district where the bond is taken] a full and correct account from the said [insert name of the actual owner or consignee) of the aforesaid merchandise, imported by him on his own account, or consigned to his care, verified by ihe oath of the said be. ing ihe proper owner or consignee, in manner and form as would be required if he were personally present, taken before any judge of the United States, or of a court of record of a slate, or before the collector of any other district, then this obligation shall be null and void, otherwise it shall be and remain in full

force and virtue. Sealed and delivered in the presence of Where the Provided always, That where the particulars of any goods, wares, particulars,&c.

or merchandise, shall be unknown, in lieu of the entry herein. are unknown, entry to be

before directed to be made, an entry thereof shall be made and made accord. received according to the circumstances of the case, the party ing to the cire making the same declaring, upon oath, all that he or she knows

of the case, &c.

or believes concerning the quality and particulars of the said

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goods, wares, and merchandise, and that he or she hath no other
knowledge or information concerning the same; which entry, as Entry, in
well the first as the last, shall be made in writing, and shall be scribed, &c.
subscribed by the party making the same, if the proper owner or
consignee, in their own name, or, if by an ageni, factor, or per-
son, other than such owner or consignee, in his or their names,
as agenis or factors for such owner or consignee : Provided, That

In case of an in every case in which the entry of any goods, wares, or mer- imperfect en. chandise, shall be imperfect, for want of invoices, bills of load- try, &c. the ing, or for any other cause, it shall be the duly of the collector collector to to take the said goods, wares, and merchandise, into his custody, goods, &c. inuntil the quantity, quality, or value thereof, as the case may re- io custody, quire, can be ascerlained, in manner hereafter directed and until, &c. prescribed.

$37. That every importer of distilled spirits, wines, or leas, Importers of or person to whom distilled spirits, wines, or leas, are consigned, distilled spishall make a separate and additional entry thereof, specifying the reas, winemake name of the vessel, and master, in which, and the place from a separate and whence, such spirits, wines, or teas, were imported, together additional enwith the quantity and quality thereof, and a particular detail of try, &c. the chests, casks, or sessels, containing the same, with their marks and numbers; which entry shall be subscribed by the person making the same, for hinself, or in behalf of the person for whom such entry is made ; and shall be certified by the collec. The collector lor, before whom the same is made, as being a true copy, and to certify. conformable to the general entry before directed, in respect to all distilled spirits, wines, and reas, therein contained; which entry, thus certified, shall be transmitted to the surveyor, or offi- Certificd en. cer acting as inspector of the revenue, for the port where it is try to be intended to commence the delivery of such spirits, wines, or teas, transmitted to

the surveyor, 80 entered, or any part thereof: And every permit granted by &c. such collector and naval officer, where any, for the unlading of Permit to be said spiriis, wines, or reas, or any part thereof, shall, previous to produced to such landing or unlading thereof, be produced to the said officer the officer of

inspection, &c. of inspection, who shall record or register, in proper books, the Officer of incontents thereof, and shall endorse thereupon the word, " In- spection to respected,” the time wben, and his own name ;' after which he shall cord, endorse, return the said permit to the person by whom it shall have been Permit to be produced, and ihen, and not otherwise, il shall be lawful to land relurned, &c. ihe spirits, wines, or teas, therein specified; and if the said spi- 500 dolls, and rils, wines, or leas, shall be landed without such endorsement goods forfeited upon the permit granted for that purpose, the master, or other for landing person having the charge or command of ihe ship or vessel from spirits, &c. which the same shall bave been so landed, shall, for every such dorsement, offence, forfeit and pay the sum of five hundred dollars; and the &c. spirits, wines, or teas, so landed, shall be forfeited.

§ 38. That all distilled spirits, wines, and teas, shall be land. Spirits, wines, ed under the inspection of the surveyor, or other officer, acting landed under

and teas, to be as inspector of the revenue for the port, and such of the inspect the inspection ors of the customs as shall be deputed by him for that purpose, of the survey. and not otherwise, on pain of forfeiture ihereof, for which pur- or, &c. pose the said officer or officers shall, at all reasonable times, al- Officers to at. lend : Provided, That this shall not be construed to exclude the tond. Vol. I.


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