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* The judicious reader will perceive that the circumflex is simply the union of the two inflexions upon the same syllable ;-when it ends with the falling slide, as in this example, " spåre," it is denominated the falling circumflex ;' and when it terminates with the rising inflexion, as in “ Eliza," it is called the “ rising circumflex,” and necessarily commences with the falling inflection.

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* No respiration should be taken between the pronunciation of the preposition of, and the noun or adjective which precedes it: thus,

charms-of," « sensible-of,&c.

† Let it be remembered, that a noun in this case, when it precedes an adjective, counts as one, and requires a slight pause after it.

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* Whenever “ for” means “because," it is a conjunction, and requires a pause after it.

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