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Associates at Large.

Patrick Henry Hart, Harry Hough, George E. Bush, J. Moore Wilson. Society Fellows.

New York-John W. Abrahams, George E. Little, Ulysses L. Leonhauser, Thomas J. McFall, Warrel S. Pangborn, Frank A. Stevens, E. S. Suffern, C. H. Stocking, M. S. Moyer, A. G. Potter, Arthur B. Sinclair.

Illinois—W. E. Seatree, R. O. Berger, Albert W. Rugg.
Maryland-R. M. Browning.
Massachusetts—E. L. Pride.

California–J. W. Amrath, T. E. Atkinson, T. T. Atkinson, W. B. Dougherty, W. 0. Henn, F. Bromley Jansen, J. J. Rahill, C. V. Rowe, Chas. F. Thompson.

Michigan-J. J. Jerome.

Ohio-R. L. Cuthbert, T. R. Clark, H. W. Immke, F. F. White, Gerald L. DeVor, Theo. C. Ernst, A. C. Ernst, A. J. Horn, J. J. McKnight, R. J. McIntosh, W. J. Mead, Carl N. Nau, W. H. Tallis.

Missouri–A. Lowes Dickinson, R. O. Berger.
Georgia—Ralph Brown, Joel Hunter.
Colorado-Harry E. Muinix,

Minnesota-N. B. Hinckley, H. R. Hayden.
Society Associates.

Illinois-David J. Levi.

Massachusetts-Arthur T. Chase, Richard L. Harper, Orlando C. Moyer, Charles H. Pope, Gabriel Sanger, Walter C. Wrye.

Maryland-Andrew Hunter (fellow of Maryland Association).

Michigan-Norman E. Webster (fellow of Michigan Society); Fred Wixson, H. Ruple.

Ohio—B. T. Leister, N. F. Pettis, L. G. Rice, F. J. Shaffer, M. J. Wallace, Herman Wirth.

Missouri–E. Hurlbatt, T. E. Wharton.
Minnesota-H. J. Freeman.

Colorado-John H. Bradbury, Pope Clark, Elwood Fink, Jerome Flan. nery, E. J. Glenfell, H. H. Harris, E. B. Harper, C. F. Helwig, V. A. Henderson, John H. Lewis, Eben R. Prentice, Adolphus E. Stevens.

The total membership of the association at the present time is as follows: Fellows at large (original)......

92 Fellows at large (elected since January 10, 1905).




Associates at large (original).....
Associates at large (elected since January 10, 1905)...


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Society Members.

Fellows. Associates. Missouri


6 New Jersey

43 New York

124 Ohio





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....675 The board of trustees recommend the proposed amendments to the constitution and by-laws to the careful attention of the members.

They think it well to call the attention of the members especially to the proposed amendment to section 2(a) of Article 11 of the Constitution. The existing clause provides that the fellows shall consist of accountants who have been in continuous practice on their own account for at least three years previous to their application for membership. Members have on various occasions pointed out that this clause is defective in that it does not specify whether the three years practice must be immediately previous to their application for admission or may have been at any time previous.

The board regret to report the death on October 18, 1906, of Mark Coffin Mirick, at the age of 81 years, who was admitted a member of the American Association of Public Accountants on December 2, 1887, and was, at the time of his death, one of the honorary members.

The board have adopted a recommendation made by the committee on annual meeting, 1906, to the effect that the new officers and members of the board should not take up their official positions until the conclusion of the annual meeting on the morning of the third day of the convention, and that the last proceeding of the annual meeting be the induction of the new officers, who will then take over the administration of the association for the ensuing year and render their account of it at the annual meeting

in 1907

Mr. H. R. M. Cook appeared before the board and explained the circumstances under which his dues to the association had for many years past been set off against expenses incurred by him in furthering the New York certified public accountant legislation, and offered to accept in settlement of the balance of his claim for expenses a donation of $100 by the association to the library of the School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance in New York City. This offer of Mr. Cook was unanimously accepted as a final settlement.

Certain members whose dues were in arrears were reported to the board, and the executive committee were instructed to endeavor to collect payment thereof, and, if unsuccessful, were authorized to drop such members from the list on January I next.

A sum of $100 was voted to the chairman of the legislative committee for his expenses in attending meetings of the association in New York City in February last, and a sum of $18 was voted to Mr. Harvey S. Chase for his expenses in attending meetings of the committees of the association in New York.

The following claim was presented :Claim of the Society of Certified Public Accountants of the State of New

Jersey for a Refund of the Annual Dues to the American Association for Nine Months, Ending September 30, 1905.

“This society was admitted to membership of the American Association on February 1, 1905, immediately after the change in the constitution and by-laws, and paid dues for the period ending September 30, 1905. The other constituent societies joined the association on October 1, 1905. The State of New Jersey now claims that dues for the period ending September 30, 1905, should be remitted on the ground that it received no benefits from the association during that period.”

The claim of the society for refund of annual dues paid by them to the American Association of Public Accountants for nine months ending September 30, 1905, was considered, and the amount, namely, $123.34, was authorized to be repaid to that society.

The case of a fellow of the association admitted since the last halfyearly meeting by a correspondence vote of the board was considered on a report that there had been a misunderstanding as to his qualification, and on evidence being submitted that he was not qualified as a fellow at large of the association, the action of the board was rescinded and his name directed to be removed from the list of fellows.

The recommendation of the executive committee, that a further grant of $250 be made to the Accountancy Publishing Company in consideration of the fact that the reports of meetings of the association published in THE JOURNAL are now accepted in lieu of special reports to members, was adopted. The further recommendation that the annual subsidy for the future be increased to $500 per annum, to include reports of meetings of the board of trustees and of members, the publication once a year of a complete list of members and the publication each month of a list of officers, trustees and committees was also passed, with the clear understanding that notices sent to THE JOURNAL from time to time, dealing with matters of general interest to the profession, reports of official committees, etc., are to be treated as news items and published without charge.

The petition of the Associated Certified Public Accountants of California for a declaration that the State of California is not now represented in the American Association of Public Accountants by any society or body of California public accountants, and that the petitioner be elected a member of the association, was considered, and Messrs. McLaren, Herrick, Phillipps and Wright, the latter representing the petitioners as counsel, were admitted to the meeting to present their case. After hearing the counsel, reply was made by Mr. Alfred G. Platt, president of the California Association of Certified Public Accountants, who read abstracts from the minutes of his directors' meetings, at the conclusion of which the board of trustees of the American Association unanimously decided to refuse the petition.

Respectfully submitted,
(Signed) John R. Loomis, Chairman.

H. T. WESTERMANN, Acting Chairman.

Treasurer's Report. The report of the treasurer, dealing with the financial condition of the association and with its income and expenditure for the year ending September 30, 1906, was accepted and ordered printed as follows: Statement of Income and Expenses for Twelve Months from October 1, 1905, to

September 30, 1906.

EXPENDITURES. Assistant secretary's salary

$1,150.00 Stationery and printing

453.55 JOURNAL subsidy proportion

250.00 Copies JOURNAL distributed

113.70 Typewriter purchased

81.00 Treasurer's bond Postage, telegrams and sundries

432.97 Committee on insurance legislation

501.65 Expenses of meetings Excess income over expenses

1,000.19 $4,003.16



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Surplus account at Sept. 30, 1905
Balance received from federation





Cost of banquet Less: Sale of tickets



$766.36 Balance, former secretary's salary

27.00 Address to former secretary

13.75 Federation expenses

18.09 825.20

$964.72 Excess income over expenditures

1,000.19 Surplus at Sept. 30, 1906 Receipts, September, from sale of banquet tickets (to be applied

to October banquet expenses) Dues paid in advance


80.00 10.00


Respectfully submitted,

Guy H. KENNEDY, Treasurer. Audited and found correct,



Auditors' Report.
The following report of the auditors was read and accepted :

Gentlemen: As auditors of the American Association of Public Ac-. countants, we beg to submit this our report of the examination made of the books of your treasurer, Guy H. Kennedy, Esq., covering the fiscal year ending September 30, 1906.

We find vouchers or other evidence of payment on file for all money disbursed during the period, and we also find the cash balance of $1,892.36, as shown in the treasurer's report, to be correct, and that the statement of the treasurer which is signed by us, showing the income and expenditures, assets and liabilities, is a true and correct statement as disclosed by the books.

Respectfully submitted,


Report of the Committee on By-Laws.
The following report of the standing committee on by-laws, dealing with
a proposed amendment to the by-laws, was received and adopted:

To the Officers and Members: We, the members of the committee on by-laws, desire to report as follows with relation to certain proposed amendments to the constitution and by-laws forwarded to us by the secretary of the association in a communication dated August 15, 1906: Amendments to Constitution.

The proposed amendment to article IV, section 1, as follows::

“By vote of the members at the annual meeting the offices of secretary and treasurer for the ensuing year may be combined.”

This proposed consolidation is opposed by us for the following reasons :

First. Because these are two important offices with duties entirely apart, and for obvious reasons should always be kept so and filled by two members.

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