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inartyrs by casting the beast into the burning flame, or lake of fire. Dan. 7:11; Rev. 19:20; 20:10.

But the point we call the reader's attention to is the fact that those souls whose bodies had been slain were alive, under the altar of God, and conversed with the Lord. So while the body is dead and mouldering in the tomb, the soul still continues to live absent from the body, and present with the Lord.This line of Scripture testimony could be very much drawn out, but we deem the foregoing sufficient proof to convince all reasonable minds.


It will, no doubt, be edifying to the reader to add a few of the maliy clear testimonies of eminent saints and dying men.

Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace.”-Simeon.

“Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.” - Jesus Christ.

“Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.Stephen.

“I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.-Paul.

“Paul, when he had borne his testimony before rulers, departed from the world and went into the holy place.”Clement of Rome, in his epistle to the Corinthians.

“There was Peter who, having borne his testimony,

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went to his appointed place in glory.Clement of Rome, Apostolic Fathers.

All the generation from Adam unto this day have passed away: but they that by God's grace were per fect in love, dwell in the abode of the pious."'-Clement of Rome, Apostolic Fathers.

“For this reason art thou both of the flesh and spirit.”Ignatius.

“They are gone to the place which was due to them in the presence of the Lord, with whom also they suffered.Polycarp, speaking of the apostles.

“In our doctrine that the souls of the wicked will be punished and are in a state of sensation after death, while those of the righteous are freed from torment and remain in bliss."-Justin, second century.

“This soul in flames I offer, Christ, to thee.”Jerome of Prague.

Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” — Archbishop Cranmer, in the flames.

"This day let me see the Lord Jesus.”—Jewel of England.

“They can slay only the body, not the soul.”— Zwingle of Zurich.

“I am going from weeping friends to congratulate angels and rejoicing saints.Risden Darracott.

" "Nothing but heaven."--Dying words of Philip Melancthon.

What glory! the angels are waiting for me."Dr. Bateman.

“I am going to glory.Robert Newton.

Oh, let me be gone, I long to be at home.Samuel Spring.

"I am sweeping through the gates, washed in the blood of the Lamb."-Alfred Cookman.

“Oh, how this soul of mine longs to be gone, like a bird out of his cage, to the realms of bliss.” Jno. Fletcher.

I am drawing near to glory." —Mrs. Fletcher.

“All my possessions for a moment of time.' Queen Elizabeth.

"It is well.”—George Washington. “I resign my soul to God.Thomas Jefferson. "I am going home.”David Livingstone.

O my poor soul whither wilt thou go?"Cardinal Mazarin.

“I am taking a fearful leap into the dark.”— Hobbes, infidel.

The following is an account of the death of a soulsleeper, from “Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayers":

“Mrs. Mattie Campbell relates the happy death of her sister, a soul-sleeper, which occurred last May. In Sabbath-school this afternoon a message came: ‘Emma is dying. Come quickly if you want to see her alive.' My dear sister! We had played together, and more than all, we dreamed dreams of the fairy future, wherein we saw everything but care and temptation crowning the golden pathway of our jubilant feet. She was plump and rosy, full of

laughter and frolic, which life's stern realities had rot subdued. Strong and well I had seen her but five days before. Yet, ah! ‘in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.' On our way the sad face of the family physician confirmed the truth. 'She may linger until sundown,' he said, and all the way I prayed, and felt it would be answered: “Lord, dear Lord, only let me have one word to know how it is with her soul.' Mother met me at the door. This was a heavy grief. “Ask how it is with her soul,' said she. I entered the room filled with weeping friends. I pressed the damp, cold brow. She knew me and spoke in the old sweet way. Soon I commenced slowly and low the hymn we used to sing together,

"Jesus, lover of my soul," while I anxiously watched to catch a mark of grace upon her fast changing features. A happy, peaceful smile broke over her face. I bent down and she spoke. "God has always been good to me, sister. He has not given me one harsh word since I came down to my bed.' How the promise rushed to my lips—'He giveth, and upbraideth not.' Glory to his name! Divinely assured that she was dying, she spoke of a long, sweet sleep, the sleep of the soul and body, until the resurrection, for that was her belief. . . . With mind clear and composed, she then lay, waiting to pass into an unconscious slumber, only to awaken at the last trump. ‘Hark,' she said, listening intently. 'I hear music: don't you hear it? And, mother, I see a door. . . . It is open. I see inside. It is a beautiful place. It is heaven. I see forms clothed in white, many, yca, a multitude of beautiful beings, their hands upraised, while they are waving something in their hands.' And then in wonder and astonishment, 'Why, there is pa.' Then she very intelligently gave orders for her burial. Good-bys were said, and in childlike pleading tones she called, ‘Come, dear Lord, I am ready.' An effort on her part to close the dear eyes and mouth, a few more agonizing moments, and the open door received her gentle spirit."

Thus we could multiply testimonies of dying men and women, that the soul leaves the body at death. The reader perhaps has witnessed such death-bed

as just described. Millions in their last breath have testified to the world that they were then going to the Lord, to the realms of light, or to regions of dark despair. While penning these lines memory goes back a few years to the death-bed of my own sainted mother. Just before she expired she looked up and said, “I see heaven opened and the glory of God descending." She testified she was "going to dwell with Christ." Among her last words she said, “Tell my boy [referring to myself, who was then in the far West] to be true to God at the point of the bayonet." This charge I expect, by God's

. grace, to keep. While these departing souls had control of the organs of speech, they spoke audibly, to testify that existence was still real, and when the


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