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2. Rowland Hill, son of Thomas Hill, of Hodnet, Mercer, 1549. 3. Thomas Lee, son of Roger Lee, of Wellington, Mercer, 1558. 4. Thomas Lodge, son of William Lodge, of Cresset, Grocer,

1562. 5. Rowland Heyward, son of George Heyward, of Bridge

north, Clothworker, 1570. 6. Robert Lee, son of Humphry Lee, of Bridge-north, Mer

chant Tailor, 1602. 7. John Swinnerton, son of Tho. Swinnerton, of Oswestry,

Merchant Tailor, 1612. 8. Francis Jones, son of John Jones, of Glaverly, Haber

dasher, 1620. 9. Peter Probey, not recorded of White-church, Grocer, 1622. 10. Allen Cotton, son of Ralph Cotton, of White-church, Dra11. George Whitmore, son of Will, Whitmore, of Charley,

Haberdasher, 1631. 12. Thomas Adams, son of Thomas Adams, of Wem, Draper,

1646. See we here a jury of lord mayors born in this (which I believe will hardly be paralleled in a greater) county. All (no doubt] honest men, and true.

per, 1625.




(a) William bishop of Coven. and Lichf. and (b) John de Tal

bot, knight; — (9) Richard Laken, and William Boerley, (knights for the shire) ;-Commissioners to take the oaths. Willielmi Malory, Militis. Willielmi Poynour. Johannis Fitz-Piers.

Richardi Neuport. Willielmi Lodelowe.

Richardi Horde. Thomæ Hopton, de Hopton.

Nicholai Sandford. Richardi Archer.

Griffin Kynaston. Johannis Wynnesbury.

Johannis Bruyn, junioris. Thomæ Corbet, de Ley.

Hugonis Stepulton. Thomæ Corbet, de Morton. Simonis lladington. Johannis Bruyn, senioris. Alani Wetenhull. Thomæ Charleton.

Richardi Sonford. Richardi Peshale.

Johannis Otley, Thomæ Newport.

Edwardi Leighton de Mershe, Georgii Hankeston.

Edmundi Plowden. Johannis Brugge.

Thomæ Mardford. Thomæ Banastre.

Rogeri Bromley, Hugonis Harnage.

Richardi Lee. Leonardi Stepulton.

Humfridi Cotes. Hugonis Cresset.

Willielmi Leighton, Johannis Skryven.

Richardi Horton,

Willielmi Welascote.
Richardi Husee.
Johannis Wenlok.
Willielmi Mersheton.

Walteri Codour.
Richardi Gerii.
Willielmi Bourden.

(a) This William was William Hieworth, bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, of whom hereafter.*

(6) Sir John Talbot, (though here only additioned Knight) was the Lord Talbot, and eight years after created earl of Shrewsbury, of whom before.t

(9) Richard Laken, the same family with Lacon, whose seat was at Willily in this county, augmented both in blood and estate by the matches with the heirs of, 1. Harley; 2. Peshal ; 3. Passilew; 4. Blunt of Kinlet.

My hopes are according to my desires, that this ancient family is still extant in this county, though I suspect shrewdly shattered in estate.

The commissioners of this shire were neither altogether idle, nor very industrious; having made but a short and slender return, only of 45 principal persons therein.



Anno Anno

8 Will. filius Alini, et 1

Reginald. de Hedinge. 2 Will. filius Alani, for five 9 Will, filius Alani, et years together.

Wido filius Roberti. 7 Guido Extraneus, for five 10 Will, filius Alani Masculum.

years together. 12 Gaufrid. de Ver, for four

JOHANNES. years together.

1 Will. filius Alani, et 16 Gaufrid. de Ver, et

Warrus de Wililegh.
Will. Clericus.

2 Idem.
17 Guido Extraneus, for nine 3 Will. filius Alani, et
years together.

Reiner de Lea. 26 Hugo Pantulfe, for eight 4 G. filius Petri, et years together.

Richardus de Ambresleg.

5 Idem. RICH. I.

6 Thomas de Erolitto, et 1 Will. filius Alani, et

Robertus de Alta Ripa. Reginal. de Hesden.

7 Idem. 2 Idem.

8 Thomas de Erdington, for 3 Will. filius Alani, et

nine years together. Will. de Hadlega. 4 Will. filius Alani, for four

HENRY III. years together.

1 WiltshiRE PRELATEs. # Vide Soldiers in this county. # Camden's Britannia, in Salop.

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Anno 15 Dominus de Ramesley. 16 Idem. 17 Robertus Corbet. 18 Will. de Tickley sive Tit

tle), for six years toge

ther. 24 Radulp'us de Schirle. 25 Idem. 26 Idem. 27 Tho. Corbet. 28 Idem. 29 Richardus de Harleigh. 30 Idem. 31 Walter de Beysin. 32 Idem. 33 Johannes de Acton. 34 Johannes de Dene. 35 Idem.

2 Ranul. Com. Cestriæ, et

Hen. de Aldetheleg.
3 Idem.
4 Idem.
5 Ranul. Com. Cestriæ, et

Philippus Kinton. 6 Idem. 7 Idem. 8 Ranul. Com. Cestriæ. 9 Johannes Bovet. 10 Idem. 11 Hen, de Aldithle. 12 Idem. 13 Idem. 14 Hen. de Aldithle, et

Will. de Bromley. 15 Idem. 16 Idem. 17 Petr. Rival. et Rob. de

Haye, for four years

together. 21 Johannes Extraneus, et

Robertus de Acton. 22 Johannes Extraneus, for

EDWARD II. 1 Rogerus Trumvine. 2 Johannes Extraneus, et

Hugo de Crofts. 3 Hugo de Crofts. 4 Idem. 5 Hugo de Audeley. 6 Idem. 7 Idem. 8 Will. de Mere. 9 Rogerus de Cheyney. 10 Rogerus Trumwine. 11 Idem. 12 Robertus de Grendon. 13 Nullus Titulus Vicecom. in

hoc Rotulo. 14 Nec in hoc. 15 Johannes de Swinerton. 16 Idem. 17 Hen. de Bishburne. 18 Idem. 19 Idem.

eleven years together. 33 Thomas Corbet. 34 Idem. 35 Robertus de Grendon, for

five years together. 40 Hugo Acover. 41 Idem. 42 Willielmus Bagod. 43 Idem. 44 Idem. 45 Jacobus de Audeley, for

seven years together. 52 Walterus de Hopton. 53 Idem.


1 Roger. de Mortuo Mari. 2 Idem. 3 Idem. 4 Bago de Knovile. 5 Idem. 6 Idem. 7 Roger. Sprengehuse, for

eight years together.

EDWARD III. 1 Joh. de Hinckley, et

Hen. de Bishburn. 2 Idem. 3 Johannes Hinckley. 4 Idem.

5 Henricus de Bishburn.
6 Idem.
7 Richardus de Peshal.
8 Idem.
9 Johannes de Hinckley.
10 Simon de Ruggeley.
11 Richardus de Peshal.
12 Idem.
13 Simon de Ruggeley.
14 Idem.

15 Adam de Peshal.
16 Thomas de Swinerton.
17 Idem.
18 Johannes de Aston.
19 Richardus Com. Arundel,

for thirty-one years to

50 Richardus Peshall.
51 Petrus de Careswel.

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Name and Arms.

1 Brian. de Cornwel .. Burford.

Arg. a lion rampant G. crowned 0.; a border S. besanté. 2 Johannes Ludlow

Hodnet. Arg. a lion rampant S. 3 Joh. de Drayton

Drayton. 4 Rogerus Hord.

Arg. on a chief O, a raven proper. 5 Johannes Shery. 6 Edw. de Acton

Aldenham. G. two lions passant Arg. betwixt nine croslets O. 7 Joh. de Stepulton.

Arg. a lion rampant S. 8 Edw. de Acton

ut prius. 9 Nich. de Sandford

Parti per chevron S. and Erm. two boars' heads coupée

in chief O. 10 Robert de Lee

Lee-hall. G. a fess componée O. and Az. betwixt eight billets Arg. 11 Joh. Mowetho, alias Mowellio, quære. 12 Rob. de Ludlow

ut prius. 13 Edw. de Acton

ut prius. 14 Joh. de Stepulton ut prius. 15 Will. Huggeford. 16 Hen. de Winesbury.

Az, on a bend betwixt two cotises O. three lions G. 17 Joh. de Eyton

Eyton. 0. a fret Az. 18 Thomas de Lee

ut prius. 19 Will. Worthie. 20 Will. Huggeford. 21 Adamus de Peshal.

Arg. a cross formée fleury S.; on a canton G. a wolf's

head erased of the field. 22 Idem

ut prius.


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Place. 1 Jo. Cornwal, mil.

; ut prius. 2 Will. Huggeford, et

Johan. Daras. 3 Will. Banaster

Wem. Arg. a cross patée S. 4 Tho. Newport

Arcol. Arg. a chevron G. betwixt three leopards' heads S. 5 Idem

ut prius. 6 Joh. Cornwail, mil. ut prius. 7 Tho. de Witton

Witton. O. on a chevron S. five plates. 8 Will. Brounshul. 9 Joh. Boreley

Brooms-craft Castle. Arg.a fess checky O.and Az. upon a lion rampant S.armed G. 10 Rog. Acton

ut prius. 11 Edw. Sprengeaux. 12 Robertus Tiptot.

Arg. a saltire engrailed G.

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1 Rob. Corbet, mil.

Morton. 0. a raven proper. 2 Rob. Corbet, mil. ut prius. 3 Rich. Laken, mil.

Quarterly per fess indented Erm. and Az. 4 Geo. Hankeston. 5 Will. Ludelowe

ut prius. 6 Adam Peshal, mil. ut prius. 7 Rob. Corbet

ut prius. 8 Johannes Bruyn,

Az. a cross moline O. 9 Idem

ut prius.



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1 Johannes Bruyn.

ut prius. 2 Hugo Harnage

Cund. Arg. six torteaux. 3 Tho. Le Strange.

G. two lions passant Arg. 4 Will, Boerley

ut prius. 5 Tho. Corbet

ut prius. 6 Will. Liechfeld. 7 Joh. Winnesbury

ut prius. 8 Hugo. Burgh.

Az. a chevron betwixt three flowers-de-luce Erm.
Thomas Hopton

G. semé de cross croslets, a lion rampant O.



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