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No. 1755.-AN ACT to relinqaish the reversionary interest of the United States

June 30, 1834. in a certain Indian reservation Iying between the rivers Mississippi and Desmoins.

Vol. 4, p. 740. Be it enacted, fc., That all the right, title, and interest which might Lands relinaccrue or revert to the United States to the reservation of land, lying quished, and to between the rivers Desmoins and Mississippi, which was reserved for be vested in cer the use of the half-breeds belonging to the Sacs and Fox nations, now

tain half-breeds

of Sacs and Fox used by them, or some of them, under a treaty made and concluded be

Indians. tween the United States and the Sacs and Fox tribes or nations of Indians, at Washington, on the fourth day of August, in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-four, be, and the same are hereby, relinquished and vested in the said half-breeds of the Sacs and Fox tribes or nations of Indians, who, at the passage of this act aro, under the reservation in the said treaty, entitled, by the Indian title, to the same; with full power and authority to transfer their portions thereof, by sale, devise or descent, according to the laws of the State of Missouri. (a)

(4 Soe Nos. 1769, 1770, 1771.


No. 1756.-AN ACT confirming to the legal representatives of Thomas F. Red. July 1, 1836. dick, a tract of six hundred and forty acres of land.

Vol. 6, p. 661. Be it enacted, 8c., That all the right, title, claim and interest, that Right, &cof the United States have in and unto a certain tract or parcel of land, a certain tract of containing six hundred and forty acres, situate on the left bank of the land, relinquish. Mississippi River, about eighteen miles above the mouth of the Des- ed. moines River, in fractional township number sixty-six, north of the base line of range number five, west of the fifth principal meridian, in the territory recently attached to the Territory of Michigan, as will more fully appear on reference to the plat of survey, executed by Jeni. fer T. Sprigg, be, and the same is hereby, relinquished to the heirs of Thomas F. Reddick: Prorided, nevertheless, If said lands shall be taken Proviso. by any older or better claim, not emanating from the United States, the Government will not be in anywise responsible for any remuneration to said heirs: And provided, also, That should said tract of land be in- Proviso. cluded in any reservation heretofore made under treaty with any Indian tribe, that the said heirs be, and they hereby are, authorized to locate the same quantity, in legal divisions or subdivisions, on any unappropriated land of the United States in said Territory subject to entry at private sale.

No. 1757-AN ACT for laying off the towns of Fort Madison and Burlington, in July 2, 1836.

the county of Des Moines, and the towns of Belleview, Du Buque, and Peru, in Vol. 5, p. 70. the countg of Du Buque, Territory of Wisconsin, and for other purposes. Be it enacted, fc., That the tracts of land in the Territory of Wiscon

Towns of Fort sin including the towns of Fort Madison and Burlington, in the county Madison, Bur. of Des Moines ; Belleview, Du Buque, and Peru, in the county of Dulington, BelleBaque; and Peru, in the county of Du Baque; and Mineral Point, in view. Dubuque

and Peru, Wis the county of Iowa, shall, under the direction of the surveyor-general consin Territory. of the public lands, be laid off into town lots, streets, avenues, and the lots for public use called the public squares, and into out-lots having regard to the lots and streets already surveyed, in such manner and of such dimensions as he may think proper for the public good and the equitable rights of the settlers and occupants of the said towns: Prorided, The tracts of land so to be laid off into town lots, &c., shall not exceed the quantity of one entire section, nor the town-lots one-half of an acre; nor sball the out-lots exceed the quantity of four acres each. When the survey of the lots shall be completed, a plat thereof shall be returned to the Secretary of the Treasury, and within six months thereafter the lots shall be offered to the highest bidder, at public sale,

under the direction of the President of the United States, and at such Proviso. other times as he shall think proper; (a) Provided, That no town lot

shall be sold for a sum less than five dollars : And provided further, That a quantity of land of proper width, on the river banks, at the towns of Fort Madison, Belleview, Burlington, Du Buque, and Peru, and running with the said rivers the whole length of said towns, shall be reserved from sale, (as shall also the public squares,) for public use, and remain for over for public use, as public highways, and for other

public uses. Surveyor to SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the said class the lots.

surveyor to class the lots already surveyed in the said towns of Fort Madison, Burlington, Belleview, Du Buque, Peru, and Mineral Point, into three classes, according to the relative value thereof, on account of situation and eligibility for business, without regard however to the improvements made thereon; and previous to the sale of said lots as aforesaid, each and every person or persons, or his, her, or their legal representatives, who shall heretofore have obtained from the agent of the United States a permit to occupy any lot or lots in the said towns, or who shall have, by building or enclosure, actually occupied or improved any lot or lots in the said towns, or within the tracts of land hereby authorized to be laid off into lots, shall be permitted to purchase such lot or lots by paying therefor, in cash, if the same fall with

in the first class as aforesaid, at the rate of forty dollars per acre; if Proviso. within the second class, at the rate of twenty dollars per acre; and if

within the third class, at the rate of ten dollars per acre : Provided, That no one of the persons aforesaid shall be permitted to purchase, by authority of this section, more than one acre of ground to embrace im

provements already made. (b) Surveying. SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That the sum of three thousand dol

lars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any
money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to defray the ex-
penses of surveying the lands covering the said towns of Fort Madison,
Burlington, Belleview, Du Buque, Peru, and Mineral Point.

(a) See Nos. 1758, 1760, 1781, 1790, 1793, 1794, 1798, 1803, 1804, 1806.
16) Seo Nos. 1758, 1773, 1786, 1791, 1813, 1815, 1820.


May 3, 1837. No. 1758.-AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An act for laying off the towns of Vol. 5, p. 178. Fort Madison and Burlington, in the county of Des Moines, and the towns of Belle

view, Du Buque, and Peru, in the county of Du Buque, and Mineral Point, in the county of Iowa, Territory of Wisconsin, and for other purposes," approved July

second, eighteen hundred and thirty-six. Acts, &c., re.

Be it enacted, d'c., That all acts and duties required to be done and quired to be done by the surveyor performed by the surveyor for the Territory of Wisconsin, under the under the act to act to wbich this is an amendment, shall be done by a board of commiswhich this is an sioners of three in number, any two of whom shall be a quorum to do ameumeut sliall business; said commissioners to be appointed by the President of the Board of commis. United States, and shall, previous to their entering upon the discharge siopers, to be ap. of their duties, take an oath or atfirmation to perform the same faithpointed by the fully and impartially: Provided, That the action of the commissioners President, &c

appointed under the present act shall not interfere with any of the acts performed by the surveyor-general, prior to the time of the passage hereof, in pursuance of instructions under the act to which this is

amendatory. The cow mig. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said commissioners shall sioners to have have power to hear evidence and determine all claims to lots arising mine all claims under the act to which this is an amendment; and for this purpose, the to lots, &c. said commissioners are authorized to administer all oaths that may be

necessary, and to reduce to writing all the evidence in support of claims to pre-emption presented for their consideration; and when all the testimong shall have been hear:l and considered, the said commissioners sball file with the proper register and receiver for the district within which the towns are situated respectively, the testimony in each case, together with a certificate in favor of each person having the right of

pre-emption under the provisions of the act of which this is amendaUpon payment tory; and upon inaking payment to the proper receiver of public moneys being mailo to for the lot or lots to wbich such person is entitled, the receiver shall

proper ceiver for a lot, grant a receipt therefor, and the register issue certificates of purchase, he shall grant a to be transmitted to the Commissioner of the General Land Office, as receipt, &c. in other cases of the sale of public lands. (a)

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