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Drawing in Public Education; What Should be Tanght in Primary,

Grammar and High Schools. By John S. Clark, 1880, p. 618. Drisler, Henry. (See Discourse Commemorative of Charles An

Dryden Union School, Historical Sketch, 1877, p. 710.
Dunkirk Union School, Historical Sketch, 1877, p. 727.
Easter, Rev.

, John. (See Religious Culture of College and Seminary Students.) Eaton, John. (See National Bureau of Education.) Eaton, President George W., of Madison University, 1873, p. 633. Earthquakes. By Principal Solomon Sias, A. M., M. D., of Scho

harie Union School, 1878, p. 399. Eddy, Henry T. (See Method of Integrating the Square Root of

Quadratics.) Educational Economy. By David Murray, Ph. D., Professor of

Mathematics, Natural Philosophy and Astronomy in Rutgers Col

lege, N. J., 1868, p. 621. Education and the State. The Obligations of the State to Provide

for the Education of its Citizens — the Extent of the Obligations and the Grounds on which it Rests; A Commencement Address by Frederick A. P. Barnard, D. D., LL. D., L. H. D., President

of Columbia College, 1880, p. 665. Educators, Christian. (See Relation of Christian Educators, etc.) Education in Politics. By John Norton Pomeroy, LL. D , Gris

wold Professor of Political Science in the University of the City

of New York, 1869, p. 815. Education in Small Colleges. By Robert B. Fairbairn, D. D., LL.

D., Warden of St. Stephen's College, 1882, p. 333. Education of Women, the. By S. Iranæus Prime, D. D., Trustee

of Wells College, 1876, p. 630. Education: What is the Best? By Principal Thomas B. Lovell, A.

M., of the Attica Union School, 1881, p. 595. Education. (See New Departure in --) Education. (See Primary Elucation, Morris.) Edwards, James T. (See Symmetrical Culture.) Egberts Institute, Cohoes, Historical Sketch, by Principal Oliver P.

Steves, 1877, p. 730. Elective Studies. (See Should Study in College be Confined, etc.) Elementary Chemistry. (See Why Should, etc.) Elementary Instruction in the Classics. By N. W. Benedict, A. M.,

Principal of the Rochester Free Academy, 1866, p. 90. Elisions to be Observed in Reading Latin Poetry. By Robert B.

Fairbairn, D. D., LL. D., Warden of St. Stephen's College, 1877,

P. 638.

Elocution. (See Plea for Elocution in the Academy.) Encouragement of Practical Teaching. (See Teachers, Text-books,

etc.) Endowments, Draft of a Bill for Encouragement of, 1868, p. 704. Endowment of Our Higher Educational Institutions for Women. By Professor Henry J. Van Lennep, D. D., of Ingham Univer

sity, Le Roy, 1877, p. 745. Endowments, Voluntary, of Colleges and Academies. By John V.

L. Pruyn, LL. D., Chancellor of the University of the State of

New York, 1868, p. 691. Endowments, Voluntary, of Colleges and Acadeinies. Appeal. Draft

of a Bill to Encourage, 1870, p. 611. Ends and Means in Education. By President A. G. Gaines, of St.

Lawrence University, 188, p. 5881. English. (See Influence of the Study of Latin Upon.) English Grammar. (See Proper Construction of an.) English Grammar. (See Science of English Grammar.) English Grammar. (See Study of English Grammar.) English, Higher. (See Written Examinations in.) English Language. (See Classic Influence on the English Language.) English Language. (See Study of the English Language) English Language. (See Systems and Method of Logical Analysis,

etc.) English-Latin. (See Roman Orthoëpy, etc.) English Literature. (See Methods of Instruction.) English Literature. (See Study of English Literature.) English Literature. (See Term's Work, a, in English Literature.) English. (See Study of English.) Ethical Aspects of Science. By Cornelius M. O'Leary, A. M.,

M. D., Ph. D., Professor of Latin and Greek and Literature in Man

hattan College, 1873, p. 584. Evans, Ellicott. (See Necessity of Collegiate Education in, etc.) Evans, E. W. (See New Method of Solving Cubics, etc.) Evans, Professor Evan W., A. M., 1875, p. 753. Evolution in Ornament. (See Beginnings of Art on.) Evolution in the Light of Recent Researches. By Professor

Cornelius M. O'Leary of Manhattan College, 1884, p. 143. Evolution of the English Language from A. D. 449 to 1879. By

President John A. Weisse, M. D., American Philological Society,

New York city, 1-80, p. 553. Evolution. (See Palæontological Evidences.) Examinations of the New York Free Academy. By Adolph

Werner, M. S., Professor of the German Language and Litera: ture, 1865, p. 376.

Examinations. (See Iligher Examinations.)
Examinations. (See Inter-Academic Competitive Ecaminations.)
Examinations. Sec RegentsExaminations, etc.)
Examinations. (See Regents' Higher Examinations.)
Examinations. (See Written Examinations in Iligher English,

etc.) Excursions. (See Field Studies and Scientific Excursions.) Executive Committee. Report of, by Rev. R. B. Fairbairn, D. D.,

LL. D., Chairman, 1852, p. 295. Executive Committee, Report of. By Professor Truman J. Backus,

A. M., of Vassar College, Chairman, 1883, p. 290. Expression in Reading; its Philosophy and Application. By Miss

Mary F. Hendrick of the Cortland Normal School, 1878, p. 454. Extent and Character of Female Education. By Mrs. John H.

Willard, Principal of the Troy Female Seminary, 1866, p. 157. Fairbairn, Robert B. (See Remarks at Conference of College Pres

idents, 1885, p. 182, Education in Small Colleges; Elisions to be Observed in Reading Latin Poetry; E.cecutive Committee ; Report of; Report on Honorary Degrees; True Idea, the, of

a University.) Farr, D. C. Remarks by, 1885, p. 205. Female Colleges. (See Modifications of the Established Curricu

lum, etc.) Female Education ; An Address to the Public; particularly to the

members of the Legislature of New York, proposing a plan for

improving. By Emma Willard (1819), 1870, p. 551. Female Education. (See Extent and Character of.) Female Education. (See Letter on the Education of Girls.) Ferris, Chancellor Isaac, D. D., LL. D. By Professor Benjamin

M. Martin, D. D., L. II, D., 1874, p. 781. Fictions. (See Legitimate use of Fictions, etc.) Field Studies and Scientific Excursions. By Professor D. R. Ford,

D. D., of Elmira Female College, 1876, p. 623. Fine Arts, the, as an Undergraduate Study. By Professor George

F. Comfort, A. M., of the Syracuse University, 1875, p. 741. Fisher, Eustace W. (See Barton, Professor J. Graeff, Notice of.) Fisher, Rev. Samuel Wave, D. D., LL. D. By President Samuel

G. Brown, D. D., LL. D., of Hamilton College, 1875, p. 758. Fitch, Charles E. (See American College, the ; Hale, Robert Safford,

Notice of.) Flack, Alonzo. Remarks at Centennial of the Regents, 1885, p. 79;

On the Relation of the University to Colleges, 1885, p. 132. (See Diplomas for Women ; School Discipline; Written Ecaminations in Iligher English and the Classics.)

Flagg, Isaac. (See Accent; the Value of, in Greek Verse.)
Forces. (See Modern Theory of Forces.)
Forces, Doctrine of. (See Natural Theology of.)
Ford, Darius R. (See Field Studies and Scientific Excursions ;

Reserve in Teaching Theories.)
Foundations. (See Perpetual Foundations.)
Fox, Principal William, 1875, p. 764.
Franchises granted by the Legislature to Academies, 1873, p. 681.
Francke, August Hermann, of Halle, notice of, 1885, p. 189.
Free Academy in a System of Graded Schools. By Principal

Asa Gardiner Benedict, A. B., of the Rome Free Academy, 1875,

p. 704.

French and German in Colleges and Schools. By Horatio S. White,

of Cornell University, 1883, p. 394. French Language. (See Composition of the French Language.) Frink, Henry Allyn. (See Recitation-room, the, in its Relations,

etc. ; Term's Work, a, in English Literature.) Frisbee, E. S. (See Morgan, Edward Barber, Notice of.) Frost, S. T. (See Geography outside of the Text-Books ; Ono

matology how we came by our names, etc.) Function of American College. (See Oration on the True Func

tion, etc) Functions of the Human Body. (See New Schemes of the, etc.) Gaines, Charles K. (Sce Quantity as an Element in English

Verse.) Gaines, A. G. (See Ends and Means in Education.) Gallup, John Chester, M. D., Obituary Notice of. By Professor

Edward North, 1885, p. 270. Gallup, Ezra S. (See Science, the, of Language.) Gardner, J. S. (See Course of Study Preparatory for College.) Gates, Merrill Edward. (See Greek in Our Preparatory Schools.) General and Special Culture in our Schools and Colleges. By Pro

fessor William D. Wilson, D. D., LL. D., L. II. D., of Cornell

University, 1879, p. 510. Geography outside of the Text-Books. By Principal S, T. Frost,

A.M., of South Berkshire Institution, New Marlboro, Mass.,

late of Amenia Seminary, 1879, p. 529. German in the College Curriculum. By Adolph Werner, Professor

of the German Language and Literature in the College of the

city of New York, 1863, p. 713.
German Poets. (See Some Suggestions on the Study of.)
German. (See French and German.)
Gesture. (See Method of Teaching Gesture.)

Gillette, G. W. See (Do our Schools tend to destroy Practical

Talent ?) Gillett, John A., A. M., Obituary Notice of. By Charles T.

Andrews, 1885, p. 271. Gilmore, J. II. (See Academy Libraries ; Honor Studies in the

University at Rochester ; Methods of Introduction in English

Literature ; Report of Excecutive Committee, 1884, p. 2.) Ginn, Wesley C. (See Co-relation of Academies and Universities.) Girls, Education of. (See Letter on the.) Goodwin, William H. (See Luckey, Samuel, Notice of.) Gould, John Stanton. (See Agricultural Education.) Gould, John Stanton. (By William C. Russell, A. M., Vice-Pres

ident of Cornell University), 1876, p. 669. Government. (See School Government.) Graded Schools. (Sce Free Academy in a system of.) Grammar as a Natural Science. By Professor Charles T. R. Smith,

A. M., of Lansingburgh Academy, 1874, p. 647. Grammar, English. (See Proper Construction of.) Grants and Franchises to Academies. 1873, p. 681. Graves, Willis D. (See Classes for Instruction of Common School

Teachers.) Greek, Ancient. (See Pronunciation of Ancient Greek.) Greek in our Preparatory Schools. By Merrill Edward Gates, A.

M., Principal of Albany Academy, 1874, p. 669. Greek. (See Importance of a Better Preparation, etc.) Greek Verse. (See Accent, the value of, etc.) Green, Trustee John C. (By Professor Benjamin N. Martin, D. D.,

L. H. D.,) 1876, p. 661. Griffith Institute, Historical Sketch. By Rev. John A. Wells, A.

M., 1877, p. 713.
Griscom, John. Letter of, 1885, p. 95.
Guyot, Professor Arnold, LL. D. Obituary notice of, 1885, p. 252.
Hadley, George, M. D., 1880, p. 638.
Hale, Robert Safford. (By Regent Charles E. Fitch), 1883, p. 458.
Hall, Isaac H. (See Cypriote Antiquities and Inscriptions ;

Cypriote Inscriptions.)
Il alley, Rev. Ebenezer. (By President Potter), 1883, p. 463.
Halpin, P. A. (See Rhetoric; its system.)

Notice of Rev. Michael P. Costin, S. J. by, 1885, p.
Halsey, Charles S. (See Relative Value of Studies pursued in
Academies ; Study of English Grammar.)

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