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lowed; then the Nicene Creed, after which the Rev. Mr. Pearson ascended the paipit, and took his text from the latter part of the 63d verse of the 1st of Kings. So the King and all the children of Israel dedicated the Honse of the Lord." After the sermon, the choir sung, "Hallelujah, for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth."-" The Kingdom of this world is become the Kingdom of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever: King of Kings and Lord of Lords," when

The Bishop having pronounced the final blessing, "God save the King" was tinely given by the choir.

The service concluded about half-past two o'clock, and the Chapel was crowded to excess.

The last four days of the year 1821 were unhappily distinguished by general inundations almost entirely throughout the country. On the banks of the Thames, particularly towards Vauxhall, Millbank, and Chelsea, the high tides, added to the land floods from the recent continued rains, did considerable mischief: in many parts the banks were broken down by the strength of the current, fences were washed away, and the devastation was as awful as it was severe. Many lives were lost in different parts, and the destruction of property was immense. In the lower parts of England the floods were equally, or more distressing, and thousands of


acres were entirely under water. gales at sea were also as destructive as the deluges on land; and Lloyd's Books never presented a more woeful List, though it is gratifying to add, that the loss of lives as never been known so trifling, in comparison with the number of vessels wrecked, or damaged. Amongst the former of which, one of the most distressing cases, was the total loss of the Juliana" homeward-bound East Indiaman (Private Trade), on the Kentish Knock Shoal, off Margate, when the captain and several of the crew went down in the vessel.

The Marquess of Wellesley's reception in Dublin has been in every respect such as to promise popularity to his exertions for ameliorating the condition of Ireland; and we are happy to add, that the efforts already made have been most beneficial in restoring the misguided insurgents to order and obedience; and though certainly far from quiet, the disturbed districts are rapidly returning to tranquillity. The numerous congratulatory Addresses presented to the Lord Lieutenant have been all distinguished by an unanimity of sentiment most truly desirable, and his Excellency's replies have been uniformly such as to renew the conciliatory feelings produced by his Majesty's recent visit, and to recommend a continuance of the condnct so urgently enjoined by his Majesty's farewell Letter.


We have great pleasure in laying before our readers the following highly gratifying view of the Public Revenue for the Years and Quarters ending on the 5th of January, 1821, and the 5th of January, 1822.

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To the encrease of £402,904 on the present Quarter, may be added that of £837,264 on the three months preceding, and we shall thus find that in the half year just expired, there has been an encrease, compared with the half year ending on the 5th January, 1821, of no less than £1,240,168, or nearly a million and a quarter sterling!-We are happy to add, that the Encrease in the Irish Revenue for the past year compared with the preceding, amounts to no less a sum than £127,350 19 84.

AGRICULTURAL REPORT for decEMBER, The long continuance of heavy rains in all districts of the country has caused a general suspension of agricultural operations, except that of letting water off the lands, which are so extensively overflown. Great damage has been sustained in the yales of most counties, by the floods sweeping away abundance of corn, hay, live and

dead stock, and in some parts even the dwellings of the inhabitants. This lamentable visitation has much encreased the distresses of the husbandman. The young Weats on well-drained lands continue their healthy appearance. Beans and other spring corn must be got in very late, from the deluged state of the soil. The Fen countries are in a most danger of a general innundation, from the breaking of their banks. Clover-seed rises light, and will fall short of an average crop. Turnips are running away fast, from the continuing mildness of the season; the Grass feed is still abundant from the same cause. Hay is cheaper. Smithfield has been largely supplied with beast and sheep through the month. Lean Stock are considerably lower, particularly for Welch runts and short-horned steers. The Wool market is rather brisker for all sorts, at somewhat better prices. Horses of most kinds are hardly saleable on any terms.


LATELY, at Clontarf, the Lady of the Hon. John Prendergast Vereker, of a son. DEC. 6. At Frankfort-place, Plymouth, Mrs. Gill, of a daughter.

29. At the Ordnance Barracks, Chatham, the Lady of Lieutenant-colonel Pasley, of the Royal Engineers, of a daughter.

JAN. 1, 1822. At Hill, near Southampton, the Lady of John Charles Bristow, Esq. of a daughter.

4. At Cheshunt, the Lady of Thomas Todd Walton, Esq. of the Foreign Post Office, of a son.

7. At Hampstead, the Lady of John Fraser, jun. Esq. of a son.

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LATELY, Major Onslow, of the 4th (or Queen's Own) Light Dragoons, to Mildred, daughter of John Jones, Esq. of East Wickham House, Kent.

DEC. 20. At Lambeth Church, Robert Bell, Esq. to Sarah, widow of the late William Gilbert Hawkins, Esq. and third daughter of the late Rev. Samuel Ashe, many years rector of Langley Burrell, Wiltshire.

29. At Trinity Church, Chester, by the Rey. G. Larden, Lieut. Watkis, of the Royal Artillery, to Jane, third daughter of the late Rev. R. Leach, Vicar of Llansaintfraid, Montgomeryshire.

JAN. 1, 1822. At Mary-le-Bone Church, by the Rev. Henry C. Cherry, A.B. Curate of Esher, St. John Bogle French, Esq. of the Hon. India Company's Madras Military Establishment, to Louisa Jane,

youngest daughter of the late George Rose, Esq. of Crookham, near Newbury.

1. William, son of Francis Henderson, Esq. Stockwell, to Hannah, youngest daughter of the late John Andrews, Esq. of the same place.

2. At Thames Ditton, in the county of Surrey, by the Rev. Joseph Hamilton, D.D. Mary Anne Sophia Leigh, eldest daughter of John Leigh, late of Hadley, in the county of Middlesex, and now of High House, Thames Ditton, Esq. to William Joseph Furlong, Esq. of his Majesty's 90th Regiment of Light Infantry, eldest son of Joseph Furlong, Esq. Magistrate for the County of Limerick. Immediately after the ceremony, the happy pair set off for Bath, to spend the honey.


3. At Lambeth Church, Joshua Black

burn, Esq. of Liquorpond-street, London, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John Blades, Esq. of Brockwell Hall, Surrey.

3. At Aix en Provence, Lieutenant Thomas Hallowes, of the Royal Navy, to Margaret, only daughter of Lieutenantcolonel Nicholas Ramsay.

At Havant, Captain Wilson Braddyll Bigland, R. N. to Emily, second daughter of the late Samuel Leeke, Esq. Havant. -. At Boiton Percy, near York, by the Rev. W. Bentinck, Prebendary of Westminster, Edward Taylor, Esq. only son of Edward Clough, Esq. to Georgina Bentley Emma Badcock, daughter of the late William Badcock, Esq.

14. At Wimbledon, in the county of Surrey, by the Rev. Henry Lindsay, John Samuel Hudson, of the Inner Temple, Esq. to Maria, daughter and co-heiress of the late Ralf Allen, Esq. of Bath.

- At Edinburgh, Mr. S. R. Block, of London, to Agnes, eldest daughter of Adam Wilson, Esq. Clerke Depute of Session

15. By special license, at Everingham Park, in the East Riding of the county of York, the Hon. Charles Thomas, second son of the Right Hon. Lord Clifford, of Ugbrooke Park, in the county of Devon, to Teresa, youngest daughter of the late Marmaduke Constable Maxwell,

At Foot's Cray, by the Rev. E.
Wariner, J. R. Coryton, Esq. son of the
Rev. G. Coryton, of Penzance, to Eliza-
beth, the only daughter of William Rose
Haworth, Esq. Principal Clerk in the
Office of the Auditor of the Receipt of his
Majesty's Exchequer.

19. At St. George the Martyr's, Queensquare, the Rev. Henry Cole, to Frances Spencer, second daughter of Lieutenantcolonel Stransham, Royal Marines.


At St. Helen's Church, by the Rev. James Capper, of Wilmington, John Capper, Esq. of Crosby-square, to Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Thomas Turnbull, Esq.


LATELY, at Cambridge, the Rev. Philip Douglas, D.D. Master of Bene't College, in that University, and Vicar of Gedney, in the county of Lincoln.

Nov. 3. At Golden Grove, Tobago, the President of his Majesty's Council in that Island, John Robley, Esq. of Russellsquare, London.

DEC. 23. At Gateshead in the County of Durham, aged 64, Mrs. King, relict of Rev. Richard king, A. M. Rector of Worthin, Salop, and Vicar of Steple Mordon in the County of Cambridge, and third daughter of the late Sir Francis Bernard, Bart. She was the author of "The Beneficial Effects of the Christian Temper on Domestic Happiness" "Female Scripture Characters," and other useful works. But these formed a very small part of her valuable exertions: her whole life was passed in acts of kindness and benevolence to all who stood in need of her assistance. At Gateshead where she resided for the last 12 years, surrounded by a numerous population of labouring poor, the neighbouring suitor never applied in vain. She established there a Society for visiting the sick poor, and supplying them with all needful comforts; and she founded and supported at her own expense a Sunday School at that place for educating the poor children in the principles of the Christian Religion. Her active usefulness was indeed manifested in promoting every charitable scheme for informing the minds and relieving the wants of her fellow Christians. She is called to her rest,—and her works follow

her: may her numerous friends who lament her loss, shew their sense of departed worth by imitating her virtues, her piety, and her charity.

24. At sea, George Augustus Howard, son of Matthew Howard, Esq. of Norwood.

28. Mrs. Agnes Atkinson, of Great Ormond-street, Queen square, aged 91 years.

30. In the 68th year of her age, Eliza beth, the wife of the Rev. George Gaskin, D.D. Rector of St. Benet, Gracechurch, London, and of Stoke Newington, Middlesex.

JAN. 2, 1822. Aged 20, Sophia, second daughter of Mr. Richard Roffey, of Walworth.

4. At Exeter, Miss Janet Allardyce, of Aberdeen.

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Henry, eldest son of Henry Hedges, Esq. of Hayes, Middlesex.

At his house, Prince's-square, St. George's in the East, Mr. Charles Tabor, aged 56.

9. Mr. D. Davis, of the firm of Clementi and Co. 26, Cheapside.

10, At his apartments in Argyll-street, Thomas Randall, Esq. of Chelsea, aged 57 years.

11. Aged 79, in Hanway-street, Mrs. Mary Jones, upwards of 50 years a resident at that place.

At Worthing, Mr. Benjamin Hawes, brother of the founder of the Humane Society.

12. Aged 74, Ann, the wife of Mr. Stephen Pilgrim, of Epsom.

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12. At Walworth, Thomas Chambers, Esq. aged 62.

At High Wycombe, Mrs. King, aged 75, widow of the late Isaac King, Esq.

13. At Hartley Wintney, Hants, Sarah Down Husband, eldest daughter of Thomas Husband, Esq. of that place.

At Taunton, Kenneth Mackenzie, Esq. late of Warren-street.

15. At Bridgnorth, Mrs. Mary Bree, widow of the late Robert Bree, Esq. of Solihall, in Warwickshire, aged 88.

14. Joseph Parmenter, of Lamarsh, in the county of Essex, Esq.


At her house, in Charterhouse

square, Mrs. Jane Bridges.

[JAN 15. At her house, Upper Tooting, in her 83d year, Mrs. Wilson, relict of the late Christopher Wilson, Esq.

17. At the Duke's house, in St. James's square, the Duchess of St. Alban's.

In his 3d year, Thomas, the only son of Mr. T. B. Burbidge, of South wark.

At East Sheen, Surrey, CatherineElizabeth, wife of Francis Seymour Larpent, Esq. one of the Commissioners for Auditing the Public Accounts.

19. At Great Ealing, Mrs. Bligh, in the 83d year of her age.

20. At Kennington, in his 63d year, Mr. Henry Borradaile, late of Newington-green, Middlesex.



Extracted from the London Gazette.

N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and London Attornies' Names are between Brackets.


AUSTIN, HEN. DE BRUNO, Northumberland-st.
St. Mary-le-bone, bricklayer and builder. Jan. 19.
BRAMMALL, J. Saddleworth, York, worsted-spin-
ner. Dec. 20.

COOPER, W. Liverpool, Draper. Jan. 19.
HUBBLE, MARK, Tonbridge, Kent, victualler.
Jan. 15.



KINNER, W. and S. Notting-hill, Middlesex, stagecoach-proprietors. Dec. 29.

SMITH, BENJ. and Co. Great Coxwell and Farring-
don, Berks, cheesefactors. Jan. 15.
WILLIAMS, H. Plough-co. Lombard-st, merchant,
Dec 29.



Chester, woollen-manufacturers, Feb. 9, Bridge water Arms, Manchester. [Hurd and Co. Temple; and Buckley, Manchester. Dec. 9. ABBEY, THOS. Pocklington, York, iron-monger, Feb. 12, Old George, York. [Evans, Hattongarden; and Holmes, Pocklington.] Jan. 1. ABBEY, ROB. Alne, York, miller, Feb. 12, Wheat Sheaf, York. [Freame and Co. Fig Tree-co. Temole; and Gamble, York.] Jan. 1. AMBROSE, THOS. Waterloo-pl. woollen-draper, Feb. 23. [Hodgson, John-st. Adelphi.] Jan. 12. ANNEN, JAS. Church-row, merchants, Feb. 2, and March 2, [Sweet and Co. Basinghall 'street.]

Jan. 19.

BUTCHER, OSBORN, Burnham-Westgate, Norfolk, farmer, Feb. 5. King's Arms, East Dereham, Norfolk. [Withers, jun. Holt, Norfolk; and Bridger, Angel-co. Throgmorton-st.] Dec. 25. BOND, JOSEPH, Munsley, Hereford, coppicedealer, Feb. 5, Seven Stars, Ledbury. [Stevenson and Co. Lincoln's Inn; and Holbrook, Ledbury.] Dec. 25.

BLACKBURN, WM. Bedford, near Leigh, Lancaster, manufacturer, Feb. 16, Bridgewater Arms, Mauchester. [Hurd and Co. Temple; and Ker shaw, Manchester.] Jan. 5.

BUSH, HEN. Loddon, Norfolk, grocer, Feb. 9, Rampant Horse, Norwich. [Windus, Bartlett'sbu. Hotborn; and Boyce, Norwich.] Dec. 29. BROADBENT, JOHN, jun. and Co. Tanstead, Saddleworth, York, merchant, Feb. 19, at the house of Mr. Wrigley, innkeeeper, Dobcross. [Whitehead, Oldham; and Milne and Co. Temple.] Jan. 8.

BEAUFOY, JOHN, Meriden, Warwick, draper, Feb. 19, Bull's Head, Meriden. [Troughton and Co. Coventry; and Long and Co. Gray's Inn.]

an. 8.

BIRCH, ROB.YALDEN, Hammersmith, medicine. vender, Feb. 19. [Harnett, Northumberland-st. Strand.] Jan. 8.

BRITTAIN, BENJ. Warren's Farm, Hertford, dealer in hay, Feb. 29. [Bond, Ware, Herts.]

Jan. 12.

BUCKLAND, JOSEPH, Chard, Somerset, miller, March 5, George, Crewkerne, Somerset. [Hine, Essex co. Temple; and Baker, Ilminster, Somer. set.] Jan. 22.

CARTWRIGHT, THOS. Okehampton. innkeeper, Feb. 5, Subscription Rooms, Exeter. Devon, [Brution, Old Broad-st.; and Brutton, Exeter.] Dce. 25.

CLARK, THOS. Hammersmith, money-scrivener, Feb. 12. Isaacson, Broad-co. Long acre. ] CHAFER, WM. Kingston-upon-Hull, grocer, Feb. 16. Dog and Duck, Kingston-upon-Hull. and Son, Barton upon-Humber, Lincoln; and [Brown Hicks, Gray's Inn sq.] Jan. 5. COAL, THOS. Burwell, Lincoln, dealer, Feb. 16, George and Dragon, Kirbymoorside, York. [Bell and Co. Bow Church; and Garbutt, Kirbymoorside.] Jan. 5.

CANTOR, JOS. JACOB, Devonshire-st. Bishopsgate-st. pen and feather-manufacturer, Feb. 19. Noel, Great Ormond st.] Jan. 8.

COLVILLE, EDW. DODD, Charlotte-st. Portlandpl. picture-dealer, Feb. 23. [Poole, Adam's co. Old Broad-st.] Jan. 12.

CLEMENCE, JOHN, jun. Northumberland street, Mary-le-Bone, carpenter, Feb. 29. [Stevens and Co. Little St. Thomas Apostle.] Jan. 19. DELVALLE, ABRAHAM, York-st. Covent-garden, wine-merchant, Feb. 23. [Reardon and Co. Cor bet-co. Gracechurch-st.] Jan. 12.

ETHERINGTON, JOS. Knottingley, York, coaidealer, Feb. 5, Star, Pontetract. [Walker, Lincoln's Inn-fields; and Clough and Co. Pontefract. Dec. 25.

EDWARDS, THOS. Brighton, merchant, Feb. 9, and March 5. [Warne, Leadenhall-street.j Jan. 22. FULLSTONE, HENRY, Cottenham, Cambridge, auctioneer, Feb. 5, Hoop, Cambridge. Smith

Hatton-garden'; and Bays, Cambridge.] Dec.

FROST, JOHN, Temple Normanton, Derby, matter, Feb 9, White Hart, Datheld [Bromlevs, Gray's Inn-sq; and Rickards, Alfreton.]

FEL WM, Workington, Cumberland, broker, Feb. 19, 10, and March 5, at the house of H. Salked. Workington. [Falcon, Elm court, Temple; 2nd Thompson. Workington.] Jan. 22. GRAVES, THOs, jan. Cottenham, Cambridge, butcher, Feb. 12, Hoop, Cambridge. [Whiteley, Cambridge; and Croft, Chancery-la.] "Jan. Y GILL WM. Scarborough, York, linen-draper, Feb. 16, Dog. Manchester. [Wood. Manchester; and Hard and Co. Temple.] Jan. 5. GEAR. JOSHUA, Nottingham, fishmonger, Feb. 16, Prch Bowl, Nottingham. [Hopkinson and Co. Nottingham; and Woolston, Furnival's-inn.]

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GLOVER, JOHN, Easthope, Salop, dealer, Feb. 16, swan, Stafford. [Birch, Armitage, Litchfield; and Wils and Co. Warnford co.] Jan. 5. GEORGE, JOHN, Park-st. Hanover-sq. milliner, Feb. 2, and 30. Fenton, Austin-friars ] Jan. 15. GUDEN, THOS, sen. and Co. Princes-sq. Saint George's in the East, carriers. Feb. 2, and March 9. Vizard and Co. Lincoln's Inu-fields; and Lemans, Bristol.] Jan. 19

GALLON, THOS. Leeds, York, stuff-merchant, Feb. 19, 90, and March 5, Court House, Leeds. (Makinson, Middle Temple; and Foden, Leeds.]

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HEATH, JOSEPH. Rosemary-la. cheesemonger, Feb. 5. [Tomlinson and Co. Coptball-co.]

Dec. 25.
HAIGH, THOS. Poland-st. St. James's, book-
water, Fes 9. [Mayhew, Chancery-la.] Dee. 29.
BUNTED, JOHN, Hawkhurst, Kent, corn-dealer,
Feb. 16. Gregson and Co. Angel co. Throgmor-
Nun-st 1 Jan. 5.

HARRISON, ROB. Coleshill, Warwick, tanner,
Feb. 19, Swan, Coleshili. [Jenkins and Co. New-
IT; Long and Co. Grays's Inn; Willington,
Tamworth; and Palmer, Coleshill.] Jan. 8.
HALL, JAS. Watton at Stone, Herts, cow-dealer,
Feb. 19, Falcon, St. Neots. [Forbes, Ely-place,
Haiborn; and Day, St. Neots.] Jan. 8.
HOYLE, BENJ. Broad st. Bloomsbury, tailor, Feb.
5, and 23. [Constable and Co. Symond's-inn,
Chancers-la. Jun. 12.

HEXT, SIMEON, Hardington-Mandeville, Somer-
set, sul cloth-maker, Feb. 26, George, Crewkerne,
Somerset. [Holme and Co. New-inn, and Murly,
Bridport, Dorset.] Jan. 15.

JENKINS, RICH. JENKINS RUNWA, Axbridge, Somerset, clerk, Feb. 16, White Lion, Bristol. [Poole and Co. Gray's Inn-sq.; and Saunders, Bristol. Jan. 5.

JENKINS, EDW. Pickerstone, Glamorgan, miller, Feb. 4, 5, and March 2. Bear, Cowbridge, Glamorgan. [Gregory, Clement's Inn; and Bassett, Bonvilston, Glamorgan.] Jan. 19.

KING, JACOB, Great Yeldham, Essex, linen-draper, Feb. 9, and March 2. [Reardon and Co. Gracechurch-st.] Jan. 19.

KING, KOB. Coventry-co. Haymarket, grocer, Feb. 5, 19, and March 5. [Carlou, High-st. Mary-leBone Jan. 27.

LEE, CHAS. Haywond, Salop, maltster, Feb. 4, 5, and March 5, Red Lion-sq. Newport, Salop. [Hicks, Gray's Inn sq.; and Brookes, Newport.] Jon. 28. MIDWOOD, THOS. HAIGH, London, merchant, Feb. 9, Dog, Manchester. [Wood, Manchester; and Hard and Co. Temple.] Dec. 29. MATHER, JOS, Jewin-st, wine-merchant, Feb. 25. Watson, Falcon st. Falcon sq.] Jan. 12. MICKLE, JOHN, Percy-st. Tottenham-court-road, tailor. [Fishies and Munday, Furnival's-inn, Hol. born. Jan. 15.

MILNE, JOHN, Liverpool, painter, Feb. 11, 12, and 26, George, Liverpool. (Hamsbottom, Liverpool; and Blackstock and Co. King's Brach-walk, Temple. Jan. 15.

METCALF, MICH. Brunswick-pl. City-ro. mer. Chant, Feb. 9, and March . [Alliston and Co. Freeman's-co. Cornhill.j Jan 19. MACKINTYRE, JOHN, Liverpool, merchant,'Feb. 1, 2, and March 2, George, Liverpool. [Battye, Chancery la.; and Cramp, Liverpool.] Jan. 19. MANN, WM. Thompson, Norfolk, farmer, Feb. 6,

7, and March 6, Norfolk Hotel, Norwich. [Barbor, Fetter-la.; and Cooper, East Dereham, Norfolk ]

Jan. 22. MURCOTT, ANDREW, Warwick, draper, Feb. 11, 12, and March 5, Swan, Warwick. [Meyrick and Co. Red Lion-sq.] Jan. 22.

NATTRISS. JOHN, sen. Thornton, York, linendraper, Feb. 5, Blacksmith's Arms, Scarborough, York. [Lever, Holborn co. Gray's-Inn; and Cornwall, Scarborough.] Dec. 95.

NEALE, GEO, Grantham, Linccoln, builder, Feb. 12, Angel, Grantham. [Stoker and Co. New Boswell-co.; and Newcome, Grantham.] Jan, i. NUNNELEY, SAM. Cransley, Northampton,beastjobber, Feb. 26, George, Kettering, Northampton. [Lamb, Kettering; and Nelson, Barnard's Inn.] Jan. 15. OLIVER, THOS. High-st. Mary-le-Bone, victualler, Feb. 16. [Carlon, High-st. Mary-le-Bone.]

Jan. 5.

PENLEY, JOHN, jun. Uley, Gloncester, Feb. 5, Old Bell, Dursley. [Eden, Wootton-Underedge, GloScester; and Bridges and Co. Red Lion-sq.] Dec. 95.

PARKER, JOHN, Chapel-st. Edgeware-road,, Feb. 16. [Carlon, High-st. Mary. le Bone] Jan. 5.

PINNIGER, JACOB, Lechlade, Glouceter, wool. merchant, Feb. 1. and 19, Angel Inn, WoottonBassett. [Thompson and Co. Gray's inn-place'; and Mullinge, Wootton-Basset.] Jan. 8. POTBURY, GEO. Sidmouth, Devon, cabiner. maker, Feb. 19, Subscription Rooms, Exeter. [Brutton, Old Broad-st; and Brutton, Exeter.] Jan. 8. PLAYER, JOHN BROOKES, Bristol, bottle-liquormerchants. Feb. 29, White Lion, Bristol. [Vizard and Co. Lincoln's Inn-fields; and Gregory, Exchange-bu. Bristol.] Jan. 12.

PEARSON, EDW, and CO. Liverpool. merchants, Feb. 11, 12, and 26, George, Liverpool. [Orred and Co. Liverpool; and Lowe and Co. London.]

Jan. 15.

PARK, JOHN, Fenchurch st. merchant, March 2. [Lowden and Co. Clement's Inn.] Jan. 19. POWNALL, THOS. Handforth, Chester, maltster, Feb. 5, 6, and March 2, White Bear, Manchester. [Wright and Co. King's Bench-walk, Temple; and Dumvile, Exchange-buildings, Manchester.] Jan. 19.

PIGRAM, JAS, and THOS. RUSSELL, Maidstone, grocer, Feb. 2, 9, and March 5. [Amory and Co. Throgmorton-st.] Jan. 29.

ROBINSON, MATTHIAS ARCHIBALD, Red Lionst. Holborn, grocer, Feb. 5. (Ashmore and Co. Henrietta-st. Covent, Covent Garden.] Dec. 25. ROGERS, JOHN and Co. Savoy-st. Strand, harnessmakers, Feb. 16. [Lewis, Surrey-st. Strand.]

Jan. 5.

[blocks in formation]

ROUTLEDE, THOS. Liverpool, broker, Feb. 19, 14, and March 2, George, Liverpool. [Lowton, Lansdowne-pl. Brunswick-sq; and Leicester, Liverpool.] Jan. 19.

RAWLINSON, STEP, Botwell, brick-maker, Feb. 16, and March 2.

SHAW, JOHN, Oldham, Lancaster, machinemaker, Feb. 5, White Bear, Manchester. [Chip. pendale, Crane-co. Fleet-st.; and Shuttleworth, Rochdale,] Dec. 25.

STOKER, JOHN, Doncaster, tinman, Feb. 5, Star, Pontefract. [Taylor, John-st. Bedford-row; and Badger, Rotherham.] Dec. 25.

SIMPSON, WM. J. Manchester, hosier, Feb. 9. Albion Hotel, Manchester. [Law and Co. Man. chester; and Adlington and Co. Bedford-row.] Dec. 29.

SCOTT, OCTAVIUS, Manchester-bu. Cannon-row, army-agent, Feb. 9. [Alliston and Co. Freeman'sco. Cornhill.] Dec. 29. STAFF, BDW. Norwich, brick-maker, Feb. 25, Norfolk Hotel, Norwich. [Bignold and Co. Norwich; and Holme and Co. New-inn.] Jan, 19.

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