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SMEETON, GEO. St. Martin's la. printer, Feb. 2, and March 2. [Davis, Lothbury.] Jan. 19. TENNENT, JOHN, Liverpool, merchant, Feb. 5, George, Liverpool. [Massey, Liverpool; and Adfington and Co. Bedford-row.] Dec. 85. TODD, JOHN, Cottenham, Cambridge, butcher, Feb. 16, Hoop, Cambridge. Peacocke, Cam bridge; and Robinson, Half-Moon-st. Piccadilly.] Jan. 5.

THOMPSON, WM. Tottenhill, Norfolk, cattledealer, Feb. 19, Pickerell Inn, Cambridge. [Fisher, St. Ives; and Ellis, Chancery-la.] Jan. 8.

TOUSSAINT, CHAS. Castle-st. Leicester-sq. plum-
ber, Feb. 2, and 26. [Allen, Carlisle-st. Soho-sq.]
Jan. 15.
THOMAS, WM. Bluet's-bu. Fetter-la. Holborn,
work-box-manufacturer, Feb. 26. [Harman,
Wine Office-co. Fleet-st.] Jan. 15.
THURBON, JOHN, March, Isle of Ely, draper,
Feb. 6, 7, and March 5, Griffin, March. [Barley,
March; and Meredith, Lincoln's Inn New-sq.]
Jan. 22.
TATNER, CHAS. Horton Kirby, near Dartford,
farmer, Feb. 2, and March. [Collins, Great
Knight Rider-st. Doctor's-commons.] Jan. 22.
VALENTINE, ROB. Hatfield, Hertford, miller,
Feb. 2, and March 5. [Bond, Ware, Herts.]
Jan. 22.

WHITE, JAS. Bletchingley, Surrey, farmer, Feb.

ie. [Welchman and Co. Stamford-st. Blackfriars-road.] Jan. 1.

WARDLE, ISAAC, Nottingham, butcher, Feb. 18. Red Lion Inn, Worksop. [Beadshaw, Retford; and Allen and Co. Carlisle st. Soho-sq.] Jan. 12. WIGFALL, H. Sheffield, York, file-maker, Feb. 23, Angel, Sheffield. [Smith, Sheffield; and Blakelock, Serjeant's Inn, Fleet-st.] Jun. 12. WOOFTEN, JOHN, Windsor, coal merchant. Feb. 23. [Biggs and Co. Reading; and Eyre and Co. Gray's Tan-sq.) Jan. 12.

WAUGH, ROB. Kingston upon-Hull, 'cabinetmaker, Feb. 26, Dog and Duck, Kingston-uponBull. [Rosser and Son, Bartlett's-bu.; and Sandwith, Hall.] Jan. 15.

WASHBURN, JOHN, Great Marlow, Buckingham, wire-manufacturer, Feb 2, and March 2. [Thomas, Bouverie-st. Fleet-st.] Jan. 19.

WOODWARD, THOS. Bridgwa er, Somerset, druggist, Feb. 4, 5, and March 2, at the Office of Mr. Symes, Bridgwater. [Lowe and Co. ¡South➡ » ampton-bu and Symes, Bridgwater.] Jan. 19. WHITBOURN, JOHN, Brook-st. Holborn, oilman, Feb. 9, and March 2. [Shepherd and Co. Bartlett's bu. Holborn.] Jan. 19.

WINTER, GEO. Charles-st. Middlesex-Hospital, dealer in harness, Feb. 2, and March 2, [Liewellyn, Noble st. Cheapside.] Jan. 19. WILSON, EDW. Strand, inerchant, March 2. [Lewis, Surrey-st. Strand.] Jan. 19.



ATKINSON, P. Rathbone-pl. Oxford-st. Jan. 22.

Atkinson, H. Bread-st.-hill, Feb. 2. Austin, T. and Co. Bath, Jan. 22.

Ashby, R. Poultry, Jan. 22.

Aubrey, G. E. Manchester, Jan. 9.

Blackwell, R, Crescent, Minories, Jan. 15.

Burn, J. Lotl:bury, Jan. 5.

Brown, W. Sutton at Hone, Kent, Jan. 15.
Brooke, N. Duke-st. Lincoln's inn-fields, Jan. 19.
Belham, T. Crimscott-st. Bermondsey, Jan. 19.
Boyce, J. Bordesley, near Birmingham, Jan. 21.
Bend, J. Lloyd's Coffee-house, Feb. 9.
Bayley, C. Abingdon, Berks, Jan. 22.

Bulpin R. Bridgewater, Somerset, Jan. 23.

Biddick, T. St. Issey, Cornwall, Jan. 22.

Baylis, J. and Co. Piccadilly, Jan. 26.

Colbeck, T. and Co. Westhouse, York, Jan. 26.
Day, R. H. Tovil, Kent, Jan. 15.

Dingle, J. Charlestown, Cornwall, Jan.28.

Deakin, F. and Co. Deritend Mills, Hamlet of
Deritend, near Birmingham, Jan. 29.
Edwards, L. O. Minories, Jan. 19.
Ellis, W. Liverpool, Jan. 30.

English, F. Birmingham, Jan. 30.

Fincham, B. sen. aud Co, Epping, Essex, Jan. 22.
Fowler, D. and Co. Gracechurch-st. Jan. 22.
Freeman, J. Hatton-garden, Feb. 2.
Fraser, J. New co, Swithin's-la. Feb. 26.
Greensinith, J. Cark, Lancaster. Jan. 22.
Gundry, G. Knaresborough, York, Jan. 28.
Groning, R. Broad-street bu. Jan. 15.
Garton, S. Wood-st. Cheapside, Feb. 2.
Hooper, J Tooley-st. Southwark, Jan. 26.
Hoile, I. Beech-st. Feb. 2.

Heweit, G. Fair-Mile House, near Henley-upon-
Thames, Oxford, Jan. 29.

Hawkins, J. Farncomb, near Godalmin, Surrey,

Jan. 26.

[blocks in formation]

King, C. M. Upper East Smithfield, Jan. 29.
Keating, A. Strand, Jan. 19.

Kempster, T. Bouverie-st. Fleet-st. Jan. 17.
Knight, J. Castle Cary, Somerset, Jan. 25.

Laing, G. Commercial Sale Rooms, Mincing lane,
Feb. 16.

Little, A. Mealsgate, Cumberland, Jan. 30.
Little, W. Mealsgate, Cumberland, Jan. 30.
Merrick, T. Frith-st. Soho, Dec. 22.

Merrick, T. Frith st. Soho, Jan. 12.

Mace, S. Norwich, Jan. 26.

Masters, R. Coventry, Feb. 22.

Malcom, R. Ashbourne, Derby, Feb. 5.

Mackenzie, C. Caroline st. Bedford-sq. Jan. 26.

Mumford, E. Liverpool, Feb. 11.

Moston, J. Warrington, Lancaster, Feb. 15.

Nevile, S. Leeds, Jan. 24.

Nowill, J. Cheapside, Jan. 19.

Noon, T. Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset, Jan. 19.
Palmer, E. T. Bedford, Jan. 19.

Pyer, G. Newport, Monmouth, Jan. 24
Phillips, H. and Co. Birmingham, Jan. 29.
Parks, T. and Co. Birmingham, Jan. 30.
Priddon, E. Horncastle, Lincoln, Feb. 14.
Parkinson, T. sen. and Co. Kingston-upon-Hull,
Feb. 26.

Phillips, B. Threadneedle-st. Feb. 5.

Pearse, C. Wellington, Somerset, Feb. 7.

Percy, R. Blandford Forum, and Force, J. Wimborne Minster, Dorset, Jan. 22.

Richardson, G. Horncastle, Lincoln, Feb. 14.
Ryder, A. Commercial Sale Rooms, Feb. 9.
Robinson, S. S. and Co. 'Change-alley, March 2.
Silva, J. R. Liverpool, Jan. 26.

Sargent, T. Millbank-row, Westminster, Jan. 29.
Stanley, H. Jack-House, Oswaldtwistle, Lancaster,
Feb. 1.

Sykes. W. and Co. White Lion-st. Norton-falgate, Feb. 5.

Symonds. C. and Co. Watling-st. Feb. 9.

Tucker, W. and Co.Shetheld, York, Jan. 28.

Thorn, J. T. Plymouth, Devon, Jan. 26.

Turner, T. W. Brentford, Jan. 26.

Townend, R. sen. and J. R. Mitre co. Fenchurchst. Jan. 29.

Tipping, T. Warrington, Lancaster, Feb. 15.
Thurkle, G. M. Fleet-st. Jan. 29.

Tillotson, J, Halifax, York, Jan. 26.

Vice, J. Valentine-row, Blackfriar's-road, Jan. 5.

Underdown, T. Colyton, Devon, Feb. 15.

Webster, J. and J. Wakefield, York, Jan. 31.

Walls, T. Webber-st. Lambeth-marsh, Jan. 96.
W marsh, H. H. Winghain, Keut, Jan. 24.
Wilson, J. Macclesfield, Cheshire, Jan. 26.
Word T. Seamer. York, Jan. 24.
Wicacks, T. Holborn, Feb. 2.

Woodhouse, J. and M. Mincing-la. Feb. 1. Welford, J. Broad-st. Ratcliffe, March 9. Webster, J. and J. Wakefield, York, Feb. 21. Wardell, R. Brighthelmston, Sussex, Feb 1. Young, T. Cheltenham, Gloucester, Feb. 4.



ADCOCK, D. Melton Mowbray, Leicester, Jan. 22.

Alanson, T. Wathing-st. Feb. 2.

Attwood, A Lymington, Hants, Feb. 5.
Baer, W. Lyd's Coffee-house, Jan. 15.

web, J. Leeds, Jan. 2.

E: scr.. Jan. 22.
By, W. Hringdon, Feb. 9.

Carmenn, C. 1. Gray's-inn-lane. Holborn, Jan. 26.
Chcents, R. Coventry, Jan. 9.

Care, J. Lloyd's Cof", e- house, Jan. 29.
Carston, J. Gracechurch st. feb. 5.
Cock, T. Westcase, York, Feb. 9.
Cart, H. Fist-street hill. Feb 12.

Du Bois, J. and E. Copthall co. Jan. 26.
Dumas, W. Cheadle, Chester, Feb. 2.

Davy, J. St. John's-st. West Smithfield, Feb. 12.
Etwards, R. Crasley, Worcester, Jan. 15.
Emery, T. Worcester, Jan. 15.

Eyre, W. Cockspur-st. Charing cross, Jan. 26.
Eaves, J Liverpool, Jan. 29.

Elett, T. Northampton, Feb. 9.

Fowler, J. Mark 1. Feb. 12.

Gunnel, R. G. and Co. Poultry, Jan. 26.
Graliam, Sir R. Bart. and Co. London, Jan. 26.
Gibson, T. jan. and Co. Lieerpool, Feb. 9.
Here, T. South Blyth, Northumberland, Jan. 15.
Ho, J. Bolton, Lancaster, Jan. 22.
Hater, J. Bristol, Jan. 26.

Heo, L. and Co. Welbeck st. Cavendish-sq.Jan.

H, S. Northampton, Feb. 2.

Handwrd. H. Winchester st. Broad-street, and
Preiswick-pl. Feb. 2.

Hs, 2. Gossell street road, Feb. 5.
Ir. N. Carlisle, Jan. 99.

Kalisco, J. Sculcoates, York, Feb. 9.

Jones, A. W. New Brentford, Feb. 12.
Ketland, T. and Co. Birmingham, Jan. 19.
Knowles, J. and Co. Salford, Lancaster, Feb. 12.
Llewelyn, J. and Co. Old Jewry, Jan. 19.

Luke, W. Liverpool, Jan. 29.
Mathewman, R. Leeds, Jan. 29.
Morton, P. Salford, Lancaster, Feb. 2.
Mason, E. Worcester, Feb. 5.

Millar, A. Cardigan-pl. Vauxhall-road, Feb. 9.
Newcomb, F. S. Gadshill, Gillingham, Kent, Jan. 19.
Oakden, T Manchester, Jan. 22.

Olding, J. Old 'Change, Feb. 2.

Phillips, B. Threadneedle-st. Jan. 15.

Parry, T. Manchester, Jan. 15.

Rowbottom. W. Oldham, Lancaster, Jan 26.

Rowe, H. Amen-corner, Feb. 5.

Robson, W. Newcastle upon Tyne, Feb. 9.
Rivolta, A. Brook-st. Holborn, Feb. 12.

Saintmaic, J. J. and Co. Kadcliffe-row, City-road,

Jan. 19.

Stanley, H. Jackhouse within Oswaldtwisle, Lan. caster, Jan. 29.

Smith, R. Kent-street-road, Southwark, Feb. 5.
Staff, C. and W. W. King-st. Cheapside, Feb. 5.
Twigg, J. Cheapside, Feb. 2.

Tahourdin, G. Warwick-co. Holborn, Feb. 5.
Wilson, G. Liverpool, Jan. 19.

Wadham, R. Poole, Jan. 22.

Wood, J. Birmingham, Jan. 29.

Wright, J. Mill-wall, Poplar, Jan. 29.

Wells, S. Middleton-garden, Pentonville, Jan. 29. Wight, S. Leadenhall-st. Feb. 2.

Whatley, T. Batcombe, Somerset, Feb. 12.

Yarnold, P. jun. City garden-row, St. Luke's, Jan.




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ANDREW, D. and Andrew, G. Micklehurst, Chester, woollen manufacturers.

Austen, R. M. and Austen, G. Tonbridge, Kent, grocers.

Auen, G. and Allen, G. jun. Manchester, calenderers

Archer, R. and Barratt, J. Great Wild-st. Lincoln'sinn felds, gold and silver refiners.

Ap. F. and Alsop, S. Manchester, sewing-cottonrafacturers.

Barker, N. P. and Buckler, H. P. Stonehouse, Sacenter, wo d-brokers.

Brand, J. dec. Trevor Ucha, Denbigh, and Jackann, T. Liverpool.

Fae H. and Monins, R. Middle Temple, London. Eur. Mag. Vol. 81. Jan, 1822.

Butler, D. and Wade, R. F. Crutched friars, iusu. rance-brokers.

Bishop, G. and Ventom, W. B. London, merchants. Bowler, J. Bickerton, J. and Wilkes, J. C.

Bowman, W. and Battic, W. Sheffield, pawnbrokers.

Barfield, J. Conolly, J. and Hemming, W. Thatcham, Berkshire.

Blades, T. and Palmer, B. Piccadilly, upholsterers. Brooks, J. and Oughton, J. Manchester, warehouse


Barlow, J. Barlow, W. and Allcroft, R. Draper'sbu. London-wall, scissar-manufacturers. Bedford, W. and Bedford, W. jun. Lincoln, tailors.


Brinton, R. Petford, J. and Petford, J. Birming ham, brass-founders.

Blackman, W. and Taylor, J. Old Prad-street, plumbers.

Bailey, J. Bailey, J. and Bailey, 8. Sheffield, York, merchants.

Baker, J. Kingsford, S. Baker, S. N. Brent, J. Halford, R. sen. and Halford, R. jun. Canterbury, bankers.

Baxendale, J. and Dickson, L. Lancaster, surgeons.

Baxter, R. and Bowker. W. Gray's-inn.

Brown, W. and Ellis, W. Ludgate-st. haberdashers. Brooke, T. L. and Gilibe, H. jun. Winchester-st. merchants,

Brown, S. and White, T. Hanley, Stafford, manufacturers of earthenware.

Brealey, G. W. and Woollam, J. Manchester, cotton-dealers.

Bate, S. and Bate, J. H. Stourbridge, Worcester, wool staplers.

Baker, F. and Marshall, W. Clapham rise, Surrey, potters.

Brown, T. Rogers, E. Brown, R. and Brown, B. Cheapside, merchants.

Bragg, G. and Baldwin, J. Birmingham, jewellers. Brunton, T. Middleton, R. D. and Brunton, W.

Commercial-road, iron cable-manufacturers. Barringer, W. Walden, J. and Hancock, J. Great Ryder-st. St. James's, coal-merchants. Candler, T. W. and Suter, E. Little Bush-la. porter-merchants.

Callanan, C. and Woodward, H. T. King-st. Wapping, soap boilers.

Camell, R. and Morris, J. T. Bungay, Suffolk, surgeons.

Collison, R. and Whitaker, I. York, stone-ma


Crosley, T. and Folkes, E. Finsbury-market, coachmakers.

Cokerill, R. and Moginie, J. Smithfield-bars, cheesemongers,

Cowie, T. Cowie, G. and Cowie, J. Long-acre, refiners.

Curtis, T. and Whicher, H. South Harting, Sussex, surgeons.

Collier, T. and Claydon, J. Sharnbrook, Bedford, lacemen.

Chapman, F. Brixworth, and Faulkner, T. Boughton, Northampton, butchers.

Collins, E. and Constantine, T. Liverpool, fringe. manufacturers.

Cooper, J. and Cooper, W. Queen-st. Cheapside,


Clarke, A. and Clarke, H. Portsmouth, ironmongers. Christopherson, E. and Price, J. Liverpool, ironmongers.

Clay, J. and Earnshaw, W. Rastrick, York, fancywoollen-manufacturers.

Crisp, N. and Jones, J. Cherry-garden-st. Bermondsey, common brewers.

Clutterbuck, S Eycott, A. C. Williamson, T. W. and Jones, E. Packers' co Coleman-st. Blackwell-hall-factors.

Cooper, G. and Thorburn, T. M. Cannon-st. spicemerchants.

Cliff, J. and Howgate, J. Leeds, horticulturists. Chapman, S. and Chapman, A. Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland, tea-dealers.

Corfield, W. and Matthews, J. Manchester, iron and brass founders.

Cooke, W. and Cooper, G. New Brentford, sur


Cullen, T. and Whitfield, H. Little Bolton, Lan. caster, cotton-spinners.

Dore. W. Smith, J. Moger, G. and Evans, T. Bath, bankers.

Davies, W. Verrinder, C. and Davies, T. North Audley-st.

Dewe, H. T. Farmer, W. Sarjeant, W. W. and Harvey, J. London, warehousemen.

Drake, G. and Drake, J. East-st. Manchester-sq. furniture brokers.

Downes, J. Downes, S. and Downes, D. Macclesfield, silk throwsters.

Darke, S. Church, J. T. and Darke, S. W. Redlion sq. solicitors.

Diggon, R. jun. and Diggon, D. Brandon, Suffolk, saddlers.

Davey, O. Davey, W. and Darey, R. Asliwater,

Devon, drapers.

England, E. and England, W. H. Herford, wireworkers.

Elias, B. and Jennings, J. B. Long-room, Customhouse, Custom-house agents.

Edelsten, S. and Edelsten, J. Warrington, Lancaster, pin manufacturers.

Eykyn, R. Browning, J. Eykyn, J. and Browning, W. H. Smithfield-bars, oil merchants.

Edwards, J. P. Peuny, T. and Butler, T. D. Liverpool, chemists.

Eldershaw, F. and Ball, T. Clare-st. Clare-market, linen drapers,

Friday S. and Burcard, J. R. London, merchants. Foy, J Punshop, R. G. and Dodson, J. Three Crown sq. Southwark, hop-factors.

Fisher, J. sen. and Fisher, J. jun. Newgate-market,


Fox, D. and Goddard, F. G. Bermondsey st. pawnbrokers.

Freer, G. Rotton, J. Lloyd, D. Lloyd. A. and Go dall, M. Birmingham, bankers.

French G. and Thorman, -, East India Chambers, Leadenhall-st. Scotch-provision-factors. Ford, J. Byrne, P. H. and Wyert, C. Battersea, woollen-manufacturers.

Fletcher, J. and kirkland, W. Ripley, Derby, common-brewers.

Tield, J. and Slaney, J. jun. Greenwich, brewers. Gemmill, D. and Coats, R. Rio Janeiro, commission-agents.

Gregson, T. and Keighley, R. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchants.

Guest, W. and Guest, J. Birmingham, merchants.
Gay, E. and Gay, R. Norwich, basket makers.
Gillies, J. O'Neill, J. Sharp, J. Macneitl, J. and
Sharp, J. Liverpool, merchants.

George, J. and Williams, J. Ducklington, Oxford, tilt-manufacturers.

Gordon, S. and Gordon, A. Liverpool.

Gladstone, J. Freeland, A. and Harris, J. Liverpool,


Goskar, T. and Goskar, J. King's Lynn, Norfolk, plumbers.

Green, W. H. and Thorley, W. Angel-co. Throg

morton-st. attornies.

[blocks in formation]

Howell, E. and Woodward, C. shrewsbury, Salop, braziers.

Hare, L. and Tabrum, W. Southminster, Essex, surgeons.

Harvey, G. Gibson, J. and Lolir, W. L. Norwich, manufacturers.

Hardie, J. and Jackson, J. Manchester, fustianmanufacturers.

Beselton, P. and Rowntree, W. Great Ayton, York, oi-manufacturers.

Hall, T. and Hall, J. Compton-st. Soho, woollendrapers.

Hanmer, M. A. widow, and Wyatt, C. Rotherhithe, Irish-provision-dealers.

Joyner, J. Jovner. J. C. and Jeffery, J. Gracechurch-st. haberdashers.

Jones, W. and Hislop, T. Watling st. warehouse

[blocks in formation]

Johnson, J. and Todd, G. W. Darlington and Stockton-upon-Tees, Durham, merchants. Jacklyn, J. S. and Williams, J. sen. St. Dunstan'shill, lightermen.

Jolinson, J. and Edwards, J. Lower Grove, Saddle. worth, woollen-printers.

Illingworth, D. and Marriner, W. Groves Mill,
York, cotton-spinners.

Knox, A. and Wilson, W. Poland-st. tailors.
Kymer, M. R. M Taggart, J. Kymer, J. Stephen-
son, J. and Wood, R. brokers.
Knapp, E. dec. Knapp, E. jun. and Markham, R.
Winchester, bankers.

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master, cu ton-spinners

L., T. A. and Martin, B. M. Great St. Helen's, sagar brakers.

L. W. F. and Goodman, J. Masons' Hall, Last all-st. Blackwei-hall factors.

Le Chate, P. J. Estivent de la Vilesboisnet, P. S.
D. and Cuinte, J. R. Dov uslare-sq. merchants.
Lawrence, W. E. Laurence, E B. and (earns, E.
an. Liverpool, merchants.

Low, W. and Low, J. Beeking, Essex, millers.
Law, W. and Robinson, J. Spalding, Lincoln, cur-

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r, R. and Miller, J. S. Poole, brewers. Martial, J. and Neale, W. Leicester, woolstaplers. Millard, P. and Murray, W. J. Norwich, attornies. Meste, R and Warren, J. W. Taunton, Somerset, attarnes-at-law.

M.rsten, R. and Day. P. Norwich, attornies. Machin, J. F. and Gill, J. S. Warwick-pl. Bedfordrow, surgical instrument makers.

Merews. A. J. Meirelles, A. J. Sobrinho, J. da Costa Ferreira, and J. J. de Sequeira, Liverpool,

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Naylor, J. and Small, W. James-st. Manchester-sq. painters.

Norton, G. and Shuttleworth, J. Leeds, joiners. Newsham, T. Burrows, T. and Holland, T. Wigan, Lancaster, fustian manufacturers.

Newman, J. and Spence, T. P. Great St. Helen's, Bishopsgare-st. wine-merchants.

Nicholson, S. and Young, W. London, insurancebrosers.

North, T. and Tilbe, W. Church-st. Blackfriar'sroad, milwrights.

Pool, R. and Wesmoreland, J. Cumberland, tim


Pelisit, A. jun. and Smith, B. jun. Camberwell, Surrey, silversmiths.

Perrett, J. sen. Partett, J. juu. and Perrett, J. Leigh st. Middlesex, tailors.

Price, S. Bouts, W. and Smith, N. Crooked-la, leather-se.lers.

Page, J. jun. and Jacks, T. Mark-la corn-flourfactors.

Priestley, J. and Graveson, J. Halifax, York, linendrapers.

Payne, J. and Rugg, J. Bristol, plumbers. Procter, T. and Dearden, J. Sheffield, York, cutand manufacturers.

Is, F. and Ross, H. Leicester, woolstaplers. Reynolds, J. Heynolds, J. and Reynolds, E. dealers. Reynolds, J. Reynolds, J. and Reynolds, E. Woodst. Cacapside, ribbon-dealers.

Rudd, W. and Stand, T. Wilmot-st. Brunswicksq. hair-cutters.

Rogers, J. and Rogers, G. High-st. St. Giles's, trbacco-manufacturers.

Ecuts, F. and Simms, J. Wilson's-yard, Back Newrad, St. George's East, treacle-refiners. Richardson, D. Richardson, J. and Francis, W. Wapping, slopsellers.

Kamer, J. Beard, J. and Rimmer, W. Liverpool, coopers of tobacco.

Kichards, J. and Rowell, G. Drury-la. linen-drapers, Robson, J. and Brookbank, J. B. Manchester, prter-dealers.

Robinson, J. Healey, B. and Pattinson, J. Sheffield, fender-makers.

Roberts, W. and Wheeler, M. Blackman-st. Forough, cur ters.

Ester, H. and Manning, T. D. Topsham, Devon. Bimson, M. and Hobinson, T. Liverpool, tea

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Safe, J. Pastore, and Sutcliffe, B. Blackhow, Lancaster, cotton-manufactures.

Shaw, W. and Fletcher, G. Kingston-upon-Hull, timber-merchants.

Sutton, H. Halliday, T. and Russell, J. W. Fenchurch-street, sworn-brokers.

Smith, W. R. B. Pond st. Hampstead, and Cock, T. No, 20, John st. Pentonville.

Shepherd, S. Rixon, S. an 1 Shepherd, B. Cockspurst. cut-glass manufacturers.

Strachan, C. and Murray, J. Cornhill, watch and clock makers.

Staniforth, S. and Laird, W. Liverpool, rope-manu. facturers.

Stanbury, J. and Clark, G. London, common-car.


Smith, T. Vinehall, Smith. T. and Alderton, T. Battle, Sussex, carriers.

Stirling, W. Stirling, J. and Home, J. Bow churchyard.

Spooner, T. and Abraham, P. George yard, Lombard-st.

Sapte, F. Guilemard, D. and Brand, J. Coleman-st. merchants.

Stephens, B. and Biggs, M. Great Russell-st. Bloomsbury, chemists.

Smith, J. and Dixon, -, Boston, Lincoln, cornmerchants.

Smith, J. and Macdonald, J. Paradise-st. Finsbury, herald-chasers.

Smith, C. and Reade, T. S. B. Leeds, York, merchants.

Smith, C. Reade, T. S. B. Hirst, W. and Hirst, J.
Leeds, York, merchants.

Stainforth, R. and Giberne, M. Old South Sea
House, Broad-st, wine-merchants.
Scott, G. and Cogger, T.

Stodart, A. and Smart, H. Berner's-st. Oxford-st. piano forte-makers.

Stone, T. and Ogden, E. Manchester, brush-makers. Sealy, G. T. Duncan, J. and Walker, D. Bahia, Brazils, commission merchants.

Shaw, J. and Robinson, E. Gibraltar, merchants. Thomas, T. and Thoinas, J. Oxford-st. woollendrapers.

Trower, G. and Slater, J. Great Eastcheap, warehousemen.

Totterdell, R. and Totterdell, J. Portsea, woollen. drapers.

Tracey, T. and Tracey, H. J. George-st, Bethmalgreen, dyers.

Thornley, J. and Beckton, J. Manchester, manufacturers.

Turner, W. and Royle, V. P. New-st. Dorset-sq. surgeons.

Tillett, J. and Fowler, A. Norwich, whitsters. Upton, J. and Upton, J. Sedbergh, York, cottonspinners.

Von Dadelszen, G. M. and Stoppel, H. W. Fenchurch st. merchants.

White, W. and Turnor, B. Parker-st. Drury-la. chair-manufacturers.

Walmsley, T. and Walmsley, J. Salford, Lancaster, manufacturers.

Wilson, J. and Moore, A. Milk-st. Cheapside, silkmanufacturers.

Woollin, J. Middleton, W. Hodgson, M. A. and Hodgson, E. Sheffield, York, factors.

Wilson, R. and Hastwell, J. Busly lane, wine-merchants.

Wharton, J. and Armitage, A. Scarborough, sailcloth-manafacturers.

Warren, T. and Warren, W. Truro, Cornwall, attornies.

Walker, J. and Bedford, J. Leeds, chemists. Whales, N. and Litchfield, J. Bethnal-green, carpenters.

Wilcox, J. and Grigg, T. Whitechapel, linendrapers.

Watson, J. and Law, J. Blackburn, Lancaster, cotton manufacturers,

Walford, R. Hincksinan, J. and Gardner, R. B. Watling st. linen-drapers.

Wells, H. and Barker, J. Cable-st, Wellclose-sq. skin-dealers.

Webb, R. and Webb, J. C. Stalham, Norfolk, 'farmers.

Wise, G. Southborough, and Alexander, T. Tonbridge, Kent, farmers.

Walter, H. W. Wilson, T. and Shaw, G. silkmerchants.

Wilson, C. Crewdson, W. D. Bateman, J. and Huddlestone, D. Kendal, bankers.

Walton, W. and Tailby, J. Bumingham, japanners.


THOMAS PARKIN, of Skinner-street, Bishops gate-street, Middlesex, Merchant; for an improvement or improvements in printing. Dated Nov. 24,


WILLIAM BAYLIS, jun. of Painswick, Gloucestershire, Clothier; for a machine for washing and cleaning clothes. Dated Nov. 27, 1821.

THOMAS MOTLEY, of the Strand, Middlesex, Patent Letter Maker and Brass Founder; for cer tain improvements in the construction of candle. sticks or lamps, and in candles to be burnt therein. Dated Nov 27, 1821.

ROBERT BILL, of Newman-street, Mary-leBone, Middlesex, Esq.; for an improvement in the construction of certain descriptions of boats and barges. Dated Dec. 5, 1821.

CHARLES BRODERIP, of London, Esq. now residing in Glasgow; for various improvements in the construction of steam engines. Dated Dec. 5,


HENRY RICKETTS, of Phoenix Glass Works, Bristol, Somersetshire, Glass Manufacturer; for an improvement in the art or method of making or manufacturing glass bottles, such as are used for wine, porter, beer, or cyder. Dated Dec. 5, 1821.

WILLIAM WARCUP, of Dartford, Kent, En. gineer.; for certain improvements upon a machine for washing linen cloths, cotton cloths, or woollen cloths, whether in the shape of piece goods, or of any article made up of linen cloth, cotton cloth, of woollen cloth. Dated Dec. 10, 1821.

[blocks in formation]

JOHN GLADSTONE, of Castle Douglas, in the stewartry of Kircudbright, and county of Galloway, North Britain, Engineer and Millwright; for an improvement or improvements in the construction of steam vessels, and mode of propelling such vestels by the application of steam or other powers. Dated Dec 20, 1821.

JULIUS GRIFFITH, of Brompton-crescent, Middlesex, Esq.; for certain improvements in steam carriages, and which steam carriages are capable of transporting merchandize of all kinds, as well as passengers, upon common roads, without the aid of horses. Partly communicated to him by foreigners residing abroad. Dated Dec. 20, 1821.

LONDON MARKETS, JAN. 11th, 1822.

COTTON.-The Cotton market is without briskness, yet considerable purchases continue to be made privately, without the particulars as to price, &c. transpiring; the sales since our last are entirely of East India descriptions: viz. 460 Bengal, 5d. a 64d. in bond.-120 Surat, 6d. a 6 d. in bond-The arrivals, from the 4th to the 10th inst. inclusive; -New York, 235.-Berbice, 44.-The letters from Liverpool received this morning state the Cotton market heavy.

SUGAR.-The Sugar market has been steady all the week: buyers come forward freely, but from the small quantity of Muscovades on show, they are unable to purchase, except at higher prices, which, in some instances, have been acceded to: Sugars have every appearance of advancing; the holders are exceedingly firm, and evince no inclination to effect sales. There has been a considerable business done in refined goods, particularly in the low description; the prices have improved: the quantity on hand is quite inconsiderable. By public sale yesterday, Havannah sugars went 2s. a 3s. lower the any previous prices: 297 chests were brought forward,-White, middling quality, 36s. a 37s. 6d.; ordinary, 34s. a 368.-Yellow and brown, 24s. a 24s. 6d.— This forenoon 3800 bags Bourbon sugars were brough forward by public sale: a small proportion sold at the reduction of 2s. a 3s. per cwt. the remainder was taken in.-Yellow, fine, 21s. 6d. and 22s.; middling and ordinary, 16s, a 195.-Brown, Jis. a 17s, 6d.

COFFEE. There was a considerable public sale yesterday, the Demerara and Berbice, Jamaica, and Dominica coffee sold 28. a 4s. per cwt. higher, St. Dominigo at the advance of 1s. a 2s.; some of the latter in bags sold at 102s.; a considerable parcel was withdrawn at 101s. 6d. : fine ordinary Havannah, 104s. 6d. ; good ordinary brown, 101s. 6d. The public sale this forenoon consisted of 72 casks British Plantation, 182 bags St. Domingo coffee; the latter, ordinary, was with drawn at 101s.; the former, chiefly Demerara and Berbice, sold at the previous prices,-good middling 126s. and 127s, The Coffee market has still every appearance of a further Improvement.

RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS.— There have been considerable purchases of Rum; the prices are a shade higher. The sales this week have not been confined to the lower descriptions of Jamaica or Leewards, the stronger qualities have been in demand, and may be quoted 1d. per gallon higher.-Brandies are exceedingly heavy, and are offered at prices considerably lower, without felicitating sales.-Geneva may be quoted at a small reduction.

OILS. The prices and demand for Whale Oil has improved.—Seed Oils are also higher.

TALLOW.-There has been very little business done lately in foreign Tallow; the prices are however at a small improvement; to-day yellow candle Tallow 45s. and 45s. 6d. The Town market is quoted 47s. which is the same as last week.

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