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1. By his name ; Jude, ver. 1. 1. The author of the Epistle, set 2. By his office; a servant of Jesus Christ. forth three ways. 3. By his alliance; the brother of James.

1. The sort of the privilege; sanctified, ver. 1.


1. Sanctification; wherein, 2. The persons to whom he wrote,

12. The Author thereof; God the Father.

1. The nature of the privilege; preserved, ver. 1.

1 described by a threefold privi- 2. Preservation ; where, lege.

12. The means whereby; in Christ Jesus. 3. Vocation,

The ground of both the former; called, ver. 1.

Mercy, ver. 2.

1. The blessings requested ; Peace.
3. The prayer, or salutation; where-

in three particulars. 2. The measure wherein

he desires they may be bestowed ;

be multiplied, ver. 2. 3. The person on whom

on you.


II. The SUBJECT MATTER of the Epistle, containing an earnest exhortation, wherein are four parts.


1. His love to those Christians; Beloved, ver. 3. 1. Reasons of

1. In his obligation to endeavour it; I gave all diligence, ver. 3. sending the 2. The furthering their

2. The work whereby he endeavoured it; to write.
welfare, showed,

3. The weight of the subject about which he wrote.
3. The needfulness of the exhortation, it was needful for me to write, ver. 3.
1. What the apostle did, he exhorted them, ver. 3.

1. Delivered, ver. 3.
2. The sum

s1. The thing to be defended; the faith, 2. To the saints. of the ex2. What the Christians

3. Once. hortation, were to do; where,

2. The manner of defending it; earnestly to contend, ver. 3.

1. From their nature; they were men, ver. 4. 1. Their entrance, \ 2. Their number, indefinite; certain men.'

illustrated four 3. Their subtlety in entrance; crept in unawares. ways.

4. The vindicating of God's honour in this their Its severity; this condemnation, ver. 4. 1. The dangerous society of seducers, set forth by,

1. Generally; ungodly men, ver. 4. 2. Their impiety,

$1. Their enjoyment; the grace of our God, ver. 4. 2. Particularly / Grace; where, being entered ;

12. Misimproving it; turning it into lasciviousness. expressed,

(God; where,

1. Whom they opposed; the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ, ver. 4. 12. How; denying him.

{ to it.

in their op

posing of

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1. In person;{Ungverlasting chains, ver. 6.

Of all, { Went after.

1. A preface, \ 1. Jude's duty; I will put you in remembrance, ver. 5.

containing, 1 2. The Christians' commendation; though ye once knew this. r. The Israel

1. A deliverance,

1. The deliverer; the Lord saved, ver. 5. wherein, ites, ver. 5, 2. The exam

2. The delivered; the people.

wherein, ple itself,

3. From what they were delivered; out of the land of Egypt. where, 2. A destruction, sl. When it was; afterward destroyed them, ver. 5.

where, 1 2. Why it was; that believed not.

ri. Who made it; the angels, ver. 6. 1. Their defection;

1. Their first estate, ver. 6.
2. From what it was made;

1. Examples

12. Their own habitation.
where consider,
of God's
2. The fallen

3. Wherein it stood, viz.

$ In not keeping their first estate, ver. 6.

| In leaving their own habitation.
angels, ver.
others for

2. Their punish-

ment, 2. At the bar. { 2. Whenhat heyrsha Wacome; the judgment, ver. 6.

; day. 1. The places pun- Sodom and Gomorrha, ver. 7.

ished, viz. | The cities about them.

2. The deserving 1. The sorts thereof; fornication, yea, even uncleanness with strange flesh, ver. 7.
3. Sodom and cause of their pun-

Of some; in like manner, ver. 7.
Gomorrha ishment, their sin, 2. The degree,

Gave themselves over, ver. 7.
where con- in,
sider, 3. The severity of (1. Generally; vengeance, ver. 7.
their judgment,

2. Particularly;

Si. By what they were punished ; fire, ver. 7.
set out,

2. How long; eternal fire.
4. The end of their punishment; for an example, ver. 7.
1. The foun-
tain of their


| Delusion. ☺
2. The imita-
tion of those

s1. Defiling the flesh, ver. 8.
sins by the
1. Speci

s Despising dominion, ver. 8. fied ;

2. Opposing of lawful authority; Speaking evil of dignities. seducers ;

1. From their sinning, notwithstanding punishment on them; likewise also, ver. 8. wherein,

1. The com- , Michael, ver. 9. 2. Their ruin; 2. The faults

batants ; | And the devil. where he themselves,

2. The

1. General; they contended, ver. 9. propounds,

(1. Propounded, strife,

2. Particular; disputed about the body

of Moses, ver. 9.
2. From the con-
2. Aggr.


3. The car

1. Inward; he durst not bring a railing vated,

trary example of the archangel,

riage of

accusation, ver. 9. in contending


2. Outward; he said, The Lord rebuke

thee, with the devil;

2. Applied to these 1. Of reviling, notwithstanding ignorance; speak evil which example seducers, by show

of what they know not, ver. 10. is here,

ing their contrary 2. Of corrupting themselves by their knowledge; but deportment,

what they know, &c.

} Dreamers, ver. 8.

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3. The argu

ments to

urge the

to embrace
the exhorta-
tion; which
are two

6, wherein,
sin, viz.



1. From the three suitable examples of

For gain,

3. A denunci.
ation of de-
struction for
that imita-
tion ; which
tion is,

2. From five elegant

comparisons :


1. Propounded; woe to them, ver. 11.


going, in respect of In whose way they Seduction, should with them perish miserably, ver. 11.

(1. What they are called ; spots, ver. 12.

2. Where they conversed ; in feasts of charity.
11. Spots in feasts,


Feed themselves, ver. 12. where, 3. What they did 1. Their employment;

there; wherein,

2. The manner of their doing it; without fear, ver. 12.
2. Clouds without s l. To what creatures they are compared; clouds, ver. 12.
water, carried

| Empty; without water, ver. 12.
2. To what clouds :
about, &c., where,

| Unstable; carried about of the winds.
Fruit at best was withering; whose fruit withereth, ver. 12.
3. Corrupt trees,

Fruit therefore was no fruit; without fruit.
whose Want of fruit was joined with a total want of life; twice dead. [roots.

Want of life was followed with the loss of their place; plucked up by the
4. Raging waves 1. What they are; raging waves of the sea, ver. 13.
of the sea, foam-
ing, &c., where, (2. What they get, shame; foaming out their own shame.
5. Wandering

stars, to whom is si. Their title; wandering stars, ver. 13.
2. Expounded
by a mixed

reserved, &c.,

2. Their estate to which they are reserved; the blackness of darkness for ever. description

where, of their sin

1. His name; Enoch, ver. 14. and misery;

1. The preface,

2. Descent; seventh from Adam.

and this,

3. Employment; prophesied of these.
1. An incitement to attend to the description of the judgment; Behold, ver. 14.

1. His title; the Lord, ver. 14.

(1. The coming 2. His approach; cometh.
of the Judge

1. Their quality; holy, or saints, 2. The prophecy

to judgment, 3. His atitself of the judg

where, tendants, { 2. Their quantity; ten thousand, ment, wherein,

where, 3. Relation ; his.

4. Action; ooming with their Lord. 2. The de2. The man

1. By conviction; to convince, ver. 15.
scription it-
self, where,

ner of judg- 2. By execution; to execute.
3. All the parties judged; all the ungodly, ver. 15.

Ungodly for their nature, ver. 15.

1. Works. Ungodly committed for their
4. The causes
of the judg-

1. What they were ; hard

speeches, ver. 15. 2. Words. 2. By whom spoken; ungodly

sinners. 3. Against whom; him,

ver. 14.


3. From the ancient and infallible

prophecy of Enoch, which is declared ; wherein,


3. Applied to the 1. By their ungodliness respecting God; murmurers, complainers, ver. 16.

Deeds; walking after their own seducers, whom Jude proves to be 2. By their ungodliness respecting them- lusts, ver. 16.

selves, in their
guilty of that un-

Words; their mouths speaking
godliness for

great swelling words.

1. What they did ; had men's
which the ungod-
ly are punished,

persons in admiration, ver. 16.
3. By their ungodliness respecting others,

2. Why they did it; for advan

tage. ( 1. To whom the apostolical prediction is commended; his beloved, ver. 17. 2. How it is to be improved ; remember the words.

; , 1. The improving of the pre

3. From whom it proceeded ; where, { 2. Their Master; 'our Lord Jesus Christ. dictions of the apostles, who

1. The times when the seducers appeared; in the last times, ver. 18. foretold the carriage of the 4. Wherein it consisted ; where

Mockers, ver. 18. seducers; where consider,

2. The qualities wherewith they appeared ; { Walkers after. 5. To whom it is applied, viz. those

1. Their sin; separating themselves, ver. 19.

1. Sensuality; sensual, ver. 19. seducers; where,

2. The causes thereof, {2. Voidness of the Spirit; not having the
1. Some con-

cerned the
Christians 2. Edification in their faith,

The builders; ye, beloved, ver. 20.

1. Specified; faith, ver. 20. themselves,

The foundation, 2. Appropriated; your. are five :

3. Commended ; holy.
3. Supplication in the Holy | 1. A duty; praying, ver. 20.

Ghost, where, 1 2. The manner; in the Holy Ghost.
4. Preservation of themselves $1. The thing to be regarded; the love of God, ver. 21.
in the love of God, where, 12. How it was to be regarded; keep yourselves in it.

The nature of it; life, ver. 21.

The duration of it; eternal. 5. Expectation of the coming { What they were to eye :

The cause of it,

Ş Inward or moving; mercy, ver. 21.

Outward or meritorious; the Lord Jesus Christ.
2. Some con- 1. Christian gentleness to 1. More generally; have compassion, ver. 22.
cerned their

some, set forth, 12. More particularly, how; make a difference.

1. The end; save, ver. 23.

12. The means; with fear. others, where,

Sl. Vehemency and earnestness ; pulling them out of the fire, ver. 23. (2. A manner of performing it, with, 2. Vigilancy and wariness; hating the garment spotted, &c.


where, and they

1. A duty enjoined, containing, others, and 2. Holy austerity towards

4. Directions

to teach the
how to fol.
low the ex-

and they
are of two
sorts :

these are,


III. THE CONCLUSION of the Epistle, containing a suitable Doxology, or praising of God: wherein consider,

1. To keep them from falling, ver. 24.

2. To present them faultless (1. Generally propounded; to present you before the presence of his glory, ver. 24. 1. By his power,

1. Privatively, by removing all deformity; faultless, ver. 24. 1. The person to whom

piness is,

in heaven, where their hap 2. Particularly exemplified ; {2. Positively, by fulness of comfort ; with exceeding joy. the praise is given, and

2. By his wisdom, S 1. Its subject; God, ver. 25.
that is Christ, who is


2. Its excellency; only wise.
set forth three ways :

3. By his goodness; our Saviour, ver. 25.

Glory, ver. 25.
2. The praise given to that person ;


Assent, ver. 25. 3. The manner how this praise is given, denoted in the word Amen; Desire.


S Majesty.

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