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Description of the road leading to Louisiana, 11, 279

Its towns, II, 282.
San Luis Potosi, town, II, 282.
San Luis Rey de Francia, village, II, 353.
San Miguel (Don Antonio de )-Bishop of Valladolid

Memois presented by him to the king in favour of the

Indians, 1, 189.
San Miguel el grande, town of the intendancy of Guada-

lazara, II, 207–Its manufactures, III, 460. "
San Pedro, a river which disappeared, II, 212, 217.
San Pedro de Batopilas, town, II, 295.
San Pedro de Jorullo, hacier.da, II, 212.
San Pedro de Tlahua, a village built on the dike which

separates the Lakes of Chalco, and Xochimilco, II, 111.
San Roman (Marquis de ) director of the mint of Mexico,

III, 479.
San Saba, river, II, 271.
Sandoval (Gonzales de )-Conquers the province of Tehu-

antepec, IV, 19.
Sandoval ( Sebastian) y Guzman-His works on the produce

of the mines of Potosi, III, 361.
Sandwich-Political observations on these islands, IV,

Sanpueltepec, mountain, II, 236.
Santa Ana, mines, II, 206.
Santa Ana, mission of California, II, 333.
Santa Barbara, village, 11, 353.
Santa Cruz, village, 11, 355.
Santa Cruz de la Cañada y Taos-See Taos.
Santa Cruz de Nootka-Description of that port, II,

Santa Fe ( Aqueduct of) brings fresh water to Mexico, II,


Santa Fe, capital of New Mexico, II, 317.
Santa Fe, in the valley of Mexico, a royal powder manu-

factory, III, 470.

Santa Fe de Bogota-Quantity of gold coined there from

1789 to 1795, III, 380.
Santa Fe de Goanajoato-See Guanajuato.
Santa Maria ( Compuerta ) Lock of the Desague de Hue-

huetoca, II, 151.
Santa Maria d Aorne, port, II, 305.
Santa Maria de las Charcas, town, II, 282.
Santa Rosa de Cosiguiriachi, town, II, 295.
Santiago (River of) formed the limit between Mexico
and Mechoacan, and the Otomites and Cicimecs, I, 12

73 ; II, 227.
Santiago de Buena Esperanza-See Purificacion.
Saragates-Inhabitants of Mexico who have no domicile---

See Guachinangos.
Sarmientos, a rich Indian family at Cholula, I, 186.
SarsaparillaIts harvest, III, 36-Amount annually
exported from Vera Cruz, IV, 30; from all Mexico in

1802, IV, 37; in 1803, IV, 48; in 1804, IV, 364.
Sausages Amount imported into Vera Cruz in 1802, IV,

33; in 1803, IV, 44 and 46.
Sea (South)Is it higher than the Atlantic Ocean? 1,

School of mines at Mexico, 1, 212216; II, 51.
Sciences (Physical and exact)– Progress which they have

made in Mexico, I, 218.
Segura de la Frontera-See Tepeadca.
Sein (Don Salvador) professor at Mexico, III, 243.
Serge Quantity exported from Mexico in 1803, III,

Serris a tribe of Indians, II, 299.
Serra (Junipero)-His voyage to California, II, 340.
Sesse (M.) one of the heads of the botanical expedition to

New Spain, I, 216.
Sharping stones (Dalles ) --Amount imported into Mexico

in 1803, IV, 45, 46.
Sheep-Their rearing is neglected, III, 50.

2 G

Sheep-skins (tanned)—Influence which the edict of free

trade had on the exportation, IV, 100.
Shoes, amount imported into Vera Cruz in 1802, IV,

Sierra (Provinces of the )-Produce of their mines of gold

and silver, III, 353.
Sierra Madre, part of the Cordillera of Mexico, I, 63.
Sierra de los Mimbres, I, 63.
Sierra Nevada--Signification of these words, II, 191 (*).
Sierra de Santa Rosa-Description of that chain of moun-

tains, III, 163.
Signiorage (Duty of) paid by the proprietors of mines,

III, 328.
Siguenza (Carlos de)-How he fixed the longitude of
Mexico, I, xxvi-His maps of New Spain, I, lxxvii, xcvi.
His hypothesis respecting the antiquity of the pyramids
of Teotihuacan, II, 64 (*).
Silks manufactured in the country, III, 465–Amount
annually imported into Vera Cruz, IV, 31; in 1802, IV,

33–35; in 1803, IV, 45, 46.; in 1804, IV, 364.
Silver-Quantity annually extracted from the mines of
Mexico, III, 146--Veins which contain it, III, 153–
See Mines-Quantity absorbed by the commerce with

India, IV, 339.
Silver in Ingots-Quantity exported annually at an average

from Vera Cruz, IV, 29.
Silver (Coined ) --Amount exported from Mexico on account

of individuals for Spain in 1802, IV, 37; in 1803, IV,
48; for other parts of Spanish America, in 1802, IV,
38; in 1803, IV, 47-On account of the king, IV,
41. '
Silver (wrought)-How much there is in Europe, III, 451,

and IV, 342—Amount exported fronı Mexico for Spain
in 1802, IV, 37—For other parts of Spanish America,

IV, 38.
Singuiluacan, Indian villageTable of births and deaths

from 1750 to 1799, to serve as an example of the method
in which the parish priests keep their registers, IV,


Sinaloa-See Cinaloa.
Sinu, a river of the kingdom of New Grenada-Its branches

serve as an emporium for the contraband trade in gold

of Choco and Antioquia, III, 391.
Sisas, impost on the consumption of commodities originally
destined to complete the Desague of Nochistongo, II,

Situados, supplies sent from Mexico to the other Spanish

colonies—Their annual amount and distribution,. IV,

Skins of goats, stags, and bears—Influence which the edict

of free trade had on their exportation, IV, 100.
Skins of Beaver-Importance of the trade in this production,

IV, 89.
Slaves-In small number in Mexico, I, 14, 230—Species

of Indian slaves there, II, 238—See Poitos. .
Small-pox-Ravages which it commits in Mexico, I, 111-

See Inoculation and Vaccine.
Smith (Dr. Adam)-His estimate of the quantity of gold

and silver which has flowed into Europe since 1492, III, .

Snow-Its limit, I, 74 -Manner of transporting it to Vera

Cruz, IV, 191–Produce of the duty on the sale of snow

IV, 216.
Soap Places where it is manufactured, III, 467-Amount

annually exported from Vera Cruz, IV, 30-Amount
imported at Vera Cruz in 1802, IV, 33; exported from
Mexico for other parts of Spanish America, in 1802, IV,

38; in 1803, IV, 49.
Socabon of Nochistongo-See Desague and Nochistongo. ,
Socaben del Rey, a level in the Cerro de la Compaña nenz
Tasco, III, 139.

2 G 2

Sochipiltecatl, a rich Indian family at Guaxocingo, I,

Society (Patriotic) of Cuba, for the encouragement of the

sciences, 1, 211.
SodaHow found, III, 322—Provinces where it abounds,

III, 462-Qualities and use of the soda of Xaltocan, III,

Soledad, village, II, 354.
Solis (Martin de) charged with the administration of the

Desague, II, 142.
Solorzano-His estimate of the gold and silver which have

flowed into Europe since 1492, III, 405.
Sombrerete, town, II, 234.
Sonneschmidt (M. Frederic )His memoirs on the mines

of Mexico, I, 1xxxviii, III, 252—He discovered meteoric
iron at Zacatecas, II, 293; III, 298_Seven heights

determined by this traveller, IV, 353 et seq.
Sonora, bishoprick-Its revenues, I, 231.
Sonora, intendancy—Its extent, II, 296—Its rivers, II,

298—A part of this intendancy is named la Pimeria.
ibid.-Its communications with New Mexico and New
California, II, 299-Its towns, II, 304Nomenclature

of its reales de minas, III, 125.
Sonora, province, makes a part of the Intendancy of Sonora,

II, 297.
Sonora, river, II, 298.
Sonora, town, 11, 305.
Sotto la marina, village, II, 282_Was proposed to supply

the place of the port of Vera Cruz, I, 82..
Spaniards-Hatred which exists between them and the

creoles, 1, 205. -Their number in Mexico, I, 206.
Specie in circulation in the New World-Discussion on
..this subject, III, 430-Amount of its annual accumulation

in Mexico, IV, 111. .
Spices, amount imported into Mexico in 1803, IV, 44.
Spoons of silver found in the port of Nootka by Cook-

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