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Page The Life of Gray

59 ODES.

I. On Spring
II. On the Death of a favourite Cat

72 III. On a distant Prospect of Eton College

73 IV. To Adversity

76 V. The Progress of Poesy

78 VI. The Bard

82 VII. For Music VIII. The Fatal Sisters

91 IX. The Descent of Odin

93 X. The Triumphs of Owen

96 XI. The Death of Hoel

97 Sonnet on the Death of Mr. West

98 EPITAPHS. I. On Mrs. Clarke

99 II. On Sir William Williams

ib, Elegy written in a Country Church-yard Verses on the Marriage of the Prince of Wales Song . Stanzas Tophet : an Epigram

ib. Impromptu, suggested by a View of the Seat and Ruins

of a deceased Nobleman, at Kingsgate, Kent'. 107 The Candidate; or, the Cambridge Courtship . 108 Sketch of his own Character

109 POEMS, addressed to, and in Memory of Mr. Gray. Upon his Odes, by David Garrick, Esq.

110 On the Backwardness of Spring On the Death of Mr. Gray Another ; by the Earl of Carlisle


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