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the natural and incidental results of researches, entered upon and pursued for his private gratification.

A change of circumstances, however, seemed to jus: tify an alteration of purposes; consequently, in 1844, promulgation was commenced by written and oral lectures; as one thought originates another, in 1845 the idea of publishing in book form, first occurred.

The proprietor, then residing in Ohio, submitted his plan to several gentlemen of eminent standing, who at once gave it their cordial approbation. A prospectus was immediately circulated, and patrons by hundreds, obtained throughout that community.

Demonstrations of future popularity, sufficient to ensure a successful issue, having thus been made, an engagement was entered into in the spring of 1846, with the late Rev. James H. Perkins, of Cincinnati, by which he took charge of the compilation, and prepared the work for the press; and no one acquainted with that deserved!y. esteemed and lamented gentleman, need be informed, that the trust could not have been committed to beite: or more able hands.

A volume of 600 pages appeared before the close of that year: but an obligation to publish at the promised time, made it necessary, somewhat, to depart from the projector's plan, and to present the book in a form not deemed the most eligible.

In view of this circumstance, together with a desire to extend and amplify the sketches of Illinois, Missouri, and other communities more recently developed, the present Edition was resolved upon: which is a revision of the first, enlarged by the Rev. John M. Peck, of Illinois, a gentleman well calculated for this duty, from his long residence in the West and familiarity with the history of those portions less elaborately treated of in the former Edition. Notwithstanding, this edition is still not arranged in strict accordance with the plan originally projected, yet it is believed that for general accuracy and especial fulness of detail, it may be commended to its readers in its present form as worthy of attention.Although it is not presumed to be wholly free from errors and imperfections, it will be found to contain a faithful narrative of memorable events, deserving the perusal of western people, especially the young, and the descendants of our Pioneers, to whom the volume is most respectfully DEDICATED.

JAMES R. ALBACH. St. Louis, May, 1850.



Ponce de Leon discovers Florida. 1516.

Diego Miruelo visits Florida. 1526.

Pamphilo de Narvaez goes to Florida. 1538.

De Solo asks leive to conquer Florida. 1539. May,

De Soto reaches Tampa and Appalachee bays. 1541.

De Soto reackes Mi-sissippi, and crosses it to Washita.

De Soto reaches Mavilla, on the Alabama. 1542

De Soto descends Washita to Mississippi.
May 21, De Soto dies.

His folluwors try to reach Mexico by land and fail. 1513. July,

De Soto's followers reach Mexico by water. 1544.

De Biedma presents his account of De Soto's expedition to

King of Spain. 1616.

Le Caron explores Upper Canada. 1630.

Charles First grants Carolina to Sir Robert Heath, p. 69.' 1634.

First mission founded near Lake Huron. 1641.

French at Falls of St. Mary, Lake Superior. 1660.

First missionary station on Lake Superior. 1664.

Colonel Woo l’s alledged travels previous to this year. 1665.

Allouez svunds first permanent statiou on Lake Superior. 1668.

Mission at St. Mary's Falls founded. 1670.

Porrot explores Lake Michigan; La Salle in Canada. 1671.

French take formul possession of the north-west.

Marquette founds St. Ignatius on Strait of Mackinac. 1673. May 13, Marquette and his companions leave Mackinac to seek the

Marquette and his companions cross from Fox river to Wiscon.

Marquette and his companions reach Mississippi.

Marquette and bis companions meet Illinois Indians.
July, Marquette and his companions reach Arkansas.
July 17, Marquetie aud his companions leave on return to Canada.

September, Marquette and his companions reach Green Bay. 1675. May 18,

Marquette dies.

La Salle goes to France lo see the King. 1676.

Returns and rebuilds Fort Frontenac, 1677.

La Salle visi's France a second time.

June 10,

June 17,
June 21,

1678. July 14, La Salle and Tonti sail for Canada; Sept. 15, arrive at Quebec.

Nov. 18, La Salle and Tonti cross Lake Ontario. 1679. January, La Salle loses his stores.

August 7, The Griffin sails up Lake Erie; 27th, at Macá inac. 1679. Sept. 18, The Griffin sent back to Niagara.

Nov. 1, La Salle at St. Joseph's river, Lake Michigan.

Dec. 3, La Salle crosses to Kankakee.
1680. Jan. 4, La Salle in Peoria Lake; Fort Crevecæur built.
Feb. 28,

Hennepin sent to explore the Upper Mississippi.
March, La Salle returns to Canada.
April&May, Hennepin on the Upper Mississippi.
September, Tonti after commencing Fort St. Louis (Rock fort,) forced to

leave the Illinois.
Oct.& Nov. La Salle returns to the Illinois.

November, Henuepio returns to Canada and Europe. 1681. June, La Salle and Tonti meet at Mackinac.

August, La Salle a third time goes to the Illinois.

Nov. 3, La Salle at St. Joseph's again.
1682. Jan. 5 or 6, La Salle goes from Chicago westward.

February 6, La Salle on banks of the Mississippi.
Feb. 13. La Salle descends Mississippi.
March 6, La Salle discovers mouths of Mississippi and lakes possession.

September, La Salle returns to St. Joseph's of Michigan.
1683. Dec. 13, La Salle reaches France.
1684. July 24, La Salle sails from France for mouth of Mississippi.
Sept. 20,

La Salle reaches St. Domingo.
Nov. 25, La Salle sails from St. Domingo for mouth of Mississippi.
Dec. 28, La Salle discovers the main land.

The Iroquois place themselves under England. 1685. January,

La Salle in the Gulf of Mexico.
February 4, La Salle sends par.y on shore to go eastward for mouth of Mis-

Feb. 13, La Salle reaches Matagorda Bay.
March 15, La Salle left in Toxas, by Beaujeu.
July, Attempts to build a Fort, and is unfortunate, and his men sick

and die. December, La Salle goes to look for Mississippi. 1686. March, La Salle returns to Matagorda Bay. April, La Salle goes again to seek tho Mississippi, and find a route to

April, Tonti goes down Mississippi to meet La Salle.

August, La Salle returns unsuccessful.
1687. Jan. 12, La Salle leaves for Mississippi the third time.

March 15, La Salle sends men to look for stores.
March 17, La Salle follows and is killed by those men,
May, His murderers quarrel ; seven go on toward Mississippi.
July 24, The seven reach the Arkansas.
Sept. 14, The seven reach Fort St. Louis on Illinois river.

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