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And oft at dawn, deep noon, or falling eve,
By brooks and roves, in hollow whisp'ring gales.
Thy tous share in autamii unconfind,
And spreads a confio for all that lives.
In winter 2 tour with cloads und storms
Around thee throwia, tempecto'er tempus maig
Majestic darkness ! On the whirlwind's wing
Riding sublime, Thou bidst the world adore;
And hằmblest nature with thy northern blast.

Mysterious round! what skill, what force divine,
Deep felt, in these appear! a simple train,
Yet so delightful mix'd, with such kind art,
Such beauty and benificence combin'd;.
Shade, unperceiv'd, so soft'ning into shade
And all so fornuing an harmonious whole,
That, as they still succeed, they ravish still,
But wand'ring oft, with brute unconscious gaze,
Man marks pot thee, marks not the mighty hand,
That, ever busy, wheels the silent spheres ;
Works in the secret decp; shoots steaming, thence
The fair profusion that o'erspreads the spring :
Flings from the sun direct the flaming day;
Feeds ey'ry creature, hurls the tempest forth;
And, as on earth this greatful change revolves,
With transport touches all the springs of life:

Nature, attend ! join ev'ry living soul,
Beneath the spacious temple of the sky,
In adoration join! and ardent, raise
One gen'ral song

Ye, chief, for whom the whole création smiles,
At once the head, the heart, and tongue of all,
Crown the great hymn!
For me, when I forget the darling theme,
Whether the blossom blows; the summer ray
Russets the plain; inspiring autumn gleams;
Or winter rises in the black’ning east;
Be my tongue mute, may faney paint no more,
And dead to joy, forget my heart to beat !

Should fate command me to the farthest verge Of the green earth, to distant barb'rous climes, Rivers unknown to song; where first the sun Gilds Indian mountains, or his setting beam Flames on th' Atlantic isles; 'tis nought to me; Since God is ever present, ever felt,

In the void waste as in the city full ;
And where he vital breathes there must be joy.
When ev'n at last the solemn hour shall come,
And wing my mystic flight to future worlds,
I cheerful will obey; there, with new pow'rs,
Will rising wonders sing : I cannot go
Where UNIVERSAL LOVE not smiles around,
Sustaining all yon orbs, and all their suns ;
From seeming evil still educing good,
And better thence again, and better still,
In infinite progression. But I lose
Myself in him, in light ineffable !
Come then, expressive silence, muse his praise.


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