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With regard to the manner in which the task has been executed, I must ask the reader's indulgent construction.

A professional man can hardly be expected to write in that easy and flowing, yet accurate style, which distinguishes the habitually literary, and accomplished author. And, if there frequently occur passages which seem detached or unconnected, it should be remembered, that in the hours which a medical practitioner can devote to his desk, there occur constant interruptions, which break the thread of his reflections, and he returns to his paper in a train of thought different from that in which he left it. With regard to the matter, the author lays no claim to that infallibility which he denies to others—and where he is in the wrong, must submit to be censured; pleading, however, in extenuation, with many men of much greater pretension than himself, that "Scarcely do we guess aright at the things that are upon the earth, and with labour do we find the things that are before us."


Ripon: printed by W. Harrison.

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