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The Technical Committees shall be composed of one or more members from each delegation.

ARTICLE 13 Each Technical Commission shall elect one or more Reporting Delegates who, with the President, the Vice President and the Secre

shall constitute the officers of the Commission.



The Committee on Resolutions shall be composed of the heads of delegations. Its officers shall be the same as those of the Conference, with the addition of a Reporting Delegate elected at its first session.


The Committee on Resolutions shall examine and coordinate the projects of resolutions approved by the Technical Commissions before submitting them to the plenary assembly. The Committee on Resolu, tions shall also determine the procedure to be followed on special votes.

ARTICLE 16 The Committee on Resolutions shall designate three of its members to constitute the Committee on Style of the Conference, which shall review the draft resolutions before submitting them to the plenary assembly, and if necessary shall correct the form, without modifying the sense, of the texts already approved by them.


The Secretary General shall name the Secretaries of the Technical Commissions and of the Committee on Style.

ARTICLE 18 The technical studies and the resolutions must be typewritten and accompanied by a résumé in Spanish of not more than five hundred words.

ARTICLE 19 The minutes of the plenary sessions shall be printed in extenso. Those of each Commission shall be prepared by its respective Secretary and shall contain a résumé of the discussions and the complete text of the conclusions reached by the Commission. All the minutes shall be written in Spanish. No minutes shall be kept of the subcommittees or of other committees that may be created.


The delegates shall sign the Final Act printed in Spanish, which shall contain the resolutions approved by the Conference. The Government of the United States of Venezuela shall send certified copies of the Final Act to each one of the governments represented at the Conference, in its own language, and to the Pan American Union.


The Conference shall create an Executive Committee charged with seeking to obtain the carrying out of the resolutions approved by the Conference, of publishing the most important works presented, and of sending the proceedings to the Pan American Union. The Executive Committee shall function until the Organizing Committee of the Fourth Inter-American Conference on Agriculture shall be designated.

ARTICLE 22 The Executive Committee shall have its seat in Caracas and shall be composed of one representative of each one of the American nations that attended the Conference. The President of said Committee shall be the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry of Venezuela. The Secretary General and the personnel of the Secretariat shall be appointed by the Government of Venezuela.

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