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payment of all expcnses, amount to The Rev. Henry Tatham, rector of £100. 12s, 6d. which sum has been laid St. Cnthbert's, Bedford, has been ap out amongst the different trades-people pointed chaplain to the English church in the town of Derby, by the direction at the Hague.

of the Ladies' patronesses, in the pur

chase of materials for clothing the disThe Rev. H. W. Whinfield, M.A. has tressed Irish. been promoted to the rectory of Ty

DEVONSHIRE. ringham cum Filgrave, with the rec The Rev. John Cummins has been tory of Battlesden cum Patsgrave, Bed promoted to the rectory of Rackenford. fordshire.

-Mr. Honeywell, a respectable farCAMBRIDGESHIRE.

mer, in the neighbourhood of KingsThe following gentlemen of the Uni- bridge, has now apples enough on seversity of Cambridge have been lately venty trees to make seventy hogsheads ordained :

of cider. By the Bishop of Exeter.

DURHAM. Deacons.-W.H. Arundel, B.A. Caius A seam of coal, six feet three inches College; Charles Melhuish, B.A. and in thickness, was come at lately in the Thos. Ainger, B.A. St. John's College; new colliery at Hetton, at a depth of and T. B. Murray, B.A. Pembroke Col 109 fathoms, or 654 feet, which it is lege.

hoped will amply reward the owners of Priests.-Wm. Grylls, M.A. Trinity the colliery for the spirited manner with College; and E. D. Rhodes, M. A. Sid. which they have entered into and proney College,

secuted the undertaking. The will By the Bishop of Chester.

of an officer who was killed in a late Deacons. - R. Wood, B.A. Corpus engagement between Lord Cochrane Christi College; J.Winn, B.A. St. John's and a Spanish fleet, was lately proved College; P. Legh, B.A. Trinity Col. in the Consistory Court of Durham. lege; and T. Hinde, B.A. Jesus Col This testamentary document, which the lege.

unfortunate officer carried in his breast Priests.-A.J. Lockwood, B.A.Jesus pocket, has been pierced in two differCollege ; J. Bruce, St. Peter's College ; ent places by the fatal sword which and T. B. Pooley, B.A. Christ's College. terminated his existence, and it is also

The Rev. S. Redhead has been ap- slightly marked with his blood. pointed to the vicarage of Claverley. CHESHIRE.

A portrait of Petrarch's Laura, by A new cast-iron bridge is erecting Simon Memmi, has been lately sold for over the canal between Chester and eighty-five guineas, at Wanstead Housc. Liverpool, at Canghall, similar to the The catalogue, speaking of it, says, Mollington bridge.

6 By the inscription on the back, it apCORNWALL.

pears, that this beautiful picture was In the course of working the tin painted by Memmi, for his friend Pemines of Cornwall, buckets without trarch, who mentions it in his fiftyhoops, cut out of the solid timber, and eighth ode, and again in the eightypicks formed with great labour out of ninth. After the death of Petrarch, it the horns of the fallow deer, have been was taken to Arquer, and, in 1374, the found.

* Florentine Republic sent it to Bocaccio, CUMBERLAND.

who also notices it in his Epistles. A parcel of common land, forty-five After the death of Bocaccio, it passed acres, situate on Weddiker Rigg, has into the hands of Chilimi, from whom this year produced 721 stocks of oats it was bought.” The auctioneer, permore than last year.- Potatoes have haps, does not know that the learned been sold at Whitehaven market, at 1 d. dispute whether there ever was such a per stone. The apples in this county person as Laura-she is supposed to are very fine and large, some measur. have existed only in the poet's brain.' ing from twelve to fourteen inches in

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. circumference, and weighing 15 ounces. A pear-tree, of the jarganel species, Forty-nine pounds of fine mutton has growing in a garden near Gloucester, been sold at Whitehaven for eight shil. which bloomed in the spring, and since lings! scarcely 2d. per Ib.

produced a fine crop of fruit, now preDERBYSHIRE.

sents a singular spectacle of a second We are happy to learn that the pro blossom of a most beautiful appearance. fits of the Ladies' Repository, after -The wife of Mr. C. Rowe, of Exe



ter, linen-draper, has been lately deli- twenty years. Time has diminished vered of three fine boys, who, with the nothing of the splendour of this ancient mother, are likely to do well.-Mr. festival, which is enhanced in value by Betty, the ci-devant, young Roscius, the rarity of its recurrence, and of has again assumed the sock and buskin; which the inclinations of the native iohe opened at the Cheltenham Theatre habitants, resident and non-resident, Jately, in the character of the Earl of dispose them to say, esto perpetua. Essex, and was' received with great


There is now an apple-tree belonging HAMPSHIRE.

to Mr. White, glazier, of Boston, in fuil In the garden of Mr. Harris, at Gos: blossom, which has this year borne port, is some Indian corn now in full fruit :-also one which has only been ear.

-Earl Grosvenor is said to have planted about two years, in the garden purchased the magnificent mansion of of Mr Weetes, of Skirbeck, which pro Fonthill,

duced apples this season, and bas now HEREFORDSHIRE. The hop-picking has generally com

blossomed again. The Earl of Bris

tol has returned to his Lincoloshire menced in this county, and the produce tenants 20 per cent. at his late andit, of the plantations will rival the former held at Sleaford. productions of the best year; the qua

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. lity of the hops is also excellent.

The Rev. W. Thorsby, M.A. of Oriel There is now growing in a garden College, Oxford, has been elected to belonging to a gentleman of the dock

the vicarage of All Saints, Northampyard, Sheerness, a species of the gourd ton, void by the death of the Rer.

C. H. Tuffoell. The Rev. J. Watgenus, the seed of which was brought from Van Dieman's land, in the Drome

son, D.D. curate of Acle, Norfolk, has dary store ship. It is called by the na

been instituted to the livings of Ring. tives of that island, toparra, and bears

stead-cum. Denford, void by the death a beautiful white flower.' The gourd

of the Rev. Charles Proby, on the preis in the form of a bell, measuring ten

sentation of T. Burton, Esq. of Yarinches in length, and nineteen in cir

mouth. cumference. It is considered a great

NORFOLK. curiosity, and probably the only one

The Rev. S. H. Savory, A.M. has

been instituted to the vicarage of that ever arrived to perfection in this

Houghton Juxta Harpley, in this councountry. LANCASHIRE.

ty, on the presentation of the Marquis There is an apple-tree growing in the Cholmondeley. — From the Norfolk garden of Mr. T. Bevington, at Omer Agricultural Report we learn, that the Green, Thornton, near Crosby, of which

wall-fruit and grapes are almost every the stem is only eighteen inches high, where abundant; the latter nearly as but the branches of which (supported good as in some seasons we find them by a frame) extend over a circle of in hot-houses. Wheats are of a supeforty-five yards in circumference. This

rior quality. Barley perhaps not more tree has børne an extraordinary quan

than two-thirds of a crop, and the quatity of fruit.At Ulverston, apples

Jity inferior to that of Jast year. Peas have been sold at the same price as po

apd beans better than was at one time tatoes, viz. three-pence per hoop:-

expected, but not an average crop. Within the last six years, the money

Turnips falling off from the depredaexpended by the trustees of the Liver

tions of grubs and wire-worms. pool Docks, in the article of labour NORTHUMBERLANDSHIRE. only, amounts to the extraordinary sum

An annual exhibition for the promoof 374,0001. Preston Guild. The tion of the fine arts, is about to be festivities consist of a grand musical opened in Newcastle. festival, races, plays, &c. &c. This

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. singular festival, so perfectly unique, Two carrots were lately drawn from that there is no other of the kind in

the garden of Mr. Hind, of Mansfield, the kingdom, is of the standing of five which weighed four pounds, one of centuries. It appears from the record them measured, in length sixteen inches, of the borough, that there have been and in circumference ten inches. At twenty guilds in five hundred years; Newark, apples have been sold in the that in the two first centuries they were street at three-pence per peck. An held at irregular periods, but that since apple has been lately gathered in the that time, beginning with the reign of garden of Mr. C. Greasley, of Sneinton, Henry VIII. They have been celebrated measuring i welve inches and a ball, regularly without intermission, every and weighing eleven ounces.


rcfused. So much for North-country The Rev. Thomas Bessland, B.A. of trial matches, when the first, second, Balliol College, is appointed chaplain and third horses were scarcely named to the Right Hon. Lord St. Helens.

in the race.

Many thousands have SHROPSHIRE.

changed owners on this occasion. The Rev. F. De Veil Williams has been promoted to the rectory of Abdon

SCOTLAND. -Patron, the Earl of Pembroke.

The labours of the Society for improv. SUFFOLK.

ing the skill of the working mechanics Woolpit fair has been numerously of Edinburgh, founded in April, 1821, attended. There was a very large have already been attended with great shew of colts, which met with ready success.—The Commissioners who are sale, at advanced prices. There were appointed to enquire whether the Boards but few good horses, but what there of Customs and Excise in Scotland may were, sold well. Business, upon the not be dispensed with, and their duties whole, more brisk than has been wit. be transferred to a Central Board in pessed for some time. Some fisher. London, will begin their investigation men belonging to the port of Ipswieh, in a few days. Some of them are have lately caught, at the mouth of the already arrived, and the remainder of harbour, that singular fish, the squalus the Commissioners will be in Edinbnrgh squatina, of Linnæus. It has generally in a short time.--A party of more than five rows of teeth, but the present, 100 of the townsmen and country genbeing young, bad but three. It has tlemen entertained Mr. Hume at diper, five spiracles on each side of the neck, in Anderson's, New Inn, Aberdeen, and two spouting holes placed behind Alexander Bannerman, Esq. in she the eyes. It was four feet six inches Chair. -There is now to be seen at in length, and weighed 99lbs. It is a present, in the garden of Thos. Davidnative of the European Seas, and is re son, of Cushat-bill, a second crop of ported to be fierce and dangerous. pease growing upon the stalks, which WARWICKSHIRE.

bore abundantly in July. The straw At Warwick fair the supply of fat had become pale and withered, and beasts was rather smaller than usual, was about to be removed from the and as the buyers were more numerous, ground, when, to the astonishment of the whole were disposed of; prices the family, it began to exhibit the vermay be quoted at from 3 d. to 5d. per dure and luxuriance of spring, and is Jb. A great number of sheep were now loaded with blossoms and young penned, but the sales were dull, and pease.-Herring have been so plentiful the prices obtained were somewhat in Inverness market, that they sell lower than at the late fair.

a dozen, sixteen, and even twenty WORCESTERSHIRE.

excellent herrings for a penny. The markets of Worcester have been abundantly supplied with hops. The

IRELAND. average prices were from 45s. to 639. a We understand that the Noblemen few inferior were lower, and some fine and Gentlemen, friends to the general fetched 67s. Nothing is doing in old amelioration of the condition of this hops, the prices of which are nominal. country, and to the modification of the YORKSHIRE.

tithe system, have it in contemplation The Lord Chancellor has been pleas to give a public dinner to the Duke ed to present the Rev. John Baines of Devonshire, when he passes through Grabam, M.A. fellow of Queen's Col. Dublin, on his return to England.-His lege, Cambridge, to the vicarage of Grace's noble and disinterested conduct, Holy Trinity, Micklegate.The har- in respect of tithes, and his constant vest, which is now completed in the advocacy of Ireland, deserve respect different districts in the vicinity of and gratitude.So rare an accomplishYork, will be little more than half an ment is the knowledge of music in Ireaverage crop. The crop of wheat, Jand, that in the town of Strabane, oats, and barley are very light. a piano-forte cannot be tuned without The Doncaster St. Leger this year has sending to 'Raphoe for the organist; been a fortunate event for betting men. and the music master of a respectable The Yorkshire cognoscenti had strange boarding - school, at Coleraine, comes ly missed their calculation upon this every third week from Belfast, which race. The four first favourites were is more than 50 miles distant. What amongst the last horses. The winner, an opening for a Colony of Germans ! Theodore, was thought less of than For the state of the Irish harvest, any one in the race, and 100 to 1 was see Agricultural Report.



Final Arrangement for the Season, 1821, 1822.


1821. 1821
4 Earl of Balcarras-

1417 Company's Ship Peter Cameron Timot. Smith Wm. Longeroft Alexander Bell Fred. G, Moore Henry Arnot
} Beng.& China

John D. Smith
1 Sir David Scott-
1300 Joseph Hare William Hunter John A. Tween Pat. Lindesay John Manley John Moore Nathaniel Grant Joseph Hodson

14 Jan
Thomas Coutts
} Mad. & China 1:33. S. Marjoribanks Alex. Chrystie. Tho. Addison

11 Oct. 1 Dec.
Filmer Phipps Arthur Vincent Alexander Hay Jeron. Simoens Wm. Maltman

30 Dec
1 William Fairlie
Kennard Smith Wm. Pascoe Wm. Haylett Thomas Blair Geo. Dewdney Walter Lorimer Chris. Fearon

14 Jan
3 Dunira ..

1325 George Palmer Mont. Hamilton James Barber J. C. Whiteman Shirley Newdidk Tho. John Dyer Andrew Kedslie Steph. H. Ayers

} Bomb. & China 1327 S. Marjoribanks A.H. Campbell Wm. Pitman 3 Duke of York

H. L. Thomas Tho. Shepherd Henry Burn William Lang Wm. Dallas

9 Nov. 31 Dec 1 Berwickshire

1300 S. Marjoribanks Jobn Shepherd Saml. Holbrow Fred. Maden John D. Orr James Potter Tho. Davidson Jos. Wm. Rose
1 Duchess of Atholl Bengal & China 1300 Wm. E. Ferrars Edw. M. Daniell Rob. Dudman Chas. Steward John Gisborne Henry Rivaz John Austin Edward King

1822 13 Feb
St. Hel. Bomb. 1335 Matthew Isacke Thomas Sanders Geo. A. Bond Wm. E. Farrer Patric Burt James Wilson
3 Orwell

Wm. Bremner W.M. de Charme 24Nov 14 Jan 26 Jan
3 and China. 1300 John Campbell James Walker Wm. Ticehurst Hen, B. Bax
1 Macqueen

Alex. Read Andrew Pitcairn Alex, Macrae J.S. Anderson

121 Jan
3 Buckinghamshire
1369 Company's Ship FrederickAdams James Head Wm. Pulham Ambrose Rivers Thomas Allehin Wm. Hayland J. W. Graham

} Bomb. & China
5 Castle Huntly
1200 J. H. Gledstanes H.A. Drummond Tho, Dunkin Searl

. V. Wood Whitn. Freeman Geo. C. Kennedy John Campbell Henry Wright 13 7 Jan. 27 Feb 13 Mar
3 London
Madras & China 1332 Company's Ship J. B. Sotheby

B. Broughton Philip Baylis
Madras & Beng. 958 Henry Bonham T.F. Balderston Hen. Hosmer David Marshan Lionel R. Pearce Tho. J. Wright Pous. W. Hunter James Gardner 323Jan. 14Mar 29Mar
61 Asia
3 Canning

Benc, and China 1326 Company's Ship Wm. Patterson R. Glass poole Robert Lowis Alfred Brodhurst Geo. Creighton Robt. Simmons Wm. Rob. Smily - 14 Feb. 5 Mar. 31 Mar
6 Marquis of Huntly

1200 J. Mac Taggart J.S. H. Fraser John Shute Thomas Leach John Sprott Wm. Marquis John Simpson Wm. M. Harper 5 Lady Melville

1200 Sir Rob.Wigram Richard Clifford Rob. Clifford H. M. Sterndale E. M. Boultbee Wm. Lewis John Eccles Wm, Clifford

916 James Haig R. W. Norfor
3 Regent ..
J. Cruickshank Robert Pitcher Henry Stone Benjamin Bailey Robt. Martin Wm. Ainslie

7 Mar. 27 Apr 28 Apr
1344 Robert Williams T, Williams
& Princess Amelia

J. Kellaway Henry Ager Charles Penny

George Cox Barron Milne Tho. Haeket
Prince Regent

953 Henry Bonham John Innes

J. S. Biles

Wm. P. Jones Robert Scott Geo. Frampton Francis Burlin A. Harper, jun. 1-23 Mar. 10May 14 May
7 Astell

} Mad, & Beng. 871 S. Marjoribanks T. W. Aldham Trist. Fenning Jaeks. Sparrow Henry Cole Chas. W. Wenn Wm. Hamilton Henry Kingsford - 4 April 17 do 22 May

1064 John L. Minet
7 Warren Hastings

George Mason
Richard Aplin Fran. Cattley N. de St. Croix John H. Isaac Wm. B. Diamond Chas. Mathews

9 Wochelsea
1331 William Moffat Wm. Adamson T. W. Moore James

Dudman John Gregory H. Pulen Francis Parsons Robert Hacket 20 Apr3 June 13Jun.
9 Dorsetsbire

1269 Robert Williams Samuel Lyde G. K. Bathie Ham. B. Avarpe Geo. J. Curtis John Cookham Fred. Fowler Wm. Aula
1 General Hewitt


894 Company's Ship James Pearson T. W. Barrow Rees Thomas John P. Grifith Boulter J. Bell Edward Turner Joseph Salter
6 Marchioness of Ely

952 Sir Rob. Wigram Brook Kay Hen, C. Smith O. E. Mangles Wm. P. Bignell Wm. F. Hopkins John M. Bennet Wm. Millett 3 22 Apr 8 June 19Jun.
4 Coldstream

733 John Dawson GeorgeStephens Henry Bird R.H. Rhind William Ives Jas. Richards John Sparke John Sparke - 20 May3 July 15July
2 St. Helena St. Helena 130 Company's Pekt. James Fairfax B. L. Harrison J. Hamilton Henry Potter

-20 May 12May 20 May 2) Thames


1330 Hen. Blanshard Wm. Haviside Wm. Evans Wm, Reid Ewd. Markham George Davies Thomas Godwin Edward Fisher - 1 June 30Jun 20July

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By T. BLUNT, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 22, CORNHILL.


1822 Bar. Ther Aug 25 29.77 60

26 29.71 61 27 29:62 60 28 29 39 61 20 29:51 30 29-65 57

31 29.96 61 Sept. 1 29.91 63

229.97 60 3 29 98 61 4299 64

Wind. Obser, 1822 Bar. Ther.
S. W. Shwy. Sept.5 30 00 61
S. W. Ditto

6 30.02 60
S. W. Ditto

7 30-07 61
S. W. Ditto 8 30.00 62

9 29.92 60
S. W, Fair 10 29.93 55
S. W. Ditto 11 29.97 50

N Ditto 12 30 11 54

Ditto 13 30-14 56
N. W. Ditto 14 30.09' 53
W. Ditto 15 3002 50

Wind. Obser.) 11822 Bar. Ther. Wind. Obser
S.W. Fair Sep.16 30-02 51 W. Fair
W. Ditto 17 30.10 54 N.W. Ditto
W. Ditto 18 30-03 55 N. Ditto
W. Shwy. 19 29.97 58 N.

W. Fair

20 29.96 54 N.E. Ditto N. Ditto 21 29.80 55 N.E. Rain N, E. Ditto 22 29-75

50 N.E. Cldy, NE, Ditto 23 29 77 51


24 29-33 50 E. Ditto. W.

S.W Ditto


SEPTEMBER 25, 1822.

Per Die. Share, per inn. £. s. £. 3, d. 23 67 107 pr. ct.

5 20 5


[blocks in formation]


[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

Price Per
Div. per

Share. Ann.
£. £ $. £. s. d.

Ashton and Oldham

100 4 10

160 200 10 Ditto, New

50 Birmingham (divided; 25 580 24 Ditto, Loan Bolton and Bury : 250 120 5. Vauxhall

100 Brecknock and. Abergav. 150


100 Carlisle.. 50

Water-works. Chesterfield

100 120 8 Chelsea Coventry 100 1070 44 '3 East London

100 Croinford 100 270 14 Grand Junction

50 Croydon,

2 10

100 Derby


140 6 London Bridge Dudley.

100 63
3 South London

100 Ellesmere and Chester 133

3 West Middlesex.. Erewash ..

100 1000 58
York Buildings

Forth and Clyde
100 470 20

Insurances. Grand Junction 100 245 10 Albion

500 Grand Surrey

100 54
3 Atlas

50 Grand Uniou.

100 18

Grand Western,

100 3
Birmingham Fire

1000 Grantham

150 145


250 Hereford and Glo uces. 100

County :

100 Lancaster.

100 27

Leeds and Liverpool
100 365 12 European

20 Leicester... 300 14 Globe

100 Leicester & Northampton

100 71

100 Loughborough

3500 170

Melton Mowbray..
100 221 11 Imperial Fire..

500 Monmouthshire

100 160
8 Ditto, Life,

100 70 2 10 Kent Fire..

50 Neath. 410 25 London Fire

25 Nottingham

150 200 12
London Ship

100 730 32 Provident.

100 Portsmouth and Arundel 50 40

20 Rezent's.

39 10

Royal Exchange Rochdale

100 56 2 Sun Fire.. Shrewsbury

9 10 Sun Life.

100 Shropshire

125 125
7 Union

Somerset Coal
50 107 10

Gas Lights. Ditto, Lock Fund

5 15 Gas Light and Coke (Chart Staffordsh.& Worcetershire 140 700 40 Company:

50 Stourbridge 145 200 9 Ditto, New Shares

50 Stratford-on-Avon

City Gas Light Company.

495 22 Ditto, New

100 Swansea 100 185 10 South London

100 Tavistock

100 90

50 Thames and Medway


Literary Institutions.
Thames and Severn, New


75gs Trent & Mersey

200 1910 75



Warwick and Napton.... 100 210 10 Auction Mart

50 Worcester & Birmingham 26 10 1 British Copper Company.

100 Docks.

Golden Laue Brewery

80 London

100 111
4 10 Ditto...

50 West India

100 183) 10 London Com. Sale Rooms 150 East India

100 168 8 Carnatic Stock, Ist class Commercial. 100 87 3 10 Ditto,

2d ditto. East Country

100 31

[ocr errors]

2 12 6


4 5

1 191

6 4 10


Rock ...


2 10 8 10

10 18


23 10

65 10


6 15

4 3 12 5 12 2 16 7 lo

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[blocks in formation]

22 52

[ocr errors][merged small]

5 15 92 79

Messrs. WOLFE and EDMONDS, No 9, 'Changc-Alley, Cornhill.

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