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The Secretary to the SOCIETY of of Hull-street, Johp-street, at the back GUARDIANS for the PROTECTION of St. Luke's, Old-street, and now lives of TRADE by Circulars has informed in Anchor-street, front of York-street, the Members thereof, that

Church-street, Bethnal-green, where Several bills dated “ LONDON,” are he is still connected with now in negociation, purporting to be THOMAS COULSON, alias JAMES CANT, drawn by

frequently mentioned, and refers for MichaEL COMPORT, on, and to be character to accepted by Ellis, Williams, and Co. of

M'KENNEL, 183, White CrossOxford-street; the acceptance to which, street. ou being presented, turns out to be a JOHN WRAY, formerly clerk 10 forgery, Messrs. Elis, Williams, and Messrs. Dorrien, Magens, and Co. Co. (who have left Oxford-street some bankers, of Finch-lane, is now in the time) having no knowledge of, nor habit of obtaining money under the dealing with, any person of that name. pretence that he is actually in their

John Davison, (formerly mentioned) service, although he has been long lately kept a baker's shop, the corner since discharged.


To David MUSHET, of Coleford, To THOMAS SOWERBY, of BishopGloucestershire, Ironmaker; for ap im- wearmonth, in the county of Durham, provement or improvements in the mak. Merchant; for a chain, upon a new and ing or manufacturing of iron from cer- improved principle, suitable for ships' tain slags or cinders, produced in the cables, and other purposes. Dated Auworking or making of that metal. Dated

gust 29, 1822. August 20, 1822.

To ROBERT VASIER, of ChasewaterTO WILLIAM MITCHELL, of Glasgow, Mine, Kenwyn, Cornwall, Civil EnSilversmith; for a process whereby gold gineer; for an improvement in the comand silver plate, and other plate formed pounding of different species of metals. of ductile metals, may be manufactured Dated September 3, 1822. in a more perfect and expeditions man- To HENRY BURGESS, of Miles-lane, ner than by any process, which has Cannon-street, London, Mercbant; for hitherto been employed in such manu- certain improvements on wheel carfacture. Dated August 24, 1822. riages. Dated September 3, 1822.




Extracted from the London Gazette.

N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghau-street,

unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are between Paren thesis.


Richards, M. Hythe, Hampshire, ship-builder Harris, J. Bristol, lithographer

Rix, G. Rix, C. and Rix, G. Manifold-place,

Newington-butts, corn-merchants.


Fenner, T. and J. Why, Holborn-hill, laceman,

Oct. 22, 29, & Nov. 26. (Smith, Barnard's

inn, Holborn, and Gray, J. Kingston, Surrey, linen-draper, Oet.

12, 26, and Nov. 19. (Reardon and Ce

Corbet.court, Gracechurch-street Gregg, T.R. and R. Phene, jun, Watling-street,

wholesale-confectioners, from Oct. 12, to

Nov. 30 Hart, S. G. Harwich, merchant, Oct 8,12 and

Nov. 12. (Saunders & Co. Upper Thames

street Herbert, T. jun. Great Russell-street, Blooms.

bury, auctioneer, Oct. 22, 26, and Nat. 16.

(Hewitt, Tokenhouse-yard, Lothbury Howarth, J.C. Bath, dealer, Oct. 10; 91, and

Nov. 19. White-lion-inn, Tbonias-street,
Bristol. (Adlington and Co. Bedford-row;

and Scrace, Bath Handscounb, J. H. Newport Pagnel, Bucks,

lace-merchant, Oct. 28, 29, and Nor. ). (Jupp and Co. Carpenter's Hall, Loodua

Wall Hulton. W.jun. Chowbent, Lancashire, money

scrivener, Oct, 31, Nov.5, and 26, Bridge im, Bolton-le-Moors. (Adlington and te. Bedford-row; and Boardman and Co. But

ton le-Moors Jacks, T. Bishopsgate, without, four-factor,

Oct. 12, 26, and Nov. 16. (Lee, Three

crowns-court, Southwark Johnston, J. High-street, Wapping, groeer, Oet.

19, Nov. 2. and 23. (Smith and Co. Austia

Friars Leigh, J. Jeffery's-square, St-Mary-axe, mer

Allwood, C. Walcot, Somersetshiire, 'confec

tioner, Oct. 18, 19, and Nov. 16, Castle and
Ball Inn, Bath. (Isaac Marshfield, Glou.
cestershire; and Stephen, G. Broad-street

Braithwaite, W. Leeds, manufacturer, Oct. 15,

16, and Nov, 5, Court-house, Leeds. (Ma

kinson, Middle-temple; and Foden, Leeds Butcher, W. Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottingham

shire, mercer, Oct. 8, 9, and Nov. 12, Swan-
inn, Manstield, Nottinghamshire. (Hall &
Co. New Boswell-court, Carey-street; and

Maw, Mansfield
Bradford, G. and A. Paradice, Bristol, brokers,

Oct. 7, 21, and Nov. 16, White-bion, Bristol,
(Williams & Co. Lincoln's-inn; & Browne

and Co. Broad-street, Bristol Burrow, T. Kendal, Westmoreland, grain-mer

chant, Oct. 31, and Nov. 1, and 23, King'sarms-inn, Kendal. (Addison, Verulam.

buildings; and Wilson, Kendal Blackband, G. Gonsall, Staffordshire, grocer,

Oct. 28. 29, and Nov. 26. (Hicks, Gray's.

inn-sg.; and Brookes, Newport, Shropshire Bolton, E. Birmingham, victualler. Oct. 28, 29,

and Nov. 26, Hen and Chickens Hotel, Birmingham. (Long and Co. Holborn-ct.

Gray's-inn; and Smith & Co. Birmingham Chapman, G. Old Bond-street, fruiterer, Sept.

28. Oct. 19, and Nov.5. (Swain and Co.

Frederick's-place, Old Jewry
Cuff, J. Regent-street, Westminster, jeweller,

Oct. 18, 19, and Nov, 5. (Mayhew, Chan

Chandler, J. Jewry-street, Aligate, four-factor,

Oct. 5, to Nov. 23
Clark, W. Maiden-lane, Covent-gården, soda-

water-manufacturer, Oct. 19, Nov, 2, & 26.

(Jones and Co. Great Marlborough-street Eveleigh, T. Devonshire-street, Queen square,

linen-draper, Sept. 21, to Oct. 31 Everth, J. Pinner's-ball, merehant, Oct. 12, 19,

and Nov. 9. (Martindale, Bedford-place,

Fletcher, T. Queenhithe, coal-merchant, from

Oct. 5, to Nov. 23
Pranieys, S. and T. P. Liverpool, marble-ma-

sons, Oct. 28, 29, and Nov. 16, George-inn,
Liverpool. (Topham, Castle-st. Liverpool ;

Adlington and Co. Bedford-row
Frost, J. sen. Bridlington Quay, Yorkshire,

corn-merchant, Oct. 22, 23, and Nov. 26,
Great-hotel, Bridlington-quay. (Wardell,
Pridlington-quay; and Grace, Birchin-lane

chant, from Aug. 17, to Oct. 5 Lacey, R. Lyncombe and Widcombe, Somerset

shire, builder, Det, 3, 10, aud Nor. 9, White lion-ion, Thomas-street, Bristol. (Admg

ton and Co. Bedford row; and Scrare, Bath Lane, W. Alderton, Gloucestershire,cox dealer,

Oct. 23, 24, and Nov. 12, Hop-pole-inn,
Tewkesbury. (Winterbotton, L. Tewkes-

bury, and Roustiell, Chatham-place
Martin, J. Oakham, Surrey, wheelwright, Oct.

5, 26, and Nev.9. (Walter, Mitre-cha

bers, Fenchurch-street May, W. Wellington-place, Goswell-st. baker,

Oct. 5, 201, and Nov, 9. (Dacre, Palsgrare

place, Temple Musson, V. Gidling-street, Bermondsey, baker,

Oct. 12, 19, and Nor. 9. (Wilkinsoo, New

North street, Red-lion-qnare
Mabson, Kelsale, Suffolk, farmer, Oct. 'I

Middleton, J. T. Stone, Staffordshire, coach

proprietor, Oet. 21, 22, and Nov. 12, at the
Office of Messrs. Wheatley and Co. Stone.
(Barber, Fetter-lane; and Wheatley and

Co, Stone
Norris, T. Bishopstone, Wilts, shoe-maker,

from Oct. 12, to Oct. 19
Oldfield, R. S. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant,

Oct. 18, 19, and Nos. 16, King's Coffee-
house, Kingston-upon-Hull. (Shaw, Ely.

place, Holborn; and Richardson, Hull
Papps, G. North-street, Lambeth, horse-dealer,

from Oct. 15, to Dec. 3
Prideaux, P. C. Plymouth, timber-merchant,

Sept, 27, Oct, 4, and Nov,5, Royal-hotel.
Plymouth. (Squire, Plymouth; & Wright,

King's-bench-walk, Temple
Paltrey, W. Hinchwieke, Gloucestershire, Oct.

18, 19, and Nov. 16, Royal-hotel, Chelten.
ham. (Tan, Stow-on-the-Wold, Glostersh.;

and Pritchard, Earl-street, Blackfriars
Pearson, T. Walford, Staffordshire, malster,

Oct. 25, 26, and Nov, 23, Bell and Bear
Inn, Stow. (Harvey and Co. Lincoln's-inn-

fields; Hubbard and Co. Cheadle, Staffords.
Rix, G. Rix, C. and Rix, G. late of Manifold-

place, Newington-butts, corn-merchants,

from Oct. 1, to Oct. 12
Spencer, W. Swansea, Glamorganshire, paper-

maker, Oct. 17, 18, and Nov. 9, at the Public
Rooms, on the Burrows, Swansea. (Price,
Lincoln's-inn; and Collins, Swansea

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Smith, J. F. Regent-street, linen-draper, from

Oct. 15, to Nov.5
Tye, E, Sibton, Suffolk, farmer, Oct. 21, 22, and

Nov. 16, Three-tuns-inn, Yoxford, Suffolk,
(Woodhouse, King's-bench-walk, Temple;

Sharpin, Buccles
Wake, R. B. Morton, Lincolnshirë, timber-mer-

chant, Oct. 8, 9. and Nov, 5, Red-lion-inn,
Worksop, Nottinghamshire. (Hannam and
Co, East-Redford; and Allen and Co. Car-

lisle-street, Soho Webber. J. Bath, currier, Oct. 18, 19, and Nov.

19, White-lion-inn, Bath. (Makinson, Mid

dle-temple; and Hellings, Bath Wheeler, J. jun. Abingdon, Berks, grocer, Nov.

1, 2, and 23, Crown-and-thistle-inn, Abing-
don. (Nelson, Essex-street, Strand; and

Graham, Abingdon -
Watson, G. B. Rock Lodge, Durham, corn-

merchant, Nov. 6,7, and 26, Queen's-head-
inn, Morpeth, Northumberland. (Meggi-
son and Co. Verulum-buildings, Gray's-inn ;

and Brummell, Morpeth Yates, W. Yate and Pickup Bank, Lancashire,

dealer, Nov. 11, 12, and 23, Old Bull-inn,
Blackburn. (Edleston, Blackburn; and

Clarke and Co Chancery-lane
Yates, G, Eccleshill, Lancashire, dealer, Nov.

11, 12, and 23, Old Bull-inn, Blackburn.
(Edleston, Blackburn; and Clarke and Co.


Boyers, J. jun. Wansford, York, Oct. 23
Byass, H. Raleigh, surgeon, Oct. 26
Boyes, G.F.Anlaby, Kingston-upon-Hull, Oct. 23
Baker, T. Wolverhampton,

Oct. 22
Browne, W.T. Liverpool, Oct. 23
Blackburn, W. Bedford, Lancashire, Nov. 2
Browne, J. & J. Gregson, Charles-street, Gros-

venor-square, Oct. 29
Bryan, W. L. & R. G. Gunnel, Poultry, printers,

Oct, 26
Bural, J. Swansea, Oct. 31
Booth, T. Newark-upon-Trent, Notts. and A.

Booth, Notting. tallow-chandlers, Nov. 14
Barton, J. Blackburn, Lancashire, Oct. 30
Brennand, T. Bread-street, Cheapside, Nov. 2
Bishop, J. Broad-st. Bloomsbury, horse-dealer,

Nov. 2
Collier, T. Newport, Salop. liquor . merchant,

Oct. 21
Cropper, T. Warrington, Lancashire, Oct. 25
Coates, C. Stanton Drew, Somersetshire, Oct 31
Chapman, W. Gravesend, provision-merchant

Oct. 29
Clay, R. Stainford, Lincolns, scrivener, Oct. 29
Durtnall, J. Dover, Oct. 30
Drake, J. Lewisham, Kent, master · mariner,

Nov. 5
Elgie, W. Ruwarp, Yorkshire, Nov. 5
French, R. Wimpole, Cambridgeshire, Oct. 24
Flintt, G. London-wall, merchant, Oct. 26
Findley, J. L. Sparrow.corner, Minories, Nov. 2
Garton, S. Wood-street, Cheapside, silk-manu.

facturers, Oct. 26
Good, P. P. Clapton, insurance-broker, Oct. 26
Griffis, T. High-row, Knightsbridge, Oct. 29
Garnett, A. Liverpool, Oct. 31
Gough, J. Bath, painter, Nov. 4
Grant, William, Oxford-street, broker, Nov. 5
Haudley, J. Coton, Staffordshire, miller, Oct. 19
Higgs, W. Strand, hatter, Oct. 19

Hudson, W. St. George's - terrace, Bayswater,

ship-owner, Oct. 19
Hyde, D. Waltham-Abbey, Essex, Oct. 8
Harrison, J. Sandwich, Kent, Nov. 18
Haggart, J. Limebouse-hole, victualler, Nov. 2
Harris, T. St. Nicholas, Worcester, Nov. 4
Jopson, W. & C. Wignall, Liverpool, Oct. 16
Jones, E. Tatten-hali, Cheshire, Oct. 14,
Judd, J. Derby, Oet. 28
Jopson, W.Liverpool, turpentine-distiller, Nov.5
Kilshaw, E. Lancaster, Nov. 1
Kermode, W. Liverpool, Oct. 24
Knight, T. Chipping Sodbury, Gloucester, Nov. 4
Knibb, B. Billingborough, Lincolnshire, grocer,

Nov. 4
Leech, J. & J. Hinchcliff, Cateaton-street, Nov.5
Massey, J. Heaton Norris, Lancashire, grocers,

Oct. 22
Melhuish, G. Crediton, Devon, Oct. 24 & 31
Milne, A. G. Mitre-court, Fenchurch-st, Oct. 22
Millward, J. Redditch, Worcestershire, Oct. 30
Mills, J. Water-lane, Tower-st. wine-merchant,

Oct. 26
M‘Nair, Abchurch-lane, merchant, Oct. 26
Miller, J. C. & A. Bishopsgate-street, merchants,

Nov. 2
Mawhood, R. jun, Wakefield, Yorkshire, money-

scrivener, Nov, 11
Pritchard, J. D. Tipton, Staffordshire, Oct. 28

and Nov. 4
Pritchard, W. & E. Bevan, Bristol, Nov. 4
Plant, B. Birmingham,gun-barrel-maker, Oct. 26
Parker, J. Chapel-street, Edgware-road, Nov. 2
Peters, J. & F.Weston, Bristol, maltsters, Nov. 20
Pigot, W. Ratcliffe-highway, grocer, Nov.9
Richardson, G. Horncastle, Lincolnshire, Oct. 24
Reddall, W. Liverpool, Oct. 29
Reddall, T. Liverpool, Oct. 30
Rainey, R. Spilsby, Lincolnshire, Oct. 31
Robinson, M. A. Red Lion-st. Holborn, Nov.5

Robinson, J. Manchester, cotton-mercht, Nov. 2
Skidmore, W. Sheffield, Oct. 21
Salesbury, T. Preston, Lancashire, Oct. 21
Stabb, T. Torquay, Devon, inerchant, Oct. 19
Stainley, 'T. Coitenham, Cambridgeshire, Oct. 23
Sanderson, R. Doncaster, Oct. 28
Symons, P. Plymouth, merchant, Oct, 26
Seward, New Sarum, Wilts, clothier, Nov. 7
Strombom, J. Austin-friars, merchant, Nov, 2
Slade, T. Bartholomew.close, Smithfield, oil-

merchant, Nov. 6
Tugwood, J. Lancaster, Oct. 21
Trigg, H. & J. Ratcliff, Hertford, Oct. 29
Taylor, William, Great Yarmouth, Oct. 23

Thomas, D. Carmarthen, grocer, Oct. 28
Townsend, J. Ludgate-bill, laceman, Oct.
Tabrum, R. & J. Barron, Walbrook, Nov.5
Vincent, J. Regent-street, victualler, Oct. 26
Walters, J. Studham, Hertfordshire, Oet. 5
White,J. Tarporley, Cheshire,inn-keeper, Nov.5
Webb, George, Cornhill, dealer, Oct. 26
Wilkinson, W. Norton-hammer, Derby, Nov 1
Williams, S. Bristol, apothecary, Nov. 4
Watson, H. Bolton-le-Moors, draggist, Nov. 5
White, S. U. Edingley Cotton-mills, Nottingbam,

Young, G. New Sarum, Wilts, grocer, Nor.7


Notice of opposition to the discharge of any prisoner must be entered in the book at the office, 33, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, three clear days, exclusive of Sunday, before the day of hearing. The schedules are filed and may be inspected every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, between the hours of ten and four, up to the last day for entering opposition.


Sansome, William,of 19, Litchfield-street, Soho

of 9, William-street, Lisson-green, of 2, PonPetitions to be heard at the Justice

tipool-place, Blackfriars'-road, last of 4, Web

ber-row, Waterloo-road, carpenter and coalhall, Old Bailey, 15th Nov. at nine. dealer

Streeter, William, of Marlborougb-place, SouthBrockhill, Jobn, of Chatham, of the Kent-road, ampton-street, Camberwell, bricklayer and

of Spencer-street, St. George's in the East, plasterer

last of Deptford, boot and shoe-maker Sutton, William Samuel, of the White Hart, Brooke, John, of Nusterton, Nottinghamshire, White Hart-yard, Drury-lane, vietualler, of of Holl, of Barton, Lincolnshire, butcher, last Stratford, Essex, last of 9, Kent-place, Oid of Beverley, stable-keeper

Kent-road, oilman Burdett, John, ot 107, Aldersgate-street, of 27, Taberman, John Raymond, of Coal Harbonar

Barbican, last of Red Cross-street, laceman. street, Hackney-road, last of Caroline-place, Burdord, John, of Sugar Loaf-court, Leaden Wilmore-gardens, Kingsland-road, merchant's

hall-street, porter, last of White Lion-street, clerk (sued as John Raymond Tableman) Goodman's-felds, fruiterer and green-grocer, Tasker, Thomas, of 113, York-street, Cominerlast of Sugar Loaf-court, Leadenhall-street, cial-road, grocer and Coal-dealer porter

Thompson, Robert, of Woolsthorp, near GranClayton, Oliver, of Galway, Ireland, wine-mer. tham, last of Deeping St. James, near Mar. chant

ket-Deeping, Lincolnshire, victualler and catDalton, Elizabeth, of Swansea, shop-keeper tle-jobber Fenn, Samuel, of 29, Bell-street, Mary-le-bone, West, William, of Maidstone, fruiterer and baker

horse-dealer Hammond, Levi, of 21, King-street, last of 18, Williams, Richard, of Bath, tailor.

Young-street, Kensington, bricklayer Jobpson, Samuel, of Shuckton Manor-house,

COUNTRY. near Mugginton, Derbyshire, farmer Jones, George, of Edmonton, chandler-shop- Shire-hall, Shrewsbury, 14th Nov. at REMARKABLE INCIDENTS IN THE MONTH.

keeper Keinp, John Eley, of the Grange, Worth, Sus

eleren. sex, farmer Orpin, Charles, of Upper Thornhaugh-street, Bayley, Thomas, of Preston-Brockhurst, last of

Tottenham-court-road, grocer and cheese- Edgerley, Shropshire, farmer monger, last of Portland-place, New-road, Hammonds, Thomas, of Clunton, Salop, farmer, painter and glazier

last of Shrewsbury, victualler.


The Lady of Lieut. Gen. Sir R. Jones, at Bou.

logne-sur-mer, of a son

The Lady of Rev. W. Roy, of a daughter, at


Haversoat, George F. Esq. Barbadoes, to Graham, Henry, Esq. Trinidad, to
Hendy Miss Rebecca Gittens

Coleman Miss Sarah


At Boulogne-sur-mer, Mrs. Rebecea Buchanan
At Dieppe, Don Jose Tiburcis Echevarria

At Paris, Mrs.S. Mine, of Pedro River, Jamaica
At Trenton, New Jersey, Mrs. F. Weston


A Messenger has arrived at the Fo. St. Paul's Cathedral will, through reign Office from the Duke of Welling the whole of the ensuing winter, be tou, his Majesty's Representative at brilliantly illuminated with gas-lights, the Congress at Verona; but the par- whenever it shall be necessary, during ticulars have not transpired. Letters divipe service. The candlesticks and from Vienna state that the Emperor chandeliers, by the help of which it Alexander will return to his domi- has been hitherto partially lighted up, nions sooner than was expected. He have been suffered to remain in case has already caused it to be announced of accidents, but no use is otherwise at Petersburgh, that he expects to ar. intended to be made of tbem. The rive there in a month at the farthest, pipes have been some time since laid having renounced the intention of tra- down, and traversing the cript, ascend velling to Rome and Naples.

into the choir and body of the church Lord Liverpool and the Chancellor where they are concealed by passing of the Exchequer have determined to through the centre of eight elegant submit to Parliament, as one of their pillars of gilt brass, the summits of Arst measures of Finance, a plan for con- which are each furuished with three verting the old four per cent annuities large burners. Four more pillars of a into three and a half per cent. The similar description, but of greater mag. result of a similar operation with re- nitude, adorn the railing in front of spect to the fives, last year, occasions the altar ; and by the brilliancy of the this experiment.

light they will afford, supersede the It is reported that the present in- necessity of continuing the pair of tal! tention of Ministers is to defer the wax tapers which hitherto have stood meeting of Parliament until February,

upon the altar. unless some unexpected occurrence NORTHUMBERLAND HOUBE, Strand. should in the mean time occasion a The repairs and improvements are change in their determination.

all expected to be completed ere Lord Ainherst is appointed Gover- Christmas-day. The workmen have nor-General of India.

been obliged to under-pin the whole A grand mews is building at Pimlico of the edifice. The grand marble in the room of those at Charing-cross, staircase is completed; next to that most of which, owing to the new of Chesterfield House, it will be the street that is to face St. Martin's church, finest thing of the kiud in London. being obliged to be pulled down. It The upholders are expected to comcommences at the stables koown by plete the interior decoration by the the name of the Duke of York's, and 24th of March; and in the month of will proceed considerably higher than May a grand fête is expected to be the Riding-bouse, which is to come given. His Grace is also making down. The termination of the new great improvements at Alnwick Castle. mews will be very close to the palace Sion is finished. at Pimlico. A great space of the gar- English newspapers may now be deo is required for it.

sent to India at an expense of only

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