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would never do the like of "I will not," he said. “If that."

he wants to go, let him. May“Why wouldn't he? Many be I done wrong to keep him. another man does it. But let Maybe he's right. Maybe he's him mind his own business. better to be a labourer in ScotGive me the money now, mother, land nor a farmer's son in this and don't be keeping me." country. We must just shift

With a sad heart Annie without him. But the dear fetched the couple of sovereigns God knows how we'll do it. from her store and gave them We're back again in the ditch, to the boy. “And may God the very time I thought we forgive me if I'm doing wrong, had the road clear before us. she said. With a heavy heart What does Johnny care, though? she kissed him; with a heavy He can make his own way, he's heart she watched him walk a good workman, I taught down the lane; and with a him. What need he care?heavy heart she waited for his Ah, now, Robert,” Annie father's coming

broke in, “don't be hard on the

boy. He gave thought to it, Robert back to his surely. Maybe you mightn't dinner looking fatigued and hold with what he thought, but vexed. “What came on Johnny he had a plan made out.' that he wasn't back in the “ And what plan was that?” field ?” he asked.

“For you to set the crop Then Annie told him the that is down in the fields, and story of what had happened. let you get in yourself what Robert was deeply moved.

“ To think now he would do Robert's face grew as dark the like of that,” he said at as thunder-clouds. last. “It's not for his leaving “Is that the plan, then ? me I would mind so bad Well he knew, and well you though the dear knows, it's bad know, that I would sooner kill enough. But for him to go off myself mowing and carting. Is without a word. I knew no there no pride in him, that he more of what he was doing nor would let strangers in on the the cattle.”

farm that we wrought to keep Annie seized the opening to for him since he was born, and make an appeal. Yet even as before he was born? Next year she pleaded, the certainty of it would be a field I would letrebuff was written in her eyes. to strangers that would abuse

“Surely now, Robert, you'll the land- and what would he follow him and bring him back. care?The boat won't be leaving, "Ah, sit down out of that maybe, till the morrow. Ah, and take your tea,” said Annie Robert, go now, and he won't half crying, as she pushed her refuse you!”

man to a seat. “Sit down and But Robert's face set hard, don't be standing up there and and a new bitterness came into working yourself into a rage his voice.

about notions poor Johnny

you could."

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never gave a thought to. He's nothing of it,” said Annie, still not like you, all for pondering working with vicious energy. and reading, and planning “And you saw nothing-nor away far beyond you. But wouldn't see if it was under he's a good, decent, steady boy, your nose. Wasn't Johnny for and it's my belief he'll send us ever slipping away to that his earnings just the same as mountainy place of the M'Corhe did before. He's not like a micks, and what would take son that would drink or spend him there, will you tell me?” money reckless. It's just you “Woman, dear, have you no that are too stubborn and he sense ?

to buy his that is too stubborn. Take dirty tobacco he was dodging your potatoes now: there's the up there—and many's the time milk to them. Johnny 'll get I checked him.— Well, he may better than potatoes where he's smoke his fill now,” Robert going.”

added angrily. “Give me my “ Ay,” said Robert, “and cup of tea. that's the truth. Why would Ay,” said Annie, lifting the he stay when the land won't teapot from where it stood afford a meal of meat to them stewing, “and do you know that work it. What had he now, Robert, it's that, and the ever but slavery and hardship? like of that, he's gone for. And if I could leave the farm You could never see he wasn't clear to him, itself, what would the same kind as yourself. he make out of it but slavery?" He's a man grown, and full of “Ah, what nonsense,” Annie foolishness the same

as any cried. “ You have yourself other young man.” worn out on the land, and sick- “Well, now,” said Robert, as ened with it, like. But if you he gulped his hot tea, “it's had the chance Johnny has, little enough a man knows of the time you and

his own son, and him working young,

mind now, you beside him in the fields since would have thought yourself he was that high. I never well off. Ay, and there's many thought, any way, Johnny a one yet would think him well would throw one look to the off. Troth, and I'm not sorry girls. He was backward like.” to have him out of the way of “Ay, indeed, backward!” some of them that would be said Annie. " Backward glad to get him for their lump enough when you me of a girl. And Johnny's that would be there. But if there soft he would be easy taken in." was one leading him on

Annie scoured a pan with Surely to God it's not great vehemence while she Jimmy M*Cormick's Mary spoke, and Robert looked at you're talking about now, her with open surprise.

Annie," said Robert, pushing “What's this now ?” he said. away his plate. “A decent “I heard nothing of this. Sure wee girl she is, and always was the boy's a boy yet.”

friendly with Johnny since she “Ay, to be sure, you heard was herding for Pat M'Daid





over by. But what are they, Robert rose and stretched only a pair of childer.”

himself wearily, as he prepared “Childer or no,” said Annie, to go out. catching up her pot of potatoes

“There's no call for you to with an angry jerk, “there's vex yourself now, any way,' he them would like to put notions said. “Maybe it might be in Johnny's head. And that better if there was. But I've would be a fine thing to see no call to stand talking, with him to marry with a girl that my work to do, and his to the was out herding for a common

back of it. It's a black day, man, and her a child."

God knows."


For a matter of three miles poor pasture, he walked up the Johnny Corscadden tramped hill to where he had espied, on stoutly up the main road which another fence, a dark-haired was leading him to the distant girl sitting bareheaded, with railway station. But when he her eyes mechanically followreached a divergent path or cart ing the motions of two or three track, roughly metalled, that meagre cows as they explored pointed away to the heathy hills round the outskirts of the on his right, he paused, hesitated tillage, constantly threatening a moment, then struck up it. raids on a field of young oats.

For half an hour he walked “How's Johnny ?” she said, hurriedly, looking self-con- raising her voice in the habitual scious as he passed one cottage greeting. Then, as she noted after another on the wayside, his clothes and bundle, “Where and here and there folk recog- are you for this day?” nised and greeted him. At Her eyes had a touch of last he sighted a cabin, en- anxiety in them which did not closed in bushes, and standing fit the careless tone. a little back from the road. “For Scotland,” Johnny anOver the door in wavering swered, with some embarrassletters was the legend stating ment. that James M.Cormick was “I wish you good luck," she licensed to sell groceries. In said. “Dear, oh, but that's the window was the usual jar sudden. There wasn't the talk of cheap sweets, making a about it this time there was patch of colour among the before." drab miscellany of objects “I'll wager, now, Mary, offered for sale. Johnny you're put out with me for not looked at the door from a telling you,” said the boy, with distance : it seemed to repel an awkward laugh. rather than attract him. Then “'Deed, then, why would I suddenly his eye caught some- be put out?” cried Mary, with thing. Scrambling across the a toss of her head. What bank which enclosed a field of call have I to know if you go

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or stay. - No, then, you will his sight, how he was not going not- ” for Johnny tried to to put up with the like of that, put his arm round her. “Quit, how his mother was for not I tell you,” she cried sharply. giving him the money, but

Johnny drew back in angry how at last she gave in to give confusion.

it. But as he told his story, “Why would I not? Sure, Johnny felt less and less comaren't you promised to me?” fortable, and he paused with a he said.

lame ending. Then at last the “ 'Deed, then, I'm no such girl spoke. thing,—nor never will, till I'm “ And


went off that asked right—and that will be way and left him! Johnny, the long day, I'm thinking. I never thought you would Oh, the long day it will be, do the like of that.” before Robert Corscadden comes Johnny's face reddened, and to our house looking a wife for his blue eyes swelled. his son.”

I may be going from here “Ah, what matter," said the the same way,” he said, “for boy. “We're young yet, any all the fair play you give me. way. But sure, Mary, you What use would there be in kissed me many's the time.” waiting to see him, and me

“Maybe I did, when you with my mind made up? Was and me was wee childer. But it looking a quarrel you would if we're young enough, we're want to see me? You know not that young now.'

yourself he wouldn't give me “You kissed me the last leave to go—nor think I had a time I was going to Scotland, right to go. Here's the whole any way,” he said resentfully; of it, Mary—I'm a man grown, “an' I didn't think you would and he makes a child of me.” ask to part this way,

As he spoke, the girl began going across the sea.

to realise that this was “It wasn't this way the last issue more complicated than time," she retorted. “ And her first swift condemnation what's taking you at all? made it. Sure, no beasts died on Robert “ Don't be

angry, now, this year.”

Johnny,” she said.

Maybe “You won't give me leave I too quick.

But no to tell you," he said sullenly, matter what you say, it was “and me striving to, since ever a hard thing to leave your I saw you.

Indeed, it's the own father, and not a word sore day with me.”

to bid him good-bye. There's “Ah, for goodness sake, not a better man in Ireland Johnny, what is it,” the girl than Robert, and I would cried, her dark eyes suddenly like badly to see him vexed. softening “ Tell us, quick Many's the good turn he done now.”

me, and me a wee herd down Johnny told her then - as by yonder, that another man such stories are told-how his wouldn't give a thought to.” father had driven him out of “Ay,” said the boy reflect


and me




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ively, "you and him was still that to me? I'm telling you the one kind. He would be now, Mary, there's nothing but bringing you wee books and the bite of meat that isn't ballants, and histories of Ire- grudged me. Robert gave me land,-an' he would be leather- all sorts this day when he seen ing me for scheming school." me smoking - wasting good

"Indeed, an' many's the time money on that dirty stuff, I wondered at you, Johnny, says he.” that you would scheme, and Mary's eyes were sad now, me envying you the whole time and pleading, as she had that could get learning. I vision of the numberless small doubt, Johnny, wee Robert things that built the barrier and Katie will be to quit between father and son. school now. An' that won't “Ach! never heed the like please Robert.—Ach, Johnny, of that,” she said. “Robert's sure the harm's not done yet. bark is worse

nor his bite. If you rue now, there's no one He's a good man all out, and but themselves will know you he thinks the world of you, rued-no one else in the world Johnny. but me.”

“Does he, troth?” said the «'Deed is there,” he an- boy. “That's news, then. I swered. “Every one that saw might get fair play from my me on the road, and the bundle mother, but I'll get none from with me.

An' if there wasn't him. He's a good man, Mary, itself, Mary, I wouldn't rue. and I'm not saying against, Why would I? Many's the but there's many a man not time an' the hundred times I so good that it would fit me heard Robert saying, and you better to live with. An' I'm heard him, that this country not that bad either," he said was no good. Why would I eagerly. "I'll send them money stay in it, then?

the same as I did before,-all **Sure, you're not the one I can save, only whatever I that should go, any way, put by to buy some wee thing Johnny," the girl answered for yourself, Mary." eagerly. “ 'Tis to you the The girl broke down now farm will come. If them that and sobbed. has something to look to goes, Johnny dear, sure, I know who'll there be left in the you're not bad.

There's not country?

For the younger many as good. Too good you ones now, when they're growed, always were to

But, I wouldn't think that bad of Johnny dear, don't be buying them going. But, sure, you'll me things. If the like of that have all."

came round to your mother, “All!” he repeated con

con- what would she think?" temptuously. “All the slavery “Let her think," said Johnny on my own showlders. And stoutly, with his arm round the maybe in twenty years or in crying girl. thirty I'll be able to call “No, but Johnny, it's bad pound my own. What use is enough; she hates the picture



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