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it is termed, and set forth on our crossed. We followed, entered road to Verdun.

a decent apartment, and were There had been a thaw; it told to wait, while he went fornow blew hard and rained; the ward by himself to another roads were deep with mud. which communicated with our When we halted to change halting-place. guards, the chain was taken There is a custom in France off, and we were allowed to walk that if any one at the theatre with only the handcuffs. In turns his back upon the scene the afternoon we arrived, with he is held guilty of a serious shoes torn to pieces, at a small rudeness, and may be expelled fortified town called Blamont. from the building. During my The prison was a kind of barn; residence at Verdun, Mr Simpbut the straw looked clean, and son, a Scotsman, surgeon of for our cheer bread and water H.M. sloop Ranger, and now a were supplied. We rose, after prisoner of war, recently arrived a night in wet clothes, stiff with at the depot, and, therefore, uncold. My throat was sore; the acquainted with its rules of doctor was also ill; our hats, good manners, had dined one which had been used as night- evening with friends who made caps, were

of every shape; up a party for the play. Being handcuffed as before, heavily exhilarated by champagne, and ironed and heavy-hearted, we unacquainted with the lanreached Phalsburg completely guage, he attended little to the bare of foot. We sold two new performance, and finally turned linen shirts, and with the money round to catch sight of a young so obtained purchased two pairs lady who had attracted his of strong, well - nailed, clod- notice. After some noise and hopping shoes, which, although confusion, his fault was conpreviously in use, lasted us all doned. But when the Emthe way to Verdun.

peror's bust was presented, Mr The jailer's wife at Phalsburg Simpson, by vigorous hisses provided us with soup, beef, and and groans, again drew the vegetables, and we dined well; eyes of the spectators upon him. what remained of our money The gendarmes at once took procured us a bed. On finding him in charge, and dragged that we were English, the jailer him before General Wirion. seemed to ponder something He was placed in secret conmysterious, and there was much finement, and not a soul was whispering between him and allowed to go near him. Orders his wife. When this was ended, from Paris arrived; he was he told us to follow him, but secretly removed, and since a first required our word of twelvemonth, had been given honour that, until our arrival up as lost. at Verdun, we would mention The jailer returned, and bade nothing of what we were about us go into the farther room.

He took up a bunch of There stood a gaunt red-haired keys, and descended some steps man, the shadow of our foriner into a courtyard, which we acquaintance, Dr Simpson. On

to see.


beholding once more two of his ted alms—alms often offered to countrymen, he shed tears of ourselves, and always refused in joy. He told us that he had favour of our companions in been hurried from Verdun by irons. It was a joy to us to night in a close carriage, be- escape the streets of Nancy and lieving that his punishment enter our prison. . would be death. In solitary We parted from these gentry confinement here he received no next morning. In the prison food but bread and water; to of St Mihiel was

a girl of aggravate his sufferings, his eighteen, beautiful as an angel rest at night, during the first and as innocent, who had been six months, was of set purpose condemned to suffer the disturbed ; the jailer was guillotine the day after our threatened with dismissal if he arrival. Her uncle, in revenge relaxed the rules imposed upon for her resistance to his athim. Simpson spoke now a tempts against her honour, had broken mixture of French and charged her with plotting and German, uttered with a broad all but procuring his death by Scots accent; he had half for- poison." At a later date I learnt gotten, he declared, his native that his own confession revealed English. Luckily he had some his guilt and vindicated her money, of which he bestowed memory. On the morning of four crowns on us, no slight her execution I saw her seated assistance towards our journey. on her straw mattress, awaiting Next morning we shook hands the gendarmes, and seemingly with him again, received some quite unconcerned by her fate; letters which he had written before she left the prison the since our previous visit, bade sergeant cut off her long, fair him farewell, and attended the hair. Never shall I forget the gendarmes who were waiting to farewell to her fellow-prisoners; put on our ruffles.

all who were present shed tears ; At Luneville—two days later and at that moment I could -we were searched; but neither gladly have given an arm to the money stowed

save her life. shoes, nor poor Simpson's letters, We were now within seven hidden in the lining of my hat, leagues of Verdun. The sleet fell into our inquisitors' hands. drove in our faces as we marched We set out for Nancy not only on that last day; our hands, handcuffed but chained, and chained together, were black had the honour to lead the van with the cold. On entering the of twenty-four galley-slaves, in town we were spared the mortitheir proper dresses—most of fication of going through the them young conscripts who had streets in the view of our coundeserted—on their way to some trymen; we were conducted by seaport. This was the only the ramparts to the citadel, occasion on which I felt my and were lodged in the round pride really humbled : in the tower. Here, seeing no one but streets of every town, and from the jailer and the gendarmes, door to door, these fellows solici- we spent a month each in a separate chamber; food was parted from my blanket to supplied at treble its honest stuff it between the bars, and price; fires there were none; so allay the intensity of the we slept each on a straw mat- cold. Of various punishments tress, with a single blanket which I have endured, this for covering; sleet and snow lifeless

away in our


icy beat in upon us through the temperature was of the grated window; I have often least endurable.




The order at last arrived for the way to Marslatours, twentyour removal to the dungeons of one miles from Verdun. The Bitche. The roads were deep cart stopped near the church. with snow; a cruel frost made We got out, but could not stand. everything rigid ; an open cart, The irons were taken off, and in which no straw had been what with rubbing our legs provided, was used for our con- and beating our hands, we veyance. Before we set out a found the use of our limbs, and friend was permitted to visit could follow the jailer to our us, and settle the jailer’s bill. prison for the night. Conceive This good chance procured us a our astonishment when we were supply of money in gold, which led to a vault under the parish we stowed away in stockings church. In a short time the prepared for such an occasion : jailer brought us food and they were of coarse worsted, drink, a lamp, and clean straw, with strong tape, as broad as a which, before leaving us, he 20-franc piece, sewed along the flung in a corner near the door. seam — by which contrivance After our repast, we thought to our gold escaped the rapacity shift our resting - place away of the general, who had ordered from the cold of the entrance ; us to be stripped to the shirt. but behold! the more sheltered The soles of our shoes, the cov- nook had already its occupants ered buttons of our clothes, were in heaped-up human skulls and examined. This over, we were bones. In general a sailor is handcuffed, chained to the cart, the most superstitious of manand escorted out of town by kind. It was lucky that I had five gendarmes.

the doctor by my side, who Such a formidable mounted sought to banish my fears by guard over two prisoners of his cheerfulness, and even to war chained in a cart made it improve the occasion by an seem as though we were des- anatomical lecture. perate characters. Our convoy The morning was fine and advanced at a walking pace; frosty. We were permitted to our feet, through want of exer- walk, and without our handcise, became so cold that we cuffs. The two gendarmes who feared they would be frost- now conducted us were wellbitten; our teeth chattered all disposed, and one of them, a

good-natured fellow, entertained At last his patience gave way; his prisoners with anecdotes of he pushed the mayor aside, Boney, one of which may bear advanced, with his left hand to be recorded. The Emperor removed his


cotton with his staff was passing night-cap, with his right lifted through Marslatours, which is the horn spectacles from his a small village, to join his army nose, made his bow, and deon the other side of the Rhine. livered the oration : "Emperor, He halted unexpectedly to you are on your way to thrash breakfast at what, though a the Prussian rogues once more. miserable hovel, was the best I hope soon to see you return inn of the place. In every crowned with glory; and I village a mayor and his deputy have nothing more to say, but perform like functions - and that Cæsar and Alexander with as much ceremony and

were Jeans-f- -s in compariconsequence—with those of the son with you.” The Emperor chief citizens of the largest laughed, and inquired of the cities. On the Emperor's old man whether he had any arrival, Mr Mayor was sought sons. “Yes; four were in the to compliment his sovereign in army — two of these in the a speech worthy of Marslatours, Guards. Their names were He was discovered, like Cincin- taken down, and the honest natus, at the plough-tail. He shoemaker

them ran home to put on his best raised to the rank of officers, coat with the sash-badge of and found himself provided his dignity—and arrived in the with a comfortable pension. presence just in time to antici- We reached Metz about three pate the Emperor's departure. o'clock, and were given a room In vain he tried to utter a to ourselves, and a good bed in word, and again in vain; bow- the military prison. Four days ing and scraping he stood fas- later we beheld for the first cinated by Buonaparte's scrut- time the black fortress of inising black eyes-an unhappy Bitche, our future residence. squirrel in the gaze of the It was nearly dark before we rattlesnake. Close behind the entered the town, and quite so trembling mayor stood an old by the time we got up the shoemaker, in figure a true zigzags to the fort.

We passed Don Quixote, clad in his work- several drawbridges; at the ing dress.

Why don't you guard - house our irons speak, you fool ?” he muttered taken off, and thereupon we from time to time to his leader. were escorted to the cavern.





A confused noise from under- “Door-o! door-o !” greeted us. ground was audible as we ap- We descended fifty steps, and proached. When the door was found ourselves in—the infernal opened, a universal shout of regions. Lights burned in

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various quarters; old friends allowed for air and exercise came forward to welcome our on deck,” during which time arrival and propose a punch- the servants were employed in party. Four large fires were cleaning the souterrains and in blazing; about seventy persons, fetching water and provisions. officers and masters of merchant- The place was so humid that ships, occupied the vault—some our blankets looked as if a gambling, some singing, others heavy dew had fallen on them. crying “A ring! a ring!” in Smoking, gambling, boxing, anticipation of a boxing-match. and the consumption of raw Never in my life had I seen such spirits beguiled the hours. Let a spectacle of careless misery. Frenchmen say what they please

The number of prisoners at against the prison - ships of Bitche, occupying two separate England—the worst of them souterrains, about 400. was a palace compared with The larger souterrain was in- the fort of Bitche. habited by common sailors and The prisoners were divided soldiers; the smaller by officers into messes, classed according and gentlemen. The fort, to their rank, situation, and which was regarded as im- temper: those who pregnable, is planted upon a studious avoided

studious avoided the noisy height overlooking the clubs. Brandy and a spirit rounding country; a rocky called sneak were so cheap that foundation, with an excellent one could get drunk for 3d. spring of water, had given Rheumatism crippled many favourable opportunity to the prisoners, yet deaths were less genius of Vauban. The souter frequent here than at some rains, some 40 feet below the other depots. surface, were large—150 feet

The governor

-General Maiby 50 — and were hewed out sonneuve-was the most illiterof the solid rock. Designed ate animal that ever wore a originally for troops and cattle uniform; he bore the spite of a during a siege, they were of devil towards the English, and bomb - proof.

Long was ready to show it in any guard-beds were fitted up with way he could.

he could. At the outbreak oak planks; a straw mattress of the Revolution he had been and a blanket were shared be- one of the male nurses in the tween two persons. These hospital at Metz; he had caverns were kept as clean as headed a mob of wretches like the situation would admit, but himself to whom bloodshed was were infested by rats, that a glory; his idea of military came in droves, and would tactics was derived from service destroy all provisions and as a drummer; at Pondicherry clothing within their reach. he had lost an arm; but neither The little light that entered his talents nor his courage through windows was never qualified him to figure in the sufficient to read by; candles field, and Buonaparte, who therefore burned all day long. knew his instruments well, had Two hours in the forenoon, placed the old sinner far from two in the afternoon, were the smell of gunpowder (save


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