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“ This moral is finely and sternly wrought out in these pages. The indolent and unfilled hours soon lead to the want of any excitement, and this is found in a criminal passion, the progress of which is developed truly and terribly."-Court Journal.

· This work is more than an interesting novel, it is an essay on life and the human passions. The author has dissected and laid bare the human heart to its very core; and the story, for skill in its delineation and profound interest in its incidents, has rarely been matched of late years. We can scarcely imagine a heart that would not respond to the eloquent out-pourings of grief of the all-accomplished but ill-fated Maria ; the entire work, indeed, varied and enlivened as it is by a glowing picture of the gorgeous East, will be read with the greatest interest."— Birmingham Journal.

“ The author of Paynell' has added a new name of promise to our already thickly studded field of literature. Mr. Stapleton bas evidently luxuriated in the East—his picturesque and Oriental scenes are beautifully described, and the work itself, a story of intense passion and adventure, bears such marks of originality as will rivet the attention of the reader ; he delineates and lays bare the workings of the human heart with a master hand.”—Manchester Courier.

“ His style, indeed, using the word in its most extensive meaning, is singularly graceful, rich, and dowing.”—Monthly Review, March 1.

“ This is, we believe, Mr. Stapleton's first work—it is a brilliant promise—and we prophecy that we shall have to address his next production in the words of Horace, 'O matre pulchrâ, filia pulchrior."New Monthly Mag.

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