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ART. 1. A Narrative of Occurrences in the Indian countries of North America,

since the connerion of the Right Hon. the Earl of Selkirk with the Hudson's Bay Company, and his altempt to establish a Colony on the Red liiver; with a detailed account of his lordship's military expedition to, und subsequent proceedings at Fort

William, in Upper Canada. London. 1817. 850. pp. 239. THOUGH not directly interested in Quarterly Review*, which we trust will

once more put discovery upon this track. tween lord Selkirk and the North West Ilow so pregnant an inquiry should Company, we cannot feel wholly in- have been suffered to fall into such total different to the decision of a claim involv- neglect it is not easy to imagine. The ing the jurisdiction of a large tract of same fortitude and perseverance which this continent, nor view with unconcern have been wasted in exploring the sterile the violent measures by which that claim deserts of Africa for comparatively frivohas been enforced. Had the sanguinary lous purposes, would long since have arscenes to which lord Selkirk's pretensions rived at some certain conclusion on this have given rise, occurred in a remote most momentous point. We feel as ifadequarter of the globe, they would have at- gree of responsibility attached to our own tracted some attention from the novelty government on this head. As the second of the spectacle exhibited. Not that commercial power in the world, and the bloodshed is uncommon in our day, nor first in this hemisphere, it might have that there is any thing remarkable in the been expected that some portion of our organizing of a body of desperados, by national spirit of maritime adventure a popular leader for any enterprise, under would have been directed to an object so any colours, but that a British peer's turn- worthy, in either regard, of our attention. ing commercial speculator and land-job- The Russian Count Romanzoff, with disber, and leaving his seat in parliament to tinguished liberality, has equipped, at his wage war in his Britannic Majesty's do- private expense, a vessel under the comminions against a company of British mand of Lieut. Kotzebue, for a voyage merchants, is, even in these extraordinary into the Arctic Sea, through Behring's times, a little singular-whilst the apathy Strait, in search of a passage into the with which the British ministry and the Atlantic. This vessel was despatched Colonial government have looked upon more than a year since from St. Peterstransactions so disgraceful to the national burgh, and touched at Plymouth in Engcharacter, and so derogatory to the na- land. The attempt to sail through, from tional faith, is still more strange and un- the Pacific Ocean into Hudson's Bay, or accountable. But the most important Baffin's Bay, was probably made last consequence of lord Selkirk's expedition, summer. We are yet to learn the issue to us and to the world at large, and one of the enterprise. This splendid instance which, independentof his failure or success, of individual munificence and enthusiasm is its bringing again into notice a region to in the cause of science should rouse an which a century since all eyes were turn- honourable emulation in enlightened and ed, and reviving a question which had opulent mercantile communities. We been put at rest without being solved. The impractibility of a North-West pas- * No. XXXI.—Where the possibility sage to the Indies is far from being ascer- of the passage is maintained, and a good certained, and the present occasion has account given of the various attempts Ted to a discussion of the subjoct in the made to effect it.

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