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In the last preceding report of this Board for the years eighteen bundred and sixty-eight and eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, there was submitted to your Excellency an extended statement of the object, progress and condition of the sea wall, together with the plan adopted for its construction,

The exhaustive report heretofore made to your Excellency by our predecessors, in which the completion of the sea wall is so strongly urged, and its vital importance to the commercial interests of the country and State so clearly demonstrated, leaves us comparatively little to say upon the subject, further than that we would unhesitatingly reiterate all that bas been therein said in regard to the urgent necessity for the completion of the sea wall embankment, and respectfully refer you to that report.

At the time of the submission of the last, the third section of the sea wall-that is, the portion extending along East Street eleven hundred and eighty feet southerly from the termination of the second section, from the south side of Washington Street to a point fifty-two feet six inches north of the northerly line of Howard Street Wharf-was but partially finished. Since then the whole of said structure has been completed and accepted by the Board, in accordance with the report of its engineer, and paid for, the total cost for the entire work of eleven hun. dred and thirty feet being two hundred and seventy-one thousand two hundred dollars.

Since the completion of the section last above referred to, the Commissioners have been reluctantly driven to abandon the work upon the sea wall, the money in the Harbor Protection Fund provided for that purpose being exhausted, and the exigencies of other portions of the water front requiring the use of all moneys passed to the credit of the State Wharf and Dock Fund.

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