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" Ye perjur'd swains, beware. Three times, all in the dead of night, A bell was heard to ring; And shrieking at her window thrice, The raven flap'd his wing. "
Poemata Latine partim reddita, partim scripta - Стр. 57
авторы: Vincent Bourne - 1808 - Страниц: 286
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Elements of Latin Prose Composition

Geoffrey W. Treadgold - 1934 - Страниц: 248
...not 4. Since I have business in the city I will go with you that you may travel the more safely. 5. "I hear a voice you cannot hear which says I must not stay." 6. When the trumpet had sounded, the infantry, under the leadership of Brutus himself, charged so bravely...
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Proceedings of the Annual Congress of Correction

American Correctional Association - 1893
...we, in heaven, shall one day meet again ; " and she seemed to add — " I hear a voice you can not hear, Which says, ' I must not stay ; ' I see a hand you can not see, Which beckons me away." The youth, the student, the man, the soldier, the magistrate,...
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