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" SECTION 1. The judicial power of the State shall be vested in the Senate, sitting as a court of impeachment, in a Supreme Court, District Courts of Appeal, Superior Courts, Justices of the Peace, and such inferior courts as the Legislature may establish... "
Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Alabama - Стр. xv
авторы: Alabama - 1871
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Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Alabama, Том 147

Alabama. Supreme Court - 1907
...1868 the provisions are the same except thai in article 6, § 1, the judicial power of the state is vested in "the senate, sitting as a court of impeachment,...a supreme court, circuit courts, chancery courts, probate courts," and such inferior courts, etc. And in the fifth section of said article, conferring...
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Southern Reporter, Том 24

...title, has been ilevoted to the same purpose. The first section of the article vests the judicial power "in the senate sitting as a court of impeachment,...chancery courts, courts of probate, such Inferior <>ourts of law and equity, to consist of not more than five members, as the general assembly may from...
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The Oklahoma State Constitution: A Reference Guide

Danny Mark Adkison, Lisa McNair Palmer - 2001 - Страниц: 358
...the following sections. SECTION 1 Courts in which judicial power vested. The judicial power of this State shall be vested in the Senate, sitting as a Court of Impeachment, a Supreme Court, the Court of Criminal Appeals, the Court on the Judiciary, the State Industrial Court, the Court of...
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