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" And it is further understood and declared that the boundaries of these three States shall be subject so far to be altered, that, if Congress shall hereafter find it expedient they shall have authority to form one or two States in that part of the said... "
Register of Debates in Congress: Comprising the Leading Debates and ... - Стр. 321
авторы: United States. Congress - 1837
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Classics of American Political and Constitutional Thought: Origins through ...

Scott J. Hammond, Kevin R. Hardwick, Howard Leslie Lubert - 2007 - Страниц: 1193
...and the said territorial line: Provided, however, and it is further understood and declared, that the f human nature to say that men were ǀ 0 ...Publishing Company, Incorporated" " Scott J Hammond( the said territory which lies north of an east and west line drawn through the southerly bend or extreme...
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