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" Sir, you have a right to command here. Here, Roger, bring us the bill of fare for to-night's supper. I believe it's drawn out. Your manner, Mr. Hastings, puts me in mind of my uncle, Colonel Wallop. It was a saying of his, that no man was sure of his... "
Representative English Plays: From the Middle Ages to the End of the ... - Стр. 645
редактор(ы): - 1916 - Страниц: 836
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She Stoops to Conquer

Oliver Goldsmith - 1989 - Страниц: 64
...Did you tell about Old Grouse ? HARD. No.no. (Taking till of fart.) DIG. Tell 'em. Exit L. 2 E. HAST, (aside). All upon the high ropes ! His uncle a colonel...we shall soon hear of his mother being a justice of the peace. But let's hear the bill of fare. (HARDCASTLE is about to read bill of fare. MARLOW gently...
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