The Epic of New York City

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In swift, witty chapters that flawlessly capture the pace and character of New York City, acclaimed diarist Edward Robb Ellis presents his masterpiece: a thorough, and thoroughly readable, history of America’s largest metropolis. Ellis narrates some of the most significant events of the past three hundred years and more—the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr’s fatal duel, the formation of the League of Nations, the Great Depression—from the perspective of the city that experienced, and influenced, them all. Throughout, he infuses his account with the strange and delightful anecdotes that a less charming tour guide might omit, from the story of the city’s first, block-long subway to that of the blizzard of 1888 that turned Macy’s into one big slumber party. Playful yet authoritative, comprehensive yet intimate, The Epic of New York City confirms the words of its own epigraph, spoken by Oswald Spengler: “World history is city history,” particularly when that city is the Big Apple.

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The Epic of New York City: A Narrative History

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Ellis's 1966 volume chronicles several centuries of New York City history. The story covers everything from riots, scandals, and dirty politics to the construction of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn ... Read full review

The epic of New York City

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LJ's reviewer praised Ellis's 1966 epic for its "easy narrative flow, its comprehensible scope...its impressive bibliography." The text is chock-full of interesting tidbits about New York City from ... Read full review

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