Muhammad Ali: Through the Eyes of the World

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Mark Collings
Skyhorse Publishing Inc., 17 հնս, 2007 թ. - 481 էջ
Many regard Muhammad Ali simply as “The Greatest” heavyweight of all time. Others admire his battles against racial injustice and religious intolerance. A few just call him “Dad.” They are all here in this book—fifty men and women of note coming together to celebrate the man Sports Illustrated crowned “Sportsman of the Century”: Angelo Dundee, Ali’s trainer; Billy Crystal, actor; Sir Henry Cooper, former British and European heavyweight champion; Bert Sugar, journalist and boxing historian; Hana Ali, Muhammad Ali’s daughter; Ferdie Pacheco, Ali’s fight doctor; and more. This book will be treasured by anyone who has ever been inspired by “The Greatest.”

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Foreword Lennox Lewis
26 FEBRUARY 2000
Hana Ali
Veronica Anderson
Maya Angelou
Jazzy B
Victor Bockris
George Kalinsky
Hank Kaplan
BB King
Mark Kram
Neil Leifer
Robert Lipsyte
Mike Marqusee
Joe Martin Jr

Ina Bond
Billy Connolly
Sir Henry Cooper
Stanley Crouch
Billy Crystal
Howard Davis
Mickey Duff
Angelo Dundee
Jimmy Ellis
Chris Eubank
Cathy Freeman
Berry Gordy
William Greaves
Bonnie Greer
Janet Guerin
Richard Harris
Gil Scott Heron
Dustin Hoffman
John Jay Hooker
James Earl Jones
Tom Jones
Mark McCormack
Hugh McIlvanney
Arthur Mercante
Kevin Mitchell
Leroy Neiman
Ferdie Pacheco
Sister Imogene Perrin
John Ramsey
Dick Schaap
Rod Steiger
Bert Sugar
Ernie Terrell
Jose Torres
Igor Vitisky
Chuck Wepner
Richard Williams
Ian Wooldridge
Appendix I Mike Fox
Appendix II
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Lennox Claudius Lewis, CM, CBE (born September 2, 1965) is a retired boxer who won gold for Canada at the 1988 Olympic Games as an amateur. As a professional boxer he became the undisputed World heavyweight champion.

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