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[From the Morning Chronicle.] SIR,* in I HAD. a curious dream last night, the impreffion of

which I cannot get rid of.

I found myself, I know not how, in a room in Downing Street, where there were near a dozen of people, who, methought, formed the

CC Í trembled left I thould be hanged for my intrusion, and crept, as fast as I could, behind a jack-boot that occupied a great chait. -;

On looking better about ine;I began to be less! afraid, as the members seemed: very gentle creatures, and not inclined to be violent :and fo I thought I might take the liberty of being a spectator. But I could not contain my astonishment when I beheld a man rising slowly out of the jack-boot*, and with muchs gravity beginning a fpeech. It was not of great length, but much beyond my capacity to comprehend. I only remember that he faid something about his wife and childrent, arid entreated the Cabinet to be very brief in their deliberations, because this wife expected him * See Vol. V. p. 59.

+ See Vol. V. p. 38. VOL, VI.



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