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be frustrated. Hence, in the course of these remarks I have endeavoured to point out a place suitable for establishing a colony of the negroes captured on board of contraband slave ships. In fact, there is not along the whole line of coast, extending from Cape Palmas, where these remarks commence, to the River Congo, embracing an extent of five hundred leagues, one place that has under my observation, so peculiarly well adapted for that purpose, as the one to which I allude, and for the reasons adduced in the course of this work.


The trade in the productions of the soil of Africa, having of late greatly increased, more especially in consequence of the final abolition of the slave trade on the western shores of Africa, north of the equator, I have given, in the appendix, a statement of such articles, both of Indian and European manufacture, as are suitable to barter for gold, ivory, and palmbil; as also the current prices, for which they are generally bought in Europe, and bartered in Africa.

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