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The Domestic Turkey,

Short-Horned Bull.

Pruning the Grape, 7 Cuts,



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The sap is alive in the seemingly sleeping trunks The weather now begins to be warmer, but we have sometimes that everywhere surround us, and is beginning to very cold, frosty days, and the bare trees and flowerless fields mount slowly to its destination ; and the emstill appear winterly, while hasty showers of snow fall and cover the dry herbage or flocks who have been allowed to bryo blooms are almost visibly struggling towards ramble in the pastures.

light and life, beneath their rough, unpromising ARCH is a much-abused month. outer coats-unpromising to the idle, the unPeople grumble, and vent thinking, and the inobservant; but to the eye their spleen upon it, as that can see Othello’s visage in his mind, bright though its flurries of snow, and beautiful, in virtue of the brightness and the its roaring winds, its sharp beauty that they cover, but not conceal.” Some frosts and swollen streams, of the birds, too, hare come, and now and then a had nothing else to do but

crocus, yellow, blue, striped, or white, peeps up plague them, — when, poor in the clear sunshine, just to tell us what we may souls, March would blow and expect by and by. snow, and freeze and thaw,

March is not friendly to the bronchitis or just as she pleased, if there were lumbago,—but to the saturated fields, the trees, no such grumblers in existence ! and indeed all the farmer's interests. We cannot March has her duties to perform,

spare it yet, and those who do not like it must as well as June or September, find some engrossing occupation in-doors, until

and we could as well spare one as it blows itself out and makes way for its scarcely either of the others; and though, like less fickle sister, April. the frolics of the bear with her cubs,

"Now shifting gales with milder influence blow, they may seem to lack something of

Cloud o'er the skies, and melt the falling snow ; gentleness and affection, they are kind

The softened earth with fertile moisture teems, ly intended, and will answer their purpose very And, freed from icy bonds, down rush the swelling streams." well, after all. So you that sit over the fires, Now let us see what some of the particular and only peep through the panes at March, had things are to be done in March—and first, the better seek comfort in studying vut her ways, GARDEN ARRANGEMENTS.—No better thing can and thus make her the shortest and most agreea- be done in March than to determine what garden ble month in the year. And you need not escape work you will do in April and May. Make all to the city to do this, for there are even now ru- the arrangements for beds, for the various seeds ral sights and rural sounds, which have much to to be down, and for the flowers, shrubs, currants, charm the eye and please the ear; and what are gooseberries, strawberries, trees, &c. This arglittering shops, and passing crowds, and dusty rangement requires a consideration which you streets, and gloomy walls, to these? And then cannot afford to give it when the season has apthe winds, notwithstanding all we have said proached for the work to be done, and the sun against them, are far from being virtueless ; for has warmed the earth for the reception of the they come careering over the fields, and roads, seed. Finish this during the evenings or stormy and pathways, and while they dry up the dampe days in March. that the thaws had let loose, and the previous MANURES.-While the surface is frozen and the frosts had prevented from sinking into the earth, teams can go over the fields without cutting in, 'pipe to the spirit ditties' the words of which it is well to haul out the bulk of the manure and tell tales of the forthcoming flowers."

place it in compact piles near where it will be

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